27. The People Who Dislike Me

Ed’s note: Today, you get a twofer because this needs to be heard … today. Don’t worry, it’s succinct.

“Worst enemies wanna be my best friend/Best friends wanna be enemies like that’s what’s in/But I don’t give a (bleep) walk in side the lion’s den/take everybody’s chips and bout to cash them in.” ~ Nas on Jay-Z’s “Success” from American Gangster

To The People Who Dislike Me or Happen to Think I’m Annoying:

I learn from time to time that there are a few of you out there. Go figure. People talk.

With good reason, I’m going to keep this brief. Do us, you and I, the hugest favor: When you see me out, be cordial. Don’t be fake, but keep it moving. You shouldn’t waste time on people you don’t care about. Life is too short.

If you think this letter is speaking to you, assume that it is. That doesn’t mean I hate or dislike you. It means my time, effort and energy are invaluable commodities. I prefer not to waste those presents in your presence.




13 responses to “27. The People Who Dislike Me

  1. Well said! If you hate, then hate from a distance and do it quietly. No need to waste everyone’s time with your nonsense. Generally speaking, of course.

  2. @chaterestre: that’s the entire point. Don’t be fake. You don’t have to waste that energy. Just be cordial.

  3. This if off topic, but I’m looking at your blogroll and it’s crazy how small the black blogosphere really is. Reminds me of New Orleans, where everybody knows everybody through somebody.

  4. Big,

    It is, and you don’t know the half of it. There’s a KC blogger who goes by Glam-Starr running in these same circles, and her cousin (now blogging herself) went to undergrad with me. Just weird.

    I really think a black Six Degrees of Separation would work throughout America. Black America isn’t that big.

  5. Pretty damn much. That is all.

  6. I would like to sincerely disagree with this post. I don’t know a single person who dislikes you. But I realize you have to placate the readers.
    Ha! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @Ian: it’s funny but I was telling a friend the other day that mostly everybody who knows me likes me. There are obviously some people who don’t (The ones I egress or exact revenge upon especially) … but most people like me because I’m a genuine dude. I don’t front.

    If I don’t like you, I don’t play like I do. That’s childish. I’m cordial.

  8. I’m sad you wasted even that much space on people who don’t like you. I think “keep it moving – I will!” woulda summed it up nicely!

  9. @terahjaye: dag. Why you gotta call me out like that old homey? I still gotta write letters. lol. They can’t be like two words. I got readers to feed with my words. lol.

  10. If you think this letter is speaking to you, assume that it is.

    Damon, I love you! You’re hilarious… People that don’t understand your literary genius can kick a big ass pile of rocks. lol…

  11. @ishea: hopefully, one day they, the people, will. thanks babe.

  12. You’re kidding right? I mean who doesn’t absolutely love your adorable self? Lol!!

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