FRQs: Be Known

Some of you may think I’m nuts for what I wrote yesterday. There are some things about me that will never see the light of day on this blog. But I firmly believe that you have to “keep it 100” be who you are to “Be Known,” especially when I’m throwing stones left and right at others.

I believe people respect you for it, and moreover, when you search yourself, you find yourself. So be yourself, and be known. Let your flaws and embarrassing moments show from time to time because it always could be worse ( If people disown your for something, so be it. The people who love you will be there when you need them. ~ Dame

Anyway, the five random questions from Monica & I:

1. What would you name your first or next born (if your spouse gives you the say so)?

2. Which Superhero best fits your personality?

3. Pop or Soda? (A debate I started on Monday over at VSB)

4. If you could change one of your physical features, which one, how would you change it and why?

5. If you could go back to third grade and start this thing over, what would you want to be when you “grow up?”

One great link on self-control that I got off of Twitter from Vibe’s Executive Editor. Check out the podcast Dany does with her husband, Don’t Take It Personal. It’s dope, and worth the listen.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend. Remember what it’s really about blaming it on the alcohol paying homage to America’s fallen as well as though who have affected your lives.


D.M.C. (Damon, Monica & Cicely)

P.S. Next week, we get at Lauryn Hill pretty tough with a letter from Moni and a poem from Damon. So keep your eyes open come Monday.


62 responses to “FRQs: Be Known

  1. 1. Boy: Cameron; Girl: Victoria

    2. I was gonna say Superman because he’s honorable and the best superhero ever, but I’ll go with Hancock. Hancock has all the abilities to be the best, but doesn’t know if that’s what he wants.

    3. Soda, hands down

    4. I’d get lipo on my stomach because I have a gut.

    5. So, this is crazy, but I was a nerd as a kid. I wanted to own Time Warner. Time Warner has everything: music, movies, TV, cable, books. I knew the heart of media was in the work, but the money was in owning the means of production. If I could go back, I’d work a little bit harder on it.

  2. 1. Bryce (boy) or Brooklyn (girl). Those are the first two that came to the dome.

    2. Right now, Wolverine. And no, I don’t expect you to understand because I’m not a hairy beast with claws that shoot out of my hands. (BTW, this Moni’s question … lol)

    3. Pop, hands up and down. (now, AYE)

    4. Physical, right? I’d give myself the metabolism of a 13-year-old kid for the rest of my life. That’d take care of anything I’d eat or drink, and I’d be able to cut off the extra weight with relative ease.

    5. A Major League Baseball Player. It’s what I wanted to be in the third grade, and I wouldn’t change it. I wised up in about the seventh grade, though.

    • @Damon: One of our Boxers is named Brooklyn. πŸ™‚

      My husband loves this name but he knew I wasn’t feeling it for a future daugther so he opted to call our girl Boxer this. I do like the name Brooklyn (aka Brookie or Brookie Doll) though.

      • @shawnta: Brooklyn is a dope name to me. Don’t know why … I just like names that sound strong … like Bryce. Also like the name Carter …

        One that I want to use to pay homage is Poitier. It’d have to be a middle name, because it would get butchered.

        But I respect Sidney.

        • @Damon: Brooklyn is a dope name. No disagreement there. It’s funny because we like the name Carter as well but in recent discussions, Ellis has been pulling ahead. Sidney (or Sydney for a girl) would be nice too.

      • I went to school with a girl named Brooke (her first name) and Lynn (her middle). I thought that was neat.

  3. 1. Zaire – unisex.
    Dakota – also unisex or ummm, Nina – lol

    2.I’d be the chick from Watchmen with the latex costume…I like to beat people up with my hands or Jem, because she’s truly amazing, lol. Does that count?

    3. Sooooodaaaa!

    4. I’m 23 and I’m 5ft tall. Ummm…yea. I wouldn’t mind being 5″8. Other than that, this question will potentially undo years of Tyra-esque epiphanies (Kiss my fat ass.)So, we’re gonna move on, mmmkay!

