V. The CW Braintrust

Dear CW Braintrust:

cc: Mara Brock Akil, Chris Rock, Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall, etc.

I’m too lazy annoyed at this moment to look up your names and individually point fingers. The news that came out last week is still disappointing, especially when you consider that I’m an educated pseudo-metrosexual black man (No E. Lynn).

You decided to cancel the last two good African-American black sitcoms. Now, we must again rely upon “The Cosby Show” re-runs. Yes, we’ve supported the likes of Friends, Seinfield, Cheers, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives for years because they apply to our lives, too. But we need something fresh and for us.

The Game's over. And that's not a good thing.

The Game's over. And that's not a good thing.

That’s why “The Game” was so great. It showcased the ins and outs of relationships from all angles — newfound likeness, burgeoning love, differing perspectives on life, marriage, homosexuality, mother to son, teammates and girlfriends.

Then there’s “Everybody Hates Chris,” which I call “The Black Wonder Years.” “The Wonder Years” is my favorite sitcom ever. I love reflective storytelling. That I mention “Chris” in the same sentence as Fred Savage’s lifelong paycheck should tell you what I think about Julius Rock’s headstrong accounting of every penny spent of his three paychecks (he could have run PricewaterhouseCoopers).

It was amazing, and I’m pissed that I’m writing about it in the past tense. It was “40 Rock” times funnier than “The Wonder Years.” But that’s not surprising because of the life story it’s based off of: Chris Rock’s. I’ll say it again: He’s pure genius.

I digress.

How Tyler James Williams should be look at you all after taking away his gig.

How Tyler James Williams should be looking at you all after taking away his gig.

So why did you cut these shows from the CW’s lineup? You tell me. Because of low ratings, right? Well, I’m going to come at you with something I’ve been thinking about since the final season of “Girlfriends.” (Yes, I watched it faithfully [Again, No E. Lynn]. It was great writing, and I am still enamored with/by Toni Childs. Yes, I know she’s crazy.)

Some of you want to blame black people for not watching/supporting these shows. That’s not what it is. More Black people and some others would watch if not for the following ridiculous slotting strategies:

You and your minions lined these shows up on the worst possible days — Monday, then Sunday and finally Friday — the last of which is like putting the show in a lidded fish tank with a jellyfish, and wanting it to get its Macarena Makaveli on (sorry people, Tupac is dead). There aren’t too many upwardly mobile, young blacks people watching television on Friday nights.

Yeah, that’s righ; we’re out at some happy hour hoping to come across Tupac Shakur same as you’re still searching for Elvis Presley. So seriously, why would you stick the best black sitcoms on that night? **crickets**

Before that, there was the Sunday/Monday foolishness. Do you understand why the ratings on these days were so low? Black people are watching football at church all day on Sundays. The next night we’re watching Monday night football so we can see cousin “Ray Ray” Lewis mic’d up on ESPN as he collects 13 tackles, an interception and “conversates” with his teammates.

Thus, you provide us with the dilemma of choosing between family and/or our people. Well, we’re going to choose family first, as you should as well.

I know you all understand this. I also know that you know why you placed these shows in those deathtrap time slots. Kanye would say that you don’t care about black people. Michael would say, “all I gotta say is that they don’t really care about us.” I’ll just say you don’t give a (poop), period.

As I think this through further, your parent company, CBS Corporation, is controlled by the same Redstone family that has majority control of Viacom. And you know what else Viacom owns? VH1, BET and MTV.

I’m no conspiracy theorist, but … you know it wasn’t just Lee Harvey Oswald, don’t you? I’m positing that your superiors see that cashcows in the aforementioned graph doing nothing more than producing more beef — money and drama — in the coming years. This includes: “For The Lust of Brandy’s Brother 2,” Diddy’s “Making The Band — That Will Never Drop B.I.G. Like Voletta ~ Luda” and “Parental (Non-)Control.”

It all makes sense now. My apologies to Mara Brock Akil, Salim Akil, Chris Rock and all of the other good black writers, producers, comedians, actors and viewers who have been shorted by these cancelations. We needed this for us.

But you, the CW Braintrust, have left us with nothing viable to watch. Now, “House of Payne” is a last resort. No, I won’t watch it. I refuse to talk back to the television unless I’m watching my Kansas City Chiefs. Sorry, Tyler.

