No E. Lynn, No Ellen … and On Second Thought

You may not know what that title means. But you will figure it out soon enough if you click the links. It’s hysterical, and Offdwall and The Comeback Girl get all credit. Here are the links for this weekend  (Have a good/safe one, people) …

Offdwall with an Usher-like Confession.
The Comeback Girl on Gender Stereotypes.

And the poem I briefly spoke about in the FRQs (still answer them if you want). This is based off of conversation with a girl who told me that she would consider aborting a child if she got pregnant. What follows is what went through my mind immediately afterward. Also, listen to the Common Sense/Lauryn Hill song “Retrospective for Life” after the poem.

On Second Thought
By Damon S.

A beautiful smile,
Fractured by a fraction of a second’s second thought:
She said she wasn’t keeping it and I …
Took my clip, aimed for her upper lip
And verbally started to whip her with my pistol.
I Gripped the pump, and wouldn’t let go.
This picture was clear as crystal,
There were words of mine she needed to know,
Sores in my heart I had to sow,
So I reaped,
I opened up my book of meditations,
Started the process of edification
Because trying to comprehend her words
Was impossible without libation
From the pool of my heart.
See, without it, I’d be jumping out of hedges
Restrained by orders
From a judge who judged,
Not my rationale, but in rations
He wouldn’t see my hurt, just my passion,
Or would it be rage?
Just glad I made it through that phase
Unscathed, but not unblemished
You see, I left other situations unfinished
But not this one
This one? Well, suffice it to say that
she had me caught up like Usher
Without a rubber thanking God it didn’t burn
Still I shoulda known better than to lay with her
Without protective cover
A tough lesson I had to learn…
Now, excuses are foolish tools,
But I tell you,
she impregnated my mind,
And mine didn’t matter over hers
Said she’d chose a route that cost about $315
Instead of the commitment we’d incur
And I, just blankly stared at her …
That should have said it enough.
I mean, I couldn’t believe she’d willing kill a piece of me,
That’s when I really wanted to erupt.
She said she didn’t wanna make a mistake,
I told her that’s what the majority of us were
And to take the life of our child,
we’d be the ones to suffer
Yet, she wouldn’t permit me suffrage
Although crowing for my jimmy
Pushed us to this edge.
I still couldn’t convince her
Of a potential life long pledge.
The thought put fear in her mind
Like Mike in the Wiz
It went in one ear and out the other
When I told I’d pick up another gig.
So off to the clinic she sped,
And I refused to give chase.
I mean, I couldn’t have won this race even had I laced
My words around the feet of the Most High
So I fell to mine, and began to cry,
Because I knew not what else to do.
I mean, I could pray for a miracle
But my spiritual seemed satirical
Because the empirical plan …
Seemed to be slipping away with every second
And my second thought, well it had me reflecting,
Back on my back, and my decision to lay her
I  … shoulda been trying to save her
While savoring the moments of love’s simplicity
Instead of simply maiming her insides …
… Are beaming with me inside
And there’s little I can do
Besides realizes how much of a blessing a seed really is
And how I should only spread mine
When I’m certain the plan is to name, not maim the kid.


3 responses to “No E. Lynn, No Ellen … and On Second Thought

  1. I used to love that song by Common and that poem is off the hook! Abortion is so much more than a few cells and tissue just bunched together and easy to dispose of…I’m not judging anyone that is an advocate for it but please understand how many great men in women that helped mold our history could have been just disposed of as matter in a vacuum….THINK…

    • @jlbd: you know I don’t judge anyone concerning the situation. You do you. It’s just where I took my mind considering the question at hand. … and “Retrospect for Life” is one of my fav rap songs of all time…

  2. Shouts out to @Offdwall & @CBG on no E. Lynn no Ellen…funny. The defiance of gender stereotypes makes me think of dudes in college that were SERIOUS about their soap operas and watched right along with us. Love it.

    @jlbd and @Damon – you’re right about Retrospect for Life. It’s a classic song with a strong message. Aww…Lauryn. I miss her. The Stevie cover makes me think of Poetic Justice.

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