Happily Never After, Part Deux

Sidney and Dre had loved each other from the first time they bobbed their heads to Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh freestyling in the park.

Sidney and Dre had loved each other from the first time they bobbed their heads to Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh freestyling in the park.

7. Sidney Shaw & Andre Romulus Ellis (Brown Sugar): They grew up together and fell in love with hip-hop each other.  Even though they were platonic, suppressed emotions poured out when Dre’s marriage threatened their friendship (or vice versa).   But as fate-based love tends to do, a series of events brings them together to celebrate *clink, clink* Dre’s divorce!  The bridge is over.  Relationship length: ‘Til death do them part.  (Sidebar:  So what Dre had a minute-man moment their first time?  The built-up excitement of getting intimate with your bestie is allotted one quickie pass.) ~ Monica
8. Mary Fiore & Steve Edison (The Wedding Planner):   They are brought together by happenstance, which usually makes for a good run.  Unfortunately, the way their stance happened caused a fault line in their foundation. Steve was supposed to be engaged to Fran, not meandering around the park acting single.  Mary was supposed to be focused on planning Steve’s wedding, not Steve.  If Steve left Fran for Mary…well, you know the rest.  Relationship length: 10 months later Steve falls for Penny. ~ Monica

9. Gary Grabowski & Brooke Meyers (The Break Up): I think there’s an outside shot this couple rekindles. They had good chemistry. Gary just didn’t listen. The break-up forced him to change his ways for himself — concerning a lot of people in his life including his best friend and brothers. For that, I could see Brooke taking him back because you could tell that she still loves him at the end of the film. Relationship length: IDK. ~ Damon

10. Harry & Sally (When Harry Met Sally): Proof that friends can become lovers. But there’s a lot of drama that ensues, including the pair trying to hook each other up with friends, and coaching each other thru relationships. I think it works because, in the end, this pair knows how to communicate with each other. It’s what their relationship is predicated on for good reason. Relationship length: JT said until the end of time, right? ~ Damon

11. Marcus Graham & Angela Lewis (Boomerang): It’s not even necessary to explain why they won’t work. If you think they can, read Greg Behrendt’s “He’s Just Not That Into You”, specifically Chapter 5.  Relationship length: 3 months. ~ Monica

12. Princess Fiona & Shrek (Shrek): Shrek is a short-fused loner and Fiona is an emotionally unstable Pedestal Patty, but somehow, they clicked.  Shrek’s down-to-earthness helps Fiona learn to love the beauty within.  They ride off into happily ever after until they go visit her ‘rents and all h-e-double breaks loose.  Shrek is out-casted by Fiona’s family, Charming’s crazy mother is scheming to get her skinny-jean wearing son on the throne, and Fiona is battling her abandonment issues with daddy.  This level of drama will stress any relationship.  Relationship length: They’ll at least try and stick it out for the kids.  I give it about 12 years before they end up in arbitration. ~ Monica

13. Ross Gellar and Rachel Greene (Friends): Just like her green counterpart, Rachel is a Pedastal Patty. However, Ross’ main fault is that he was content to live in Rachel’s platonic friend zone and make goofy, puppy-dog eyes at her from afar. Rachel was so stuck in her own world that it took losing Ross twice (once to Julie, once to Emily) for her to even realize what she had. It seems like Rachel can’t get the guy unless he’s not interested in her anymore (I’m talking to you, Joshua). There are two words to describe people like this: Drama Queen. Plus, they’ve already been married and we saw how that one worked out. And, Ross is no good at marriage. Relationship length: On-and-off again marriage for three years before Emma says, “Enough already! I’m going to live with Aunt Monica and the twins.” ~ Cicely

Where are we right or wrong? Debate.


43 responses to “Happily Never After, Part Deux

  1. This is not related but kinda is. lol. The first time I saw the Break Up, I practically screamed at the screen. This depiction of a relationship was so real. I bought the movie as soon as it came out on DVD!

    • @Nicki

      I felt the same way. They depicted a real life relationship to a perfection in that movie.

    • @nicki: It’s one of my fav movies in recent memory because of how real it is.

      It’s the fact that they can’t ever get on the same page, but they’re trying too … It’s part of the reason why I think they’d end up back together in the end.

      • I think they will too… Especially bc of how the movie ended. But then I started analyzing his shopping bags. I believe one of them were from a girly store.

      • I don’t think I agree with them getting back together. I would compare these two (Gary and Brooke) with me and my ex (your name doppleganger). I think they will respect each other but are just way too different for things to truly last. There was alot of intentional and unintentional hurt between them and I think if anything Brooke will happily move on with someone else and so will he.

        • @jlbd: I think that look back at the end, when they both were on the same page was telling.

          They never could get on the same page. One would be trying. The other would be playing game. And vice versa.

          But in one moment, they were on the same page… even if it was symbolic. So I think there’s a chance, because they both were thinking it. You know they had to be, especially if they looked back.

