59. DJ Unk

To Anthony “DJ Unk” Platt:

Forgive me, Mr. Platt, for what I’m about to say. I’m rolling out a few vignettes to accompany these letters. One of the first ones will undoubtedly showcase you and your tomfoolery (read: coonery). I’m writing you to let you know about your starring role.

I'm sorry, but if DJ Unk's freedom of speech is what we bought in the 60s, we need to sell that (manure) back.

I'm sorry, but if DJ Unk's freedom of speech is what we bought in the 60s, we need to sell that (manure) back.

This sidebar is titled: “People for whom I wouldn’t shed a tear for if they were run over by a Greyhound bus.” Now let me qualify that by saying that I didn’t say I’d laugh or be grateful. I just said I wouldn’t shed a tear. Yes, I’m being facetious. But I’m carefully choosing my words … unlike you. Still, I hope you can understand my sentiment and what follows.

If the aforementioned incident were to happen to you, I’d prefer that you be hit by a yellow school bus filled with 15-year-old black kids as witnesses to the day your coontastic word choice ceased to exist. They need to witness a symbolic end to the shuck and jive movement. It’d be like the burial of the n-word.

OK, to business.

How could you possibly think that writing, free-styling or usurping the song “Don’t Hide It, Divide It” was a good idea? It’s the worst song I’ve heard in 10 years, bar none. And I’ve heard plenty of (fecal matter).

A little background: My ex called me on her way home from the club a few of Saturdays ago, and told me that I had to listen to your new song. She’d heard it in the club, and was taken aback.

So, I googled it and clicked the Imeem link. … I was immediately appalled by the chorus:

“Don’t hide that (vajayjay), divide that (vajayjay) …”

How could you be asinine enough to loop that vulgar word (think: kitty cat), in the chorus of a song? I went back and counted each time you said it. (I’m lying. I googled the lyrics, copied them into Microsoft Word and let it count for me. But that’s not the point.)

What’s relevant is that you used that word 62 times in a four-minute song. Sixty-two times. You couldn’t justify using that word that many times in that time span while hanging in a strip club with Pacman Jones. I could understand you saying “duck” 62 times to spare yourself from gunfire. But that’s neither here nor there.

The number of times the word is repeated isn’t even the worst part. Yes, I listened to the entire song. I got to the bridge, where you named streets and sections of Atlanta in concern with females who reside there, and then say those women have “some good (vajayjay).”

With little surprise or tact, you had the nerve to say that “Martin Luther King girls (have) some good (vajayjay).” Do you understand how ignorant that sounds? That’s like — but not exactly akin to — using Jesus’ name in a sentence with four curse words. For that matter, any rapper who seriously compares what he does to MLK needs a permanent muzzle stapled to his face while he’s awake to feel the staple gun’s wrath.

Are your life’s goal to share a burning bunk with Mark Cronin in Hell?

This is why so many non-black Americans look at most blacks like we are what’s wrong with the world. Because fools like you perpetuate ridiculous stereotypes for the almighty dollar. This is why they stereotype us.

This (manure) is not cool. Neither is me alluding to wishing you to be hit by a Greyhound or school bus (remember, I didn’t technically say that). But if it were to happen, you’d have to admit it, America probably would be better for the loss of your voice box’s functionality.

That thought should shame you, make you want to apologize and stop your shenanigans. … Oh, and my one piece of ad vice for you: READ A BOOK!



P.S. No, I don’t apologize for using your government name because you’re embarrassing it, and the ancestors who wore it and bore you.

cc: Plies, The Dream, T-Pain, post “Happy People”-album R. Kelly, Soulja Boy, Pleasure P and those clowns who wrote the song about “Halle Berry.” I don’t know their names.


35 responses to “59. DJ Unk

  1. Thank you. I was wondering when this letter was coming because I know it would at some point.

    OK so I was avoiding listening to this song. I saw you mention it on a status one day but I still refused to listen. Since you wrote this letter I decided to go ahead and youtube it and I’m disgusted. Now by no means is he the only offender but this is a ridiculous song and only feeds into the negativity that is already out there.

