FRQs: Where’s Osama?

UPDATE: My current status message says “Damon is eating celery,” with good reason.

This is the first installment of FRQ (Five Random Questions) on Fridays. I would have started last week, but Blago got smacked with 16 counts.  Anyway, before you read/answer the questions, I have an admission. On Sunday, I showed up to church 35 minutes tardy. I missed devotion, the announcements, a few songs, offering and alter call (one of my favorite segments of church). So yeah, I’m not immune to abusing CP Time. I just don’t like it.

FRQs: You can leave your answers in the comments if you wish

1. Who is the one music artist you like who your friends think you’re insane for lending your ear to that person or band’s music?

2. Same question as before but about bad/random movies …

3. If you have a MySpace account, how often do you check it? If not, why don’t you have one? lol.

4. What is your favorite board/card game? Why?

5. Would someone please tell the CIA Director that Osama Bin Laden isn’t starring in his own “Where’s Waldo?” book?

You can find Waldo, but the CIA still can't find Osama. It's been almost eight years.

You won't find Waldo just like you won't find Osama. You should be looking for Colonel Sanders from KFC. See the "KFC" in the end zone?

A link related related to Letter No. 48 to Oprah Winfrey: What About Our Daughters dissects Tyler Perry better than I ever would.

The Natural Nubian came through with this link yesterday in the comments: A Facebook Divorce.

And one on names a la Letter No. 47 about people who dislike their names: Kindred Smile’s take on a family with interesting names.

That’s all folks. Have a blessed/safe/good weekend. I’ll be back Sunday night with a letter to … “My Crush.”


32 responses to “FRQs: Where’s Osama?

  1. I get to be first, as an example.

    1. Imogen Heap. Listen to “Hide & Seek” and try to tell me what it’s about. Beautiful song, but the meaning is hidden too well.

    2. Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. Horrible movie. But my brothers and I were fans of the Jean Claude Van Damme/Steven Seagal action flicks. And Morris Chestnut is unintentionally hilarious throughout this entire film.

    3. Once a month. Though I do check out new music there from time to time without logging on.

    4. A tie between Scrabble and Chess. I play both games in spurts, and can be really good or really bad at both. But I learn while playing.

    5. (I have no answer for this. Dude shoulda been caught/riddled with bullets by now.)

  2. 1st time commenter here. So here are my answers

    1. Siouxsie&the banshees, a british band that was big in the 80’s. My friends always give me the side eye when they come up on the ipod.

    2. it’s a tie between Troop Beverly Hills starring Shelley Long and Teen Witch.

    3. I check myspace when I get messege alerts from the site.

    4. Uno…best. game. ever!!

    5. I too have no answer to this question…

  3. thecomebackgirl

    “See the “KFC” in the end zone?”

    and that would be???? where exactly??

    im serious, what is the purpose of sports references ??? can we kept this here blog sports lite..

    thanks..i’ll return in the morning to relay my answers.

    • comeback, I’m awaiting “the comeback.” … YOU WILL NEVER GET ME TO STOP TALKING SPORTS. I AM A MAN — TRIED AND TRUE. lol.

      Besides, you can’t tell me that you didn’t find humor in the correlation between Pacman Jones and Charlie Brown?

  4. first time commenter as well…here’s my random five.

    1. Sara Barreilles–the ‘not-gonna-write-you-a-love-song’ chick. i love her and that whole album she came out with. several of my friends hate getting in the car with me when her blue-eyed soul is blarin’ through the speakers. lol.

    2. not a bad movie to me, but i know almost every single word (and song) in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. so i look pretty weird to most people who watch it beside me. i’m ok w/ that.

    3. i “go on” weekly for music purposes, but less than monthly to “check it”.

    4. ride or die for Monopoly, can play for hours. love those lil’ houses and hotels–gotta get that money! 🙂

    5. funny you mention KFC. the spring after 9/11, i promise you i saw osama working at the local mall’s popeyes, back in the kitchen. i’m not kidding.

    • Welcome as well.

      That Sara Barreilles song, I played it on repeat for an hour one day. I’m embarrassed to say that but oh well.

      Your Willy Wonka tale is scary. lol. Monopoly is the ish. Though I prefer to play on the computer so I don’t get cheated.

      at your No. 5: No comment. lol.

  5. 1. Queen, specifically “Bohemian Rhapsody”

    2. Drop Dead Fred, mostly because people have never heard of it and it is beyond silly, but nonetheless amusing

    3. I stayed away from MySpace to avoid the riff-raff that are beginning to takeover Facebook…

    4. Life, it is a very realistic simulation of what one can expect pending certain decisions. You have the chance to get an education, get a career, get married, have kids…”get lucky in the game of li-ife!”

    5. Well sure he is! Osama is hanging out with Odlaw, Waldo’s arch-nemesis because they are on their way to see Wizard Whitebeard to discover the true meaning of life. (Yes, I had the books and watched the cartoon, which only lasted a season).

  6. 1. It used to be Bobby Digital (that’s all I got)

    2. Belly

    3. I have an account, but I only check it when I get an email stating new message or some’n.

    4. I really don’t have one. Monopoly makes me go nuts inside…. I always liked Connect Four.

    5. LMAO! That is sooooo funny.

  7. thecomebackgirl

    “1. Well when Britney Spears came to dc, I was seriously considering going…and this had alot of people like WTF???

