58. Mark Cronin

Tony Montana: Me, I want what’s coming to me.
Manny: Oh, well… what’s coming to you?
Tony Montana: The world, Chico, and everything in it (including Iraqi shoes and death). ~ from “Scarface”

Dear Mark Scum of the Earth:

There are some people who don’t know who you are. But they should. And I’m going to introduce you to them. Forgive me for saying this, but you are made in the mold of a modern-day slave master.

Mark Cronin bka VH1's No. 1 producer aka Public Enemy No. 1.

Mark Cronin bka VH1's No. 1 producer aka Public Enemy No. 1.

Too harsh? I’ll bring it down a notch.

I wish that 31,572 Iraqi journalists could hurl their New Balance knockoffs at your dome … after all of them have been laced in dog manure. Oh yeah, I want you to be bound to a tree just before they start chucking their Chucks. I want them to spew the same venom they would at George W. Bush or Saddam Hussein, if it were feasible without punishment.

You deserve it. Seriously, you need to smell like what you best produce: manure. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you are what much of the world hates about America. Oh yeah, I’m taking you behind the woodshed. No grease will be necessary (No E. Lynn Harris. No Ellen DeGeneres).

You, Mark Cronin, are the creator of numerous reality shows on VH1. They include: “The Surreal Life,” “My Fair Brady,” “Flavor of Love,” “I Love New York,” “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels,” “I Love Money,” “Real Chance of Love” and “Daisy of Love.”

We know you can define the words lust and greed. But do you know the meaning of the word love? That was rhetorical. You clearly don’t if you’d mistakenly stick it in so many titles, especially “I Love Money,” ha!

Yes, I make regular snide references about VH1 in these letters, and with reason. You and VH1 are trying your best to set our nation back a century or two with the buffoonery you broadcast daily in the name of the almighty dollar.

No, I can’t blame you for using celebrities who desired exploitation to keep their dimming stars flickering. Jose Canseco, Verne Troyer, Chris Knight, Chyna and even Flavor Flav deserve what they got themselves into a few years back. I’m sure they were compensated well. (Hell, Jose realized he could make a fortune bashing his brothers and himself, and wrote a book about steroids before anyone cared titled “Juiced.”)

I’ll admit it. I watched the entire first season of “Flavor of Love.” But who could resist that? Flav is at the top of  every short list for the perfect combination of craziest and scariest-looking former (alleged) crackhead ever to earn a $1 million. Can you name another one? But you were the person ultimately responsible for bringing in 65 girls during three seasons of the show. All 65 were actually foolish enough — believing the exposure would help advance their careers — to pretend to want to fall in love with Flav while allowing you to exploit them for profit.

The coontastic, but brilliantly stupid woman who fell for Flavor Flav twice. She now thinks she's an actress. smh.

The coontastic, but brilliantly stupid woman who fell for Flavor Flav twice. She now thinks she's an actress. smh.

The only one who was brilliant enough to figure you out might have been the dumbest one of them all: Tiffany “New York” Pollard. She got you to give her two seasons of her own show where men played the attention-starved idiots (at least you evened it out) and a show where you tried to teach her to be an actress. She embarrassed the home state of The Bronx Zoo, and resembled at best a …… let’s just say she might be the perfect extra for the next installment of “Planet of The Apes.”

I digress.

It’s gotten worse. You’ve continued restructuring VH1 — a once interesting station with great documentaries like “Behind The Music” and “The Drug Years” series and insightful music shows like “Pop-Up Video” —  into an assembly line specializing in coontastic bojangling for profit. Somehow people still watch and think the hogwash you peddle is “reality” television.

Sure, you gave us some hope when you tried to rehabilitate the clowns you had previously paraded out in front of our nation with the “Charm School” shows. But I’m sorry, those contestants needed more than for you to try to rehab (read: further exploit) them on national television while tweaking and refining the factory line to meet your ratings’ quota.