    You letter covers everything I would have said if I was writing a letter so I don’t have anything to add. I do have a question though: so is it now cool for dudes to bounce their behinds like women? I’m just asking because when I look at alot of these new “dances” the men seem to be shaking it just as hard as the girls in the (strip) club. Just wondering….

    • @tam: it wouldn’t be long before I ran it. But I felt the urge to go with Mel Gibson’s letter that day.

      The weird thing is that there are plenty of song out there like this. This one is just vile as far as I’m concerned because of how bold it is with it’s message.

      really bothers me …

      The dances? IDK. I think there’s some correlation between Letter No. 10 and these dances that dudes are doing. But … I ain’t calling nobody that three-letter word that starts with a g and ends with a y. It has an A in the middle, too.


  2. I’m not going to listen to this song. He will not kill my good brain cells.

    But there is a larger problem at hand. Like if I hear another rapper say “Obama” in a song like that makes them politically aware, I’m gonna scream.

    I just want these rappers to SOMETIMES act like they’re smart and hit me with something to make me think. Nobody is doing that anymore… I mean DANG…

    • @Asmith: your ears appreciate that you won’t listen to the song. Trust me. It will do nothing but offend them.

      The Obama thing is a travesty … What bothers me more are the people who have “Obama” as their political view on Facebook.

      Obama is not a political view. He’s a human who has viewpoints that you don’t agree with. Again, he’s a human, not a political view, not your savior, not your daddy, non blue rims on a Lambo, not anything but a great orator and a rational-thinking president who is going to make a lot of mistakes like GWB, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, etc. … point-blank, period.

      • I’m new to this site but I co-sign everything you just said.
        Thank you!

        • @ygb: Welcome. thanks for the co-sign. i wish that it landed me a new Jaguar S-Type or something. But yeah, i don’t know you like that yet.

          Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. lol.

      • Dude! I thought I was the only one that got annoyed when people posted ‘Obama’ as their political view on Facebook. Not only does it sound stupid but it makes the person look like they are not truly assessing politics adequately and blindly following a person that at some point in his presidency will disappoint or fail them….smh

        • I think it’s great if Obama brought you into the political foyer for the first time, but you have to still listen to the other candidates, ya know?

          Like I’ve said before, you have to weigh each issue on it’s own merits and demerits or else …… we end up fighting a war in Iraq looking for WMDs when the only real one sits in the Oval Office (W.).

    • Don’t get me started on this. That Young Jeezy song “My President is Black” upsets me everytime I have the misfortune of hearing it.

      “My president is black, my lambo is blue”…um so you’re comparing the president to a car? Oh and he has the nerve to shout out some other important black people (Booker T Washington, Jackie Robinson). To top it all off he says, “I’m important too, I was the first (n) to ride through the hood in a Lamborghini”. He should have spent that money on buying the people in the hood some food or helping build an educational center to improve their lives instead of riding around showing off.

      Ok now I’m irritated, LOL.

      • @tam: sorry to get under the skin.

        That’s a song I refused to get all the way through actually paying attention to it. And that people feel it’s an inspiration … that jeezy thinks it’s an inspiration really makes me question his intelligence.

        I don’t question his passion/love for black people and Obama (save Gucci Mane and everybody else in Atlanta he beefs with). smh.

  3. I couldn’t even get through the whole song. I can’t believe he mentioned MLK….damn, no words.

    Have you heard “Every Girl” by Lil Wayne and Drake? They don’t say the word as much as Unk but it’s still uncomfortable.

    • @garcelle: no, I haven’t heard that Drake song. Everybody is on their knees in front of this Drake character, and IDK.

      I guess I need to give him a little bit more of a listen. And you know I’m about to listen to this song “every girl” now.

      I bite into the forbidden fruit all the time out of curiousity. smh.

    • @garcelle: You’re right, the “Every Girl” song is out there too…they play it on XM all the time and people seem to love it.

  4. I just listened to the song and now 3 minutes and 17 seconds of my life have just been wasted away. I have no comment.