Turning My Television to The Weather Channel,


P.S. I guess that’s why “Everybody Hates Chris” ~ Ludacris.


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  1. I’m going to have to be honest here and admit that I didn’t watch either of these shows so I can’t rightfully complain about them being cancelled.

    I do agree, however, that the Friday night slot is the ICU for TV shows. This is where they move the shows before they finally kill them off. I hate it when a show I like is taken off the air so I definitely feel for those that were enjoying these two shows.

    • @Tam: So I should blame you and your kind, huh? lol. But Friday, Sundays and Mondays are not places to put new shows and expect them to survive … It won’t happen.

  2. Mayun! Don’t you know? The POTUS is a Black man. Therefore, we don’t need ‘Black’ shows. (Just kidding.) Not only that, but ‘Black’ shows are only useful when networks are new and need to get a quick audience for advertisers. And we all know Black folks love to purchase…And Kool-Aid.

    Have no worry though. I got $7, a video phone, and an internet connection. I shall start the next real Black network and the first one online. One where people speak in complete sentences and women rock ‘3/4′ of cloth’ (Big Up to Method Man).

  3. thecomebackgirl

    “pseudo-metrosexual black man (No E. Lynn).”

    Im utterly kilted by this phrase LOL..let me continue.

  4. thecomebackgirl

    “and I am still enamored with/by Toni Childs. Yes, I know she’s crazy.)”

    ….AND she is a faithful weave wearer…

    let me continue…

  5. thecomebackgirl

    Ok..good letter. I’d really like you to send it.

    And I really want to know what goes on behind CW’s closed doors. Bottom line television is an Ad’s game. Big networks aren’t in it to advance some cultural message. They are in the ad garnering and revenue business.

    To me the BIGGEST problem is how they measure black viewership, given the nielsen box has historically NOT been representative of the black population.

    I did a quick google and per Nielsen this is what we watch:

    4 CSI: MIAMI CBS MONDAY 2,002,000
    8 CSI: NY CBS WEDNESDAY 1,325,000
    9 CSI CBS THURSDAY 1,301,000
    Source: The Nielsen Company (March 30, 2009 – April 3, 2009)


    Its funny how per Nielsen we are interested in the CSI, Criminal minds type shows. The rub is that per their data we make up 12% of the population and watch THE MOST TV. But look at what we watch. You can’t pull programming out of your azz it comes from data which also translates into Ad revenue.

    There still is some questions on Nielsen’s measuring tools. I think if you gotta be pissed at anyone get mad at Nielsen. Also question the data Nielsen is pulling. Look at our viewership behavior. Its evident that the criminal type shows dominate black folks taste level. And you can’t change what black people like.


    above link is regarding the Nielsen Box.

    • @comeback: Crime, Basketball and Song/Dance.

      That sounds about right for black people. smh. IDK, I guess I look at the shows and hold them to a higher standard, and expect people to want to watch them … sorta like our black cult fav movies.

      But yeah, not so much. No black sitcoms can make it five years now … Take out Girlfriends, and the last one seemed to be Urkel (No, I won’t call it “Family Matters.” That was the “Steve Urkel Show.”)

  6. I wish you’d really send them this letter!

    I was pissed to hear that the Game was cancelled. I’ll have to admit, I wasn’t as religious with watching “Everybody Hates Chris,” but I do love that reflective story telling (as you stated).

    I think it was a set up to put it on Friday nights. I often missed the Game because I was trying to take a nap so I could go out later that night. I’d follow up and watch it online but that’s not really counting on their ratings, right?

  7. Good letter. I agree with @cbg; you should send it. I’ll definitely miss both of these shows.

    The Friday night time slot was the worst. Although I faithfully watched Everybody Hates Chris & The Game, I never watched it in real time (did anyone?). I set the DVR and usually watched it on Saturday mornings or afternoons. When the show was moved to Friday nights, everyone knew then that it was the beginning of the end. Despite the letters and petitions, the station was more loyal to it’s financial backers than its loyal viewers. It always comes down to money…smh. Sidebar: When TiVo or DVR picks up and records a series, is this included in the Nielsen data?

