44. Bud Selig

“Now here’s another hit, Barry Bonds… (Get) outta here (Buddy)” ~ Kanye West from “Barry Bonds.”

Dear Mr. Allan “Bud” Selig, Jr.:

Resign. No, not retire. Resign. Step aside.

If you want to save face (you can’t), you’d forgo your annual $18-million salary (you don’t need it) and leave the MLB commissioner position to someone better suited for the job like George W. Bush (I’m not joking).

Barry and his not-so-favorite Bud in 2004.

Barry and Bud in 2004.

You do understand that most fans despise you nearly as much as they do Barry Bonds? You’re the man who thought it would be right to end a nationally televised baseball game in a tie. No one cares that it was an exhibition. Baseball is NOT soccer! (Exclamation mark use was necessary.) You should have sent the right fielders in to throw 70 mph batting practice. The 2002 All-Star game would have ended in minutes — with a winner. You’re smart, but you’re clearly not “the sharpest tool in the shed.” (Smash Mouth’s “All Star”)

But that’s not your most egregious offense. See, if we were to build a Mount Rushmore to baseball’s Steroid Era, there would be a few familiar faces. Barry, Roger, Mark and you, Bud. No, not Alex, but you.

Alex is the only one of the aforementioned people listed to actually admit to his wrongdoing, no matter how long it took him to do it or how hard it was for him to admit the truth. He did, and — over a few months — has accepted culpability for his mistakes. A-Rod has acknowledged the fact that he was foolish enough to let his cousin shoot him up with some stuff that he wasn’t even sure was (serious blind faith for you).

You, though, are like Sarah Palin and Barry. You can’t define the word culpability.

You won’t admit that you and your friends turned your heads at this performance-enhancing nonsense as it was happening for 25 years or so — in the name of the almighty dollar. But history won’t allow you to escape responsibility. Trust me. It’s not going to let Dick Cheney off  the hook, either. Just watch. There’s a reason the former veep was in a wheel chair during President Obama’s inauguration. And it ain’t irony.

But American history will spare W. a little — especially if you step aside and allow him to clean up a mess he can handle. For the most part, the former president is an honest and forthright person — everything you’re not.

Remember, you only care about money, not integrity. What did I say in my first baseball letter concerning people who only want you for your money? They can’t be trusted.

Dubya may have followed through with a few hundred bad ideas, but he cares about people (even a few black ones, Kanye). In this case, I think he cares about the game and could do your job 10 times better than you even if he were trapped in the hole in which we found Saddam Hussein. Yes Bud, you’re that bad for baseball.

Anyway, just thought I’d drop in and share my thoughts. Let me reiterate myself: We baseball fans would love nothing more to see your letter of resignation on MLB.com before May 1. And yes, this time it counts. *smh*



P.S. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. I’m dead serious.
P.S.S. What are you going to do if the All-Star game is tied after six innings in St. Louis this summer and it starts pouring rain? Missouri weather is fickle, and so is your “this time it counts” rule.


44 responses to “44. Bud Selig

  1. thecomebackgirl

    I have No idea who this dude is…but i will comment on GW..i saw the movie “W” and it is evident that the ONLY thing our former President was passionate about was our national pastime. that is clear.

    i know that doesn’t make me very credible cause i dont know who the other guy is…but that is all for now.

    • @thecbg: you know this is the second time you’ve said this, and both times it’s been about someone in sports. I’m going to have to do a number or two on you.

      On Bush, I respect anyone’s opinion of him as a not so smart person OR one of the worst presidents of the last 40 or so … but I do think he’s a genuine guy.

      • thecomebackgirl

        “you know this is the second time you’ve said this, and both times it’s been about someone in sports. I’m going to have to do a number or two on you. ”

        Im sorry i just hate sports i guess.

        • Explain further … this could make a good letter subject …

          • thecomebackgirl

            Well i DO like motorsports..

            but everything else is super slow to me and pointless. running little fallic symbols up and down a court or field.

            or hitting them with a bat..i don’t know..it doesn’t do much for me.

            • Do you watch sports with your man? or just avoid him like he does you when you watch Lifetime?

              • thecomebackgirl

                “Do you watch sports with your man? ‘

                Nope ..i get the hel! out of dodge. The style channel/bravo/e! marathon is a requirement with me once a month.

                he gets the choice of 8 hours of

                “dress my nest”
                “design on a dime”
                “NYC Housewives”
                Kimora Lee Simmons

  2. I have to agree with CBG. W is passionate about baseball. I also think he was passionate about running the country but was not far sighted enough.

    Where Selig is concerned I think this is an example of what is wrong with the world economy people doing bad business making good (and big) money to do so…furthermore they are corrupting the minds of the young and impressionable. If it isn’t sell drugs to get money then it’s tell lies and “rob” people.

    • thecomebackgirl

      ” I also think he was passionate about running the country ”

      That he WAS NOT…Jeb was. Jeb was in fact supposed to be President. But “W” used the whitehouse as a tug of war with his more politically astute sibling. W..was GOOD at being a team owner and director..but baseball is not th US..thus the problem..