    5. I wanted to be the first African-American prez (thanks O!) I moonlighted in wanting to be a professional dancer (think Alvin Ailey less Showgirls), a teacher, or lawyer. If I could go back, I’d settle for teacher but for college kids…I look like I’m 16. Noooot good! πŸ™‚

    • @nina: I’m gonna keep a TMCY tally of Soda or Pop … But truth be told, you soda people will be overruled int TMCY Supreme Court simply because two of three of the justices are from Kansas City.

      One is from St. Louis (AYE). *whoomp whoomp*

  4. 1. Girl: Taylor or McKenzie, Boy: Jayson or Connor
    2. Rogue from XMEN. She was so down to earth but a deadly villainish mutant.
    3. I have no clue as to what the difference between pop n soda is. So I will have to say SODA. PEPSI!
    4. I would so change my mid-section. Lipo & tummy tuck STAT.
    5. I wanted to be a teacher, & I still want to be a teacher.

    • @ashbunnie: I like Taylor and Connor …

      you went with the pop culture answer with soda. Sorry, this is the 2000 Presidential Elecion and you will be overruled by the Supreme Court as well. lol.

      Rogue is an interesting character. You’d want to suck up everybody else’s powers and never be able to touch people? wow.

      • @damon: lol, i really have no clue as to what the difference is between soda and pop. i thought they were the same. in nyc, all i know is soda. pepsi is crizack.

        i like names that are normally associated with white people. it confuses future employers.

        Being rogue gives me an excuse to really push my social-anti-socialism a bit further.

  5. 1. Boy: Aiden or Zachery Girl: Mylee or Malia (but it probably won’t be either of those honestly)

    2. hmmm Storm. She controls stuff and I take control.

    3. I say I’d like something to drink or I name specifically what I want so… neither. lol

    4. I probably just gain a little weight below the waist. I’m pretty happy with my body. I’m a skinny girl and okay with it.

    5. I think I’d still go for the same thing. I’d just go at it differently.

    • smh. You gotta be pop or soda … or Coke or soft drink or soda water or soda pop … or something. You’re so apathetic. You didn’t vote for Obama or McCain, did you? Did you vote? lol.

      at No. 4, is this a I want booty and hips?

      And I like your answer for No. 5 without even knowing what you do.

      • lol YES i voted! lol I’m from a be specific kinda house. if you ask for a pop we might hand you a lollipop cause we’re jackasses.

        For No. 4, I have hips not so much booty. so I guess booty would be it. And larger thighs to go with said booty. I have a proportional figure lol

        And i’m a writer, journalist by degree.

  6. 1. Josephine, Anjanette, Kenyon
    2. Me, with billions of dollars, lol. I used to call myself Batman in middle school. One of my homegirls was Robin too.
    3. Soda. Coke products specifically
    4. That my eyesight be perfect from birth to death
    5. I still don’t know now. I’d like to be less aware and more simple in general. Then I wouldn’t worry or concern myself with so many complicated things!

    • @Gizzle: My husband & I also love the name Josephine for a girl. We like Josephine Ella. πŸ™‚

      I agree; lifelong perfect eyesight would be nice too.

    • @gizzle: You called yourself Batman in middle school? hilarious, but cute.

      No. 4 is a good one. I think you’ve made me want to switch my answer. But ain’t going back.

    • 4. That my eyesight be perfect from birth to death
      ohhhh this is a good one.. I am officially stealing it and making it my new answer !

  7. 1. Son: Ellis (maybe) & Daughter: Camille Grace

    2. Elektra…just kidding. LOL! Isis.

    3. Pop…although when being silly I say “soda pop”

    4. Like @Nina, I’d change my height. I want to be taller. In my opinion, longer (toned) legs are more graceful & sexy (No Ellen).

    5. A food or music critic.

    • @shawnta: it’s funny that you think we’d be mean to Lauryn … smh. We could, fairly easily … but … She’s Lauryn Hill. lol.

      I will use the name Grace somewhere in a daughter’s middle name (if I have one). Grace is one of my favorite words, and I believe that for a girl to have that as at least a middle name is extremely important because it tells you how to carry yourself.

