10. Dudes Who Wear Skinny Jeans

Ed’s note: To get the irony/meaning of this letter, I implore you to step back and read No. 9 (The People Who Think I’m Gay) first.

Dear Fellas:

We are only a few letters into this project, and we’ve already learned that we have a bevy of problems in this world. Some have easy solutions (cut your hair, Kanye and clickignorechica). Others make no sense. This is unquestionably the latter.

I’m befuddled by this predicament.

You see, when a woman decides that she wants to wear plaid, baggy jeans, a hoodie and or some Jordans, there is little to no problem. It’s OK by most standards. But when a man — who is clearly not trying to be RuPaul — decides that he wants to wear women’s clothing … well, we have a situation.

Now, I’m not one to contradict myself (this is a lie), so I’m not going to judge you at all. I’ll leave that up to whoever is supposed to do that. I’m just going to write this and let what happens happen. Here goes nothing:

No explanation needed here.

No explanation needed here.

Halter tops, stilettos, dresses, skorts and skinny jeans. These are articles of women’s clothing and shoes. All of them. Case closed. So why is it that somewhere, somehow someone thought it would be a chic idea for men to walk into a department or designer store, try on and buy jeans made for women? (I know what most of you reading this are thinking, but I’m not going there. I can’t do it considering what I wrote yesterday.)

Eventually, some straight men and designers decided they would go along with the fad, too. The trend made its way to the runways, and now male celebrities — rock stars, actors and hip hoppers alike — are eating it up so much that Lil Wayne is trying his best to make it gangsta to rock skinny jeans.

Ain’t that a trip? Wayne, the hip hop artist with the most current success (he has the Grammy, record sales and Gatorade endorsement to prove it), is really trying to make so that hip hoppers transition from the laissez-faire, 25-year trend of baggy and saggy jeans to the polar opposite: wearing jeans so tight that there’s no possible way you can sag or even put two nickels in your right pocket. The only people he, and others who have succumb to this God-awful movement, is doing proud are the city politicians who have passed laws against sagging pants (google Dallas, sagging pants). And even they are likely looking at you all — dudes in skinny jeans — wondering, “What in the world got into them?”

I declare. To paraphrase Jay-z: I wouldn’t wear skinny jeans even if my knots did fit.


Riley Freeman explains to Granddad why is outfit is cool.

There’s one thing I do know, though. Aaron McGruder must be a prophet. McGruder, the creator of “The Boondocks” cartoon strip and television show, parodied something similar in an episode just over a year ago (“The Story of Gangstalicious, Part 2”). Men actually followed a trend set by fictitious hip hop icon Gangstalicious who wore halter tops made from wife beaters, skorts and a manbag. Riley Freeman, a primary character with a gangsta mentality, even fell victim.

I can’t make this up. But McGruder did … well before this mess of a fad snowballed. I want to know where McGruder got that foresight. That stuff is invaluable prior to situations like this.

But now, all I can do is hope that you, dudes in skinny jeans, realize that this is maybe the worst male trend to come around since Hammer pants. If you can see what I’m talking about, you’ll stop what you’re doing immediately.

Disgruntled Again,


P.S. Shouts out to the People’s Champ RVS  and the “Skinny Jeans Are Not Gangsta” Facebook movement for the knowledge.


119 responses to “10. Dudes Who Wear Skinny Jeans

  1. blackgirlinmaine

    I agree that men should leave the skinny jeans alone…truthfully most women should do the same thing. There is probably only 10% of the population that can wear skinny jeans.

    The idea of a bunch of rappers and wanna be thugs walking around in skinny jeans is just scary. How about some pants that just fit?

  2. And they need to fit comfortably. They can’t be snug. That’s not cool. I’ll admit that I had Hammer pants (and the matching purple jacket) … but I was 13. I know for a fact I would have never put skinny jeans on at that age or ever.

  3. I think McGruder got the idea from a couple of the songs that were out at the time glorifying “Louie Bags” and “Duffle Bag Boys.” As he and his team jokingly created this episode, I don’t think they thought that things would go this far.


  4. it doesn’t bother me… lol. still funny post and that gangstalicious boondocks was hilarious. one of my favorites along with the onwe where grand-dad was trying to marry the ho! ha!

  5. Honestly? Hammer pants were better. At least they were funny, instead of just emasculating.

  6. i disagree, but my taste is different than most. you might enjoy this:


  7. That (that link) is supposed to be a funny, huh Lynn? lol. I just want men — who aren’t cross dressers — to wear men’s clothing and shoes. That’s all. I mean, you can wear whatever you want but ………..

  8. yeah, the skinny jeans are not tight (no pun intended) on men…i know for a fact if i saw a man in skinny jeans i would already assume….you know….anyway, i love skinny jeans, they look great on me 🙂

  9. That picture of Riley made me spit my drink out all over my desk. I must see that episode.

    Side note: I only wear skinny jeans now.

  10. Skinny jeans were the natural backlash against the baggy movement. It’s really just another attempt at being retro. Have you forgotten how tight pants were in the 70s?

    Also, contrary to what you wrote, many young men in skinny jeans do sag their pants. That’s the standard way young African Americans wear them. So, you have some super tight jeans, belted tightly around some young dudes thighs. And boxers everywhere.


  11. let it be known, world, that S. Neal is female. ok. that’s all.

    Big Man: Crazy is the only appropriate word for what you just described. I pray I never ever, ever see some dude with skinny belted around his thighs. Ever. lol.

  12. So eloquently put! I simply do not understand the whole trend. A guy that can wear tighter jeans than me is seriously a scary thought lol.

