GFSD: Put the Kids to Work.

Sasha Thumper — a firm believer in Jello-pudding drivebys being so hood — is one of the KC homeys who keeps it crunk, yet real 24/7. She’s always good for brightening a dampened day. She’ll even do it via these here Internets, as is the case with this Facebook Status Dialogue. Her husband is “R.,” no not that one …Great Facebook Status Dialogue ...

Great Facebook Status Dialogue. Enough said.


17 responses to “GFSD: Put the Kids to Work.

  1. Interesting suggestions. If it were me, I would definitely consider the suggestions for card & board games and reading books.

    If all else failed & they gave grief, I think the suggestion for child labor would be the way to go.

    @Damon…Read a Book? Funny. That song was out of control. Craziness. 🙂

    • @shawnta: The child labor suggestions had me on the floor… That’s what happened to me as a child. My Dad made me cut grass with him (his side hustle) to earn my keep in the house. No joke. …

      and Read A Book is one of the greatest parodies ever … EVER.

  2. Child labor is a beast… it’ll have the kids tiptoeing around the house so as not to tempt you to ask them to do anything. lol.

  3. thecomebackgirl

    The benedryl comment is HI LARIOUS!!!

  4. thecomebackgirl

    Claritin is like crack too..knock you right out into a coma.

    • idk, I try to avoid the drugs unless I have a headache. I always thought the best way to make kids sleepy was to put them outside and let them run around for a few hours. …. That’s what my aunts did to us as kids. It always worked …

      • My aunt used to keep us locked out of the house til my cousins and I had run around enough to be tired…. then she would finally unlock the door and let us in lol

  5. I’m a huge, huge fan of child labor. I make my cousins do all kinds of work when I keep them. As someone who’s had to keep kids the same age as the original poster: Make ’em do some work around the house, then take them to a movie or rent a movie and order pizza. They’ll pass out. Also, having a dog helps. Kids can’t get enough of dogs.

    • @asyoureditor: having a dog does help. That’s where Tommy used to be a champion. Kids would come over, and Tommy could have them running all around the house, and have them pooped in 15 minutes. … RIP Thomas. lol. (How do you name a dog Tommy?) lol.

    • @asyoureditor: Very true. Dogs & kids are great for each other…they usually end up wearing each other out around the same time. Perfect peace.

  6. I love how people speak of kids as if they are just something to deal with. You had them…shouldn’t you be trying to enjoy them? Anyways…I used to love playing outside or when the rents would play boardgames with us or we all went shopping or to the movies. With all the options, there are plenty of ways to keep children entertained.

    • I used to hate that I couldn’t beat my dad or stepmom at anything. Scrabble. Monopoly. Chess. irked me to no end. … then I got better, and we stopped playing. Wonder why?

      • @Damon: Scrabble & just about any trivia game rock! When I was younger I didn’t like Monopoly (probably because I never won & it seemed to take forever to finish the game).

        • we’ll have to get at a game of Scrabble online some day soon. It’s one of my most favorite things to do. But I haven’t played in about two months. So I’m rusty. … and I feel you on the Monopoly.

          I will only play computer versions of that game, because it’s too easy to cheat … kinda like the game of life (not the game itself, but real life). lol.

  7. My 4 year niece loves to “help”. So I’m like, “Yes, we’re cleaning today. Today you’ll pick up every piece of clothing on the floor and take it to the hamper ONE BY ONE.” She’ll be running around the room for quite some time.

    I also let her shred my junk mail, which is facinating to her.

    Usually an hour at the playground (which I’ve told her is an obstacle course) gets her to conk out.

    I’m not so sure what to do with a 9 and 15 year old. Won’t the 15 year old be on the phone the whole time and the 9 year old be online? Isn’t that how they do it these days?

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