      Finally someone else who has his/her head screwed on right. It’s pop, people.

      • @Damon: I agree with your reasonings for the name of Grace. I’ve always loved that name & the meaning behind it. I like it so much I want to use it as a first name but my husband prefers it as a middle name. I also like the name because the church we were married in is named Grace and its motto is “All roads lead to grace.” πŸ™‚

        Yeah, I guess I figured that since it would be pretty easy to give Lauryn a hard time, y’all might go that route…but like you said, she is Lauryn Hill, afterall.

        • There’s a reason why I love the name so much. My paternal grandmother was a church usher, and rarely showed emotion.

          But I studied her well, and the only time she really lost it is anytime someone sang “Amazing Grace,” all of the verses.

          It’s brilliant. And the name … it’s simple and direct. But it has one of the best meanings ever.

    • I love Grace… it’s the name for a really sweet girl. I was in Girl Scouts with a girl named Grace

  8. @Moni & @Damon: Don’t be too hard on Lauryn. πŸ™‚ I still love her although she’s been gone from the scene entirely too long.

  9. 1. Son-Wardell after my uncle who passed before I was born. He was the one who made it possible for my dad to go to college and become the man he is today.
    Girl- Ella or Taylor

    2. Kal-el (nerd alert)- cuz we share the same optimism and idealism. Although I tend to agree more w/ Batman’s decision to do what is needed more than what is “right”.

    3. Pop cuz I was raised by Chicago folk.

    4. Well if I’m gonna go for it, I might as well go all the way. I’d just swap bodies with the Janet album-era Miss Jackson.

    5. In 3rd grade I wanted to be a lawyer, and I’m going to law school in the fall. So I wouldn’t change anything.

    • @kim: Cool reasoning to name a son Wardell.

      For some reason, when Monica see that you’d name a girl Ella and/or Taylor, she might scream. I’m just guessing.

      on 5, best of luck with that …

    • @Kim: We love the name Ella (or Elle) too! We like it as a first name but we also like it as a middle name to Josephine. Nice selection. Naming your son Wardell would be a nice tribute to your uncle.

      Congrats on law school! I think I knew around that time 3rd grade, maybe a little older too that I wanted to be an attorney.

    • I had no idea Ella was so popular. It is a good name.

      And thanks for the congrats.

  10. Showing your flaws is the best way to do it- people will love and respect you for it.

    1. Although I want a boy, and all I have is his middle name is Alexander, my girl’s name would be Zoe Camille (he’s already approved it.)

    2. Wonder Woman bc I am always trying to save the day. lol.

    3. Pop

    4. I would have a flat stomach. I hate exercising.

    5. I’d want to be… hmmm… something dealing in the fashion world. Perhaps a buyer for Saks or something like that.

    • @sunny: Thanks for hitting on the couple of graphs up top.

      on 1, Alexander is a good first name. You should consider it. Zoe is dope, too. simply because of its meaning: life.

      I could see you as Wonder Woman. .. Another pop vote, yes.

    • @Nicki: Zoe is a cool name & you and I agree that Camille is a great name. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks girl.. I got it from Zoe Kravitz. I just think she’s the coolest little girl ever. She has the confidence that supercedes her years. I hope my girl is like that.

  11. 1. Boy: Robert Girl: Roberta (j/k. No George Foreman over here. Jasmine is what my wife says it will be so. . . .that’s what it’ll be. I’ll call her Daddy’s Girl all her life anyway).

    2. Hiro from Heroes. You could stop time, go back and forward in time, show up in different places. The best!

    3. Soda (STL represent). Though some of us STLiens still call it Sodie.

    4. Taller earlier in life. Like 6’4″ in my junior year of high school so I would have explored how good I really could have been playing ball, all things being equal and not having to overcompensate cause I was like 5’9″ in my junior year.

    5. Lawyer or Politician probably (still may pursue this though). I want to have a public forum to bring common sense, rational and logical thinking back to the mainstream.

