IX. Trigger-Happy Pro-Life People

To Scott Roeder (The God-Fearing Man Who Allegedly Killed The Abortion Doctor) & Your So-Called Friends Who Didn’t Stop You,

You clearly lost your mind and your religion for a few hours a few Sundays ago. Or, there’s a better chance that you never had it. I’m going to spell this out for you very simply: “Murder” does not beget murder in God’s eyes. An eye for an eye is a policy best suited for Oedipus, and Oedipus alone.

Get that? No? I’ll repeat it: In God’s eyes, a doctor performing legal abortions shouldn’t have been subject to the punishment of death per your beliefs. Just like a wife refusing her husband the bedroom “cookie” isn’t cause for him to cheat. Or because a bum doesn’t have food or money to get, he doesn’t have the right to steal.

Roeder talking a lot of mess about more violence to come. Personally, I think he should have a straitjacket on as he speaks here.

Roeder talking a lot of mess about more violence to come. Personally, I think he should have a straitjacket on as he speaks here.

Oh, we can cheat, steal and kill if we so desire. But there are consequences and repercussions. Don’t think so?

I’ll drop a few names: Kwame, Edwards, Spitzer, Miranda’s Steve from SATC, Rickey Henderson, Lou Brock, Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13, The Italian Job gang, The Bank Job gang, Dahmer, Jim Jones, bin Laden, Saddam, Hitler, Bush (to the rest of the world, not me), people who follow through with abortions (according to you and your friends), etc. (including you, allegedly).

This list could go on forever. But I’ll stop it here because you get my point, I think.

I digress.

I’m fickle when it comes to abortion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer. But the laws of our land have made abortion a legal option. I go back and forth every day on the issue in my head because it seems so circumstantial. You see it from a distance, and think “that’s what procreation is for/about, to have the child.” But when it gets close to you, you ask “well, how are we going to do this? It’s not feasible.”

Trust, there are plenty of conservatives and pro-life champions who have slipped in the backdoors of abortion clinics since Roe vs. Wade first went down. I’m not calling them hypocrites.

Remember, I don’t judge people. I’m just saying that when faced with a real-life decision, all people are capable of falling short of your expectations. Didn’t Sarah Palin’s daughter fall short?

So why didn’t you find them, then chide and ridicule them for engaging in premarital sex? Oh, you thought you’d cut off the head of an abortion giant. What a statement. Trade your life so that others might live, right? Wrong. You’re not Ben Thomas of Seven Pounds Jesus or God.

You’re an alleged murderer. A one-man judge, jury and executioner. And that’s just what a murderer is, someone who seals the fate of another person though he/she hasn’t been granted such authority.

That’s vastly different from abortion. The laws of this land make it a way to opt out of what some people consider a potential lifelong mistake. Dr. George Tiller didn’t break any laws. He infringed upon your wayward moral code. So you got self-righteous, took things into your own hands and played God.

Instead of looking like a champion to pro-life proponents the people who actually matter, you look like a Taliban suicide bomber. Yes, you just threw your life away when you had choices.

If you detest abortion so much, you could have moved to Afghanistan. I’m almost certain that abortion is illegal there. You’d have fit right in…. or you could have seriously lost your religion. *shrugs*

But no. You’re here, in America. And I pray that the jury that convicts you and the judge who sentences you spares your life — like the ones you feel as though you’ve saved. I just hope that judge leaves you in a 3×3 cell with bread and water for the next 60-plus years. You should be forced to meditate on your actions.

You may be talking a tough game about “more violence coming soon.” But if they put you in solitude for several years and shut you up, you’d break. Again, what you think is “murder” doesn’t beget murder. If you disagree, go read your commandments.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Common Sense & Lauryn Hill Retrospect for Life.


59 responses to “IX. Trigger-Happy Pro-Life People

  1. Hmm I think this is a very controversial subject (you’re just on a roll this week aren’t you?) but one that is a big part of American history/society. I never understood how you could justify murdering someone while at the same time protesting the murder of something that according to some is not even a “one” yet.

    • @tam: Hey, this letter was supposed to be the only controversy on this blog this week … but yeah, some establishments don’t like to have hip hop DJs play hip hop music. smh …

      But you’re right. Abortion is a tough subject, but this man’s actions are foolish, no doubt. like I said, “murder” doesn’t beget murder.

