Rap More Like Wrestling

Macho Man and that guy who told the kids to say their prayers and eat their vitamins. Maybe, Hulk should have been saying that to his kids. File that under #massivefail.

Macho Man and that guy who told the kids to say their prayers and eat their vitamins. Maybe, Hulk should have been saying that to his kids. File that under #massivefail.

There are some intriguing parallels between some rappers and pro wrestling personas. They’re listed below.

This is for the fellas who grew up loving Rakim, Shock G & Digital Underground, but also couldn’t resist Saturdays with Superfly Jimmy Snucka, KoKo Beware and The Four Horsemen. This is for the guy who refused to believe wrestling was as fake as Heathcliff Huxtable into his early teens. *slyly raises hand*

If you didn’t, but still have some recollection of wrestling and/or rap, come along for the ride. You’ll agree with some, and disagree with others. It’s a fun one.

WrestleRap Mania

Jay-Z/Hulk Hogan: Jay is the king of the game, right? Although Jay is more Hollywood Hogan than Hulk. Still, that makes this fairly easy, and it sets up the next duo fairly well. So without further adieu …

Nas/Macho Man Randy Savage: The one time nemesis of Hogan turned best friend and part-time, tag-team partner, turned enemy turned best friend again … I feel like a “Black Republican” searching for the “Success” they’ve found with all this made up drama/hype.

Anyway, The Mega Powers are Shawn and Nasir.

Anyway, The Mega Powers are Shawn and Nasir.

Biggie Smalls/Andre The Giant: Umm, yeah. Think about it for two seconds. It works.

2Pac/Mr. Perfect: Again, do I really even have to explain this? There was no better wrestler who spit his gum out and swatted it at fans. Shakur just spit “hot fiyah like Dylan Dylan Dylan.” *side-eyes Dylan*

Big Pun/Yokozuna: Umm, yeah.

Big Daddy Kane/Kane: The stature and names alone. But also the one of the few rappers/wrestlers you didn’t want to cross… because, um, Ain’t No Half Steppin with either of these dudes.

Kanye West/Ric Flair: Ego for ego. Plus, I could just see Kanye trying to chop someone across the chest and yell out “Whooooo!” afterward.

Russell Simmons/Vince McMahon: This isn’t hard is it, especially seeing how ruthless Rush gets at the business table via Run’s House?

Diddy/Shane McMahon: Ditto from Rush/Vince. But it’s more hilarious. Neither Diddy or Shane belongs in their respective “rings.” Stay in the production chair, Puff.

Master P-Suge Knight/Eric Bischoff:They could do a “Where Are They Now?” VH1 segment on all of these characters. But you’re more likely to see a re-run of For The Lust of Brandy’s Brother if you turn to VH1. smh.

Ludacris/The Rock: Two of the biggest mouths in their respective games. But they have powerful voices. And they’re cocky as hell. Both have taken their talents to the big screen and received some decent reviews.

Lupe Fiasco/Rey Mysterio: The way Lupe plays with words and goes over your head with his lyrics should remind you of the random greatness Mysterio brought to the ring.

Talib Kweli/Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat: Talib is noted for his lyrics, and how he phrases things together. But he’s unappreciated by the masses. This was the life of the Dragon in American wrestling.

Eminem/Sting: Em’s one of the best to ever do it. Yet he’s just lurking around not doing much these days, like Sting during the NWO era.

This is what I thought of the Fake Sting. Asher Roth is OK, though. But he ain't Em.

This is what I thought of the Fake Sting. Asher Roth is OK, though. But he ain't Em.

Asher Roth/Fake Sting: OK, so maybe Asher can flow. But can he get in the ring with Soulja Boy, Omarion, Spectacular and Pleasure P the big boys and hold his own? IDK.

Young Jeezy/Booker T: One of only black-on-black combos listed here. And it’s only because I think Booker would be dumb enough to say that his president is black and his lambo is blue, and he’d be goshed darned if his rims weren’t, too. smh.

Busta Rhymes/Tiny Lister: Remember when Tiny took his turn in the ring after that movie with Hulk Hogan? Yeah, I preferred him as Deebo. And I’d don’t want anyone to deebo Buster. But they have similar aimless personalities when they turn their anger on for the cameras. Actually, they could have cast Busta as Deebo.