  13. That Gangstalicious episode was my absolute favorite. I support everything you say about men in skinny jeans but I absolutely LOVE MINE!!!! Those exclamations are a proper representation of my emotion.

  14. …they are clothes…

  15. I think that anyone:
    Can wear skinny jeans, or anything for that matter.
    I am a white straight male and have no shame in admitting I wear skinny jeans. Not only are they skinny— they are what Pac-sun call “Drakes Skinnest”– nearly skin tight pants. They aren’t the most comfortable of jeans, but hey, as long as I feel that I look good? that’s all that matters. Equality is the most important thing on this earth, why can’t people see that?

  16. I’ve seen the tight, skinny jeans sagged at a dude’s thighs and it is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

    Here’s a parting gift for you though:

    “Homies over hoes! Homies over hoes! Do the ho-mie! Do the ho-mie!”

  17. LOL why are all these females hattin on dudes in skinny jeans?? Maybe it’s because thet’re fat and can’t fit in them. NO straight male is trying on female jeans, I’m pretty sure levi “My levis is skinny so I’m walkin wit da weapon out”, Hot topic etc. Sales them for man. HI HATERS

  18. To me skinny jeans are the symbol of the androgynous rebel. Skinny jeans were first worn by guys anyway. Remember at one point it wasn’t even acceptable for women to wear jeans.

  19. Don’t like skinny jeans? Fine, don’t wear them!
    Don’t like seeing guys wear skinny jeans? Turn away when you see one!
    I’m a dude, I love skinny/tight jeans, and I’ll keep wearing them no matter what anyone says or thinks. The fact that you and others hate them so much makes me gladly wear them more.

  20. Don’t like skinny jeans? Fine, don’t wear them!
    Don’t like seeing guys wear skinny jeans? Turn your eyes away when you see one!
    I’m a dude, I love skinny/tight jeans, and I’ll keep wearing them no matter what anyone says or thinks. The fact that you and others hate them so much makes me gladly wear them more.

  21. Sorry for the double (and now triple) post….

  22. lol IMHO, guys wearing skinny jeans=ftw

  23. That episode of Boondocks was classic…Aaron was right on it…these fads can get out of control. Folks lack originality, and that is the case with the skinny jeans. If they look good on you, and that’s your style and your swag…go for it. But…when you can’t get your wallet out of your pocket…or 75% of your underwear is showing…or you can’t take a seat – all because your pants are too tight…get a grip, and in the words of MJ, “…make that change!”

  24. Uhm… If I do say so myself whoever is writing this needs to do some serious fashion history. Now I’m not into studying fashion, designing clothes, any of that. What I am into is not being a small minded douchebag, so here goes. Male skinny jeans isn’t a new trend, it’s a repeating one. Look at the 70s, that (as far as I know) is when they first originated, not just recently, they just recently came back into popularity. So before you go insulting people for their personal preferences, just a little research next time, that’s all I ask.

  25. man, im crazy late to the party but umm….

    Maybe skinny jeans are a good thing. It cuts circulation to the balls area, lowering spermcount, which means people who wear them can’t procreate. That’s a win for humanity.

    Just because something is a revolving trend doesn’t mean it makes it okay. Powder blue tuxes with the crazy bowties were popular at one time too.

    My general rule for clothes: Never buy anything you’ll look at in 10 years and say “damn, i can’t believe i wore that”

  26. first off i wear skinny jeans n they r awsome
    2nd most people who hate skinny jeans r fat or just posers who think of dudes who wear them r gay
    3rd im straight n the perseption of dudes who wear skinny jeans r gay is wrong
    4th skinny jeans do nuthin to shrink or tell how big u r down below the waist n even if they r tight in that area u should maybe get a bigger fit
    5th im pretty sure like most poser rappers in a year they will be wearin skinny jeans
    skinny jeans ftw 🙂

  27. well everyone is trying to act emo thats y kids are wearing skinny jeans and skaters wear em because they think theyre more flexible i wear purple skinny jeans and people think im a man for some reason


  28. da best thing walkin since shoes

    in ma skewl dere is a fuck mess of guys who wear dem idk y dey do… sometimes it looks gay on dem but on some bois dey look gud but i personaly as a gurl tink dat gurls should wear dem not bois oooooh no bois r goin gay!!!!!!!! lol jk sry if i offended any gay ppl here but anywayz ya it looks gay on dem dey shouldn’t wear dem only gurls should i mean u imagine a guy wid mini shorts or a mini skirt eew gay aldough ma bf looks guuud in skinny jeans lol 🙂 ps i live in calli woot woot shout out to ma state yall!!!!!were we be jerkin ya!!!!!!!

  29. Hammer pants are making a comeback–and i’m scared.

  30. y r ppl tlkin bout dudes wearing skinny jeans ok girls can wear baggy cargos but we cant wear skinny jeans??
    All these celeberties wearing skinny jeans and they get all respect but a group called new boyz come out and wear them and now ppl saying it gay and stuff you know what i respect those dudes so all you haters can….

  31. u kno what if you wear skinny jeans jus wear them and let the haters hate cuz they either cant afford it or they cant wear them

    F U HATERS!!!!