          • I hear you, but it was something about that look that Brooke gave him at the very end. It was a look that only another woman can understand. It was a look that said: ‘I loved you, I had fun with you, you were a good person, but we are not for each other, and that hurts me, but I have to accept reality and move on…have a nice life and see you around’….

          • @damon: Aww…there’s hope for you yet. I told you, once a HR, always a HR. No reformation.

            @jlbd: I know which look you’re referring to and while I agree that this is probably what she was thinking, I also believe that she’d be willing to at least give it another try. I think they both realized their own personal responsibility in the demise of their relationship.

            Another scene I really liked is when she came home and he had the strip poker party going on…classic. It happens all the time. One tries to purposefully hurt the other and succeeds in doing so but doesn’t foresee how MUCH it will really hurt. I think he instantly regrettd it but of course it couldn’t be undone.

            • @shawnta: HR must = human resource. lol

            • @Shawnta’

              I was ready to leap through the screen and beat him senseless when he had that strip poker party. He knew better, period. And as soon as she walked in and saw that, you could tell he instantly wished he could undo everything. Yeah, she went on a date, but she didn’t have all that mess blatantly up in his face and she clearly was not feeling her date enough to stay out with him all night. At that point in the movie, I knew it was over to never been revived again…

        • Lovely Paradox

          I agree with jlbd. Their relationship is one of those that teaches you a lot about yourself, makes you grow and mature. Right after such a relationship, you’re likely to meet your suitable mate and ride off in the sunset… It’s kinda like a starter marriage. And I believe everybody should have one of those before settling down.

          So my verdict is: they mutually respect each other and even end up becoming somewhat close friends with their significant others in the mix. The kids end up being play cousins. 🙂

    • Only movie I’ve ever shed a tear to

  2. Marcus Graham and Angela Lewis would never work because as soon as the next cute face in a mini skirt came onto the scene he would forget all about how much he couldn’t stop thinking about Angela. He would feel invigorated that he finally won her back but that would last for 3 months as accurately stated above. Marcus might get so board with all the notches on his belt that he may actually fall into the DL epidemic. I mean, we are talking about Eddie Murphy and Marcus had that ‘pretty boy’ image down to a ‘T’…smh

    • @jlbd, you really just said that … lol … those last two sentences, *crickets* ….

      But No, I don’t think that relationships has a shot in hell either. The way that movie ended, with him using the kids, and how she quickly fell back into him only gives him the knowledge that he’ll be able to act a plumb fool again at some point … and she’d come back.

      That’s life. But at some point, she’d get enough. Moni said it’d be three months. I think it’d be three months on, one month off for the next year or so.

      • @Damon

        Yeah I said it …. and? It’s real talk. This movie came out before all that DL crap was brought to the light and sensationalized, that means it was going on long before it was exposed. All I’m saying is if I met Marcus Graham today, I would be skeptical, and not because he shouldn’t have a curly fade with New Jack Swing era gear in 2009; but because he comes off as extremely narcissistic and has made a part time career out of smashing as many women as possible. I’m sure he got bored at some point and decided to try new things 😉 lmao!

        • @jlbd: I mean, well, it definitely is possible. *shrugs shoulders*

          “Down Low, Down Low … Oh …. Down Low, Down Low.” ~ R. Kelly

          • And while I’m at it, Jacqueline likely got bored with turning out every man she came across and if she hasn’t met her match yet she will likely be a lipstick lesbian. ‘Boomerang’ is straight out of a Zane novel….lol! lmbao!

            • @jlbd: You just made the sequel a Zane novel. smh. …

              • @Damon, lol, not necessarily, if you think about it ‘Boomerang’ is the first part of the novel, the so-called build up. I just gave the second half of the story; and given that books are alot more detailed and lengthier than movies, that’s a pretty accurate assessment.

                • @jlbd: So is this supposed to be ‘The Bible according to Zane?’ Because that’s how long this damn book would be if you tried to squeeze all of that story into one novel.

                  It ain’t happening. lol. crazy.

  3. Morning, y’all.

    Hopefully, everyone had a great weekend & “enjoyed” the Lakers’ victory. I wanted Magic to win but I can definitely respect Kobe’s (& the other Lakers’) athleticism, focus & discipline.

    I love The Break Up. When we initially saw it at the theater, neither of us liked it. In fact, my husband gave me such a hard time for selecting that film. But after watching it again on DVD, I loved it. It is very real. I’ve seen it 5 times now and will watch it whenever I’m flipping through the channels & catch it on.

    When Harry Met Sally is a classic. I definitely think that once they figured it out and got together, they made it work. Good assessment here.

    Good assessment on Brown Sugar too.

    Friends was a weekly ritual for us in college…my friends & I loved this show. Ross & Rachel annoyed me to no end…I’m with Emma; “Enough already”.

    #8 & #11 – as much of a hopeless romantic as I can be, this is probably right. Eventually men (and women) who leave the person they’re currently with to be with someone else do find their mates but karma is a crazy.