    I know that shows usually reach its 100th episode during the 5th season but I’ve lost track. How many seasons was The Game on? Did it even hit 100 episodes? Any chance for syndication? What about Everybody Hates Chris?

    I know that BET shows the re-runs and it has been rumored that BET and other stations were considering picking up The Game…not sure how true this is but even if picked up, it most likely won’t be the same. I don’t see people getting back into it only to have it cancelled again.

    BTW, I loved the “No E. Lynn” references and the Wonder Years reference. I loved The Wonder Years when I was growing up & it is definitely a classic. Kevin & Winnie forever. πŸ™‚

    • @shawnta: I’m curious about the Nielsen data question that you asked. I’ll look. I’d figure that it would be included because the receiver is set to that channel and is recording the feed.

      I’ll try to send it to the parties involved.

      The Game was in it’s third season. I know for a fact that it didn’t reach 100 episodes. Maybe 50 or so …. And it’d be nice if another station picked up. It would make sense because the show is that good. So is Everybody hates Chris …

      _And yeah, I love the Wonder Years. Can’t get enough of Winnie & Kevin.

  8. Yeah, I could never catch either show on the Friday night slot. Not sure of everyone else’s area, but in my neck of the woods, before the change in timeslots, they used to show the previous week’s episodes on Sunday afternoons.

    I hear now they are doing a remake of Melrose Place…WTF?!

  9. I was not a faithful watcher of ‘The Game’ because when it first came on it was a spin-off of ‘Girlfriends’ (my all-time favorite sitcom) and then ‘Girlfriends’ got cancelled and didn’t even give us a final episode. So, with that said, I was bitter about ‘The Game’s start and so I didn’t really watch it that much. I didn’t give myself time to get connected with any of the characters. From what I did see the show was good but it won’t be sorely missed by me.

    ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ was a great show until Tyler James Williams started looking like he was 19. I knew the show was going to get cancelled soon because to get another child actor would have been suicide to the sitcom and the actor we had was getting taller and voice getting deeper. It was inevitable…

    • @jlbd: yeah, Tyler went LeBron on us pretty quick. But that’s how kids grow up. He kinda lost the ability to play the quirky little kid getting beat up by Caruso. He was bigger than Caruso… lol.

  10. *raises fist in the air*

    this letter was great. you should send it to CW. EHChris was one of the funniest shows i’ve seen in a longggg time. [Terry Crews: “who threw this chicken bone out??? that’s 1.29 worth of chicken left.”] the game was pure genius. stories that are very relevant and relatable to US. the show’s visual aspect was great. almost like a 30 minute documentary [i am a sucker for good editing and cinematics].

    i guess us black folk will have to suffer through all of EBT’s horrible shows: college hill, baldwin hills, harlem heights, and all of their blackbuster movies.

  11. I am so sick over this I can’t even put words to it! I am sick and tired of being used by these second rate networks. First Fox did it with Martin, Living Single and the like, and the CW has done it with Girlfriends, The Game and EHC.

    I was a faithful watcher of these last three shows, as were many other Black viewers. Its not everyday that a smart, funny, adult sitcom with fab Black actors comes across your TV screen, and this is why I was such a loyal watcher. Because I knew how important it was to support those shows.

    No, I didn’t have a Nielson ratings box, but then, how many Black people do? Even so, these shows STILL had strong, respectable ratings, and brought in millions in ad revenue (that would be you Tide, McDonalds and GMC).

    No, the ratings were not that of Grey’s Anantomy or Desperate Housewives, but neither was Gilmore Girls’ or Seventh Heaven’s, and Lord knows they let those boring shows hang on for far too long. But the difference was that UPN/CW gave those shows a finale. The actors and viewers were given closure by having a proper final episode. I won’t even start in on how unceremoniously Girlfriends was snatched off the air (I’m still WAY too salty).

    So I say all this to ask a question: Why? Why do they cancel our shows when there is good writing and acting? Why do they cancel our shows when there is a dedicated demographic, and they know their third-tier network needs all the viewers they can get? What is it about Black shows and/or Black viewers that they hate so much? Why pick up these shows in the first place (Wait, scratch that one. We all know why)? Why is that Jag and Lost can be saved by irate fans bombarding message boards, but our shows can’t? Why can’t we, as loyal viewers, get a a proper good-bye?

