7. Clifford “T.I.” Harris


What’s really good? I know, not much your way because you’re headed to the slammer soon. It’s alright though, my dude. I’ve got a few words of encouragement for you.

I’ll admit it. When I heard about the gun charge before the BET Awards last year, I said I was done with you. I told my friends that I couldn’t believe you’d be so stupid and put yourself in that situation knowing what could happen (we all do it, though). I didn’t want to buy your music anymore.

tipYeah, I did get caught up listening to “Whatever You Like,” “Live Your Life” and “Swagga Like Us.” They’re good tunes.

But I didn’t buy the album for similar reasons I won’t buy any more R. Kelly releases (although I will still listen to the Happy People album, and those that came before it. The music is too good).

But that changed a few days ago. Yeah, everybody knows about the (alleged) slugfest that was Chris Brown and Rihanna’s pre-Grammy Awards catastrophic break-up. What most people don’t know is that you called Chris Brown and at least told him to keep his head about him and that “this too shall pass.”

Some people I know have laughed at the notion that you would call and offer words of comfort to him. They think anybody headed to the slammer would square up before shipping out because you’re scared of the period ahead of you. I disagree. Look at your former Atlantan Michael Vick, and the stories that have come out about his spending habits after his conviction and before his incarceration. I’m not so sure he resolved all of his issues before he went to Leavenworth.

To be honest, I’m not sure you’ve handled all of yours, either. I don’t know you from Adam. But to me, you offering Chris Brown your hand in friendship during this tough, but inexcusable crisis should show the world something about you as a man. You didn’t have to do that. Most people in your position would crawl in a hole, and not come out. They wouldn’t care too much about a friend in need.

That shows tremendous growth. So yeah, this week I quickly gained back most of the respect I had for you before the gun charge. I just thought I’d share that with you before you do your time. Like Pac said, keep your head up.

And so you know, I’m about to go and purchase Paper Trail. I hear it’s a great album. I don’t think I’ll be buying Good Girl Gone Bad or Exclusive, though. And I’m not watching your MTV show, either. Sorry, but I’m boycotting MTV, BET and VH1 for the foreseeable future.


Dame (not Dash)

P.S. Sorry I used your government name, but I figured it might have a better chance of getting to you that way.


4 responses to “7. Clifford “T.I.” Harris

  1. t.i. has fallen off to me in the looks dept….i commend him for trying to turn his life around for the better, but dang I used to think he was the ish….now he looks like ish…

  2. I watched his show last night for the first time – I had seen clips, but I hadn’t watched an entire episode. I now have a whole new respect for him and the man he is trying to become. A lot of people hate and talk about how he had to get to this point to make that change…but so what…he’s changing. On top of making his life better, he is doing a little something to make the lives of young men on the that same path to destruction a little better too.

    I’ve never been a huge T.I. fan…his music is fab, and he has great lines…but now I respect him as a man, a father, a mentor, and an artist.

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