  32. Okay, I am late. I wear skinnies that I wear normaly for a dude. And cargos that sit at my thighs. So saying that a guy is gay for wearing skinnies proves just how America has really slowed down. Im strait and I don’t care what others say. And to the chick that thinks her boyfriend is the only guy that looks good in skinnies please learn to type. Thank You

  33. This da threats...

    I like my package to breathe so I’m never wearing skinny jeans. And I do find it amusing when I see guys wearing them…especially those who sag them. It just looks stupid. I can understand baggy pants sagging because they naturally fall off your arse from being too big. But skinny jeans are supposed to fit like “skin,” so it just makes no sense to sag them. Oh but wait. Maybe you all are sagging your skinnies with the hopes of letting your packages breathe too. Maybe if you put on some ish that actually fit you wouldn’t have that problem. But whatever, do you. If guys want to wear denim leggings, I say let them. Jay said “grow a set men.” That said, anyone wearing women’s clothing MUST not have a “set” and MUST therefore be considered a woman – PERIOD! And I say we treat them as such.

  34. I personally like skinny jeans jus not the ones dat are so tight u can barely walk in them but they are a good exotic fashion statement especially the colored ones the only thing I disagre with is the people that never wore them an called people gay that wore them then when the new boyz came out with it they wanna go get get some an its no longer gay THAT JUST MAKES ME SICK an ps: JUS BECAUSE YOU WEAR THEM DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE FRESH YUU HAV TO KNO WAT YOUR DOING!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree. Until 2000 or so, guys who wore tight clothes were clowned. Now it’s cool. WTF. I don’t have a problem with it don’t think anyones gay. I think people are lame for following trends and contradicting themselves. Btw I used my iPod to type this. Excuse the gram errors

    • i like your thinking. They are fashion and well, people always judge others anyways. My 11 yr old son skates and loves skinny jeans (colored ones too)…not the tight ones, just form fitting. People call him gay when he is not and he does not care, its who he is.

  35. XD
    well yur right skinny jeans are not gangster
    but there’s a stile call the punk and it involves
    skinny jeans .i like them and they fit me
    then again if u think about it too tight its not good
    lets just say this is pointless ._. ur not gonna make punks,emos,skaters ext…to stop wearin em

  36. imma male who wears skinnys. no i dont go in the store and head to the female section of the store and cop my clothes. they do have male skinny jeans. as long as your jeans dont fit tight and show curves like it would a female or so tight you can see your male pieces through them. i say skinny jeans are way more fashionable than the ten sizes to big sagging below my booty cheeks look and the oversized tees. id rather rock my skinnys and a small tee any day over that look.

  37. Umm, no. there are pants made for guys that have a skinny fit. they’re not girl pants. big difference. girl skinny jeans on a guy hug the balls and have no room to breathe. guy skinny jeans are just like normal, fit jean at the waist. idk why people automatically assume that they are super tight on the crotch area. people are stupid and need to get their facts right before stating them. guys and girls alone can wear whatever they want, so stop trying to change them and worry about yourselves.

  38. YESS YESSS . . Renovendetti . . . You said it all right there . . . They gotta worry about themselves and not worry about how people dress . . .who they think they are too judge somebody how they look . . . smh people make no damn sense . . I ROCK THEM SKINNIES and I HAVE A FASHION SENSE OF STYLE . . SO I CAN GET IT WHATEVER I WANT. . . People tell me I dress good and it aint a lie . . Like how Ciara song goes . . . KISS MY SWAG!!

  39. I find all the anti-skinny jeans arguments funny. From the comments on them being “ball-squeezers” (Let it be known that there are skinny jeans that are tight around the legs and normal around the crotch) to them being only for “emo culture.” While they are included in emo styles, they are by no means just for it. Furthermore, even if they were, I fail to see why that’s bad. Maybe in your close-minded head, but not in reality.

    As far as the “effeminate” argument, truth is: skinny jeans DO make us guys a bit feminine-looking. Just take a look back in time and you’ll notice a ton of glam metal artists wearing them.

    The thing is: it doesn’t really matter. Wearers know this, but aren’t fazed. Mostly because we don’t follow the couple-thousand-year-old view that man is defined only as a gigantic brute or the current idea that man should scrutinize himself 24/7 to make sure a single speck of glitter doesn’t appear on him, lest his manliness be incinerated the moment he is caught.

    Put simply and much more shortly: the common arguements vs. skinny jeans may as well be dropped. Unless you’re an individual who believes man must follow a strict dress-code to be “manly” or weak-minded enough to break everytime your sexuality is questioned, they hold no value. I’m a proud wearer who has gotten plenty of criticisms as well as praises, each from both genders. Funny thing is: criticisms ended when people realized I wasn’t bothered. Yet compliments seem to be everlong.

  40. Well . i wear skinny jeans and ive met so many girls and hooked up….im not bragging but comon it is hott….besides its so stupid that people wear those baggy clothes and its just so stupid….you look huge and dominant just to earn respect ‘nigger’ . thats the message it sends out….and its so dumb that you have clothes to match gender but at the end of the day its made from the exact same material as eachother…..but all i can say to this pathetic trivial site is that society has fried your brains out!!!!!!! no comment .

  41. well said mr cool . respect from south africa!!!!!!!!!

  42. skinny jeans rule

  43. It’s all about the fit. Skinny jeans are practically the only pants I find that I don’t have to wear 2 sizes down, yet still fall off my ass without a belt. Americans are fat and the fashion industry caters to that through size inflation. My 511 Skinny jeans are actually comfortably loose on me without feeling like clown pants, but then again I’m a 193cm beanpole. Develop own sartorial style, one size does not fit all.

    • A really good store to check is Hot Topic. They have an online website. My friend is similar and wears stinger fit 26 or 28, 32’s. They have alot too. Pretty nice, and un parachute clown-ified.