    Seriously, I want answers CW!!

    • @beautynoire: I really want to know why the major networks don’t make efforts to include a black or Hispanic sitcom or two … the last ones I can think of are My Wife & Kids, The Bernie Mac Show and The George Lopez Show …

      and i’m talking about CBS, NBC, ABC & Fox … That’s where the really problem is. Each of the shows I named actually did fairly well, and stayed on the air.

      The networks know they can draw an audience. Why not mix and match? Throw an Everybody Hates Chris like sitcom after 40 Rock … Loads of white people would watch because they love Chris Rock … smh. idk.

  12. So sad. Actually, we just learned that the only hip hop and R&B station in Pittsburgh, WAMO, has been sold and will become a Christian talk radio station in June. I just don’t see how it’s going to work. The black community needs media to rally around. In this case, we suffer and black small business owners suffer. It’s tragic.

  13. Lest we forget the following:

    The CW is a result of the merger between the WB and UPN

    Let’s look at the beginnings of UPN:
    Moesha, The Hughleys, The Parkers, and Girlfriends.

    Later, UPN would start up Everybody Hates Chris, America’s Next Top Model (which we’ll count ’cause Tyra is ANTM and black).

    The Hughleys would go on to be so successful at drawing in a certain black demographic that Fox would copycat and create The Bernie Mac Show and ABC would eat its words (having canceled The Hughleys first) and create My Wife and Kids.

    Everyone take a moment to ponder the ending of these shows… if you can even remember. As a hint, Moesha’s series finale was a cliffhanger…

    Next, let’s check the WBs credentials:

    The Wayans Bros, The Parent ‘Hood, Sister, Sister (picked up from ABC as well), The Steve Harvey Show and For Your Love

    Please also take a minute to remind yourself of the demise of these shows, IF you can remember.

    And we won’t EVEN get started on Fox who brought us GREAT black starred shows like Living Single, New York Undercover, Martin and In Living Color…

    See, and this sticks with me everytime some mess like this happens, in the (paraphrased) words of Dawnn Lewis, it’s as if these networks say that these black actors are good enough to help get the network off the ground, but NOT good enough to keep it going. (from Terri J. Vaughn’s film, Angels Can’t Help But Laugh)

    • @ASmith: Good point about the other black shows (also, Bernie Mac) that have come & gone and the stations that ultimately met their demise in a merger…this isn’t the first time & won’t be the last time but it’s still frustrating, annoying and just so wrong.

    • @ASmith

      You make excellent points about the past black shows that have been good but somehow just disappeared. ‘The Wayan’s Bros’ was another great show that didn’t get a final episode. It’s just sad…

    • *starts slow clap* … this is an amazing chronicling. It makes an obvious point: The CW, WB, UPN and Fox were all built on black programming …

      But they’ve all moved away from it, and now … we’re left with House of Payne. smh.

      • @Damon: Don’t forget Meet the Browns. Craziness. smh too…

        • @shawnta: I don’t do hood Tyler Perry. ever. I do “wanna-be sophisticated, I’ma tell you I’m a doctor 30 times before the opening credits” Tyler Perry movies. lol.

          • @Damon: I hear you & agree. I cannot get into House of Payne and don’t plan to watch Meet the Browns. I honestly don’t understand how these shows do as well as they do. Who is watching? Not anyone I know…unless they’re closet fans.

            • @shawnta: Black people are … and people who want to believe that this is how black people act … *frowns*

              • I actually know a woman that turns it on to Tyler Perry’s sitcoms and mutes the tv and gets on the phone….her philosophy: it’s a black show, and even though I don’t like it I’m still supporting it….I’m sure there are many others like her…

                • @jlbd: that only works if she has a Nielsen box in her house … lol.

                  But I guess it’s like going to the movies and buying a Tyler Perry movie ticket but going to see a different film. lol.

  14. @Shawnta’: You’re right. This is definitely NOT going to be the last time, because the companies can get away with it…

    @jlbd: I HATE when they don’t give them appropriate final episodes. It drives me APE SHIT. πŸ™‚

    @Damon: First, thanks for the slow clap. As you know, I appreciate a good slow clap… As for House of Payne… it’s come a long way (but look where it started) I don’t get it, though. Let’s keep the coonery, let’s do away with the intellect. God help us when the Negroes wanna look like we have sense. JEESH.