Then you recycle the garbage again by creating “For the Lust of Brandy’s Brother?” I have no words for this. I refused to watch it. (But Luvvie did.)

Now, I know you are a brilliant person modern-day slave master, and have more money than I could ever hope to earn. But do you have a conscience? Have you read this? Do you know what morals are? Can’t you see that all of this is nothing more than a legalized version of the drug game that has infiltrated American life for years (I really have watched “The Drug Years” series at least five times)?

If you don’t get it yet, you’re starring in the role of Frank Lucas, and I hope that you end up fallin’ harder than Tony Montana, Rod Blagojevich, Mike Vick and Kwame Kilpatrick combined. And you will. You’ve clearly made a deal with the devil and “have two left feet” (~Jay).

Seriously, take an honest self-inventory by answering the aforementioned questions. If you find yourself in anyway in the wrong, please stop. Find something productive to do with your life. Work out the kink in your second left foot. Hell, bring back “Singled Out.”

Otherwise, you’re nothing more than Maury Povich with a script (it’s not reality), but lacking baby-daddy drama (oops, wrote that too soon. Google: Brandy’s brother, pregnancy).

I apologize if I’ve offended you. But someone has to at least try to help you find your reflection and a moral compass (even if it’s already buried in your grave patiently awaiting your arrival).

You’re a big reason too many Americans can’t find their own moral compasses. But they surely know where the remote is come prime time on Sunday and Monday nights. SMH. You’ve trained them us well.



P.S. Share this roast of the pot-bellied pig known as VH1’s John Gotti via open letter on Facebook.

cc: Chris Abrego, Debra Lee, Reggie Hudlin, Brendon Canter, Bruce Klassen and Kallissa Miller (Kallissa, I really could write a book about the tomfoolery that is “Parental Control,” but won’t yet. You’re “NEXT” at some point, though).


63 responses to “58. Mark Cronin

  1. am i first?! 😦 guess i better make it good.

    loved this post. you were maaaad verbally abusive at the beginning (lol…no use in trying to apologize, you’re too far gone), but i understand your passion.

    for me, the bottom line is he’s only on his slave-master hustle because SOMEONE giving him the power, credibility, $$$, attention-hungry casts, lavish houses, and other resources to do so. ultimately he’s the slave–to his own dream of degenerate art, as well as a puppet to those above him. so yeah, in my opinion, he’s not the primary party to blame (see tom calderone, brian graden, judy mcgrath, jeff olde).

    i remember when shows like “singled out” were considered a novelty and that made them kinda cool. but cronin and others (SO glad you mentioned kallissa miller), have created this ridiculous, crappy overload of the manure you so eloquently speak of. and in smart strategy, they’ve placed “good” programming, like Rock Docs, SoulStage & Black To The Future on premium music channels that you gotta pay extra for. complete sociocultural deterioration.

    but trust me, they will reap. it’s just a matter of time. until then, i’ll be watching my old VHS tapes of Divas Live (i taped all of them), and remembering VH1 in its old Pop-Up Video form…. 🙂

    • @meka: I think this is the first time on any blog ever that I’ve seen someone give a 😦 for being first. lol.

      Good comment, though.

      “maaaad verbally abusive”… was it that bad? I thought it was well thought out. lol. *shrugs shoulders*

      I know Cronin’s the middle man, and not the big fish… BUT HE’S STILL A SHARK, and they prey on the weak.

      I just want him and Kalissa to end up like the mean sharks in Deep Blue Sea … OK, I don’t want them dead. I just want them tamed, because they’re outta control.

    • @meka: one more thought … I know Cronin has bosses. But he is the creator of these shows. He is the person who is thinking them up and making them happen.

      The bosses at Viacom don’t care about anything but turning a profit. Cronin is the creative mind behind it.

      I know that if you take the middle man out, three more will spring up. But honestly, have you ever seen a middle man like this?