    • @weave: I’m glad you realize that you don’t have pull with the name of daughter, and just accept it for what it is.

      you know, I’ve never seen Heroes. But always hear great things about it.

      on 4, yeah … you can hoop. I remember…. BTW, I just realized that S-Weave is your cousin … don’t know why I never put two and two together … smh. makes sense, though.

      on 5, You’d be a good politician. But it’s a tough road to trough. Too much lying, backstabbing and deceit. People with power often end up corrupted, and not to say that you would … but that ish is scary … Blago/Kilpatrick/Edwards … list goes on and on …

  12. 1. I have no idea..Once I get pregnant I have about nine months to figure it out right?

    2. Wonder Woman – those gold cuffs and lasso….

    3. SODA!!! (My coworker is from Detroit and we always argue about this)

    4. I’d like to be about 4 inches taller so that I don’t have to get all of my pants hemmed, that mess is expensive.

    5. In 3rd grade I wanted to be a vet. I now work for an animal health company, I don’t think I’d change anything unless I could go back and make it so I was the one to come up with Google and now I could be retired on a beach somewhere.

    • @tam: Boooooooooooooooo on you for saying Soda … you need to listen to your co-worker …

      I think I’m amazed by the number of people who are doing what they wanted to do when they were in the 3rd grade …. pretty interesting …

  13. 1. Isabella, Nathan
    2. One of the PowerPuff girls – very cute but takes no mess
    3. Soda (but being from New England I accept both as valid)
    4 . Just a little bit taller
    5 . Enviromental engineer

    • @tatica: definitely a fan of Isabella and Nathan has a simplicity to it. probably would be annoying to be called “Nate Dogg” 24/7 … but, yeah.

      … “Soda” … smh.

      on 5, that’d be a great career choice if you really had the foresight that long ago… EEs are in demand these days, huh?

      • The thing is when I was about 9 and first read about solar energy (I didn’t have many books so I read the papers) I thought it was the most genius idea ever (still fascinated by enviro tech) and can’t believe that 20 yrs later we’re still trying to get this going. So I think I somehow missed my calling

  14. 1. Boy: James – Girl: Jasmine
    2. Hero that best fits my personality is Magneto. Superhuman power that I would chose (since that is what most people seem to have answered): the Force in Star Wars. When someone is talking jibberish, it would be nice to choke off their air supply.
    3. Soda.
    4. Height. I’d be 6′-4″
    5. Something dealing with economics.

    • @hughjazz: Magneto is an interesting choice, especially considering that he sees himself as a hero. The X-Men is a complex tale all-around … i still need to see Wolverine …

  15. . What would you name your first or next born (if your spouse gives you the say so)?

    2. Which Superhero best fits your personality?
    hmmm Jean powers are extraordinary but i havent yet explored full depth of them
    3. Pop or Soda? (A debate I started on Monday over at VSB)
    Coke fool!

    4. If you could change one of your physical features, which one, how would you change it and why?
    physical features.I would make my a$$ smaller…how? I dont know..magically? why cause I could do without all the attention now that I am married with a child..

    5. If you could go back to third grade and start this thing over, what would you want to be when you β€œgrow up?”
    An astronaut

  16. 1. For a girl, Etta (after my mom) and for a boy, something like Jackson, Nicolas or Zachary…

    2. Spiderman. He’s sort of the break thorugh superhero. He was the first teenager to be featured as a main character and not a side kick like Robin. His “spidey sense” is very similar to that little voice in our minds that tells us when danger is coming. He deals with real issues of loneliness and rejection that make him easy to relate to. He is just an average square who is given the ability to save others and in the process discover himself. And, shooting web out of his wrist is weird and cool at the same time.

    3. I think I say soda more often, but pop pops out from time to time…

    4. Savannah said it best, “If I had nerve I’d get me some real breasts.”

    5. Either a fire woman or a meteorologist. Firefighters save lives and meteorologists are overpaid and the only people whose jobs are in no way based on accuracy…

    • finally … lol … ummmm, I like Jackson. But you need to search for Etta earlier in these comments … Someone said Etta and Taylor (just odd, huh?)