Snoop Dogg/The British Bulldog: Without the muscles, this makes good sense, right?

T.I./Shawn “The Heartbreak Kid” Michaels: Two miniature dudes with mad arrogance/confidence. They’ve both been put in their place quite a few times. But they’ve continually bounced back.

Common/Lex Luger: Luger is another one of the greats, who is underappreciated. And crossing ComSense enough to where he actually responds via a few 16s is like being put in the Torcher Rack. (see: “The Bia In You” or the final verse of  “Get’em High”)

Lil Wayne/The Ultimate Warrior: Both are certifiable. But for some reason, everyone loves/d them and their crazy styles.

Old Dirty Bastard-Dirt McGirt/Hacksaw Jim Duggan: Do I really have to say anything? “HOOOOOOOO!” Couldn’t you see Dirt McGirt saying that?

You can't tell me that you don't see Curtis Jackson as Ted Dibiasse and Yayo, Banks, The Game and even Young Buck all taking turns as Virgil

You can't tell me that you don't see Curtis Jackson as Ted Dibiasse and Yayo, Banks, The Game and even Young Buck all taking turns as Virgil

50 Cent/The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiasse: Commom themes are money and being hated by everyone in the free world. Always loved it when someone put DiBiasse in his own finishing manuever, “The Million Dollar Dream.” Just wish someone would do it to 50.

Tony Yayo/Virgil (part 1): Based off of what I just typed, this should make perfect sense.

The Game/Virgil (part 2): Remember Virgil actually freed himself from his enslavement to DiBiasse and promptly whooped him in the ring? Yeah, makes sense, huh?

Scarface/The Undertaker: Two of the coldest in their respective games. Soft spoken but when they do speak, they come with it.

Drake/Bret “The Hitman” Hart: Because everything Drake seems to touch is turning gold, and he doesn’t even have an album out yet. It’s kind of like watch Bret when he was a part of the Hart Foundation. You knew he was a star waiting to break out.

Cam’Ron/Dustin Rhodes: They both like pink. Infer what you may. Me? Remember, I don’t judge people. *crickets*

One tag team worthy:

Outkast/Kevin Nash & Scott Hall: Definitely two of the best wrestling egos in the game, but they were in fact, outcasts like Andre Three Stacks and Big Boi. Enough said.

One Clan worthy:

Wu Tang Clan/NWO: This is a stretch. Simply because Wu Tang outnumbers the NWO by about 473 members. But you get my drift. Wu Forever.

Where do you agree/disagree? You have some additions, changes or thoughts? Leave them in the comments.


68 responses to “Rap More Like Wrestling

  1. This was great. I always liked to think of wrestling as a man soap opera. I don’t watch wrestling anymore but my freshman year of college I watched it faithfully. Of course The Rock’s sexy @ss was my favorite.

    My best wrestling memory was when The Undertaker put someone in a coffin (I think it was Hulk Hogan). That guy was ruthless. Speaking on Hulk Hogan/Jay-Z. I see the Hulk as a washed up old man trying to hold on to the greatness he once had so I’m not sure if that was a great comparison but I definitely feel you.

    • @tam: I think you have to compare Hulk in his prime to Jay-Z in his … most of the wrestlers I’m referring to are from a classic period …

      I can’t watch wrestling now. It’s not the same. Sorry if that offends a few of the fellas I know are going to read this …

      • @Damon: Exactly, that’s why I can rock with the comparison it works if you compare them both at their prime.

      • @tam: I loved me some wrestling when I was in middle school.

        Uh-huh… LOVED IT.

        @Damon: and I can’t watch it anymore either. Too much of nothing…can I get at LEAST a good storyline??

  2. I can dig the comparisons but I would compare Drake to John Cena since despite the hype that both receive, I’m not a huge fan of either. LOL!

    Wrestling isn’t the same nowadays. Since WWE is the only game in town (TNA or WWE Lite (http://www.tnawrestling.com/) is irrelevant) it has no reason to create stars like they did in the past. I would still say that it is my favorite form of entertainment though.

    Now back to the first ever commercial-free Raw…

    • @RVS: I guess I picked the right time to post this, huh? Right in the middle of the first commercial-free Raw ever …

      Only you would know this. lol.