      • @thecbg: W. was good at being a puppet of sorts for Cheney and Rove. … so much of what has happened over the last nine years has Cheney written all over it. From big businesses like Enron tanking to this oil-influenced war that has made the fatcats at Halliburton make Garfield look slim …

        • You do know that Obama is a puppet now too right?….I hate to admit it but I’m a realist…There is a much larger machine of evil at work here and they are using him…

          • IDK. I’m sorta politically disengaged for the moment. j/k. But seriously, I’m just tired of talking about the economy.

            Yes, I understand they (the people who run big business) have a stranglehold on Mr. President’s manhood. But Obama knows that if he’s going to do any good, he has to make sure the entire thing doesn’t fall apart.

            You already know how I feel. I sorta wish they’d let some of these big companies tank. But that would mean fall out for everybody.

            • You know how ‘ride or die’ I am for our president, but dude is a sock puppet and I think it’s disgusting. I know he’s only been in office for a little over two months but I really am starting to wonder about some of this. I’m thinking that none of this stuff happening with the economy, healthcare, jobs, and the banks is an accident at all…

              • I’ll say this about 100 more times before I’m done with this project: As a nation, we’ve lost our moral code. We don’t do what’s right more often than we do what’s wrong. That is all.

                • Exactly and B.O. is a part of the immorality. I know that he has a positive past but I don’t think he can reach his ambitions as a politician…He says he can bring ‘CHANGE’ but this is bigger than him….MUCH bigger than him…

                • Could our moral code have to do with the evils of capitalism? … IDK, but I know I don’t wish to be a part of any other society…..

                  • I’ve got something I’m going to send you to read shortly. give me a few.

                    • Wow, I read it and I must say that it was very well put. I swear sometimes I just want to break out of the closet and accept the fact that I’m a republican at heart, but I….JUST….CAN’T….DDDDOOOO….IT!!!! The truth is that money is the root of all evil and that’s what has formulated our demise….GREED. I’d rather struggle for the rest of my life than to sell my soul just to have money, fame, and status. Mitt Romney actually said something today that made sense…that B.O. wouldn’t be spending all this money if it weren’t for the mistakes of Dubya. I know we all know this, but it means alot when a prominent right winger can admit it publicly…I digress…I could talk about this for the next 4 hours. I wish I could like talk to you about this stuff all day and not have to work…LMAO!!!!

    • @jac: on Selig, I’m glad you made that parallel. It’s a big theme in where this entire project is going. … Big money people wanting to make more money can be a major problem if greed is a factor, as it is here. Morals matter not.

  3. This is on point, when you start cleaning house, top to bottom is the way to go.

  4. I just want you to know that everytime you post something about sports I don’t read it….LMAO!

  5. Baseball is not worthy of a blog post, I hate it with a passion.

    • @MDUBB: I live and die with baseball. It’s my life’s first true love. lol. I will always write about baseball.

      I know it doesn’t seem like there are many black people who care about the sport. But I’m trying my best to keep my kind — baseball-loving black people — from going extinct.

  6. Seriously, this post was in Portugese for me. I have no clue what it’s about. LOL..

    oh, but u wrote with such passion!

    • @Nicki: lol. I almost took Portuguese, but figured it would be hard as Trig. So I took Italian, instead, which I’m sorta writing about for Monday.

    • @Nicki

      I felt the same way…I skimmed through it and got sort of an idea…

      • This is why I’m married today. When we met, my wife gave me the resume and it went something like this:

        . . . I’m from Rockford,blah blah, in school to be a doctor, blah blah, I model, blah, blah Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame and Played College Basketball . . . hold up. What’d you say? You play basketball? And you’re good at it? What you doing Saturday, I think the courthouse open till noon.

        Put Sports on the resume somewhere ladies!

        • Never was athletic. I’ve always been very tall but I utilized that for runway modeling. 🙂 The good thing is my fiance’ is not a sports head. He loves boxing but everything else is just kinda…I dunno….whatever….

          • @jlbd: And what do you do … WATCH BOXING WITH HIM. … it’s the best thing you could possibly do for that man.

            • Yes I watch boxing with him and I watch the NBA Playoffs every year. Last year he got all excited about Kevin Garnett and the Celtics and I was hype with him…lol

            • Damon do you get my point, I HATE baseball! It’s got to be the most boring sport to watch besides golf.

              • thing is, I could make you love baseball. Give me three hours. Baseball is a thinker’s sport where irrational (poop) happens all the time. It’s a sport women should love. lol.

                • Sorry, I don’t believe it for a second. The only woman that I know of that actually loved baseball was my late great-grandmother. And she watched it religiously every single game. She said it was the all american past time and the fact that I never liked it appalled her….lol

                  • trust me. I could. I can speed the game up for anybody. It’ all about a mindset and understand the nuances of the game. Once you’ve got it, you’re hooked like you’re playing Super Mario Bros. in 1991 or something.

                    And the nuances are not hard to get.

        • *starts slow clap* for Rob’s Wife. That’s a marriage that can last considering how much you love hoops. lol.

  7. Bud Selig is the greatest commish since Mountain Landis.
    And by “greatest” I mean that he was a power-hungry prick who did what he could to boost attendance while looking the other way when necessary.

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