  2. Man, you said it. Just as he killed Tiller for “taking” lives, he just took Tillers life. Wrong!

  3. I saw the story on this this morning while getting ready to work… it kinda gave me a lumpy throat , hearing the secuity guard’s family talking about him.

    I am against abortion but like you pretty much said, you never know what happens when you are put in the situation yourself.

    Additionally, this man is an idiot. He didn’t think his actions through. He was against the murder of an unborn so he took it upon himself to murder a security guard? It makes no logical sense.

    • @Nicki: Hey, girl. I think you’re confusing two different stories. Yesterday there was an 88 year old man who shot and ultimately killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum.

      The guy that Damon is talking about in his post – Roeder is the man accused of allegedly killing a man named Dr. Tiller a few weeks ago. Dr. Tiller was a doctor that performed legal abortions. He was allegedly killed by Roeder while serving in his church.

      There’s so much tragedy on the news daily, it’s easy to get the stories confused. Hope this helps.

      • thanks Shawnta. I sure did!!!! I didn’t hear about the abortion doctor killing.. or maybe I did. I remember hearing about a man being killed in church, but I thought it was a pastor.

  4. Abortion. Tough subject. This guy is definitely a few fries short a happy meal. I think that abortion is a terrible thing, but like you I realize it is legal in these United States. My mom has worked at crisis pregnancy centers and is staunchly pro-life. I’ve asked her why “we”(the right) are against abortion but support the death penalty or killing people in the middle-east for oil. I don’t think I ever got a good answer…

    There’s just no simple cut and dry answer in all this mess.

  5. “I’m just saying that when faced with a real-life decision, all people are capable of falling short of YOUR expectations. ”

    this is so true…people will also fall short of my expectations. it was definitely not this man’s job to judge/sentence this doctor to death. last time i checked, it still remains true that two wrongs do not equal a right.

    “He infringed upon your wayward moral code. So you got self-righteous, took things into your own hands and played God.”

    this man obviously skipped more than one week of sunday school. if he’d read his bible he would’ve found that God Himself says that He will avenge wrongs. he would have read in romans that we are to live at peace with one another. oh well…he’s one deceived individual. and the worst thing about being deceived is that you do not even know you’re deceived.

    • “the worst thing about being deceived is that you do not even know you’re deceived.”

      This is the truth. A scary truth. There are some people who are extremely lost …

  6. ‘If you detest abortion so much, you could have moved to Afghanistan. I’m almost certain that abortion is illegal there. ‘

    Well, I’m not 100% sure about this but I’ve heard that in many of those eastern countries a man can force his wife to abort if she is pregnant with a girl. Ahhhh, the luxuries of living in a free country. Although I feel that abortion is wrong, I do not judge those that go and get one because, frankly, we live in a free country where it is perfectly legal to do so. It’s also ok to do alot of things that may be morally wrong in God’s eyes so if these extremists want to do things in HIS name, they need to stop picking and choosing. And, unless they are divine like Jesus and free from sin, they need to literally go sit their behinds down.

    As I mentioned to you last week this reminds me of the abolitionist John Brown that spearheaded a massacre in the name of ending slavery. So, this poses the questions, is there EVER a right time to start a slaughter in the name of something you believe in? Many people would look back on these historic events and look at Mr. Brown as a hero, but in all actuality he didn’t do anything any different than this wack job. So, the question still stands. Even if something as horrible and as inhumane as slavery (which at the time was perfectly legal) is going on, does someone have justification to murder in the name of their beliefs? I know, it’s a quagmire, but it brings about a good debate.

    • “It’s also ok to do alot of things that may be morally wrong in God’s eyes so if these extremists want to do things in HIS name, they need to stop picking and choosing.”

      @jlbd: I’m just waiting for the man to start protesting and shooting up people who waste their entire paychecks at the boats. smh. (sarcasm).

      … on the abortion/Afghan legality thing: I have no clue. There was a hint of sarcasm there. Just wanted to call him a suicide bomber.

      The John Brown comparison: I’m not sure it’s a good one. In a sense, slavery was abuse. Now, if a man decides to physically abuse a woman, she has a right to defend herself, right? If it goes so far as the guy loses his life because she’s defending herself … *shrugs*

      I don’t think that’s a fair comparison — John Brown and what Roeder did. Roeder’s not defending himself. He’s defending his belief.

      The magnitude of the situations is vastly different.

      • My point is that slavery was very much legal and very much profitable. THAT’S the comparison.