  3. I agree for the most part. I was gonna pair ODB with George the Animal Steele. And you left out some: Iron Sheikh/Immortal Technique — neither is crazy about the U.S. government right about now. And Mr. T/Junkyard Dog, who I think are actually the same person.


  4. this a very interesting look at the similarities between rappers and wrestlers. like you said there would be some that people would disagree with.

    i can see the hulk/jay-z combination but it just seems so easy to compare them. i do remember when macho man and hulk were at odds all over a woman another interesting similarity. majority of them i can totally see especially the kanye/flair both flamboyant but legendary at the same time. disagreed with wayne/warrior just cause i see wayne as mostly the younger guys Hova, Warrior was a beast in his prime. luda/rock on the principle that the rock was the peoples champ, the MOST electrifying man in sports entertainment history and my favorite wrestler (i’m a little biased) and luda though a great rapper/MC at times he is no rock. but my biggest argument is the outkast/nash & hall.. i’m not sure there is another rap duo that comes close to them so by that rule i would have to call them road warrios of the rap game.. great blog

    • @Brandon: I like the Road Warriors comparison, too … Just went with the Nash/Hall because they were truly outcasts.

      Who team would Dead Prez be? Mobb Deep? Timbaland & Magoo?

  5. Damon: Bravo. Especially the Ricky The Dragon/Talib one. Here are a few I’d like to toss into the mix.

    I agree @Brandon with the Road Warriors/OutKast pick.


    Brian Pillman (‘member him?)/Old Dirty Bastard. Was he crazy, or was he just playing around for effect? Couldn’t tell with either.

    New ones:

    Rick Martel/Lupe Fiasco. I don’t want to have to explain this one really.

    KoKo B. Ware/Flava Flav. Both looked the part, but when you compared them to the rest, they kind of weren’t all that.

    Mic Foley/Aesop Rock. Both were kind of myopic talents that spoke their mind in bizarre and often complex ways. Look up Aesop, one of the few white rappers I really like.

    Dr. Dre/Farooq (Ron Simmons). Without Farooq there’s no Rock. Without Dre is there an Eminem?

    The Fat Boys/The J.O.B. Squad (Al Snow, The Blue Meanie, etc.). Complete jokes, but absolutely necessary to the flow of the sport, er, entertainment.

    • @gooch: My fave is KoKo B. Ware/Flava Flav … All KoKo needed to do was lose about 75 pounds or start smoking crack and find a big clock to throw around his waste and he could easily be Flav.

      Well, then you’d have to give him a reality show on VH1. SMH.

  6. Classic Post! 50 cent as The Million Dollar man is my absolute favorite. I HATED Ted Dibiase, but every time he came out you had to watch to see what he was gonna do next. Kinda like a 50 interview or a dis track. And this is exactly why I also LOVED The Million Dollar man and…as much as it pains me to admit it…50.

    An entertaining dude is just an entertaining dude…

    • @J: It was my fav, too … simply because of the Virgil aspect. lol. I like your spin on it as well. Both were forever trying to hate on someone or something … And both are filthy rich.

  7. Oh I got another one. Jim Jones/Ol’ boy that had the sock puppet (I don’t remember his name). – Both of them look dirty….hahaha

    • @tam: who is the “that had the sock puppet (I don’t remember his name)” ?????

      Find his name and get back … lol. I was thinking about Jim Jones but couldn’t find anyone dirty enough … lol

      • @Damon – fine I will stop being lazy and take a trip to good old wikipedia.

        His name is Mick Foley. Dr. Gooch compared him to Aesop Rock. I’m not all that familiar with Aesop Rock so I can’t comment on that pairing.

        Mick Foley wrestled under several names but his most popular name was “Mankind” when he was with the WWF. His sock puppet was named “Mr. Socko”. He was kinda crazy but I loved how him and The Undertaker would go at it all the time.

  8. Love the complete randomness of this post Damon, but man, I never really watched wrestling. Trying to think of who could be a counterpart to Nelly, Snow, Hammer or Vanilla Ice.

    • @Kyle:

      Nelly/The Honky Tonk Man: Country Grammar. Remember that crossover song Nelly did with Tim McGraw? Yeah, and Nelly loves baseball. The HOnky Tonk Man was good for swinging his guitar like a baseball bat … that’s about all I can rap my head around at this very moment.