    • House of Payne is an SMHer on too many levels. I’ve only watched four or five episodes, but it’s clearly not up to the level of “The Game” or “Everybody Hates Chris.”

      But that brand of black humor is what sells. Sorry, though: I don’t do shucking & jiving. lol.

  15. I hope that they’re successful with shopping around The Game to other networks and it gets picked back up…and picked up as a COMEDY and not a dramatic whatever the hell they wanted it to be… I need the laugh track. lol

  16. Sorry Dame, I never watched “The Game” in length. I tried the first couple episodes but they weren’t holding my attention (the way the coonery of VH1 does, smh at myself)…

    I do think there is a problem with black sitcoms in general. Even with “Cosby” was on, it was the only one until “A Different World” spun-off.

    Re: “House of Payne”. That has to be the most ridiculous display of non-TV actors I have ever seen. It just looks like an updated mentrual show (sort of like “Martin”, but not nearly as funny).

    I still miss watching “Girlfriends” (and comparing it to “Sex In The City”)…I hear there is a “Girlfriends” movie slated in the future. And, in case anyone cares, it was reported that “The cancellation of Girlfriends is the by-product of the WGA strike.”

    • @moni: Girlfriends started heading south when Jill Marie Jones left the show. I don’t blame the show. Jill should have known her role (~The Rock) and kept playing it, Toni Childs. We’d all have been happy.

      I have a twisted piece about how I think the show should have ended, though. I might post it here. We’ll see.

      you need to read ASMITH’s first comment. It gives a reasonable explanation concerning black shows disappearing. One I hadn’t pieced together. But it’s obvious ….

      • Oh goodness, Damon… we are >here< on Jill Marie. She effed up a good thing

        And where has she been since?

        Oh. I know. That movie with Ice Cube and the girl from Akeelah and the Bee. Oh and commercials for alcohol. Man… she's gotta feel stupid.

        A Girlfriends movie would blow my mind. It would blow most people's minds how many black females would show up for that movie.

      • Although I hate to admit it, Toni Childs was a prominent figure on that show. That’s the genius behind the show and Monica I agree it had the same appeal as Sex In The City. The show would not have been the same if either Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, or Charlotte had left. The same was for ‘Girlfriends’. Well all needed the smart, big sister appeal of Joan, the quirky and slutty nature of Lynn, the ‘hood, keepin’ it real funny aspect of Mya and the crazy, gold-digging, nutcase scenario called Toni Childs. She was a strong force and it was definitely downhill after she left. But, I still loved it just as much 😦

        • @jlbd@moni: The genius of that show wasn’t the relationships that were had with the men … they were clearly a dime a dozen.

          The genius was the relationship between Joan and Toni, and the struggle that was there from childhood to adulthood.

          In many ways they were the same character, completely flawed when it came to love, both searching for it, but not having a clue as to how to get there. And though they took different perspectives, neither ever found it (as far as I’m concerned). But they always had each other.

          Once that was gone, the show honestly had little reason to live on…

          • oh GOSH… >here< we are AGAIN.

            That is such a fresh perspective on this show and rings so true in my ears (er… eyes). It used to burn me up how Joan would always take Toni back. It seemed like such a wretched relationship, but in Toni's absence you see there's an absence for Joan. Honestly, I didn't like how the show was unable to fully address what Toni's absence meant to Joan (because Jill Marie left and wouldn't reappear even to properly write her character out). I think in having to do that, the show lost a lot of what it was all about. Those friendships you have that go through rough times and sometimes feel burdensome but somehow always come out the other side better for the wear, stronger and more important ready to catch you when those less-thans (often, in this show, the men) let you down.

            Sigh… this was truly a great show. A GREAT show. I'm gonna have to go home and watch one of the discs from Season 1… and maybe buy Season 2 as a treat.