      This is the middle man who would kill your entire neighborhood with 2 kilos of cocaine by creating crack … That’s who he is.

      He’s not your average bear, er middle man. lol.

    • You know I thoroughly agree. This reminds me of what people were saying to/about BET when they got rid of Tavis, dwindled Cousin Jeff’s airtime and gave Hudlin the reins. VH1 is coonery at it’s finest and I’ve never been more appalled than I was while watching the roast of Flav and listening to some comic (name eludes me) describe his
      discomfort in reading a script that referred to Flav as a “monkey”.

      Hattie broke down the door, she didn’t lie down the prototype for the roles to come.

  2. I was unaware of who this guy was so thank you for giving me the scoop. He probably isn’t ashamed and doesn’t care because he’s getting that money he so clearly loves.

    The question I have is what needs to be done to break this hold these shows have on black people. Why do we get so much enjoyment from seeing the exploitation of our people? Why don’t we boycott these shows? (Oh, I forgot, per your previous letter…boycotts don’t work.) We’ve been beat down and degraded so often that now we think it is okay and just laugh right along at Massa’s show and his cooning idiots.

    Great letter as usual.

    • @tam: thx. But it’s not black people. Sure black people watch, too. But the ratings for these shows are driven by white people, not blacks.

      And everybody is laughing at the ignorance of it all. Not that it’s really funny. We laugh at the stupidity of it all. Which is laughing down at people.

      That’s like laughing at the kids who compete in the Special Olympics. OK, not really, but you get the point.

      Notice which shows non-black viewers tend not to watch: “The Game” and “Everybody Hates Chris” … THE TWO BEST BLACK PRODUCED AND WRITTEN SHOWS ON TELEVISION TODAY.

      And when are they on the air? Friday freaking night when no one is at home. SMH. I promise you the industry is just screwed up.

      • @Damon Oh yeah certainly it is definitely not black people that drive the success of this show just like it isn’t black people that made Soulja Boy so popular….

        • totally SMH at the last half of that sentence. There’s no way on God’s green earth that I would waste even 150 words on a letter to that clown. Part of me doubts he can actually read.

      • I LOVE The Game!!! I watch Everybody Hates Chris every now and then and enjoy it as well.

        • “Everybody Hates Chris” is like “The Wonder Years,” but for black people.

          “The Wonder Years” is one of my top five fav sitcoms of all time. “Boy Meets World” is up there, too. Gotta love the Savages, Fred & Ben

          • Good comparison for Everybody Hates Chris. The Wonder Years is classic.

            I’ll definitely check out the I Love New York link tomorrow.

            It would be cool if Cronin actually responded & explained how he arrived at the concepts for these shows & with these people. Did VH-1 put the idea out there to see who would bite & volunteer or did Cronin & his people seek them out purposefully – like “this will only work if we get Flav”. I’m convinced these same shows would have bombed had they signed other people to be the one looking for love, money, etc.

          • I still call “Boy Meets World” “The Cory and Topanga Show.” Besides Kevin and Winnie, they are the best teen sitcom couple.

            • um, what about Zack and Kelly, Lisa and Screech, Laura and Urkel, Rudy and Bud … Slater and Jesse (“I’m so, so SCARED!”)

              There are more out there. Those are the ones that come to mind.

          • I’m a stan for Boy Meets World. I’ve been meaning to buy the seasons. I loved The Wonder Years too.

  3. Lol, have you seen the advertisement for the new ‘Charm School’ show? Ricki Lake is hosting this one….everyone is just lining up to get exploited over and over again…

    • @jlbd: Where would I see the advertisement for the new “Charm School?”

      Think about that… I really do refuse to watch any VH1 (That doesn’t include VH1 Soul, necessarily). lol.

      • Hey as much as you are on the web you might see an occasional pop-up with the advertisement…

        • I know. But where would I go to see it? The last time I went to VH1’s web site was to watch Kanye’s Storytellers … no reason to go back … or to MTV …

  4. Great post.

    I know that for many, these shows provide mindless entertainment and is a guilty pleasure (and to each their own) but I just can’t get into them.