  9. Loved this D. Made me chuckle a few times.

    Very chill read getting off of work just missin’ the sun before I get into t-scribing this Todd Boyd Part 2.

    I’m feelin’ like Tony Atlas up in Dallas…

    Gotta go with The Blast Master staring in a wrasslin’ arena near you as Mr. USA.

    Scared the ish out of everybody and Ken Patera.

    Did all the heavy lifting and won with a super press/fresh finish him lyric ala KRS.

    LL Cool Jay as Rocky Johnson because James Todd was the prototype.

    The Mighty Mos as Greg the Hammer Valentine. Once the figure four was applied it’s Be Peace for the competition.

    Beans is JYD because he’d bark you off the porch and around the block until you never stepped foot in the hood again.

    Reggie Noble as Kamala because you didn’t know wtf.

    Rakim is Bob Backlund because he’d chicken wing ya ass and make you submit before you even got a chance to spit with his sick wit that was so low pro quick.

    Public Enemy as the Four Horsemen. Chuck, Griff, Flav, X? What? All brothas from the same world mother.

    • @Mizzzo: Thanks for coming thru. I like the Mos Def, Rakim and PE references especially… It’s definitely gonna provide some knowledge for some of the youngins who read this on Wrestling and Rap…

      Good stuff.

  10. Hey, y’all.

    @damon: Funny post. Wrestling is nostalgic but not because I was a big fan (at least not initially). My boy cousins used to force me to watch wrestling with them on Saturday mornings. They tried to make it more appealing by telling me about the “pretty” women on there & how it wasn’t just for boys. It was entertaining, although, like you, my cousins swore it was REAL. 🙂 You hit most of the classics (both wrestlers & rappers)…many of the names I instantly remembered after reading them.

    Thanks to Google, I also remember Miss Elizabeth mainly because Miss Elizabeth was my kindergarten teacher’s name…lol. And Scary Sherri, The Animal, The Bushwackers, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Rowdy Piper…where did they get these names? Who was the guy that wore the bird on his shoulder? Aww…the memories.

    • @Shawnta:

      I forgot all about Scarry Sherri … She’d be the perfect match for post-surgery Lil Kim … I still don’t know who would be Miss Elizabeth … guess it’d be Nas’ baby mama. *shrugs*

      KoKo B. Ware wore the bird on his shoulder … Dag, i forgot about Brutus Beefcake … and shoulda had someone as Rowdy Piper for sure.

  11. thecomebackgirl

    wrestling tho??? i don’t do sports analogies..what about US. Presidents???

    • @cbg: Good to see you round these parts. Hope all is well. I somehow forgot to slip something the phrase “Sorry, Comeback” into the post … so, Sorry, Comeback.

      Anyway, Pro Wrestling isn’t a sport. It’s well-known to be a highly complicated male soap opera. Think of it as The Young & The Restless — on steroids. So there. lol.

      If you didn’t read yesterday’s post. Step back and read that. I’m sure you’ll enjoy that much better.


  12. Too bad I really couldn’t follow these comparisons given the fact that I’ve never been a wrestling fan. I take it today’s blog is for the male persuasion…lol

    • @jlbd: Were you that prissy growing up? lol. You just need to make sure Mr. 3 Stacks sees this. He’ll vibe with it, I’m sure.

      • @damon: What’s wrong with girls being prissy? So long as we aren’t Pedestal Patty, right?

        I was very prissy growing up (still am – such a girly girl). My family still makes fun of me for it. I can step out of prissy mode every now and then. My cousins FORCED me to watch and said they would body slam me if I didn’t…lol. Granted, I eventually enjoyed watching it & watching them nearly break their necks jumping off the arms of sofas (when our grandmother wasn’t around) like the pro wrestlers did when they jumped off the ropes. Craziness.

        • @shawnta: nothing wrong with the prissiness, just giving jlbd a tough go of it because she’s hella prissy. lol.

          But she can be gutta, she may not no one wrestler on this list. But I know for a fact she has an opinion about every rapper listed.

          • Ha! You got that right but that can be attributed to growing up with alot of male cousins and watching Rap City during the summers all the time…lol.