        • @jlbd: i get that. Just think it’s tough to turn what John Brown did as a negative, although I know there were plenty of people who did at some point or another.

          We might as well call George Washington a murderer … smh.

          • I’m sure many people back then who were actual victims of the massacre, or their families thought what he did was negative…smh…you are saying it’s ok for people to die if the cause is strong enough. What about those that think abortion is a very STRONG cause????

            Again, we’re not talking about waged war, we’re talking about ‘vigilantes’ that are doing this in the name of what they believe in….think about it.

            • @jlbd: IDK, I just don’t think they’re two things that should be compared.

              It’s almost like saying a runaway slave who kills his slavemaster to free himself is no better than Roeder.

              Maybe it’d be better to compare Roeder to someone who kills gays at the altar or something. I just think the John Brown thing is a stretch.

              • You’re not looking at the big picture, but it’s cool.

                • what’s the big picture?

                  • Is killing others to express something we believe in ok or is it only ok ‘sometimes’? These unborn babies have a right to life as blacks had a right to liberties back then. I’m using the slavery comparison because many of us hold this issue dear. What about those that hold the right to life DEAR. Think about it, it’s LIFE and we are not at liberty to decide when it should end if it’s been allowed to start. These babies can’t fend for themselves. I’m not saying I agree with what this wack job did but let’s look at things evenly. There truly are people that look at this guy as a hero, I’m saying, they technically have a right to do so. Without looking at all the detailed technicalities, step outside of both issues and look at them evenly.

                    • John Brown and Co. were defending THEMSELVES. Roeder was trying to play God — judge, jury & executioner — in hopes of saving future lives. There’s a major difference there in the two.

                      I see your point. I just don’t like the comparison — clearly because of what it implies.

  7. Morning, y’all.

    This is such a sad & unfortunate story. Regardless of one’s moral stance on the issue of abortion, violence and death should never be used to advocate it.

    If I’m not mistaken, Dr. Tiller was previously shot for the same thing but survived. How sad that it happened again and ultimately claimed his life (in a church, no less).

    Abortion at its core is an extremely private and personal issue. I agree that there are countless pro-lifers who have had at least one secret abortion. I can see this happening because it’s very easy to be passionate about an issue when not directly affected or impacted by it. Until and unless the issue becomes personal, it’s hard to say how one will handle it, and what choices will be made.

    I want to write more but will have to do it later becaus I’ve got to get going. I’ll be back…

  8. @ jlbd – smh @ John Brown vs. Roeder. Who was Roeder trying to liberate?

    I think abortion is wrong. I think is wrong according to my beliefs but mainly because it is increasingly being used as birth control instead of as a last resort. However, I do realize that I do not have the sole moral spectrum and that no one else or the country has to prescribe to my moral beliefs. That is the greatness of living in this type of country. To speak quite frankily, i’ve always felt that it is an issue that I shouldnt even have a say in because I’m not going to be the one having a baby. I personally think that they should round up all the women in the country and make them vote on it, and thats how we can get the idea settled. It bothers me when I see an old white dude or a southern black preacher arguing vehemently against abortion in all instances. How can you force a woman to carry a baby conceived through rape or where her lfe is in jeopardy? That sh*t is bananas

    • I believe in Roeder’s mind he was liberating the right to life for these helpless unborn babies. Again, not saying I agree but what about all the advocates for slavery were thinking when John Brown felt the passion to liberate slaves who they didn’t even think were full humans. Just sayin…

      • #1) Slaves didnt think they were full humans but they were
        #2) A fetus isnt a full human
        #3) If the slaves were freed, their existence would not have necessarily led to the mental, physical or emotional harm of their former owners as would a baby can do in some cases

        • I believe there are MANY people including myself that thinks that a fetus is a full life from the start of conception. Open the mind up…

          • Open the mind up? I dont get that. My mind must be closed b/c what I feel is the complete opposite of what you feel? I hope not b/c that my friend would be a closed minded view. I wont argue with u on a fetus being a full life b/c I think that is going to turn into a science vs. contrived thoughts argument. What I will ask is what are your views on abortion based on? I implore you to read Judith Jarvis Thomson’s “A Defense of Abortion”, it makes some extremely poignant points. My next question for you is how far does my right to live extend over your rights; meaning does my right to live supercede any of your rights?