          • Uhhhh, Toni did end up with Todd and Joan did end up with ol’ boy in the military (I forgot his name)….lol

            I think the genius was behind making the characters interactions with each other so strong. It got to a point where we needed them to foil off each other and if one character was missing we could all feel it. They tried to make Monica like a psuedo Toni, but she was with William and it just wasn’t the same…

            • @jlbd: they sent her to be with Todd and Morgan. Did they say anything about them working stuff out? And if they did, do you think that really would last considering how nuts she is? (I know Monica is about to shake her head if/when she reads this).

              And Joan’s fiance was off at war when the show ended. I won’t even tell you what I think happened. I’ll just say this: Joan was meant to be alone. just my thoughts.

              I thoroughly enjoyed the Monica character, and the actress who played her. She actually wrote a couple of the episodes. Her name is slipping my memory at the moment …

              • @Damon

                Way to much analyzing on your part. I see how you are digging deeper into the characters and dismissing the show all together, but I still think Toni did love Todd very much and wanted to make it work if nothing more than for Morgan’s sake. Toni started to develop into someone who wasn’t as heartless and shallow as the Toni we saw on the early seasons.

                In terms of Joan, let me tell you that you are about to make many a single, successful and lonely woman mad with your comment about her. I don’t think she was meant to end up alone because she wanted love WAAAAAYYYYY too passionately. She wanted a man that would love her and the military dude loved her even with her quirky and overly emotional ways. There are many women out there like her and I strongly think that she had done alot for herself and expected a man to do just as much if not more for her in the end. Think long and hard about what I wrote about Joan and think again about the email you forwarded me earlier today….just sayin…

                • @jlbd: Let’s get this straight: I didn’t forward you anything. lol. I don’t send forwards. lol.

                  I understand you. I’ll have to explain my thought process to you … better yet. I’ll send a link e-mail. It’ll make sense.

                  • LOL! Touche’

                    And, I understand what you were saying in your previous blog, but I still think there’s a man that is patient and strong enough to deal with Joan’s spastic behavior. I mean, think about other people that we know that have found love and are crazy in so many ways…(you shouldn’t have to think hard πŸ˜‰ there are plenty that come to mind for me, heck I could be one of those people…lmao!)

                    I do think that Toni’s relationship with Joan was very much crucial and I wanted to see them reconcile as well. I really could feel Joan’s pain because I had briefly lost a friend and it hurt me so bad, but one day years later that friend called me, apologized, and we found our way back to each other. The show was focused on the strong and important bond of sisterhood and each character had an important role to play…

                    • @jlbd: I just wanted you to see my point. There’s an importance to that relationship between Toni and Joan that often gets looked over …

                      ASmith mentions it in her comment below.

                      And with what I sent you, you can see how it all comes together in my mind. Besides, what would a “Girlfriends” movie without Toni be? Horrific.

                      And people do find love in the oddest ways. But some people were meant to be alone. Do I think that Joan should be alone forever? no.

                      But do I think that’s the way the show should end, and it then has a symmetry that runs through it? yeah.

                      Just my thoughts, though.

          • Damon, I actually agree with what you’re saying, somewhat. I’d never thought about it like that, but I think so much of this show was about what relationships, especially friendships amongst women are all about. And it’s not always fun or nice, sometimes it’s hard and awkward but the hope is that you come out the other side better for the trial and more supportive of one another.

            We’re shown relationships between black women through the lens of said women trying to create meaningful relationships with men.

            However, I DO think they both found what they were looking for. What bothers me is that having to write Toni out of the show might lead to a reading that says once they found what they were looking for (or, rather, one of them found what they were looking for — as only Toni had her “man” when she left) then they no longer needed each other.

            I think one reason it seems the show went south without Toni is because the show wasn’t just about Joan trying to find a man who could accept her and all her flaws, it was about so much more than that and we see it in her relationship with Toni, I think, moreso than her relationship with Lynn, Mya or (later) Monica. With no Toni, our attention had to go back to Joan’s search for a man and that gets boring after a while…

            • @asmith: The relationship between Joan and Toni is the focal point of the entire show. Then Mya, Then William and finally Lynn’s strange self …

              But that primary relationship is what made the show. They were the two strongest characters. The most dominant.

              And when Toni left, it was like watching a football team trying to play itself in the SuperBowl. Not feasible.

