Breaking: Kanye Heard His Hair Screaming

OK, I’m a few days late to the party but … Kanye West finally cut his hair … less than a month after I wrote a letter to his hair. Proof this blog is change you can believe in.

Kanye went from too much hair to an even cut and arm candy with no hair. She's cute though.

Kanye went from too much hair to an even cut and arm candy with no hair. She's cute. But that cancer stick in her right hand certainly is not.


8 responses to “Breaking: Kanye Heard His Hair Screaming

  1. Maybe he cut it because he wanted to be more like her.

    Or maybe it was your letter. I guess it doesn’t matter…as long as that hideous ‘do is kaput!

  2. yeah, i’m glad he cut his hair and his new beard sidepiece is really pretty even with her non-existent hair….

  3. to be honest, i think the cigarette is more appealing than the girl. igh. is that a sports bar? since when did a uniboob become high fashion? and rutched/elasticized bands on shorts? i know retro is in, but retro also stands for synonyms like” old, outdated, thank God that trend is over and never again on your life.

  4. @kim

    Yeah I agree that her fashion is a little more than eccentric but I think her face is flawless. So, her face helps out the fact that her outfit looks a mess and she is almost bald….

  5. Thank God! I dont like this chick’s style…

  6. I have a personal problem w/ her wearing elastic daisy dukes. I am offended.

  7. Yeah, elastic waist daisy dukes are not the business.

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