            • My views on abortion are based on my faith, which is hard to argue because if you don’t believe the same thing I do then it’s a moot point and trust me, I’m not trying to down or judge ANYONE on their views because being in a free country we have the right to choose and feel how we want and that’s the beauty of it all. As for your last question I believe all human beings have EQUAL rights to live even if they can’t fight for it on their own. I’m not saying you have a closed mind but I think that many times people don’t look at things on a broad scale. What if John Brown and other’s fights never took place, we may be on a different page in history right now. I don’t know, but what I’M saying is that there are a slew of people that feel like anti-abortion extremists are fighting for something that may not be realized today, but down the line in future years IF unborn babies have more rights; that this man was one of many that fought for this. I think it’s horrible to murder someone in cold blood, but it’s funny how sometimes depending on how dear the situation is held to us individually we may look at cold blooded murder much differently. Again, my final point is: is that ok? It’s just food for thought 🙂

              • We have to view it according to today’s principles and standards. I guess what bothers me is the implication of your view if it was universally applied. We could snowball into cosigning terrorism (I hate to sound like a right winger cuz we all know they be snow ballin sh*t lol) and all types of other heinous acts. The reason that I dislike abortion but that I am not pro-life is because if I was pro-life, the mere fact that I hold that view and fight for abortion to be abolished is the imposition of my views on the bodies of others. I just dont see how one can argue for and be thankful for the ability to hold their own ideas and opinions and beliefs when those held ideas are imposing on others. Its not intuitive and regardless of what the situation is, i think its universally wrong. And to answer your final point, of course its ok. Its implicit in the relativism of morality. As long as you can hold one view and me a different one, there will be no universal moral code, thus meaning we will view each situation differently. And I have a more general question for all people who are pro life, how pro life are you? Like do you feel that abortion is ALWAYS wrong, regardless of the situation or should it be generally wrong.

                I seem to rambling, so I will make a final point. John Brown vs Roeder doesnt quite work b/c the analogy only is connected at one point, the murder. The two stories arent really analogous in any other way

                • And that’s the only thing I’m trying to zero in on – The Murders….both murdered in cold blood for SOMETHING that they both passionately believed in. I guess in John Brown’s case, it was perfectly ok… 🙂

                  • I dont think it was perfectly ok lol. I just think that if u dont use the analogies in full, ur just picking and choosing what u want to use out of story distorting it and what not. Lol. I’m just nit picking (sp?)

                    • Good point, and that makes sense, I’m just trying to make people see that many people stand strong for something that they believe in and even if that something is immoral beyond words (slavery; abortion; etc.), they still believe in it and feel justified in killing for its liberation. Lol, my fiance’ will argue that Tupac was a martyr. We actually got into a heated discussion about it but when he presented all his points to me and outlined how they supported his argument I started to see what he was meaning. Although I think ‘martyr’ is a strong word, I do believe that Pac was a strong force and a loud voice that could have had an impact for generations to come, but his ‘Thug Life’ stopped all that before it could even get started. I guess he’s heard to an extent since they have college courses teaching his words and art ***shrugs shoulders***

                    • I took a Tupac class. It was my first A in college. Dont hate lol

        • If it’s not human what is it? A virus? Where’s the line in development that the fetus has to cross in order to be accepted as human?

          • I dont know this is muddy water. It depends on who you ask.

          • My question exactly…not sure where the comment I made went. But if not human, what would the fetus be?? Two humans copulate, female conceives…there in her womb forms a fetus…a human fetus. Not a canine, no a feline, not an amphibian (though there is no such thing) not an alien…it’s a HUMAN fetus…therefore very human.

            Perhaps you are wondering when in the pregnancy that human fetus is considered a lifeform?

            • its a human fetus but does a fetus count as a whole human is the real question.

              • And I guess this question is always up for debate. Personally, I believe that conception is the moment life begins. Again, my faith dictates my beliefs…Ps. 139:13-16 says it beautifully…
                13 For You formed my inward parts;
                You covered me in my mother’s womb.
                14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;[b]
                Marvelous are Your works,
                And that my soul knows very well.
                15 My frame was not hidden from You,
                When I was made in secret,
                And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
                16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
                And in Your book they all were written,
                The days fashioned for me,
                When as yet there were none of them.

                And I know I speak for myself, from a Christian point of view. I know that people have the right to choose…but choice is applied in all things we do. The greater question is: Why are you getting an abortion?

                Like Peyso said, many are using as a form of birth control…that’s not ok, that’s slipping through the noose (or blessing, however you wanna look at it) of responsibility.