  44. I work with some men that wear skinny jeans and they look a lot better in them that some women that have tried to wear them ! I don’t see anything wrong with men wearing them , afterall , it gives us women a reason to get in shape to wear them ! If they can make the jeans look good , what is the problem ?

  45. In the words of Drake:

    “I can rock skinny jeans cause my credit card’s thinny”

  46. I’m a cross-dresser, but spend 99% of my time in “guy mode”. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like men’s skinny jeans. I don’t know what the big deal is–if you like something, buy it.

  47. Look i rock skinny jeans. I dnt give a damm what people say because i feel comfartable wearing it.. And i dont get why people say that if you waer skinny jeans you dont got no balls thats BS to me cuz skinny jeans for males they have room so your crotch can breath so FUCK HATERS

  48. Skinny Jeans ….are both extremely comfortable and fashionable…otherwise explain how people who wear them have gotten so popular and successful…its very shallow minded and ignorant to judge people because of what they wear.

  49. I think that skinny jeans are pretty awesome. First off, they arent uncomfortable in the crotch like everyone says because they have elasticity. Unless your forcing yourself into tiny “skinnys” like half of the people who wear them do, it is only tight around the shins. Second, many older people say that skinny jeans are associated with homosexuals. I find that insensitive and a bit hurtful. I wear skinny jeans alot and to hear that is pretty bad because I have alot of friends who are homosexual and alot of friends who are straight. More of my straight friends wear skinny jeans than my homosexual friends. And finally, just about everyone thinks that skinny jeans are worn only by emo people. The majority of emo people wear a skinny jean that “Social Collision” from “Hot Topic” sells called the Stinger Fit. They are extremely tight and are pretty painful to wear unless you have the right body to. The Rude Fit sold at “Hot Topic” is alot looser in the crotch, there is more room in the leg, and is avilable in flat colors like blue, black and brown; along with a few out of the ordinary colors such as Red Double Dye, Bondage(chains and zippers everywhere), and Shattered.
    No matter what sex you are, YOU choose what you wear and who you hang out with. If you hang out with judgemental people, than get judged. But if you can find the right group that wont care what you wear, stick with them and never let go.

    What do you think about skinny jeans? Leeave replys below.

  50. im a guy, everyone knows im strait, i hav a girlfriend, weve been together fr a year now, i wear skinny jeans. i dont wear colored ones or super skin tight ones but i wear skinny jeans. i dont think any guy i see wearing them gay unless theyr pink or i see makeup on his face. just like when i see a black guy with baggy pants on, i dont asume hes a threat or anything, its just how he dresses. i hate when people are judged based just on what they wear. im sure however you dress there is a website out there talking about how gay you look. you never win. as soon as you accept the fact the everyone has a different opinion in fashion the better

  51. You people are dumb.
    You do realize they make skinny jeans for men?
    You must be stupid if you think guys wear Womens skinny jeans.
    I wear skinnys Cause i skate and i feel more free
    Theyre not uncomfortable either theyre actually pretty good to wear and fine.
    IF you think guys were girls skinny jeans your plain stupid or probbaly don’t notice.
    JC penny sells mens skinny jeans..If you think theyre womens skinny jeans go die in a hole you idiot.

  52. the person who wrote this article is either one of the following…

    #1) he/she is hiding his/her own wanting to wear skinny jeans and thinks if he/she rants on em, he’ll/she’ll loose the mindset to wear em

    #2) he/she thinks skinnys are only for gays, and he’s/she’s a homophobic fucker whos trying to hide his/her own homosexuality by ranting

    #3) he/she is truly jealous that us skinny jean wearers are able to put them on without busting the button or tearing a seam

    #4) just a dumb fuck who “has so much masculinity” its okay to bash skinny jeans for some reason… if ur so manly, and only want manly stuff, go have anal sex and dominate your partner. hows that, gay basher?!

    and to the dude who said “and MUST therefore be considered a woman – PERIOD! And I say we treat them as such.” (press command F, or control F and search for it) – are you implying a woman’s rights argument into this? dumbfucker….

  53. the person who wrote this article is either one of the following…

    #1) he/she is hiding his/her own wanting to wear skinny jeans and thinks if he/she rants on em, he’ll/she’ll loose the mindset to wear em

    #2) he/she thinks skinnys are only for gays, and he’s/she’s a homophobic fucker whos trying to hide his/her own homosexuality by ranting

    #3) he/she is truly jealous that us skinny jean wearers are able to put them on without busting the button or tearing a seam

    #4) just a dumb fuck who “has so much masculinity” its okay to bash skinny jeans for some reason… if ur so manly, and only want manly stuff, go have anal sex and dominate your partner. hows that, gay basher?!

    and to the dude who said ” PERIOD! And I say we treat them as such.” (press command F, or control F and search for it) – are you implying a woman’s rights argument into this? dumbfucker….

