FRQs: Living Single

So next week, I’m going to start the week off with a letter to single women about why they’re single. SMH, I know. I’ve had quite a few conversations surrounding this topic with several friends in recent weeks. So I’m going to take a stab at it. Thus, the Def Poetry from Kansas City’s own Dana Gilmore.

Don’t know what else we’ve got coming next week, but Monday might be a firecracker.

Anyway, the Five Random Questions:

1. What song do you groove to in private but wouldn’t claim in public?

2. What’s your favorite sitcom from childhood (exclude The Cosby Show)?

3. What’s your favorite number? Why?

4. How many times have you lied (stretched the truth beyond recognition) today? (Hard to count, huh?)

5. Are people with a larger bandwidth of power likely to abuse their power more, the same or less as someone without as much power? (loaded question, I know … but this bore from a good discussion earlier this week)


47 responses to “FRQs: Living Single

  1. 1. Too Short- Freaky Tails (or any other Too Short song for that matter). His songs are extremely degrading to women but I love the beats and the lyrics are creatively put together.

    2. Full House – Two words: Uncle Jesse

    3. 5 – it’s a nice round odd number

    4. Sadly I’ve lost count, but to be fair most of it was done when I was young, dumb, and didn’t realize the consequences of my actions.

    5. Yes and yes…

    • @jlbd: Freaky Tales is the cut. I might have to ride with that tomorrow …

      on 2, … side-eyeing for crushing on that Moose-wearing Elvis Presley wannabe.

      on 3, 5 is my second fav.

      you ain’t answer four right. lol.

      on 5, good.

    • @jlbd: I’m with you on Too Short…raunchy but good beats. However, I’ll claim it in public if played but it is rarely played.

  2. 1. Umm it is some song by the Jonas Brothers..I can’t think of the name right now but that’s my jam (*hangs head in shame*)

    2. Alf

    3. The number 1 because that’s my line number.

    4. I’m sure I’ve stretched the truth today in order to not hurt someone’s feeling “no you shirt isn’t ugly” but I haven’t told any blatant lies today.

    5. Of course it depends on the person but I’d have to say MORE. “With great power comes great responsibility” (c) Spiderman. The more power you have the more damage you can do by abusing that power.

    -I can’t wait for the letter on why single women are still single…..

    • @theacecaptain: Alf was a great show … loved, loved, loved it …

      You should hang your head in shame about the jonas brothers. I just want them to grow up and experience life … smh.

      on 5, I’m glad you see this. I have an intriguing discussion on Sunday with a few people about power … and they totally disagreed with my abuse of power spiel.

    • @Tam: Aww…I remember Alf. It wasn’t my fave but it was a good show.

  3. 1. Tip Drill….I know….stop judging me!

    2. Golden Girls, and coming in at a close second, Roseanne.

    3. Three. Not only because it’s my line number, but for the Trinity.

    4. The only lies I’ve told today are to myself…

    5. Yes. Even people with perceived power abuse it, so if you have legitimate power (and no moral compass) you more than likely use your power to get your way.

    • @moni: I asked these questions to eminem (think that through) last night, and she said Tip Drill, too. *smh at Bijoux* lol.

      I watched the Golden Girls faithfully as a kid. Can’t do it as an adult. … I don’t know why, but you saying Golden Girls remind me of “Who’s The Boss?” and how much I enjoyed that show as well.

      on 4, I think that if you’ve told yourself lies, and you admit it… you’re no longer lying to yourself.

      • You know, the significance of “Tip Drill” to Bijoux is unexplainable…but, I can say it was out during the time we came out and there’s a running joke behind it…

        I love Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia. Sex and the City (and Girlfriends) were like prequels to Golden Girls.

        Re: Lying. Well, it’s a familiar pastime…I’m trying to replace it with this theory of optimism (*rolling eyes and smh). I’m seeking the help of a white boot princess…

        • Lovely Paradox

          I love Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia. Sex and the City (and Girlfriends) were like prequels to Golden Girls.

          That is so true. I heart the Golden Girls… If there is ever an ode to female friendships, it’s that show.

    • Monica

      I’m not judging you….I still bump ‘Tip Drill’ in my car to this day and put it on repeat…LMAO!

    • @Moni: I can’t judge you. I like Tip Drill as well.

  4. . Anything by R Kelly most notably “trapped in the closet” the first one…LOL
    2. A different world/fresh prince of bel air
    3 1….because of the power…,and It is in every other number but no other can break it down…..
    4 twice…..
    5. I don’t think they are any more likely to abuse power.. I don’t think power is the key to the abuse the person is.. as someone stated above, the more power the more damage but the key is the integrity of the person with the power……

    • @shay_d_lady: But you don’t think the integrity is swayed by the power at all?

      “in west philadelphia born and raised …”

      @rkelly: smh. We frown upon your shenanigans. lol.

      • I am new to this site so I dont know if its to late to respond? I cant pull you up at work…Great site by the way!!!

        to answer you question is integrity swayed by power? yes, but some can withstand and some cant.. also I am interested to know how you define abuse…

    • @shay_d_lady: I love R.Kelly’s music but I just can’t get with Trapped in the Closet. Funny.