        • @Shawnta’

          I have ALWAYS been a total priss. I got made fun of for it as well and my daddy still asks me sometimes if I’m serious or if that’s my dumb blonde act…lol…unfortunately I’m not an actress. Hey, I couldn’t help it, I grew up watching my mom who is the epitome of a pretty and prissy lady…lol.

      • Yes I was that much of a priss. And, Mr. 3000 told me he liked wrestling up until the point he realized it was all fake and staged…lol But, I’m sure he’d get a kick out of the comparisons to rap artists.

        • @jlbd:

          I won’t even front, I found out it was fake at about eight or so from one of my older cousins, but refused to believe it until high school … when all of the rumored plots started to actually unfold. #massivefail.

          I could have gone on in my blind faith for a long time if the Internet had not come to be. smh.

  13. Undertaker twice? I’m gonna assume Big Daddy Kane was supposed to equate to Kane. Funny list though, as a wrestling fan and rap listener.

    Ice Cube – Kurt Angle: One of the best that ever did it. Technical perfection. Could handle anyone when he was in his prime. Currently trying something different, to an “eh” reaction.

    • good catch. That slipped. I might go back and fix it …

      I do like the Kurt Angle/Ice Cube … but thinking about Kurt Angle and rap makes me think of Kweli … He spit a crazy verse on this song with Kanye over George Benson’s “This Masquerade” and mentioned Kurt Angle and Allen Iverson in succession. Pretty dope.

  14. I just realized thanks to Shawnta’ that you didn’t include any females on your list. What’s up with that?

    I tried to think of some and the only one (I’m reaching here) I could come up with is Chyna/Remy Ma – because they both look like men.

    Maybe I’ll think of something better before the end of the day.

    • @tam: Remy Ma/Chyna … This is stupid funny.

    • As far as the ladies go, I’ll give it a shot:

      Lady of Rage/Chyna: although only the latter is manly, the skills were all but unrecognized until they rode off into the sunset that is obscurity.

      Lil Kim/Trish Stratus: decent skill sets for both; neither was top heavy in the beginning. The nanosecond their careers/pockets blew up, *they* blew up.

      Trina/Stephanie McMahon*: beam up the GO SAT DOWN signal. ‘Nuff said. *also see McMahon, Shane: stay in corporate and out the ring please, kthxbai.

      • @rainebeaux: Ohhh, I like those especially the Kim/Trish one. It is so true.

        • If I don’t mention this one, I won’t sleep well tonight, lol…

          Khia/Lita: we both know they’re there and have skills, but they too are slept on by the larger populace. Will give the occasional interview, but rarely seen on the tube (I saw the latter at more non-televised events than the teevee; nonetheless, both get their respective grinds on, although the latter rolls for dolo).

  15. That was awesome.. lol..

  16. Humble Fonzarelli


    I got a few

    Charles Hamilton/Rowdy Roddy Piper

    Jermaine Dupri/Captain Lou Albano

    Luke/Val Venis

    Outkast/ Killer Bees

    Puff Daddy/Jimmy Hart

    50 Cent/Butch “The Natural” Reed

    • Charles Hamilton/Rowdy Roddy Piper

      I’d say he’s more like the Brooklyn Brawler

      • @nomore@humble:

        And he gets the worst of the brawling … cause his ex tore that grill up. She had great form on her right cross like her last name was Foreman.

  17. LMAO yall goin in on c. hamilton

    man, this is classic….im throwing this up for retweet.

  18. Classic post.

    I’ll add DJ Quik/Shelton Benjamin. Great rapper/DJ vs. great wrestler, has fan appeal, but for some reason never got recognition beyond true hip hop fans (Quik)/never attained world title status (Benjamin).

  19. natural nubian

    it never seizes to amaze me the level of archived information men can store in their brains for decades, but can barely remember a birth date. i mean some of yall even remember the wrestling match & outcome!

    i’m with comeback on this one, i’m in a serious estrogen-free zone today. fellas, carry on.

    • @nn: I have to do something just for the fellas for time to time … lol. TMCY is only an ignorance-free zone.

      Estrogen is as welcome as testosterone. lol.