  54. i jerk in skinny jeans(:

    ok so heres my say on ppl who think guys look gay in skinny jeans

    1. ummmm half the guys white or otherwise rock skinnies

    2.i have no idea how ur package dont fit unless ur actually wearin GIRL jean…they make skinnies for guys so it does fit

    3. girls think skinny jeans are hot…atleast the ones i know

    =side note= i used to wear boot cut jeans but when i went jean shopping one day everything just looked to big except the skinnies so i tried em on and they wher amazing…if ppl actually tried skinny jeans instead of ridiculing them cuz they cant fit ther fat ass in em then wow but now i try to wear the skinniest jeNS I Cn find without em hurtin my junk

  55. i jerk in skinny jeans(:

    sorry for double posting but on #1. i meant half the ppl in my school srry and i love when i see vblack guys wearin skinnies it looks great on them…no homo

  56. Skinny Jeans So TIGHT!


    Just Because u dont look good in skinny jeans dont mean that you need to keep hatin on the kids that do were them.. Because im sure your just a FAG who sits on his couch all day gaining weight therefor making it so u look like shitt in tight jeans

    So if u wanna keep talkin shit them lemme see that nigga walk them streets in them tight jeans

    P.S. The guy who keeps saying GROW A PAIR to the people who do were skinny jeans im pretty sure u dont have a dick dangling between ur legs

    P.S.S. I Jerk SO TIGHT!!

  57. ok well first off skinny jeans have been back in style for a few years now, lil wayne just wants to be like us emo,scene kids who have been wears them for awhile now. Well rappers in skinny jeans fail at life they should leave it to screamo bands and punk bands like all time low and chelsea grin. ps: scene kids are the SEX

    • RoCkIn_Da_SkInNiEs

      I gotta agree with you on every single thing you just said. I ❤ EMO/SCENE KIDS LIKE ME

  58. hey its O, Skinny jeans feel right for me for a lot of reasons. I practice this sport Parkour and ever since then my legs have been looking fantastic and all I wanted to do was get skinny jeans to show off my posterior and thighs. When I’m out on the town or just hangin out, I’ve noticed that I get a lot of attention from females just by feeling confident and I know that females are attracted to confidence as well as a nice posterior that comes with it. I’d say just be healthy and happy and you’ll find that confidence in skinnies would look nice.

  59. RoCkIn_Da_SkInNiEs

    i am a guy and love wearing skinny jeans, that doesn’t make me gay???? where the fuck do you get off calling all guys who wear skinnys gay? the way they fit is very good for skating in so you dont have y our jeans falling down around your ankles when you pop.and as for this statement “Jay said “grow a set men.” That said, anyone wearing women’s clothing MUST not have a “set” and MUST therefore be considered a woman – PERIOD! And I say we treat them as such” FUCK YOU! YOU DUMB SON OF A BITCH I HOPE YOU AER CASTRATED BY A WOODCHIPPER! SKINNY JEANS ARE MADE FOR MEN AS WELL AS WOMEN !!!!!!!!

  60. RoCkIn_Da_SkInNiEs

    ok, someone explain this to me please. you said in the previous letter and i qoute “I cross my legs because it’s comfortable…” then why are you sitting here in the very next letter bashing guys who wear skinny jeans because they think they are comfortable? can you say hypocrite to the extreme?? i mean really if youre going to defend yourself by saying its comfortable and it doesnt make you gay and then the very next day write a letter calling men who wear skinny jeans gay i have lost all respect that i had for you and i hope tht someday you get off your fat ass lose weight and get yourself a pair of skinny jeans so you understand just exactly what youre missing. SKINNY JEANS FTW!

    • Ummmm people are very absentminded of the fact that during the Middle Ages and Rennaisance periods or what ever, all females wore were dresses and men were all you saw in tights, trousers or leggings of any sort! (F.Forward) The 1950’s and 60’s is when Skinny jeans started to become a huge part of fashion in which The Beattles were the most popular MALE group rockin’em! Idk about men, but recent studies prove that some WOMEN who wear skinny jeans often get wat people call “Tingling Thigh Syndrome”.
      I’m ☼ut!!! H☼lla

  61. It’s funny how more than half of the comments are from guys wearing Skinnies. You really dug yourself a hole on this one.

    As a male who does wear Skinnies myself, I don’t give a shit what people think about the way I dress. I live in a cow-town, I’m one of three guys in the high school who does wear Skinnies, so trust me, I see quite a bit of hating. That’s all it is though, a bunch of haters (who for some reason think I give a shit about what they have to say). You can dress the way you want to dress (and look like shit) and I can dress the way I want to dress (and actually look better than you).

    It’s all a matter of personal preference. ALTHOUGH I will say this, guys who wear Skinnies just to follow the trend do make me sick. Although I only started wearing them this year, I wear them because I actually like them, not because it’s the current trend.

    All in all, stop being a hating piece of shit just because you don’t have the same sense of fashion as other men. That’s like me saying that I hope every single person who supports this POS article can go die in Hell. I don’t dislike anyone who supports this article (except for the one who wrote it, as he’s just an ill-informed hater), I just look better than them.(:

    • Good for you! Really! Who cares what people think..thats how my son thinks and he is in middle school & is one of probably 3-4 kids that wear skinny jeans. He says they are comfortable and easier for skating…who cares what I think I just stumbled onto this blog!

  62. The amount of conceited and ignorant people in this world is mind-boggling, I’m sorry who gave any one person in this world the right to exclaim to others what to wear? People won’t have the same opinion as you “Damon” if that is your real name.. because guess what, now listen this might shock you.. no really… people have different opinions and tastes. It really is quite shallow to just naturally assume everyone will share your opinion. It’s also a very shallow characteristic to judge and stereotype people just for what they wear. WEAR whatever you want to wear. Don’t judge other people, just accept them as they are, it’s not that hard, just try it. I don’t care if people choose to wear skinnies, boot cuts, baggy pants or even hammer pants, because they can wear what they want, it’s THEIR OWN CHOICE. No one made you the “fashion police” so please stop assuming the role as it is not up to anyone to enforce.

    Good day sir!