    2. Same question as before but about bad/random movies …”Away From Her” its an indie film about an old couple and one takes on a relationship with a new person in a nursing home due to senility…a 29 year old was not the target audience…and everrybody in the theatre was 55+. AARP might have been a sponsor. My friends and my man at the time thought i was INSANE.

    3. re: myspace..NEVER…1/mo???

    4. What is your favorite board/card game? Scrabble. I dunno its fun. why ask why?

    5. OK!!! who do i call and what nots?

  8. 1. Contrary to my sweet, classy, sophisticated, good-girl exterior, my guilty pleasure is gangsta rap music from the 90s. I know, I know…You might hear me in my ’99 Grand Am bumpin’ bass filled murder on wax extraordinaire Spice 1, or business woman/studio thug Boss, or Compton’s finest DJ Quik and NWA, etc……when people learn this about me they have a look of disbelief on their face.

    2. I still to this day get giddy when ‘Clueless’ comes on. I loved Stacey Dash as Dionne and Alicia Silverstone’s dumb blonde act was classic.

    3. I don’t have a MySpace account and you know why.

    4. I love a good game of Spades, but only when I’m not playing with ignorant ninjas that take everything seriously and are ready to fight/pull out some heat when someone renigs or doesn’t bid their hand.

    5. My response to this question is related to our conversation last Saturday that you got so irritated about. Osama Bin Laden might just be a big azz illusion to throw us off….


    • You know, part of me wanted to come through the phone and snatch your head off during that convo from Saturday. I’ve known you for almost eight years now, and you were trying to get under my skin like it was 2002 all over again. lol. And you almost did.

      But it was a great conversation that needed to be had. Thanks for challenging me.

  9. First and foremost, thanks for the link! Who knew that such a wayward family would get so much press…I hope they never Google themselves, lol.

    Now onto the questions:

    1. I would say either Journey or the entire Cruel Intentions soundtrack. Or James Blunt.

    2. One Hour Photo or The Royal Tenenbaums.

    3. I don’t have a MySpace because I have enough online addictions as it is. Besides, Facebook fulfills all of my networking needs.

    4. Card game: a tie between Uno and Spades, both of which I’ve spent an entire day playing, only stopping for Kool-Aid or bathroom breaks.

    5. I have no words, lol.

  10. 1. I pretty much let pop culture dictate what I listen to. However, a lot of people don’t understand my obsession with Mary J. Blige. I firmly believe the woman can do no wrong. Many people (D.Scott, for example) can’t appreciate much beyond Share My World. I’m sorry, but The Breakthrough was the lick. Growing Pains was also really, really good. (Sorry; long answer to a short question.)

    2. I remember being in college and getting ridiculously excited about Cry-Baby and my girls looking at me like I was nuts. I can also recite (word-for-word) the entire script of The Last Dragon (mostly because when I was a kid, my cousins and I would act out the move; being the only girl, I was always Laura Charles).

    3. I still have it, but I haven’t checked it in forever.

    4. I am a Spades freak. I just started playing Scrabble online and now I’m addicted.

    5. No.

  11. 1. I am quite confident that most of my music choices would cause my friends to furrow their brow. Without apology, I would go to a Kenny Loggins concert in a heartbeat. “Forever” and “Celebrate Me Home” are simply classics.

    2. I love comedies, which rarely are categorized as critically acclaimed films. A friend continues to make fun of my enjoyment of “Just Married.” While many friends borrow my movies, not one has yet to borrow my copy of “Cops & Robinsons.”

    3. First quarter 2008.

    4. Wow, this is a difficult question. I love many of those already mentioned (Spades, Monopoly, Chess and Uno). My favorite, however, would be Scategories. Don’t sleep on it.

    5. I can’t remember the comedian, but he had some retort about how Osama shouldn’t be that hard to locate, as he is a giant and on dialysis. How many can there be in Afghanistan?

  12. 1. Amy Winehouse, Brazilian Bossa Nova/MPB, Merengue/Bachata, Foreign music in general

    2. Musicals on TBS: CryBaby, Grease, Grease 2, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & Butterfly Effect really hit home for me. “Pirates” the porno is funny as hell.

    3. I never had a MySpace. A stalker-ex-boyfriend found my brother on MySpace, whilst looking for me. I told my bro to tell him I was married. Facebook is my addiction.

    4. Spades- I can binge for days. Then Dominoes, Scrabble, & Nintendo Wii

    5. Obama’s going to find him. Or, if he threatens the POTUS, Michelle will and give him the beatdown of his life.

  13. 1. Jack Johnson – My friends don’t get him and they give me that “what are you listening to” look when I sing it loudly lol

    2. Little Women – I like this movie a lot. Its the writing aspect in it. I make it a point to watch it regularly – not a popular choice in my circle

    3. No Myspace.. because I don’t think grown people need glittery backgrounds, virtual kisses, and I just hate the Myspace mentality.

    4. Scrabble. – I am the Scrabble master too. I have no mercy 8-80 I will beat you mercilessly lol

    5. Osama who?

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