  17. I’m lovin’ the Girlfriends dialogue on here. I miss that show & its “crazy” characters.

    • @Shawnta’

      Girl I’m telling you that show was the bizness! I am so heart broken by it’s cancellation and the way it was done was just wrong. I think this show had a bigger affect on the bond and sisterhood amongst women and especially black women than many people would like to acknowledge. It showed us being successful, beautiful, in-shape, family oriented, with money in the bank….yet, it showed our flaws and how complex our lives are all around. I swear the William character was comparable to how Damon is to me….lol (of course from Toni or Mya’s standpoint because Joan dated him and Lynn was his bust it buddy)…lol!

      • @jlbd…Your clarification on the William/Damon comparison is hilarious.

        • @Shawnta’

          Yeah, I had to let it be known that we have always been and will always be strictly platonic…lol, it is very possible…. πŸ™‚

          • @jlbd: I hear you. Clarification is good (& helpful) but I got where you were going with it.

            Are you getting excited for your wedding?

            • @Shawnta’

              I am very much excited, thanks for asking πŸ™‚

              When I first got engaged I was so caught up in everything that I was trying to do it all at once and was stressing myself and my fiance’ out. I’ve kind of taken a breather now that I have the venues booked. We were in Jamaica last week and saw like 10 different weddings being done on the beach. It all looked so peaceful…

              • @jlbd: Very cool. Good for you! I can relate to finding peace with all the planning and actually enjoying the engagement. A lot of people think the engagement period = work, stress and chaos when instead it’s actually the time to enjoy and bond even more with your fiance`.

                • @Shawnta’

                  Yeah, we’ll see how long the bliss lasts…lol, I’m trying to keep Bridezilla tamed!

                  • But let’s pretend Bridezilla breaks free, know that we’ll all support some video documenting. πŸ™‚

                    Congrats on your engagement AND finding your happy place with all the planning. I’m helping a friend plan hers and I’m about to swear off any type of ceremony. Give me food and the courthouse. Seriously. πŸ™‚

                    • @ASmith

                      Real talk, after all this stuff is said and done, I’m sure I will wish I had gone to the courthouse and had a backyard barbecue to celebrate…smh @ myself…

                    • @jlbd: You might feel that way but maybe (hopefully) not.

                      I definitely felt that way. In fact, after the ceremony I asked my husband if he thought our mothers would kill/forgive us if we skipped the reception…needless to say, we went but seriously on our wedding day we were so ready to get the show on the road and wondering why we didn’t elope to begin with.

      • @jlbd@shawnta: I have been watching this dialogue from my phone and unable to respond to this commentary.

        I own up to my Williamness from all fronts. If you don’t catch my drift, let’s try it this way:

        “No more Big Willie/My game is GROWN/prefer you call me William.” ~ Jay-Z


  18. @jlbd: I completely agree. It was a GREAT show. I miss it too. I still watch the reruns but it’s not the same. I didn’t like that it ended with no closure. 😦

  19. It still baffles me as to why “some” people really don’t give Tyler the same kind of love we give shows like the Game, Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris? I watched all of those shows faithfully, if for no other reason because I love to see people of color doing their thing on Network Television. I am even more impressed that T.P. was able to do what he has done, in such a short period of time. He will be the one deciding for the “most” part when he is ready to be done with this. CW has been doing this for years now, I loved All of Us and they canceled that…SMH, just crazy.

  20. i was a big fan of The Game, but i seriously didn’t even know it was still on the air until February when i happened to be at my brother’s girlfriend’s apartment getting ready to go to a Ne-Yo concert. i thought, you know, since Girlfriends got snatched away from me in such a harsh manner that they took The Game along with it. Everybody Hates Chris was a lovely show, too. i remember watching a rerun (that was pretty new to me lol) on a Sunday and Tyler James Woods looked about 22 lol. he grew up!

    it’s such a shame. you always know when your favorite show’s gonna get the axe when it comes on a Friday night — there’s just no escaping it. i still weep for Boston Public, Martin, Living Single, NY Undercover (big saaaad tears for NY Undercover, lemme tell ya), all the shows that have been mentioned previously by everyone else.
    smh @ all of this.
    loving the dialogue about Girlfriends. *still cryin’ silent tears*
    ASmith threw DOWN with that 1st comment. got me thinkin’ hard now.

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