FRQs: Fairy Tales.

Wall-E ... a dope movie loaded with propaganda concerning what's wrong with our nation and our world.

Wall-E ... a dope movie loaded with propaganda concerning what's wrong with our nation and world.

You’ll hear me say this again, fairy tales are just that, fickle lies. Still, they’re vital to our lives, and how we learn how to live them. So … (Five Random Questions)

1. What’s your favorite Disney/Pixar/Fairy Tale story or film, and why?

2. If you could send an e-mail to President Obama, and knew he’d read it and respond, what would the subject be?

3. What’s one food you will never eat?

4. What’s the song that you play to set the mood right that NEVER fails? Just one song (that’s for me because y’all know I’ll have my own playlist)?

5. What is one place in the continental United States that you haven’t visited that you must get to before you kick the bucket?

****Extra: I’m participating in a speed dating event on Tuesday for “research purposes.” If you know me or if you’re comprehending what you’re reading, you know there’s no way I’d consider starting a relationship from this. … Still, what would be one good question you’d ask 20 women you’re going to get five minutes with each?


True story from the open mic night I attended on Tuesday, which featured Malik Yusef. He’s signed to Kanye’s GOOD Music and is one of the dopest wordsmiths in the game. Here’s the simple version of how I met him. I told the story in aΒ  status update:

Damon S.: The lady at the door just told Malik Yusef: “Five dollars.” … To which I replied, “He’s not paying.” … Oh, the unintentional hilarity. …

She proceeded to jokingly ask me if I was going to pay for him. … *crickets*

the first response came from Chi-town’s Crys: LMAO!! She should go home early. By early I mean NOW.

Also, I recited a poem about a male’s perspective on abortion that I’ll post sometime next week. Yusef liked it and said he might actually stop thru the blog at some point. Pretty cool.


Next week: The first letter is to the homey JLBD, one of my best friends. But it relates to everyone who wants to get married or people who sit through weddings.


62 responses to “FRQs: Fairy Tales.

  1. 1. The Prince of Egypt. … The Lion King is a distant second.

    2. Read letter No. 17.

    3. Peanut Butter. … EVER AGAIN.

    4. Mos Def “The Panties”

    5. Random as hell, but I’m going to “Four Corners” at some point. I will be in four states at once. lol.

    Extra: I don’t know what I’m going to ask these women, that’s why I’m asking you … lol.

  2. 1. The Little Mermaid (at least it was when I was little because I could relate to her wanting to experience a different world) – Looking back I have a problem with most older Disney movies because they were extremely sexist . Pixar is alright for the most part though.

    2. I would send him a letter about increasing the focus on health care. While I do believe that people are responsible for taking care of themselves I can’t deny the fact that obesity and its related health problems are reaching epic proportions (no pun intended) and something needs to be done.

    3. Chitlins (or any other intestines for that matter)

    4. Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing” – not very creative but hey, if it works then it works

    5. I’ve been so many place in the U.S. that there isn’t anywhere I just HAVE to go before I die. If I had to pick one place I’d have to say the Pocono Mountains for a romantic getaway.

    Extra: What’s the last book you read. Then you can see if they even read, if they don’t then that’s a problem.

  3. 1. The Lion King. Cause Simba went through some real sh*t and came out ok.

    2. I would say: Barry, you can’t please everyone.

    3. Chitlins, tripe or any other assorted animal innards.

    4. Uhm, I’m not one for mood music, but if I was held at gunpoint and someone made me, I’d say: “Adore” by Prince, “Teach You a Lesson” by Robin Thicke.

    5. I guess at some point I need to make my way to New Orleans.

    Extra (I got a few for ya):
    a) What are your goals in life?
    b) Do you feel like you need a man to complete you? (Watch for any pregnant pauses and changes in body language)
    c) What are your favorite activities?

    • @shari: “Adore” and “Teach You A Lesson” are good tracks for that list … I’m asking this question per a small Facebook debate about “Get the mood right” songs …

      I’m curious to see how this turns out. So far, my point is being proven. …

      I like your B question. The others will definitely come up. But I gotta find a way to word that question so it doesn’t seem like a set up. … like “What completes you as a person? name three things…”

  4. Hey! You didn’t finish question #1.

    1. 2-way tie

    The Lion King
    – I like Elton John’s music & love the entire soundtrack.
    – I also enjoyed seeing it on Broadway (Across America). πŸ™‚

    – I like the Reflections song by Christina Aguilera.
    – I love the quote “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest & most beautiful of all.”
    – I love how the hair cutting scene was THE decision making moment for her. There was no turning back then. Women & our hair – it’s definitely one way we make statements.