    At least you were open minded enough to watch an entire season of Flavor of Love before making a decision, because I didn’t even go that far. I’ve seen bits & pieces of episodes here and there. It’s weird because my husband watched entire seasons of a few of these shows and he usually watched in his “Man Cave” but every now and then he watched in our bedroom while I was on my laptop, reading or getting ready for bed and I caught pieces of them when I stopped whatever I was doing long enough to actually focus on the TV. All I can say is “CRAZINESS”!

    It’s a shame to think that this concept & these shows are actual brain childs (Don’t laugh; I know that “children” is the pluaral form of child LOL! 🙂 ) of someone. I guess in an industry where ratings and money are king, it’s hard to develop and maintain true creativity.

    P.S. Aww…Behind the Music & Pop Up Video. Those were the days. I loved those shows and I Love the Decades series. 🙂

    • @shawnta: thx for the shout. This is one of my fav letters. I’ve been working it and reworking it for a few months, waiting for the right time. lol.

      Ratings are queen because money is king in television. And few too many people care what they do to make money so long as the make it.

      That is what’s wrong with America … go back up into the letter and click the link for “‘I Love Money,’ ha!” at some point.

  5. God bless you Damon. I mean it. I used to love Vh1. it’s utterly painful to see reality show after reality show. Damn…the cancellation of Pop Up Video, BTM…hurt my heart man. It hurt my heart. I can’t wait until the silly reality show phase blows over. Though it’s been a loong stretch.

    Side note: I’m too tired to think this through thoroughly, but something abt reality TV seems entirely related to the political moment. Makes me shudder.

    Re: shows that non-black ppl don’t watch…Everybody Hates Chris–that’s still airing? And I’ve heard abt The Game but didn’t realize it was worth watching…that’s the show w/the twins right? I’ll check them out, I trust your opinion.

    • “Side note: I’m too tired to think this through thoroughly, but something abt reality TV seems entirely related to the political moment. Makes me shudder.”

      @toks: you have to come back when you’re not tired and explain this. This seems interesting, and I don’ t know where you’re going.

      … you should go back and rent or watch the DVDs of The Game’s first two seasons … The writing is impeccable. The acting is cool, too. The story line is like a mini-soap, though with plenty of good comedy.

  6. Meant to add that if Mark Cronin ever Googles himself and comes across this post, it would be interesting if he commented on HOW he even came up with this stuff. I’m really interested in his thought process and how he decided which show ideas to keep and which to scrap. 🙂

  7. I am guilty of watching almost all of these coontastic shows. I too have laughed at the shenanigans of New York and her suitors as they pursue a chance of love with her and her owner, I mean, “mother”. I have watched the rejects of the “Love” series battle it out for $250K (or $137,500 after taxes) and secretly cheered a few of them on to victory (freedom). I especially made sure to tune in for Mo’Niques’ “charm” tips (which in itself is a contradiction….we all love Mo’Nique but the sheer fact there is an apostrophe in her name excludes her from running a charm school…).

    I think I watch these Sambos dance because they make me remember to thank God everyday for choosing me to be something else…anything else but one of Massa Cronin’s slaves.

    But really D., we can’t place all the blame on Cronin/VH1…there are so many others that play an integral role in reversing the Civil Rights movement: Soulja Boy Tell’em (I still don’t know who I am supposed to tell…), R. Kelly, BET, Diddy (the ultimate puppet master), T-Pain, the bafoons who came up with the ‘stanky leg’, the makers of Red Drink, Rent-N-Go (after 60 easy payments, those rims you couldn’t afford with cash are yours!)…

    Thanks for revealing the master behind this abomination. It’s a start.

    • “Thanks for revealing the master behind this abomination. It’s a start.”