      I think I’m upset that I didn’t realize you said soda. You’re from KC. You can’t do that. It’s against the law.

      The firewoman thing is hilarious, and you know what I mean. …

      • I saw Ella and Elle up top….my mom’s second first name is Etta and I like Etta James, so it’s a two for one. Plus the elegance and simplicity of it is classic. All these five syllable names need to phase on out…

        Soda. Soda. Soda.

  17. Well…I was trying to stay away from this blog so I could get some work done today…but uh, its the Friday before a holiday weekend, my manager is in route to Wisconsin, and I’m trying to get face time in and not leave super duper ignorantly early….SO… it just makes sense to partake…

    1. I would name my next born Jai Tristan after my brother. I absolutely LOVE my brother’s name. Jathan almost got it, but it didn’t make the cut…

    2. If there was a superhero with no regard for time, who looked over the brim of her glasses all the time and was always concerned about lunch, that would be me. I would fly into the crime scene all late, with a bucket of chicken for the cops who had to do all of the work…but make the photo opp…ahh yes! But I don’t think there is one, so I’m going to say Catwoman for my flirty side.

    3. *smh* Pop is the sound kernels of corn make when they are poured into hot grease, or placed in a microwave for 3.5 minutes! You don’t see signs in the grocery stoe that say POP lane 8….its SODA darnit!

    4. I would make my stomach washboard flat!

    5. I would have went ahead and become an architect…I hate not being able to use my math skills on a daily.

  18. 1. if my firstborn is a girl, i don’t know what her first name will be, but i know for sure her middle name would be Ahmi (pronounced AH-ME), because that’s my daddy’s name, and i’m a daddy’s girl. if it’s a boy…*shrugs*

    2. no clue.

    3. pop. i’m from chicago…i don’t even know what “soda” is lol.

    4. ugh, i have flat feet; i’d love to have an arch lol.

    5. i’d probably be pursuing the same goals that i’m trying now (social work or forensic psych). i love working with kids, so i might’ve become a 3rd grade teacher. as long as i didn’t have to teach science or math.

  19. I haven’t read all the posts, but I go ahead & speak up on the soda vs pop issue. It’s called Soda Pop & since the word Soda comes 1st, it would be logical that soda is the most important word, not pop. WTH is “pop” anyway?

  20. One of my friends just posted this article on fb which I found very ironic because it is basically the same is question #5.

  21. 1. a boy: Malakai (for several reasons…it’s just meant to be), a girl: Selah (my favorite word in the Bible, & my fav L. Hill song). no other choices needed. lol.
    2. according to my definition of superhero, i’m a combo of jean grey from x-men, frida kahlo, young whitney houston (i’m your baby tonight…), & with a side of queen esther. complex, i know.
    3. um snap crackle POP is for rice krispies. like 85 million TMCYers have already said it–it’s SODA. end of discussion.
    4. i think i’d make my feet smaller and less flat. it can be challenging to find the kind of shoes i like–unique and stylish–in a comfortable, non-awkward fit.
    5. not much i could’ve done in third grade, but i think i would have pursued my singing career a little bit more, preferably as a background singer–little fame involved.

  22. 1. My first born’s name is Sarah. #2 is still in the oven but her name is Lillian.

    2. Batman…he can kick Superman’s but…nuff said.

    3. Soda. If you say pop to me I might just punch you in the arm or give you gentle pop to the back of the head. “Is that the kinda pop you wanted?” Of course, I’ve lived in places where people would ask you what flavor “Coke” you wanted. The didn’t mean Vanilla either. All soda was Coke.

    4. I wouldn’t mind being a touch taller and a I could stand to lose a few pounds.

    5. I wanted to be a marine biologist, a archeologist, or a paleontologist when I was growing up. Needless to say I’m none of those things now.

  23. Dude, I’ve been gone a week and have a sh1t load of catching up to do!

    1. If it it’s a boy – David, a girl – Giselle

    2. Storm from the X-Men

    3. Soda Dammit!

    4. I said this before, my lazy bedroom eyes. Men think they’re s3xy but I think they look droopy….

    5. A small animal vetaranarian

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