  63. u guys are hating? F BAGGY JEANS

  64. Any dudes wearin skinny jeans are fukin homos..an if u wear skinny jeans an say fuk baggy jeans you’re a hipocrit..if you don’t want people to hate on your faggit ass jeans why the fuk yu hatin on anutha style..true leaders set trends they don’t follow em..Don’t WEAR SKINNY JEANS CUZ MY KNOTS DON’T FIT..FUK THA HATERS

  65. an fuk lil wayne he’s garbage he kissed anutha man..fukn fag..an i’m not a hater ima christian!! Being gay is a sin

  66. First off Only fags rock skinnies..you ain’t a thug if you dressin like a chick..an i agree waynes garbage..why people tryna bring back that old ass style?..muthafukas Gon be rockin Jerry Curls next

    • Look man. It’s what others like and what others don’t aight?
      Well I wear skinny’s and do I say Fags “Rock baggys” No correct? Well you shouldn’t say that about what others like and what they don’t. Anti skinny’s is right about the gay part some gay dudes at my school piss me off and wear skinny’s. Just cause gay’s wear ’em doesn’t mean were gay. Learn proper grammar and learn how to write a damn short paragraph

      Peace -Puri

  67. i know im hella late, but to all u sayin skinny jeanz squeezes ur nut sak and dik, it DOESNT if u get the right size for u!!, skinny jeans for guyz are kinda loose at tha top and get narrower on your legs, i luv skinny jeans, i wear them and i’m straight, so all u sayin skinny jeans squeezes ur ballz, well FU cuz u obviously never wore them

  68. The ironic thing here, if those that don’t like skinny jeans lived in an age where it was the average thing to do and baggy jeans were a new, controversial trend they would all be bashing the baggy jeans style.

    Grow up and accept that life is not static. Styles change. People change. There’s nothing wrong with letting someone express themselves through their clothing. You certainly don’t have to like it but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

    You’re driven by fear. Fear of change. Think about where we would be as a species if everyone thought like this. No, really, think about it. Nothing would ever change. We would never progress.

    And this whole thread has a completely unhealthy relationship with the realities of culture. Saying that men wearing women’s clothing is wrong is utterly ridiculous in itself. With the narrow exception of undergarments (e.g. bras), the perception of what is men’s and what is women’s is entirely based on culture.

    You folks have a long ways to go to reach enlightenment. Good luck with that!

    p.s. somewhere in the distant future your male descendant is going to be rocking a dress and makeup and fucking killing it by societies standards!

  69. I’m strongly against the skinny jean fad that is currently rising, but, some of the dudes wearing them arent gay. They just couldn’t find any of their own jeans to wear, so they kindly slipped into their sister’s jeans and oddly like it. No, I don’t wear baggy jeans but I sure as hell wouldn’t put on a pair of skinnies either. We can’t be jeancist because they don’t dress normally. Just let them go on wearing their sister’s jeans and shopping for the same jeans as their girlfriend if they have one. They can never say they can;t find a pair because they’ll just ask their girlfriend if they can wear a pair of theres. How helpful is that? Being able to wear female jeans? Priceless.

  70. FIRST OFF the comment above SoLo DoLo your a douchebag seriously you dumbfuck to think that everyone has a fucking sister? you must be hella stupid for one i don’t got a sister and SECONDLY, whoever wrote this article a fucking dipshit because he doesn’t know fashion. Skinny jeans are not new it’s retro like everyone been saying and I DON’T need to grow a pair to just know i am a man and liked to wear skinny jeans. I been wearing them since before they were a trend because i LIKED it. And ALL YALL HATERS CAN HATE IDGAF stupid bitches. Secondly, i like baggy straight and skinnies so FUCK YOU to everyone that says baggy FTW your fuckin hella dumb. I have confidence to wear what i LIKED to wear individual PREFERENCE LOOK IT UP DUMBASSES if you cannot understand that. Thirdly, it’s really is funny how everyone CARES so much what THE FUCK U Wear especially guys WHO GIVES A SHIT! its 2010 people need to stop bitching and get over their jealously of hatin like they say don’t hate the playa hate da game. Peace out bitches

  71. Personally… I’ll only f** a guy who wears skinny jeans. Baggy pants and ESPECIALLY regular pants are a huge turn-off. And you know what? I’d be all about a skinny dude in a miniskirt, too, if he pulled it off well. Gender-bending is not a fad, it’s the new language of acceptance, and I know that there will only be more and more people who agree with this, so to those who wear what they please, don’t be intimidated by small-mindedness; it’s only a matter of time before they’re ragging on you for NOT wearing skinny jeans. <3<3

  72. After reading this thread I have decided that the haters can kiss my ass!! I am going to wear skinny jeans.
    There is a lot of comparison to skinny jeans and tight jeans of the ’70s, How many people saying that stuff actually remember the 70’s? or were even born yet?
    I came in at the end of the 70’s so I didn’t get to experience the tight jeans, all I got was the “Hammer Pants” and baggy jeans that are loose at the waist and huge at the legs with the crotch at the knee.
    So I am going to wear my skinnies and love it cause I can’t stand the baggy shit for guys.
    In closing I will say- If you haven’t experienced both sides of the topic at hand.. STFU

  73. And for those citing fashion history…. The High Heel shoe was created by men for men.. But I don’t think men should start doing that again..

  74. Skinny jeans is no fad, it is a sickness that needs a cure. Listen to the free download @ http://www.melloccadafi.com this is the antedote for the skinny,tight jeans fad.