                • Now what happens if I’m not a Christian (I am, I jus wanna play devil’s advocate though) now by putting into law a ban of abortion, you are implicitly forcing me to subscribe to your religion. I think this country is structured in a way that everyone’s beliefs, rights and opinions are legititmate and valid until they fringe on someone elses. According to that principle, your view (not necessarily your view, but I’m just using it as an example) is no longer valid.

                  I think all in all, if your (not you Coco, just using your comment as a launching pad) faith says abortion is wrong dont get one, it prolly was wrong to have pre-marital sex but you did that. The same goes for gay marriage. If your faith is against it, dont get gay married then

                  • @peyso…i love when people play devil’s advocate. i really do…i get all tingly inside..lol. but seriously, it causes me to question what and why i said. but i really do tingle too.

                    but like you said, because of my faith, i would be “forcing” someone to abide according to my convictions. but isn’t that what beliefs are? some may think abortion is ok…so you are forcing me to live in a country where we condone murder? (i use extreme language to make a point.) this is my home too as much it is yours. and the “beauty” of a democracy is that i have a CHOICE to say what i would like to see allowed and not allowed. my vote counts. and my vote is based on my beliefs whether they be formed and shaped by a religious background, agnostic background, atheistic background, self-formed philosophies…or what have you.

                    but my faith takes into consideration not just my personal beliefs but my responsibility as a citizen living in this land as well…i fear that this response could get too lengthy so i will just end with that.

                    • Based on your comment, you should move. You live in a country that allows the death penalty, that sometimes fights war not out of self defense, but to spread their own views and to advance and maintain their standard of living. A country that legalized torture for sometime. I just think that its a bit hypocritical, and it might be human nature, to pick and choose what we stand up and feel strongly for. I have a question though for you, are you against all abortions or are there some that is ok?

                    • @peyso…not sure why i couldn’t reply directly to your comment.

                      move? i’m not sure why i would. i do love america. not sure what you meant by that comment.

                      but life is precious…and i think there are only a couple of instances where abortion would be permitted. for one rape…i choose to not have an opinion on this one. i have not been raped. i do not know what the woman would be experiencing and i don’t want to say. again, i have not been raped and i don’t want to pretend that i know what that’s even like. secondly, if the pregnancy is endangering the mother/or even if both lives were in danger. this opinion is very loose though.

                      most things are aborted because of emergency. flights are aborted because of a faulty engine, surgeries are aborted because of some technicality or another, etc…to abort a baby because of “oops” or i’m not ready right now…that’s not an emergency…again, my little ole opinion. 🙂

                    • And i cant reply to ur comment either, but what i meant is that in your counter to my argument you raised a poignant point “so you are forcing me to live in a country where we condone murder?”. And what i’m saying is based on that line of thought, you should move because of the murder and other wrong doings we already implicitly condone by not speaking out against (or in some cases feeling strongly against)

                    • OH! ok….now i see why you made that comment. what i meant was, i have the right to voice be firm about my choice just as much as someone else has the right…here in THIS country. i should have been more clear.

                • I always pose this question and no one seems to have a rebuttal. There are many great men and women in our history who were born to unwed or teenaged mothers without a clue what to do but they had the children and they impacted our history in many great ways (some would argue the people with negative impacts should have been aborted).

                  I feel like you are getting in the way of the natural order of life when you take a life whether it’s inside or outside of the womb and you are in a sense ‘playing God’ because you are taking on the role of saying: This person will not live and will not experience the joys/pains of life that everyone else was entitled to. Our president’s mother is a good example, now think about how history would have been altered if she decided to abort him….just sayin…

                  • true, true…amen.

                  • I agree with you on the “playing God” tip. Furthermore, based on your earlier comment, I think its funny how people can twist events and situations and view them differently. “Playing God” is ok as long as you extend life and not destroy it, seems convenient to me.

                    The “natural order of life” business; no one knows what the natural order of life was. Thomas Hobbes wrote that the natural state of life was “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. Is that something we want to hold up? He also wrote that humans will do anything to protect themselves and increase their benefit. Some people would view having a baby in complete opposite of that. As you implored me to do earlier, open your mind…. lol jk

                    • @peyso

                      Oh please believe I do no agree with the murder of Dr. Tiller and I’m not justifying his murder. My earlier points were intended to make people think about how we view the same situation differently depending on the variables. So, with that being said, I’m not disagreeing with you per se 🙂

                    • I figured u didnt agree with that, or at least i hoped lol. I’m doing the same thing

  9. re: John Brown. What John Brown did in waging his “war” was wrong. He was hacking people to death on both sides of the border for disagreeing with him. While ultimately he was correct in his thought that slavery was wrong that didn’t give him the moral and legal standing to fix the issue by killing those that disagreed. By his actions though he did make the anti-slavery groups seem less radical in comparison, which was good for the movement in general.