      You’re right, it’s just the start … of a beautiful friendship where we murder the character of clowns like Cronin …

    • “I think I watch these Sambos dance because they make me remember to thank God everyday for choosing me to be something else…anything else but one of Massa Cronin’s slaves.”

      I think a lot of educated black people feel this way. I have found myself thinking this way at times too. The bad part is that those that don’t look like us sometimes have a problem seperating the two and then you have the far to common situation where they say something ignorant to you because of something they’ve seen on TV. The Sambos still represent black people – sad and unfair but true.

  8. thecomebackgirl

    I dunno…some other questions that come to mind are: what comes first the creative chicken or the egg…(its late just go with it)…

    ive always wondered does one write/produce at general audience taste level or do you “californication” it up to a “higher standard” with still a little “low brow”…without alienating your audience. The best television (hell ALL MEDIA) constantly does the stylistic tango between the two.

    BTW..vh1 did have some reality programming that I thought was a little brave, interesting..although still slightly sterotypical.

    I happened to really love Irv Gotti’s show on VH1..not for irv AT ALL..but for his wife Deb. To me in a way it was really groundbreaking in a real close look into what “hip hop” wives sign up for; the infidelity, the rappers “playing single” etc. etc..fascinating stuff.

    • @cbg: I loved the Irv Gotti show for his wife and for his kids. It was sincere. It was better than “Run’s House” …

      You could actually see the kids pain. You could see his wife’s pain. You could tell that they wanted the family to be together and that Irv screwed it up …

      On the “Dumb it Down” question: Just wait until Thursday. I’ve got something that answer your question in a roundabout way … a letter to Michael Eric Dyson.

      • thecomebackgirl

        “a letter to Michael Eric Dyson.”

        Please don’t write anything scathing to my crush!!!! When I think of a man I would want to marry…a younger M.E.D..is IT!!! in my opinion HE IS THE PROTOTYPE. Down to earth, funny, and very cerebral.

        • it’s not that bad. trust. You can figure out what it’s about based off of my last comment.

          onyoucrushingonhim: *side-eye* lol. smh. omg. fml. … No, do you think you could actually hold a conversation with him without a pocket dictionary? Unless he just recites rap lyrics (which he could do) Idk if it’s feasible for any of us commonfolk.

  9. I really don’t understand how people think they can find true love from a reality show

    • … if you read the letter to “the Bachelor,” it’s very obvious that it’s damn near impossible …

      It’s never set up the right way. If you give a person a litter of options (male or female) over the course of several weeks, they will inevitably have an infinite number of brain farts because you’ve given them too much power.

      See, Kwame Kilpatrick.

      The best reality shows that deal with relationships are the ones that seriously follow real relationships that actually give you looks at their real lives. Too few do.

      Look at the thread above between CBG and I.

      Irv Gotti’s reality show was one of the best three reality shows I’ve ever seen because of how real it was. The emotion you could see coming from his ex-wife, his kids and even him at times.

      • I still can’t appreciate Gotti’s Way. For a family with that many issues the last thing they should focus on is making a reality show…just shows how almighty the dollar is no matter what you might be going through…

        • @jlbd: I get where you’re coming from, but it’s real drama. You have to appreciated that. And I think you have to appreciate that that family was willing to air their dirty laundry.

          It might not have been that good for the kids considering their youth. But I think it was good for some parents in America to see just how messed up & torn young kids can be when their parents aren’t home.

          Too many people don’t realize that. Too many parents are using the kids as pawns in their shady chess matches.

          “Gotti’s Way” shows that.