    2. Well, next week marks day 100 in his “First 100 Days” as President, so the subject would probably be something along the lines of – Fast or Slow? Did the first 100 days come & go too fast or too slow?

    3. One food that I will never eat is eggs with runny/soft yolk – poached eggs, sunny side up, eggs benedict, etc., etc., etc. Okay, that’s more than one but you get the point. My eggs have to be cooked well.

    4. A ONE song limit? That’s tough. One that NEVER fails? Even tougher. Love Me Still – Chaka Khan.

    5. New Mexico.

    *** Choose one, a night out on the town or a night in at home?

  5. Damon, does the point you’re trying to prove in your Facebook debate have anything to do with the differences in songs that men vs. women choose to set the mood?

    • @shawnta: It doesn’t. I’ll explain it after there are more songs …

      My why on No. 1 is because “Prince of Egypt” is a biblical story that teaches life lessons. It’s like all of the cartoon tales, but there’s an actual ancient text/story that goes along with it.

  6. thecomebackgirl

    speed dating for “research purposes” my arse!!! lol.. ill be back in the morning to add my 99 cents.

  7. 1. “Beauty & The Beast”, Mrs. Potts put it best, it’s a “tale as old as time”…something about the simplicity in the message that beauty is truly found within is heartwarming since so many things in society lead us to believe otherwise.

    2. “Mr. Obama, thank you.”

    3. Amendment: “What’s one food you will never eat, again?” Chicken/artichoke/spinach Hot Pocket. Sounded good, tasted awful.

    4. “Say Yes”, Floetry

    5. Martha’s Vineyard

    To me, the point of dating is to check the foundation before you buy the house. By speeding up that process, you could end up purchasing property built on quicksand…so, the only foundation you can check in five minutes is physical: “Do your bra and panties match?”

    • @moni: you know I’m going to find the right way to ask your question. It will be used. Trust. lol.

      And “Say Yes” is a great song. Actually, they have an entire album “Flo’Ology” that totally sets the mood.

      You probably already know this, though. … And I want to know what got you to try “Chicken/artichoke/spinach Hot Pocket?”

      That doesn’t sound like something even Popeye would eat. lol.

    • @Monica,

      Watch Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up special on Comedy Central or look it up on YouTube and type in Jim Gaffigan Hot Pockets…You will be in stitches afterwards…trust me….

  8. 1. Aladdin… bc the characters are a minority.

    2. “They are up there smiling”

    3. Chitterlings (I refuse to eat anything that smells worse that a$$)

    4. Floetry, “It’s Getting Late.”

    5. Cabo san Lucas

  9. 1. The Lion King….I love the music and the characters are perfection. Plus you know me, the animal lover πŸ™‚
    Finding Nemo came in second place…you shouldn’t have to ask why…

    2. I’m in Love with You

    3. Hog Mog

    4. Price – Pink Cashmere

    5. Los Angeles – Nope, haven’t been there ever…

    • Correction for #4: Prince – Pink Cashmere

      And, I don’t really know what to say in regards to the ‘Extra’…the only thing I can think of is to see how much the woman keeps her mouth shut. A virtuous woman knows when to be quiet…

    • I just realized what your No. 2 is … you’re a clown. lol.

  10. @jlbd…I agree with your #2. πŸ™‚

    • @Shawnta`

      I truly hate to sound disrespectful to the beautiful Mrs. O, but damn her husband is fine…and, I would mean no harm, it would all be to just let him know how I feel from afar and that in the next lifetime, maybe we’ll be butterflies and end up together…. πŸ™‚ lmao!

  11. 1. I can’t name a specific film. I’m more inclined to the old 15 minute shorts…any of the Goofy faux-docs.

    2. Reconsider marijuana prohibition…it’s about that time!

    3. SOME of the stuff on “Bizarre Foods”…none specific!

    4. Once I find a female, I’ll revisit…LOL!

    5. Los Angeles to catch a Lakers game…

    • @CDF: I’ve gotta get to LA for a Lakers game, too. That’s my NBA team … although my favorite player is D-Wade. Kobe’s a close second. D-Wade just goes hard to the cup 24/7.

  12. as your editor

    1. Disneyβ€”The Little Mermaid
    Pixarβ€”The Incredibles, but Wall-E is a very close second

    2. How do you see this bailout working out in the long run? Like, what is your five-, 10-, 20-year plan for this because I’d like to know when I’ll see some results.

    3. Monkey brains

    4. Prince “Adore;” works every time πŸ™‚

    5. Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone Park

    * Extra: What made you decide to try speed dating?

    • @aye: Wall-E is a great film … I love that there’s almost no dialogue for the first 30 minutes or so …

      Also, your Extra question will be asked. Definitely.