  75. Yall crack me up. I dont wear skinny jeans. I think the cats who wear them and sag em look silly, but I would never hate on someone who dressed differently. Come guys yall are gettin all upset over something that really dont affect You…..@Ant-skinny man u call yourself a christian but the vulgarity out ur mouth is sickening…First and foremost thou shalt not judge lest u be judged..I’m only attacking U anti cause u DONT know ur Bible but yet hide behind faith and still hold a biggoted view..GO STUDY!!!

  76. YouDouchebag!

    You’re a fucking dumbass. Like stated before, mens skinny jeans are meant to fit men, and womens skinny jeans are meant to fit women. Women naturally have bigger butts so, the shape of the skinny jeans are different from mens skinny jeans’. And people here are saying that they look dumb and gay. They don’t as long as you know how to wear them. I wear regular skinny jeans, And I have a few super-skinny jeans (The ones that are tight around the legs), but I bought the super-skinnys two sizes bigger, so they look better. I also love my skinny jeans. They are comfortable, and I prefer them over baggy jeans. To me, jeans that are super baggy look rediculous. And to that person who said, “They naturally fall down because they’re big”… What do you think a belt is for?
    Tip for buying skinny jeans: try them on first at the fitting rooms and see what size you are and when you try them, sag them down a bit (I sag them so that the very top of the jeans are at where my crack starts lol). Skinny jeans look dumb if you don’t sag them

    P.S. For those of you who say they’re gay and stupid, try a pair of skinny jeans, and then judge whether or not they are good or not. I used to wear baggy and I converted to skinny’s because they were much more comfortable for me, and they looked better. Also, when it’s windy and you have baggy jeans, the jeans go flopping around and if the wind pushes against you, the jeans go back and the outline you legs, and you look sooo unbelievably dumb… and you wouldn’t look retarded if you were wearing skinny jeans. HA

    ALSO: i am a STRAIGHT male


  77. Nice opinion article.
    I like skinnies and make them work.
    Clothing is clothing, these denominations of male and female are mental only, if the jeans fit, and they look good, I’ll wear them.

    Thank you

  78. its hot and i as a guy think so

  79. Tight jeans for men has always been around in the 50’s jeans began to sag (during the “Leave it to Beaver” show days) then went back to tight by the late 50’s (with james Dean) Jeans got really tight in the 60’s and 70’s! and a lil of the 80’s Jeans were tight until the late 80’s when the sag became popular. So the sag is really NOT THE NORM. Yall changed the name to “skinny jeans” but tight or “skinny jeans” where IN for a very long time. It comes and it goes. The “sag” is about 23 years old now.

  80. im a 9 yearold girl and i personaly think girls are allowed to wear skinnys.No offense… but skinnys are weird for boys…
    p.s im not saying your gay…

  81. im tired of other girls telling me to wear skinny jeanz nd imma girl too. dey not gangsta at all nd only the real rappers left dnt wear them should be appreciated cause they da only decent dressers left. times like dis show who da real thug is stayin with his baggy jeans unlike dese new fagz

  82. everybody that are hating on skinny are stupid fucking idiots and are scared to change and plus what kind of man cares about what a another man wears or puts on thats just gay.

  83. wow this author is such a hater. seriously? why do you care enough to hate on clothes?

  84. Clothes are clothes. Wear what you want. Wear what you find comfortable, appealing, stylish, and unique. Set yourself apart. Individuality is more important than forcing ourselves to conform to what society has dictated to be either feminine or masculine (as far as clothing preferences go). Think about it: Pink is considered a feminine color. Many guys turn their nose up at the color based solely on this conception. But why is it feminine? Who decided that? Many would quickly resort to saying: Well, that’s just the way it is. But why must we accept that. Pink is a color. It has no gender, and thus, should be perfectly acceptable in both male and female wardrobes. Skinny jeans, like ’em or not, can be worn by whoever wants to wear them. Plain and simple.

  85. Anyone that doubts guys can wear skinny jeans has OBVIOUSLY never seen One Night Only or The Kooks. George Craig and Luke Pritchard look amazing in them, and there are many more guys that can pull of the look. Wearing skinny jeans doesn’t make you gay.

  86. I like wearing skinny jeans and I buy ones that are made for men( ex. Levi). Of course since I try them on first I know if they are comfortable or not. I think it is not so nice of people to judge someone to be gay or straight on the sole basis of what they wear.

  87. For all those men who are proud to wear skin tight jeans, come to Eastern Europe. You will not be so proud when you find your self in hospital. We don’t accept that here.

  88. gross and gay, heteros should stay away

  89. George Carlin (RIP) said it best years ago, America has gotten so fat that the jean companies had to come out with the baggy or loose fit jeans! I see nothing wrong with men or women wearing skinny fit jeans, as long as they are not overweight-but I see a LOT of women wearing tight jeans that could easily loose a good 20-40 pounds! As for the homo thing, well a couple of weeks ago I saw Brooks and Dunn in concert, and both were wearing some pretty tight jeans-guess they must be homos, huh?

  90. first thing fuck the guy dat put this stupid shit up.im a bmx er and when we r on our bike we want something dat fit us and feel good.i rock skinnys and baggie and i think skinnys r always b in style just like baggie jeans. when baggie first became the shit everybody hated them .its the samething happenin with the skinnys thing.

  91. First super skinny jeans like Levi’s 510 make now. Are nothin new! Look at movie’s and Tv shows back in the Early 60’s “My three sons” “Andy Griffif ” Look how Opi dressed in super skinny tight jeans!(that also wore thier Kakkies pants in tight super skinny legs) I as a young female would love to see the 1960’s fashion in men come back. The baggy look that been in fashion for last 20 freaken years has now and always been stupid!
    Men in tight super skinny jeans is very sexy and clean cut! You talk about “UGLY MOM JEANS” well guys in loose fit and baggy jeans is a man’s version of “mom jeans” Flat disproportion and retarded!