    Like Lincoln, Washington and others in American history he’s become largely a mythical person and it’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

  10. I believe scientifically its agreed upon that life begins @ conception. We look for life on Mars and all we are looking for is a single-celled bacteria, so a complex multi-celled fetus would definitely qualify as living unless we do a “Pluto” and redefine what exactly is living.

    Anyway, I’m not for abortion but like Damon I haven’t yet decided would I vote against it or for it. My religious/moral beliefs says that it is taking an innocent life but realistic side says that a unwanted child born in this society will more than not become a burden on society. I do think its funny that conservatives are against abortion but once the child is born is against any form of welfare, education, or health care for that child on gov’t dime?

    As far as this murderer, vigilante justice is wrong unless its in direct combat (self-defense). What is more disturbing is the level of right-wing terrorism lately. If anyone is gun owner, then try to buy some ammo and you will find that there probably is none and a lot of its being purchased by your rural Anti-Obama cats. History tends to show that Domestic Terrorism (by right wing people) tend to peak during a left wing president while International Terrorist tend to strike during a conservative president. Tends to beg the question, who really does care about America???

    I hope the gov’t is doing its due diligence on Domestic Terrorist. The environment seems ripe for some wacko to try and imitate McVeigh again. I would put right-wing terrorist over Al-qaeda at this very moment…

    • @Oates

      And the funny thing is during slavery, the right and left wings were reversed…. 🙂

    • Its still up in the air in life begins at conception. There are too many different schools of thought.

      • To my detriment I’m going to assume you don’t have any kids….When I went to my wife’s 1st sonogram/ultrasound and saw our baby for the first time all confusion about whether that little “mass of cells” was alive or not went away.

        I guess if you want to have a child you’ll know that it’s alive, but if you don’t well then it’s just a mass of random matter in the uterus…..

        • I dont have any kids, lucky guess, lol. This is a non issue for me, I’m at a place where if I had a kid (meaning my gf got pregnant), yes it would be inconvenient to my life plans but I’m having the baby. Ultimately though, it aint up to me.

  11. Lovely Paradox

    I will then be the only one who is proudly PRO-choice. A government has no business deciding what a woman should do with HER OWN body. It’s HER body and she is the one responsible for it. Of course, as common sense (we should have more of it) will prescribe abortion should not be used as a mean of contraception (does anybody know anyone who uses abortion as such??) and responsibility should definitely be upheld high….

    Just on the grounds that someone doesn’t share my beliefs should not warrant said beliefs to disappear.

    I am waiting for all those Pro-Lifers to come to the aid of the thousands of kids who are in foster care without healthcare or even a meal, before they take care of the foetuses. The ACTUALLY living should take precedence over the blob of cells…

    This type of subject makes me wonder how are our priorities set as a society???

    • @Lovely Paradox

      You make good points and I truly respect pro-choice people because many of them are responsible enough to not be caught up having an abortion every time you turn around. And, there are plenty of birds out here using abortion as contraception just because they can. Some claim they are allergic to birth control or just plain flat out thinks it’s poisonous to the body and don’t take it. That’s another topic for another blog. And, your points bring a good question about society. This alone should be reason enough for universal health care (I work in healthcare and I could go into details about how nationalizing it will be possibly the most inefficient move ever, but I won’t go there). Like you said, as living beings we should be able to govern better if each life should be valued because unfortunately the less fortunate ‘pro-lifers’ have all these kids that get caught up in the social systems and don’t have adequate healthcare or nutrition. So, it does go back to the question of how our priorities are aligned as a society.

    • @Lovely Paradox

      I too am pro-choice and believe that the government shouldn’t dictate what a woman does with her body as far as pregnancy is concerned. I do have a problem with women using abortion as birth-control because it is irresponsible, but then again so is having multiple kids by different fathers when you nor the fathers have the means to support these kids emotionally or financially.

      Despite how pro-choice I am, sometimes I wish women had to pass some sort of screening test before they were allowed to have kids. (OK, not really because I know all of the problems this would cause….)

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