VSB: Why Ask “Why?”

Let's go Royals.

Let's go Royals.

A letter, but on a different site: The fellas over at Very Smart Brothas — a well-read relationship blog — hooked me up with a guest spot today. So answer the Five Random Questions in the post below. Then scroll back up, and click this link. If you don’t read them daily, they should be in your Google Reader with TMCY.

You’re fine to agree or disagree with my theories on why you shouldn’t ask why. In fact, I like disagreements because I get to take in other perspectives, and they are extremely important.

I’m out of pocket for the rest of the day, though. I’m going to the Royals baseball game (@Comeback: “I won’t stop … I can’t stop … I don’t even know how to stop” talking sports. That’s my life. lol.) Then, it’s a weekend of reminiscing on the college days that swiftly passed back on my college campus.

Anyway, I’ll post the VSB guest letter here in a few weeks, too in sequence with where it goes in the story I’m trying to tell. Again, have a good/safe/blessed weekend, people.


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