    • @jlbd: go up a few comments and read/talk about Obama. lol.

      There’s a reason I didn’t link the song anywhere. It’s that horrific.

      And if I say dude uses the word (vayjayjay) 62 times in a song, why take the bait? lol. just joking.

      • I really wasn’t taking the bait per se….I was curious because you aren’t the only person that has commented about this song. All my friends have made remarks about it and I knew a guy that liked the song for real…so, I wanted to finally see what the hoopla was all about and I wish I had just stayed in the ignorance is bliss zone…

  5. LMAO @ “I don’t know their name.”

    I applaude this letter.

    • @nicki: I really don’t. And I don’t want to either. I just want to know how you bring the hood to Halle Berry?

      She embraced it when she did the dance on Ellen. But still. The song is a little too much. I’d rather someone with some age, wisdom and sense write a track about Halle.

      Not …. yeah, I don’t know their names.

  6. I’ve never heard this song and really don’t want to. 62 times in 4 minutes? Yeah, he doesn’t have much else to say. Thanks for the letter; I hope some of these people are curious/vain enough to Google themselves every now and then. BTW, did your ex mention whether people stayed on the floor dancing to it? Even crazier. I’m sure some of the people that actually like this song or danced to it will try to cover up their contribution to the foolishness by blaming it on the alcohol.

    • @shawnta: I won’t front, I like “Blame It” … But I also think it’s sounds like the perfect anthem for “Date Rape.”

      Which isn’t a good thing. … Just wait, though. Hopefully every subject will be subjected to read their letter … most of them need to read them …

  7. @Damon: I like “Blame It” too. I meant that people who actually like the song or danced to it will try to say they were buzzing or too drunk to really know what they were dancing to.

    On another note, you’re right though it could be the perfect anthem for date rape.

  8. People who liked the Don’t Hide It, Divide it song.

  9. thecomebackgirl

    “dont hide the vajajay, divide the vajayjay”


  10. Its my first time commenting here. I just had to tell you how much I applaud this letter. Why is it the we can’t get some records execs that veto this craziness before it get put on an album?

    • @TDot: your comments appreciated. I’m glad to see that people share a similar sentiment. The song really bothers me that much …

  11. I wrote a song called “Don’t hide it, Divide it” without any preknowledge of the D.J. unk song. My song is not about female genitalia, it is simply a fun funk song about sharing with your friends. It was inspired by a story my brother told me about him, and his white buddies sharing a house with a black roommate. When the boys would smoke pot, and their roommate would come in, he would say…”I smell killa..what’s that skunky smell, mothe******s
    I’m just a sguirrel in your world, just trying to get a nut! “Don’t hide it, Divide it”
    We named an album after that song. I deeply apologize if I offended anyone with one of my songs, and am relieved that all this ass chewing is for D.J. Unk.
    T.J. Franklin

  12. natural nubian

    i’ve given up on rap ever since soulja boy’s ‘superman dat ho’ song. so there’s not the slightest inclination to listen to this song. not one single person i know (both those i deem inteligent & incompetent) have told me i should listen. this letter just solidified the support i need. i just wish the label-mates of fools like dj unk would sit him aside and talks some sense into him. once more reason proving why i really does take a village.

  13. I feel somewhat bad because I do perk up my ears when I hear OutKast on Walk It Out but please know that I am more than willing to throw UNK, Solja Boy and most other Southern rappers off a cliff for bludgeoning my ears with nonsensical terribleness.

    Furthermore, I commend you for writing this because you’re simply just echoing my thoughts…

    • OutKast can’t be placed in the same category as most of the southern rappers. There are a few others you can pull out: T.I., Goodie Mob, Scarface, UGK, Eightball & MJG … and I’m sure I’m missing like two others.

      But that’s about it. The rest could be cliff jumpers, and I don’t think either you or I would care that much. You’re right.

      Then again, all of those rappers are in their 30s save TIP. It’s these young dudes that have no clue, and don’t care that they’re really making crack music.

  14. never heard of this guy. what a douche.

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