6. Rudy Huxtable

Ed’s Note: The following letter has little, if nothing, to do with Keisha Knight-Pulliam.

Dear Rudith Lillian Huxtable:

You have been missing from my life since 1992. I was only 12 at the time, and desperately upset that I no longer would be able to crush on you every Thursday night.

I feel like I grew up with you from 1984 to 1992. The fights you had with Vanessa were similar to the battles I got into with my brothers. I had my first female best friend in the fourth grade, and I swear she called me Bud. Crazy, right?bud1

I’m writing this because I want to know what happened to you. I often wonder that after I finish watching a movie or a television show ends: What happens to the characters once you leave the set? Where do they go? What do they do with their lives? Do they marry the people they called their life loves?

That’s why I cherish The Wonder Years so much. After six years of back and forth Kevin and Winnie are revealed to lead their lives down different paths. But they still have a fondness for each other that can’t be replaced.

I want to know whether or not you ended up with Kenny (bka Bud) or Stanley. I have a 17-year-long bet with my brother riding on your answer. I chose Kenny because he’s your best friend, and it’s obvious that he adores you like no other. His logic may be off sometimes, thanks to his out-of-touch brother, but he has your best interest at heart.

Stanley. I think you were just a fling to him. He was grooming himself for playerdom. End of story.

Also, I want to know if you attended Hillman or did you momentarily disappoint your parents by choosing Spelman? I think a spin-off with you as the lead character and Bud and Stanley following you to college could have been as good as A Different World (and that’s one of my favorite shows of all time, too).

Only one more question. Are you’re back living in your parents’ home? I know you’re about 30 now. But it only seems logical for you to be back in your parents brownstone considering all of your siblings moved back at one point or another.

I’ll patiently await your reply, although it’s sure not to come. No one knows where you are, aside from catching you in syndication.

Forever Curious,



11 responses to “6. Rudy Huxtable

  1. Greg directed my toward your blog (because I saw the photo from across the office and said, “Hey, it’s Bud!”). Can we talk about how much better Rudy was as a character (and Keshia Knight-Pulliam as an actor, for that matter) was than stupid Olivia? Rudy was so much more believable as a little kid, and stayed believable as she got older. My favorite Huxtable kid, hands down. I also choose to believe she ends up with Kenny. I loved Kenny. Clueless but adorable Kenny.

  2. Thanks Amanda. I didn’t even think about it like that, but she was the best of Huxtable children. She’s the one we really saw grow up on television. Olivia, when you see her now, is more annoying than cute (although she does have her good moments). She’s kinda like Raven Symone is today, period. Who woulda knew? Anyway, keep coming back because it’s going to get crazy.

  3. I’m watching The Cosby Show as we speak.

  4. awwwwwwww

    i wanted to be rudy! i really really did….

    and then i wanted to be denise. i thought she was so cool and aloof all the time.

  5. i used to crush on stanley something terrible back then…i wanted her to end up with kenny so that i could have stanley all to myself…smh

  6. Are you back living in …

  7. OK, so this is a cool arse blog. I didn’t wanna be Rudy cause well she was super old by the time I came alone (not really, but hey) anyways, I would like to know what happens to her too. I think she got with Bud too…that’s how it is supposed to be. I really really wish they’d do a movie!

  8. I love the Cosby Show! I’ve prolly seen every episode 1000 times and it’s still as funny as the first time. And I actually thought Cliff and Olivia’s scenes together were quite funny and brilliant. But Rudy, I loved her too. A cousin of mine used to tease me and call me Rudy Huckleberry. I feel like I grew up with her as well…I could relate to her the most cause we were the closest in age.

    Although Stanley was fun…I would have loved to see her end up with Kenny. No No No…that’s BUD!

  9. @jada: lol … that’s pretty good. When this whole thing is complete (the blog/book idea), you’ll love how it’s ends.

    And she has to end up with Bud. No “Buds” about it.

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