    • @Shawnta’

      I’m probably one of the few people in the world that did not watch ‘Friends’. I knew a few of the character’s names and some of the scenarios that went on but that was only because my friends and/or associates would keep me in the loop. I can respect it for what it was though 🙂

      • @jlbd: I didn’t do the Friends thing either. So count me in that few.

        But Cicely felt it was necessary. And it is. It seems like most of the free world — excluding us — was watching Ross & Rachel. *shrugs*

      • @jlbd & @damon: I liked Friends but not for the same reason everyone else seemed to. Most people watched for Ross & Rachel but they really did annoy me. I liked Courtney Cox Arquette’s character, Monica and I really liked the Joey character. It was a pretty funny show.

    • @shawnta: The Break Up makes you question whether or not your relationship is any good … I think that’s why so many people question it when they first see it …

      Like jlbd said, it’s like a real relationship … even with Jennifer Aniston’s horrible acting. smh.

      I was explaining Harry/Sally to a friend last night … great, great film.

      • poor Jennifer Aniston, she will forever be Rachel on ‘Friends’….in other words a sitcom actress. I really liked ‘Derailed’ and ‘The Break Up’ but she is not respected on the big screen…smh…

        • @damon & @jlbd: You’re right; her acting is not great and she will forever be remembered as Rachel Greene.

          @damon: Harry & Sally was a great film. It definitely keeps the question going on whether men and women can develop and maintain strictly platonic friendships. Yes, the BreakUp was like a real relationship. I loved the entire dinner party scene the prep, the clean up…so real.

          • I swear that was the realest part of the movie! That whole dinner scene from start to finish reminds me of spats I’ve had or witnessed before. He didn’t get the amount of lemons she wanted for her center piece, he embarassed her at the table and then afterward did not want to help her clean up. Also the scene when all their friends came over for game night and they had to improv with the snacks and put all their business out there for everyone to see. This reminds me of other couples that are friends with my fiance and I. All we know how to do in those situations is be quiet and witness the bomb explode before us…..lol, it’s sad but it’s so so so true.

            • “Also the scene when all their friends came over for game night and they had to improv with the snacks and put all their business out there for everyone to see.”

              @jlbd: I’ve had this happen before and absolutely lost my mind in the conversation after people dispersed. That whole act is like a kid running round the department store and moms knowing she’s going to “whoop dat trick” (~36 Mafia) when they get home. smh.

              • @jlbd & @damon: Very true. Been there before…both as the ones in it and as the ones witnessing it. It is very awkward but so real.

                • @shawnta: I hate being embarrassed in front of people purposely. If I do it myself, and it’s an accident …. *shrugs*

                  But if you do it maliciously, you will get an earful for a couple of hours. *again shrugs*

                  • @damon: I hear you. I know some people shrug public humiliation off like “So what? Everyone has issues.” but I think private issues in relationships/marriage are meant to stay private. The one (maybe two) time that my husband & I have gone there in front of our friends, was more like secret/inside jabs…they didn’t really know what was going on and why we were being short with each other but the definitely picked up on it and got that something wasn’t right. Again, awkward and embarrassing. There are some people that are just as you said, malicious, and will go for blood and not care who is around…craziness.

                  • @Shawnta’ and Damon

                    It truly is a big ‘no no’ to argue in front of folks and air all your dirty laundry for others to see. I think situations like this truly make things worse between the couple with the beef and if they could just hold out and put that facade up for a few more hours, all can be let loose when the company leaves. What kills me is how easily alot of couples happily volunteer all this information for the audience. I know they are doing it because they are hurting inside but it is not wise to do in the long run.

                    • @jlbd: I think it’s cool to have a quick spat in front of the grocery store cashier … but to argue/chide at each other two hours in front of friends … and leave them with that deer in the headlights look … that mess is just wrong.

                      But people do it daily. smh.

  4. Right, b/c I could care less what the grocery store clerk thinks, but my friends will have that stuff forever in their memory and it can’t be good for the future.

    • @jlbd & @damon: I agree with both of you…it’s a no no. It puts friends in a bad situation and then they feel like they have to choose sides…like the bowling alley scene & even at the game night get together. If I had been one of the friends, I probably would have put it out on the table and just asked what was going on and if they’d prefer that we all just leave…well, probably not really, but I would seriously consider asking that.

  5. It’s interesting you all should mention uncomfortable arguments. I was talking to a friend yesterday who’s boyfriend is also my best friend. When they first got together, not only would they argue in front of other people, but they would call me to tell me how the other person had effed up. “What’s wrong with your girl?” “Why does your boy have to be like that?” This went on for almost two years. Eventually, they realized what I had been telling them: Work out your issues with that person before coming to me. I can’t do anything about it. Ugh!! *smh*

    • @aye: It definitely makes things awkward and places you in a bad situation when you’re expected to choose sides.

    • @aye

      I was actually in the same position you are with a couple that was dating casually a few years ago. I was best friends with the guy and was also friends with the girl. That DID NOT work out with them because one would get jealous if the other consulted me or spoke in conidence to me about anything. It became an issue of who I had to be more loyal to. I will NEVER put myself in that position again…lol

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