          • Maybe I don’t care for the show because I don’t care for Gotti…AT ALL… after reading Superhead’s book and seeing how he behaves on the show I just think he’s a pathetic fat baby huey that doesn’t respect his wedding vows, his marriage, his wife, or himself for that matter. Men like that annoy me ALOT and it’s hard for me to get past that and actually dig deeper into the subject matter at hand…I’m also pretty sure he was smashing Ashanti homewrecker back in the day and that’s the only reason why she was making hits at the time….I know I shouldn’t judge and really I’m not doing any more criticism than you are with your letters but I can’t bring myself to enjoy that show. I’ll watch all three seasons of Flavor of Love before I watch Gotti’s Way, at least I know that the f’d upidness of that show is not actually real….smh

            • @jlbd: so you prefer for you drama to be fake, i.e., fairy tales? lol.

              Like I said, I didn’t watch the show for him. It’s clear he’s a lost cause. I watched it for his wife and kids.

              That made the show worthwhile. And seeing the dynamic of what Gotti did to his family was also interesting… One episode was far more intriguing than all three seasons of “Flaking for Lust.”

              • No I prefer drama to be manufactured in a studio and given to me in the form of a movie on the big screen…Lifetime will also suffice…my point is that I really would prefer for families that have as many issues as the Gotti’s to work out their problems away from the camera. Like take Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood show, it focuses on his family but it’s comedy and they aren’t airing all their problems out there; If it helps things out I didn’t agree with the House of Carter’s show that was on awhile back because it was obvious that the family had some serious issues that needed to be addressed….but when Benjamin Franklin speaks I guess the alternative advice to work things out with a family counselor falls on deaf ears….

                • Run’s House is also a positive show on family reality tv…

                • @jlbd: I guess my point is that real drama will always strike a chord with people moreso than fake stuff.

                  This blog for example. It’s real world stuff spun into a crazy web of truth. But it’s still reality, including what I write about myself.

                  That’s what people best relate to, real stuff. That’s why Chappelle, Rock, Martin Lawrence, Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, Robin Williams, Lewis Black, Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho are so revered for what they do (did in Bernie Mac’s case) …

                  They’re real about it all, and spun it well to force you think about things you never thought of and things you think about every day.

                  That’s the best way to learn — aside from falling on your face — from other people’s mistakes/issues, I think.

        • From Gotti’s Way, the wife ended up looking entirely too stupid.

      • On the “I Love…” and “For the Love of…” shows, I jut wonder what kind of proof that a relationship work that they will get with a bunch of ignorant challenges.

  10. You beat me to the punch on the Mark Cronin post. I’ll still do one, but I take a different approach. Part of it is that I don’t see him as a slave master; I see him as the overseer. He’s doing the dirty work. Sure, he’s come up with the idea for what to do with the coons, but it’s the master (VH1, Viacom) that are reaping the most rewards from his service. He is a cog in a massive money-making machine. That machine doesn’t care who or what it has to churn up to make coon sausage. Cronin is just the most visible part of it.

    I DO NOT condone anything that he’s done. Part of what I’m going to do involves watching this madness, but I’m going to do it grudgingly. He sucks as an individual (as does Ray J, but that’s for another time), and one day he’ll have to come to terms with the vile manure that he’s put on the earth for consumption.

    • @asyoureditor: You want to write one. No. 2 wants to write one. That means this was a great thing.

      I know it seems like he’s just an overseer, but he’s created this crack that people are just soaking up.

      Go back to the top of the comments and read about Cronin, creativity and making crack.

      But Cronin ain’t handing out turkeys at Thanksgiving like Frank Lucas, which makes him worse.

      You gotta drop bombs and food. lol.

  11. I can’t believe peopl aren’t tired and exhausted of these shows by now. At what point do we back away from the television and realize that first of all…these shows are based on anything but reality, and that each show is pretty much the same concept regurgitated with different bodies (although of the same mindset obviously). Ehh.

    It’s a shame programs that one could really enjoy and gasp even learn something from gets replaced with this non stop garbage. Television just isn’t what it used to be, and my heart is sad for that.

    PS you’re right. The best ‘reality’ shows are the ones with much more focus and less I have the power mentality. I loved Run’s House

    • @jada: I love Run’s House, too. It’s like the Cosby Show of reality television.

