Boy Meets Girl: How Does It Feel …

… when a girl tells you she doesn’t want you, although you didn’t query her for her love? Here’s how.

(What follows is a true story from an extremely recent Facebook chat.)


Girl: LOL… I don’t think we’d work out. I’m not superficial enough for you.

Boy: hahaha … that’s funny … that’s the quote of the day.

*boy plotting the comeback*

Girl: We’ve had this conversation before, I know the seemingly superficial girls you date have hearts.

Boy: Here’s who you should get with:

Girl: Who is this White dude? (I like the name Asher.)

Boy: The guy you should get with.

Girl: No good… I don’t do White.

Boy: But he could sing to you.

Girl: He’s funny.

Boy: He also does a great solo Milli Vanilli.


I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Have a good/safe weekend people.


5 responses to “Boy Meets Girl: How Does It Feel …

  1. There are times when this has happened that I decided to see if she’ll reconsider. Only because since she brought it up, she must have had the idea running through her mind at one point.

  2. @gator: I understand your thought process. But that’s not quite what I was thinking at all. lol. It’s cool, though. It was worth a hearty laugh and a blog entry.

  3. interesting…don’t really know what else to say…

  4. So do you like superficial chicks or not?

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