  20. I have a few more…

    Rob Van Dam / Snoop Dogg – These dudes love them some weed…lol

    Marty Janetty of the Rockers / Kamikazee of Crooked Lettaz – Because Marty Janetty was Shawn Michaels’ original tag team partner and Kamikazee was David Banner’s original partner in rhyme. (**crowd**Shawn Michaels started out in a tag team?? David Banner started out in a group?? **me** EXACTLY! However I wouldn’t compare David Banner to Shawn Michaels. He’d be more like Ahmed Johnson. LOL!)

    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin / Ice Cube in his prime – Both were, in their primes, anti-establishment dudes that wouldn’t take ish from anybody. (And NO I didn’t make that comparison because their names make reference to coldness…lol)

    Mark Henry/The Lady of Rage…I kid…I kid…lol

    The original DX (Shawn Micahels and Triple H) / Red and Meth – One viewing of “How High” could easily explain how the hijinks of Red and Meth in that movie against “Dean Cain” are like HBK and Trips against Sgt. Slaughter.

  21. This is a freakin’ great post.
    As a massive fan of both hip-hop and wrestling…this was so on point!
    *kudos to you Sir!*

  22. The Jay/Hogan comparison is an easy one, but I prefer to compare Jay to Ric Flair.

    Ric Flair was as good as they got, in and out of the ring for almost 15 years. The matchups he had with Harley Race, the four horsemen era.

    Ric even called himself retiring a few times.

    Ric wrestled WELL past his physical prime, but knew the game well enough to still put up a good show.

    and could ANYONE brag on the mic like Ric?

    Could ANYONE get under someones skin like Ric?

    • @inkognegro: But Ric Flair repeated got his ass whooped in the ring. how many times did he lose his title and have to get it back?

      Kanye is always putting his foot in his mouth, like Ric, and finding his way out of trouble.

      Jay/Hulk always said the right things at the right times, and rarely lost. He only lost to …. Andre The Giant and Macho Man, and a hand few of others …

  23. Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon!

  24. This was an entertaining post, you’re right on with Kanye West/Ric Flair and 50 Cent/The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiasse but the highlight had to be Tony Yayo/Virgil (part 1). As I think about it another option Tony Yayo/Brooklyn Brawler because everytime he popped up(which is too often for me) you wonder why is he here, he has no talent. They will go on the “How do they find work” list.

    Also can see The Bushwackers/Onyx because they were always stomping around and not always quite sure what they were saying.

    Brutus the Barber Beefcake/Memphis Bleek because he was very close to Jay-Z/Hulk Hogan but could not maintain a stable career of his own.

    What about Bobby The Brain Hennan/Dr, Dre because their moves were well calculated, masterminds of the game.

  25. I’m all about this, Hip Hop & Wrestling are my short list of things to keep if we running short on survivors.

    But I’m all about Jay-Z as HHH, although the Hogan pick can’t be argued either. HHH started off big in front of the camera, but end up pulling the strings (including Stephanie’s, who is wrestling’s Beyonce) but I digress….

    I also have to cast a vote for Master P as the Ultimate Warrior. I mean P was on top and everybody was riding with the Tank, but then….yeah, about the Lil Soldiers….you know what nevermind. I’d rather forget.

    Ultimate Warrior was beast with the IC then World belts, but then Papa Shango….black stuff out the mouth….then disappears.

    Same career path, no?

    Peace and Love….?

  26. Your bros roomie

    yokozuna died?

  27. great post, dude. wrestling was IT when i was a kid. My brother used to put me in the figure four everyday after school. good times, man, good times.
    i dont watch anymore, but my grandpa goes to “the show” whenever they’re in town. i fell off when the undertaker and that creepy dude put the ultimater warrior in a casket. 2 traumatic!

    btw, where is Jesse the Body Ventura, Lex Lugar and the Fabulous Moolah….just a thought….

  28. I like it…I think Kanye could have been Ric Flair , he could have also been The Rock too because he talks so much ish…The one I don’t agree with…Outkast…I think their the GOAT as far as rap groups, so I think they should have been the greatest tag team of all time…The Road Warriors!…300o even wore the shoulder pads in the Rosa Parks video…

  29. Junkyard Dog = Killer Mike
    Harley Race = Bubba Sparks (though you may have to check with Jason King to get the definitive rapper match for Mr. Race)

  30. yo, my twitter is @mr_uppercut I’ll add you

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