The RE:Introduction

This must be Skillz throwing up those "gang signs." lol ...

This must be Skillz throwing up those "gang signs" while Jazz gets his grind on for 15 minutes before the drama ensues ... Great night in KC... ruined.

There’s been a lot of buzz around this blog in the last day or so. Mostly thanks to DJ Jazzy Jeff (@djjazzyjeff215) and the good people of Twitter and Facebook who are sharing the link to the “DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Power & Light” letter.

That said, I want to briefly explain what This May Concern You is: It’s an innovative movement to make the reader pause in a moment of self-reflection while also seeing America through open letters. You want to know what’s wrong with our great nation? America is morally bankrupt. These are the Chapter 11 letters.

Some of the letters are hard-hitting, while others are whimsical and self-deprecating. Some get deeply personal, while others speak directly to a celebrity or a specific issue like my disdain for people who send forwards. The first 60-plus letters — which are part of project that’s nearing completion — are listed in the “list of letters.” The second set — which includes letters from Monica, myself and a host of characters — are listed under the “RE:TMCY” tab.

We post two or three letters a week, a vignette or two and Five Random Questions every Fridays.

Here are a few of my favorite letters so that you can get a feel for where this is headed:

3. Kanye West’s Hair. … Literally a letter to his hair, before he cut it.
4. Exclamation Mark Misuse. … I abhor the misuse of exclamation marks. I’m a writer. What do you expect?
9. The People Who Think I’m Gay. … Some people think this, and they think wrong.
30. The Iraqi Who Threw His Shoes at W. … Better than Janet and Nipplegate, but it’s deeper than the jokes.
31. Michael Jackson. … A microcosm of why America is obsessed with image and plastic surgery. 
33. Tim Tebow. … How can you bet against God’s chose college QB? I did, and lost.
41. Weave-Wearing Women. … LL Cool J messed this up for us all with the first few lines of “Around The Way Girl.”
49. Removable Facebook Friends. … Admit it, there are some people you really want to delete. I explain the most annoying kind of Facebook friend in this post.
53. Non-Blacks Who Want to Understand Why Some Blacks Support Mike Vick.
… You want to understand race relations? I take a sincere crack at explaining our differences.
58. Mark Cronin. … I’m not a fan of VH1. Cronin produces most of their shows.

II. Freddie Facebooker… Monica writes to the guy who keeps texting/facebooking her and won’t call.
VII. Pedestal Patty(s)
… a letter to some women who continually complain that there are no good men out there that tells them about themselves.


2 responses to “The RE:Introduction

  1. “This May Concern You is: It’s an innovative movement to make the reader pause in a moment of self-reflection while also seeing America through open letters. ”

    @damon: This is a great “re”introduction for new all visitors: lurkers, lurkers recently turned commenters & the regulars.

  2. I don’t need a reintroduction because I’ve been around for a while. I’m happy to see your blog getting the attention it deserves. I look forward for many more insightful, interesting, hilarious letters.

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