  5. 1. A certain 36 Mafia song with the line “the naturally curly hair/please don’t touch.” That’s all I’m saying because I’m embarrassed by the fact that I know the lyrics to the song. lol.

    2. The Wonder Years. I explained this in “The CW Braintrust” letter.

    3. 11. It’s half of my dad’s playing number, 22. It’s also one twice over. *shrugs*

    4. I don’t think I’ve lied today. I’ve actually been pretty damn blunt with a choice village idiot.

    5. People with power will abuse it. Kwame. Edwards. Clinton. Marion, etc.

    • @damon: Your #4 is pretty funny. 🙂

    • @damon: Oh, and I am mad at you for your #1. Hilarious.

    • The sad part about your #1 is that I love a 36 Mafia song where the lyrics go something like ‘J.Lo behinds, big ol’ arse, round and fat’….lol, I know I know **hangs head in shame**

    • @shawnta@jlbd:

      I grew up with hood music as a part of my diet. JLBD knows this.

      But that part of me is locked away, and the key is some place safe. I bring it out only around my fellas to reminisce about the good ole days …

      Another one: “Eff them other negroes, cause I’m down for me negroes.” lol.

      • Damon,

        Yeah, don’t forget those years in undergrad when you burned me those cds and put your own unsolicited bonus tracks on there for my listening pleasure. You introduced me to Lil’ Flip…don’t act like your desire for ‘hood music has completely disappeared…

        I proudly embrace ‘hood music because I am one of those people that never took it seriously. It was intended to make us bob our heads or bounce our arses in the club and that’s it. It’s just too bad that many of the ‘hood and surburban kids actually took alot of it seriously and made it into a lifestyle and/or culture. But, I guess all that had to exist for the music to be born in the first place…**shrugs shoulders**

        • yo, I proudly listened to Master P from 95 to about 2001 … But I grew up …

          I really understand why our parents and their generation got at us the way they did for the music we listened to … But yeah, smh for sure …

          • You and me both! I loved Master P and all the rest of the No Limit Clan, all that west coast gangsta rap was the ish and I can’t understand how my mom let me listen to Snoop’s Doggystyle when it first came out b/c I was only like going on 13…lol. But yeah, the new stuff can’t even get my attention b/c like you said, we all grew up and to bump the old stuff is just to reminisce about what we may have been doing during that time, and then once we get our fix, it’s over and time to listen to some grown folks music…lol!

    • #1 are you referring to “slob on my knob”?

  6. Def Poetry…classic genius.

    1. Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha

    2. Now you KNOW I can’t choose just one. LOL! It’s a tie for Wonder Years & Family Ties but I also liked Growing Pains, Perfect Strangers (did anyone else watch PS?), Who’s The Boss & Cheers. It sounds like all I did was watch TV as a child but I LOVED reading and read all the time too (still do).

    3. 7 – I’ve always liked this number even before knowing it’s the number of completion. It took me 7 years to finish school, my husband & I dated for 7 years before getting engaged, I’m the oldest of 5 so we were a family of 7, etc., etc., etc.

    4. I lied to a senior attorney and told them I can’t work late tonight. It’s Friday and I came in early to avoid working late. Besides, I did that 2 weeks ago and I refuse to let it become a habit because then they’ll expect it every Friday.

    5. Yes; this definitely seems to be the case.

    • @shawnta: I’ll show you part of the reason why i keep using UncleRush’s Def Poetry …

      Now I also love Def Poetry, and think it was a brilliant show. But …

  7. Random: Well, not so random #2 made me think about this…did anyone watch Mork & Mindy? I could not get into that show. My cousin watched it ALL the time…loved Happy Days and I guess went straight into Mork & Mindy. We had to share the TV when we were all at my grandma’s house. Grrrr….

  8. 1. “If You Seek Amy” – it’s really a fun song…lol!

    2. It’s not a sitcom…but I didn’t miss an episode – “Knots Landing.” “Roseanne” would be the actual sitcome…but it would be second.

    3. 8…you turn it sideways and it lasts always…:)

    4. 0 – I ain’t got to lie to kick it!

    5. More…it’s human nature.

    • I loved ‘Knots Landing’….that’s when Nicolette Sheridan was actually reall naturally beautiful and didn’t look like the plastic we saw recently on ‘Desperate Housewives’

      Does anyone remember that show ‘Out of this World’ with the girl Evie and her dad was an alien? I loved that show…

      • Yeah!! The theme song was an old Frank Sinatra song. It went “Would you like to swing on a star?/Carry moonbeams all in a jar?” I used to love that show. It came on after “Small Wonder.”

        *As I’ve said before, I’m a consumer of all things pop culture. If there’s some obscure pop reference, especially television, nine times out of 10, I’m going to know it. Sad, but true.

        • Yes! You remember, and I loved ‘Small Wonder’ too…ahh, the good years when tv was still good and not laced with reality shows and cooning…smh

    • I loved ‘Knots Landing’….that’s when Nicolette Sheridan was actually really naturally beautiful and didn’t look like the plastic we saw recently on ‘Desperate Housewives’

      Does anyone remember that show ‘Out of this World’ with the girl Evie and her dad was an alien? I loved that show…

      • @jlbd: That title & description sound familiar but I really can’t remember it. I’ll have to Google it.