  92. I love how no jeans are ever good enough for people. Either you hate the baggy jeans or you hate the skinny jeans. Why don’t you shut the fuck up already. Male skinny jeans aren’t skin tight, they leave a perfect amount of ‘breathing space’. And there is NO logic in basing a persons sexuality based on semi-tight jeans. Fucking ridiculous.

  93. I wear skinny jeans and I love them I am a 26 year old gay man. I think they are wonderful my boyfriend wheres them and he is a hottie.I am very feminine I wear pink underwear. I also cross dress II think everyone should be able tot wear whatever they want. I know some(hot straight guys) who where them. And I know gay people who I have had sex with who where them. ttyl

  94. I totally love skinny jeans, i think boys are sexy and nice with them, most of my friends also like skinny jeans on boys…
    Be open-minded!

  95. I Jerk So low, I Jerk solo

    Ok that is it….Im black, i jerk and i rock skinnies. All y’all hating take a look at ur sizes on ur lame ass baggy jeans(lose some weight bitch) and stfu. Everyone knows skinnes are cool on dudes who make em work, and Anti Skinny i’m very sorry to inform u that you are a filthy mouthed blasphemer hiding behind God. I personally am not gay, but my ex’s bro is and he hits on me becuz he sayz i luk hot in em. Author=EPIC FAILURE AND WASTE OF OXYGEN. Do not hate on guys who rock skinnes. Just because u cant fit your fat ass into em doesn’t mean u should hate. Thumbs up 2 all rocking skinnes and proud to say it. You are the New Generation. Embrace new things. And btw baggy jeans on a white dude looks so douchy and every knows u r a wanna b. Dont show of ur nasty ass crack. Go make a porno or sumfin but i resent seeing plumbers crack’s on the street on a regular basis. Gf and gl earing back respect. Peace out.

    • what about regular jeans on white guys? It seems like the only jeans that exist in this conversation are either skinny or baggy…

  96. Im okay with skinny jeans, I just generally dislike the guys who are wearing them…maybe I just have a jock mentallity but most of the guys who wear them in my school are tall skinny bitches who look like they haven’t had anything to eat for days or ever set foot in a weightroom. However, that isn’t the worst part; they like to believe that they are tougher than or could beat up most people. I saw one claim on his myspace that his ufc record was “13-1” First off, it isn’t called ufc when it is ufc style but in you’re back yard lol. Anyway i think i’ve grown to hate skinny jeans because I hate the fashion concious, anerexic, concieted guys who usually wear them. Just a thought.

    btw I am not trying to be a “hater”, nor am i fat or unpopular, im also tall like these guys, just more built than them, so im not just some short kid with the napolian complex lol

    • So many things are wrong with what you just said, I wear skinny jeans, I’m tall (6ft 1) but I work out a lot. I have been doing p90x for almost 3 terms now, I bench well over 250, and weigh 165 pounds, I wear skinny jeans and tight clothing because I enjoy it. . Don’t stereotype those kids and say they are all pussies. A lot of those types are my friends, and you would be surprised at how tough they are. Also by making your self sound like a macho man meat head and saying, “I don’t dislike skinny jeans, I just dislike anybody who wears them or is different from me.” It makes you sound like an idiot, Variety is the spice of life, you shouldn’t dislike people who are different than you.

  97. I rock skinnies as a 6’1″, 185lb, blonde male esp distressed light blue Tripp
    from Hot Topic with flip flops, jean jacket. They make my body and myself feel good, man, and others like the look also. The low rise shows abs and a trail.I get to hung with other guys who skate. In female’s size I take a 7 or 9.
    Stay hot.

  98. WOOOOOOOOOOOWW!!! Come on people. This is our time. What would you say to R.I.P Michael Jackson, James Dean, Elvis, Bruce Lee, etc. etc.? Were they promoting homosexuality? If you dont have those intentions then you have nothing to worry about. “RIGHT” Its a Fad people. We have had them since the beginning of time. The majority rules in anything. If you dont like skinny jeans, lock yourself up in your house until the storm passes. Chances are your neighbor has 50 pairs. BOO! By the way, I dont even own a pair, and I am not a homo. Just keeping it real. Straight up. Life is too short, juice it like an orange and drink it in yo own cup. ‘CARPE DIEM MF’s” DUECES…………….KNOCKOUTGORIGHT

  99. I have to disagree with this. I’m a skinny guy. I like wearing skinny jeans. Although there is a difference to me between skinny and super skinny. Anyways, I just really like the look from say, Zara or H&M or even Allsaints spitalfields. With sweaters, button ups, and desert boots! Of course I see it as classy. And trying to make it “gangster” is of course crazy. But I wouldn’t want to look gangster anyways. Ever!!

  100. I have to disagree with this. I’m a skinny guy. I like wearing skinny jeans. Although there is a difference to me between skinny and super skinny. Anyways, I just really like the look from say, Zara or H&M or even Allsaints spitalfields. With sweaters, button ups, and desert boots! Of course I see it as classy. And trying to make it “gangster” is of course crazy. But I wouldn’t want to look gangster anyways. Ever!!

  101. Why would another guy be so concerned about what another grown man wears? That in itself sounds rather strange. I think if you have a problem with what another man wears, you should check yourself.

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