… apparently Chili didn’t survey any Kansas City women before she decided to link up with Ike Turner’s favorite nephew. Shakes my head. Vegas already has 3-1 odds on this turning into your next Chrihanna (I’m not serious).


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  1. as long as she stays away from T.J. Holmes, I don’t care who she dates….I was a little down during that time period, but now it’s over and I’m happy again **smiles**

  2. You clearly didn’t know that LJ currently has two simple assault charges against women pending?

  3. my point is that i don’t care….she can date the next door neighbor’s dog for all i care…as long as she stays away from T.J. Holmes…what has Chilli done in recent times anyway to stay relevant enough for press releases?…just sayin’

  4. wooooooooowwwwwwwwwww………..

  5. For those thinking that I have no sympathy for Chilli possibly being in an abusive relationship please understand that thismayconcernyou and I have a very funny relationship where I like to say things for shock value just to get a rise out of him….he knows that I’m off the chain and just shakes his head at me and moves on…lol…he would find it amusing that I’m only concerned about the past men Chilli has dated that I find overly attractive and the display of my jealousy towards her dealings with them is great for conversation with thismayconcernyou and I…

    I’m sure that last part was confusing as a mofo…lol

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