      But too much of it was scripted, especially for Russy. It was too obvious. The earlier seasons we’re the best, though.

      And again, the best reality television you can watch is sports. There’s a sincere reason the sports leagues so much TV money, and it ain’t because it’s scripted.

  12. Oh and btw, I loved your metaphor of making all that crack from 2 kilos of cocaine. That’s a great comparison because honestly how many spin-off shows have come from one show? Let’s start with The Surreal Life – 1. Strange Love, 2. Flavor of Love (all 3 seasons), 3. I Love New York (2 seasons), 4. Flavor of Love Girls’ Charm School, 5. I Love Money……need I say more? Do I really have to continue…he has remixed every single show that has been made and created a successful and cheaper spin-off…..sounds like cocain derives crack to me….

  13. I refuse to watch any reality (scripted reality, really) TV. I’ve seen snippets here and there, but all of that stuff is crap. Even American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor ad nauseum are all on my despised list.

    I guess it comes down that folk are whores for money. Everyone has a price and we need to raise the rent a bit.

    I swear to the Almighty that if I was Chuck D I’d be kicking Flav (still a crackhead) in the nuts at least twice everytime I saw him. SMH.

    • @travis: yo, Chuck D should have been kicking Flav in the man region back in 1988. And kicked his hype man out of the group in 89.

      maybe I should write a letter to Chuck D asking him what the hell he was thinking back then. Guess we all make mistakes, huh?

      Seriously, Flav is supposedly a decent musician. I’ve yet to see any real proof, only proof that he’s not all the way there.

      • Flav a musician my arse!….he was the hype man and that’s it….nothing more nothing less…lmao! 🙂

      • I don’t know man…PE without the Flav would be like Peaches without the Creme. The setup works and it works extremely well. Friend of mine met Flav once and he said “he’s straight crazy.”

        • PE without Flav? Chuck D could have steered in Tupac as a potential hype man (he was for Digital Underground), and groomed him.

          He might still be alive. Oh yeah, he is. nevermind.

          On reality shows before I forget, I do watch “Idol” and don’t mind “Dancing” because they’re competition based solely around that. And not exterior unnecessary, contrived drama.

          And some of the people can actually sing on Idol.

          • Man, why did Dre insist that Tupac was actually kickin’ it in New Orleans last week….LMAO! I looked at that pic and it’s obvious that it’s a man that resembles him pretty strong, but you can still tell it’s not actually HIM…..

  14. Here’s a start for contacting Cronin. His production company address and phone number:

    Mindless Entertainment
    6565 Sunset Blvd, Suite 301
    Los Angeles CA 90028


    (Yes, his company’s actual name is Mindless Entertainment.)

    • Y’all are really going to make me print this out, buy a stamp and mail it, huh? lol.

      I have no qualms with that. Will be done before the end of the week.

    • I can’t believe he is consciously running a company with the name ‘Mindless Entertainment’….that further validates Damon’s letter and makes me feel like he definitely KNOWS what he is doing by recycling this pile of feces he calls reality television….

  15. Anger Management

    MTV, BET, and VH1 are all under one big coonery umbrella, VIACOM. BET and VH1 are currently running neck and neck for the amount of hours of tomfoolery aired in an hour. When was the last time MTV aired a show that was actually about music??? And the worst part of having these faux reality shows as part of the lineup is the fact that they all come on 27,000 times a day. Shoot me now…

  16. I have no hope for the next generation. I mean it was bad when I was in high school (graduated 2006) but I was hoping it would get bettter. Unfortunately, with what they are shoving down these young impressionable minds ,it’s definitely a foreboding warning of the collapse of appropiate youth culture and morality.

  17. honestly you guys have no life if your going to hate on him. if you guys really dislike his shows so much then don’t even bother watching them there for people that like them. unlike you people its not like you guys are going to stop his shows by writting this dumb thing so get a life people and stop hating on him.

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