  9. 1. If I told you this, it wouldn’t be private, now would it?

    2. Different World and Golden Girls

    3. 3. I did one of those magic number quizzes as a kid and 3 was supposed to be my lucky number.

    4. None yet, but the day’s still young.

    5. They’ll abuse power to the same degree, but there are varying factors to that question. You have to take into account the person’s family and personal life, what they would gain from the stretch of power and who it would affect. Too much for a Friday, D. Scott 😦

    • @aye: Aww….Different World. I loved Whitley Gilbert. 🙂

      • The show improved 10-fold after Denise left. Sad, but true. Dwayne and Whitley are one of my favorite TV couples of all time, right behind Martin and Gina. Different World was one of the reasons I wanted to go to college (that and School Daze). I really wanted to go to an HBCU, but got stuck going to Mizzou. Go Tigers!

        • @aye

          Same here! I remember ‘Different World’ did get alot better after Denise left and the theme music with Aretha Franklin still has me singin’ that song like I actually went to an HBCU. Of course you know I ended up at MU too (go tigers!) but I really wanted to go to an HBCU as well. I had gotten accepted to Xavier, Clark Atlanta, and U. of Arkansas Pine Bluff, but mama was like ‘girl, you’re going where they’re giving you money…mmkay?’….lol!

          • Mine, too!! But I didn’t want to be anywhere near St. Louis. I got accepted to Hampton and was about to send my app to Howard when my mama cut that short and said I had to stay close to home. Ugh!

    • at your No. 1, that’s why I didn’t name mine … lol.

      at 5, I know … but I had to ask it. It was an hour-long discussion … and I love proving points to people thru others thoughts.

  10. Lovely Paradox

    Hello! Kinda new to the site. I’ve read a few times but this is my first time commenting.

    Let me tackle the questions:

    1. What song do you groove to in private but wouldn’t claim in public?
    “Pop Champagne”… I heart that song but have been hesitant to admit it in public… Guess I just did uh?

    2. What’s your favorite sitcom from childhood (exclude The Cosby Show)?
    The Nanny…. I know, I know… but I thought Fran was so flyyyyyy… (and I still watch the reruns… *hangs head in shame*

    3. What’s your favorite number? Why?
    7. It feels like the middle of the road. I have a map system in my head for numbers… They are a bit like staircases/scales… Idk how to explain it… but 7 is at a pretty nice spot, right before it curves to go to 8… *did I also mention that I might be a bit touched in the head?*

    4. How many times have you lied (stretched the truth beyond recognition) today? (Hard to count, huh?)

    5. Are people with a larger bandwidth of power likely to abuse their power more, the same or less as someone without as much power? (loaded question, I know … but this bore from a good discussion earlier this week)

    I am on the fence with this one. Logically people with a lot of power can inflict greater strife on others, thus even if the abuse is minimal, it can appear enormous. In my experience, people with a limited of power who KNOW that they have just this limited level of power are more likely to want to abuse it… just because of the “trapped” feeling they may experience… i.e the bouncer at the club, the clerk at a government office (or is that only in my home country?), and so on and so forth…

    • @lovelyparadox: Welcome …

      Pop Champagne is an interesting choice. I remember that show “the Nanny,” but never watched it …

      Your answer to No. 3. *SMH* confusing … is it 7 or 8. Or both. lol.

      On 5, it’s complex. The way you spin it interesting … cause i can certainly see the bouncer and gov’t clerk … both abuse their power because they don’t like their jobs …

    • @LP: Welcome! On your #3…lol – don’t let @damon pressure you into ONE answer. 🙂

      The Nanny was alright but her voice (her laugh in particular drove me crazy).

      I like your #1 as well.

  11. This article made me think of another show I loved growing up – Reading Rainbow. It isn’t a sitcom but definitely was a fave.

  12. 1. anything i jam to in private i jam to in public. i think my friends would be surprised to find various Gucci Mane songs on my iPod.
    sidenote: in april of 2008 my cousin & i actually took the time out of our night to make a “No Limit vs. Cash Money” mix CD haha. he lost it a week later. i’m still mad.

    2. Boy Meets World, hands down.

    3. my favorite number is 27.

    4. amazingly, i haven’t. but it’s only 2:20 — there’s still the rest of the day to look forward to lol.

    5. more. chicago politics (and politics in illinois in general lol) has taught me this oh so very well.

  13. 1. hmm now that’s a hard one. Probably Celine Dion – Because you loved me

    2. British – Are You Being Served?
    American would be either – A Different World or The Jeffersons

    3. 6. I was born on the 6th of April at 6:06 am and weighed in at 6lbs 6oz. Yes, I know that’s a lot of 6’s.

    4. none. i haven’t spoken to a soul today.

    5.I’d think they’d abuse it more just because they have it. It’s the new trend here in my city with politics.I think people with small amounts of power try to do better so they can obtain more power and when they get it, they go crazy!

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