  13. 1. It’s a tie between The Hunchback of Notre Dame (I still listen to the soundtrack on occasion), and Beauty and the Beast (it makes my heart smile).

    2. Which Harold’s Chicken he likes best – like anyone on the South Side of Chicago, I know he has to have an opinion on this. Also? How MacArthur’s (his favorite restaurant in Chicago) is planning to expand the business once again.

    3. Okra. No how, no way. Oh, and chitlins. And McDonald’s.

    4. Ascension by Maxwell

    5. Miami (I thank Afrobella for that)

    I would ask “What thing makes you the most humble? Why?” I think it would be a great conversation starter.

    • a few things, Harold’s Chicken is what’s up. I will unlikely go to the Chi without going to Harold’s ever again. And I go at least once a year.

      My mother loves Okra. I hate hate hate it. It looks too funny.

      “Ascension” is a great song. But it’s the first on this list that falls in a different category from every other song listed. All of the other are “G.I.W.” songs … “Ascension” is a groove, I’m feeling you song.

      Nothing wrong with it. It just proves my point.

      Miami is dope, but too much. I’ve been two times, and kicked too hard both times ….

      On Afrobella, Shari (a commenter above and one of my best friends) designed Afrobella’s logo.

      • Small world – Luvvie and I went to high school with Shari. **waves** Hey diva!

        • right … small, random world… isn’t that a song from one of these movies? “It’s A Small World After all” … again No E. Lynn, No Ellen …

          I can’t think of which one, but I’m almost certain we can do four degrees with everyone who has commented.

          Shari and Luvvie know, too.

  14. @Tam, Shari & Nicki Sunshine – I feel y’all on NEVER trying chitlins.

    @ Damon & AYE- Prince of Egypt & Wall-E are good ones too.

    @jlbd – I understand what you mean. Their entire family is gorgeous.

    @Monica & Nicki Sunshine – You’re right, can’t go wrong with Floetry.

    @Tam – good question for speed dating.

    • @ Shawnta – Thanks!

      sidenote: your icon is cute, why can’t mine look something like this? LOL OK this is the last thing I’ll say(complain) about my icon.

  15. 1. Aladdin (fingers crossed for the new black Princess!)
    2. Please Stop Letting the Country/Press Objectify You! What message are you sending to your daughters???
    3. I’ve eaten chitlins before, until mom told me what they were . . . so, NEVER AGAIN.
    4. Art of Noise – Moments in Love
    5. Niagara Falls or Alaska

    *Name something important have you learned in your life, that you could teach me?

    • @gizzle: Moments in Love is one of the dopest tracks ever … EVER. I think I have five different versions of that song on my computer.

      And Niagra Falls is a great destination. don’t know about Alaska. I have a few friends from their. Neither is all that eager to go back. But that could be because of the governor.

      And I like your question.

  16. 1. Lion King all day! Many Disney films have tried, but I’ll never love another one like I love this movie.
    2. The whole Afghanistan thing. I’m not sure where he’s going with this.
    3. Chitlins
    4. Eh? NA
    5. New Orleans

    • @eby: Welcome, and thanks for commenting. my thoughts …

      Everybody loves the Lion King … IDK about Afghanistan, either.

      Why no song? *Didn’t compute* lol ..

  17. 1. Cinderella… classic fairytale plus it was the first story I learned how to read so I always loved seeing the movie.

    2. First I’d say congrats. Second, I’d bring up the economy, unemployment, and health care. I live in Michigan and ours is the highest. Something needs to be done for the people that actually are willing to work and have been trying to find a job.

    3. I don’t care how much people consider this a delicacy, but I won’t eat caviar.

    4. Ginuwine- “So Anxious.” Isley Brothers-“Between the Sheets.” And I agree with “Adore”… I love Prince.

    5. I want to go to Cali and drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.

    Extra: Ask her to pick 5 words that describe her best. See what she comes up with on the spot. If it takes her the whole 5 minutes, she might not be that sure of who she is.

    • @Sarah – caviar is kind of gross. In general I don’t like slimy food.

      That is a great question. Easy but really complex at the same time.

    • Sarah,

      You sound like a cool person to hang out with…what part of Michigan are you from?

      Between the Sheets is one of my all time favs too! πŸ™‚

      • Thanks. I’d like to thing I’m a pretty cool person to be around lol.

        I’m originally from Flint. Lived in East Lansing/Lansing for awhile to attend MSU. But now I’m back around the Flint area (for now).

    • @sarah: 4. I have a white friend named Paul from Montana who absolutely died laughing for 30 minutes the first time he heard the lyric “meet me at 11:30, I love it when you’re talking dirty … I’m .. soo .. anxious …”

      And the pacific coast highway trip seems like fun. I’ve had a few friends that have done it, and rave about it.

