Kanye, Exclamation Marks, The Blonde & Strahan

No letter. But I’m gonna keep you well read. Here’s a bit of irony for you … an article by MSN.com columnist Martha Brockenbrough that combines two of my first letter subjects: Kanye West and the misuse of exclamation marks. Here’s the link to Martha’s column.

Amber, Kanye's new arm candy.

Amber, Kanye's new arm candy.

Brockenbrough examines a Kanye West blog entry that is 70 words in length. Somehow, the same entry includes 188 exclamation marks. No, that’s not a link to the infamous entry.

I have not, nor do I want to see that blog entry as it will likely infuriate me.

Also: Nobody should be surprised by Mike Strahan’s shenanigans. Remember, he was crazy enough to marry his loony ex-wife. That woman belongs in a nuthouse where she bunks with Octomom.

But back to Kanye. Here’s an interesting take on his new baldheaded, chain-smoking friend from A Belle In Brooklyn. It includes an insane, but insightful reference from the track “Stronger”: “Well, I’ll do anything for a blonde dike, and she’ll do anything for the limelight.”

Life imitating art, eh?


9 responses to “Kanye, Exclamation Marks, The Blonde & Strahan

  1. everywhere I turn someone is talking about this chick.WHO IS SHE and WHERE DID HE FIND HER.now I want to know…

  2. mspuddin, I have no clue. The only reason I know as much about her as I do is because of A Belle In Brooklyn.

    I refuse to waste time Googling her. I’ll wait until it’s official or something. Right now, she’s still just arm candy. Glad she got him to cut the hair, though.

  3. I feel you on the exclamation marks.

  4. Again Nicole Murphy falls into the same category as Tracey Edmonds (I know she makes her own money but check her credits before the opportunity named Babyface came along. She’ll try to act like she was a succesful real estate agent but she definitely saw opportunity knocking with the first and the second conquest. Ironically her second conquest is Nicole Murphy’s first….). An overly attractive woman marries rich successful man, divorces him, gets a handsome divorce settlement, and for some reason lives the rest of their lives as opportunistic whores women who think that just b/c they are above average in the looks department that they can do what they want…. it’s intersting on all levels….or maybe not….

    In short, Michael Strahan might want to let it go for real….

  5. Nicole Murphy is above average as far as her body, but in looks, she’s decidely average, or below average.

    She is getting the infamous light skinned points.

  6. @Big Man

    I agree with you. She actually has very manly features. My description of her being ‘above average’ definitely played into the infamous light skin points that our people tend to always indulge in.

  7. I applaud anyone who can keep Kanye occupied. With him spending so much time with her, maybe he’ll stop talking about himself as much.

  8. I’m pretty sure she used to be a man. There’s no way she was born a she. NO WAY. In any event, she/he has an amazing body. I’ll give it that much credit. The fade though? Stop it.

  9. I think that Amber is a good look for Kanye. Some people on the web have gotten bent out of shape because she smokes, is bi-sexual, a former stripper…like, is Kanye some sort of Prince? Should he only get the best? He’s a rapper. Though he’s talented, he’s still a regular, SHORT guy with a too big ego, a nice bank acct, and issues. I think that Amber may be a good fit for him. You can’t deny the fierceness she has. I think he finally has a chick that can stand next to him and steal a little bit of his shine. She got him to cut his hair – – maybe she mesmerized him with some of her pole tricks while the barber tied him down and got his hair line right. Who knows…but for now I like her. I like him. Hopefully she’ll inspire him to actually release a RAP album… not some sing songy shit.

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