      And your question is on point. I have a vignette lined up for sometime soon concerning this question.

      • lol… honestly I don’t really pay attention to the lyrics as much in that song. I just like the music of the song itself.

        Glad you liked the question. I was asked that in a interview once, and figure it would be good for speed dating.

  18. @everyone that wants to change their gravatar, just go to and upload your own pic or icon. It will keep you from having to look at these atrocious expressions Damon has on here…LMAO!

    • @jlbd – thanks for the info on changing the pic. It’s funny you posted this because as soon as I responded to the FRQs, I contacted Damon on Twitter asking him how to change it. πŸ™‚ I’ll try changing it soon.

    • HEY HEY HEY (Fat albert) … the expressions are my way of saying ‘add something’ … they kinda remind me of Monsters Inc.

      but i think I’m gonna change them because enough people have complained. And i try to give the people what they want. …

  19. no offense Damon πŸ™‚

  20. natural nubian

    1) fav animation film: i guess lion kingm but i do all songs from beauty & the beast

    2) e-mail to Prez O: why haven’t i heard back from you regarding my application to be sasha & malia’s baby sitter?

    3) banned food: lima beans!!! okra is a close 2nd, but only ’cause i’m from the south and it can be fried. but LIMA BEANS!? that’s some fear factor challenge *ish right there.

    4) the song that’s pretty much a deal breaker is stevie wonder’s ‘AS’—best written love song of all time.

    5) US vaca? Alaska

    *Extra: would she mind if u wore your grills out on one of their dates?

    • ah … Did you really send in an app for babysitter? please tell me you did … if not, write a letter and send it to me. i’ll run it. lol.

      Dude, Lima Beans are the ish … My Grandma used to make them every other Sunday, and I used to murder them. I’ve tried to recreate them, but can’t. …

      Why do you people want to go to Alaska? This is scaring me … Do you want Sarah Palin to shoot you or something? Gosh.

      “As” is quite possibly the best love song of all time. I do agree with that. So many analogies … NN, you need to add me on FB if you’re on there. I talk music 24/7.

  21. Damon,

    Caught up with your whole blog the other day. Just wanted to comment that I have enjoyed it quite a bit. I hope it lays a foundation for something better in life. For grins I’ll play along with FRQ:

    1. Pixar–Finding Nemo…visually incredible and a good lesson for me as a father.

    Disney–Hard to pick but starting with The Little Mermaid through Lion King you have 4 winners that are at the pinnacle of the art form.

    2. I’m not sure…Can you hook me up with a sweet DC or Chicago gig?

    3. Bugs

    4. We (my wife and I) never really needed mood music so….

    5. San Diego or Moab Utah.

    • @Travis: Welcome … And thanks for catching up. And commenting. We need more men in the commentary.

      There’s a sincere purpose to, and you’ve probably figured it out … I’ll e-mail you and clue you in …

      I’m a huge fan of Finding Nemo … Never eating bugs … And mood music isn’t a necessity, but it can be a good prop of sorts … Without me googling it, what is in Moab, Utah?

      • Mountain biking. It’s supposed to be a place all MTBer’s have to visit at least once in their riding lifetime.

        Props? I need no props. LOL.

        Thanks for the warm welcome.

        • Mountain Biking … i’m with it now. Sounds like it would be cool. … and we give props here when they are due. Even if you need to give them to yourself. lol.

          “giving props … to my … self …” … now I have to ask the one person who knows where that line comes from to tell me because I can’t remember.

          About to e-mail you now.

          • Thanks for the email. I’ll follow up later.

            I didn’t mean props as in giving me my propers. You mentioned mood music being a “good prop of sorts”. heh.

  22. i know…i’m late. catching up on my google reader, been in your city all wknd. πŸ™‚ here’s my quick answers:

    1. lion king makes me cry every time. the best disney movie ever.

    2. one question i’d have is if he still smokes. i know he does–he has to, with a job like that.

    3. i’ll never eat chitterlings. never. or any melon.

    4. “seeing your face glow is the nicest of hellos…”

    first song i thought of.

    5. either san diego in the summertime (with air conditioning) or snowy colorado in the winter (with a furnace). strictly for aesthetic purposes.

    extra: “do you consider yourself left or right brain?” you can find out a lot about someone’s character, just by listening to (and watching) them describe their personality/mental processes.

  23. 1. The Lion King

    2. Hug Your Girls

    3. Chitterlings

    4. Nothing Even Matters – D’Angelo/Lauryn Hill

    5. Bottom of Grand Canyon

    **do you like baseball? which team is your favorite?

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