FRQs: Guide To Soul

I’ve had a rough week. And needed a good laugh or two. Spent some time on and also watched the video above. It’s one of my fav Jamie Foxx riffs. Enjoy it. Here are the questions:

1. If you must choose one to mess around with, which would you choose: a human that looks like a hula monster or a human that resembles a wildabeast? You must pick one. This is an experiment.

2. Your house is burning down, and you can only grab two singular items, what do you get?

3. Name a hip hop album of the last five years (2005-2009) that will be a “classic” 10 years from now.

4. What defines a good friendship (20 words or less)?

5. I know it’s not contagious like the flu, but why is humility so damn hard to catch? (Monica’s priceless answer: Because it has a vaccine called Ego.)

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Enjoy the weekend, people. Be safe.


13 responses to “FRQs: Guide To Soul

  1. 1. I already answered this question on Twitter but I’ll answer again here. A hula monster because he sounds like he’d at least be more fun than a wildabeast.

    2. Wedding photo and my work laptop – I don’t for my house to be burned down AND get fired because I lost some important info.

    3. Can I answer none? I’m sure there may be one but I can’t think of any right now.

    4. Someone that will tell you the truth when everyone else lies.

    5. I can’t beat Monica’s answer but I’ll say it’s because they haven’t ever seen it so they don’t know the symptoms.

  2. 1. Hula monster. A Wildabeast sounds frightening. And while a Hula Monster doesn’t sound great, it kinda reminds me of Hawaii.

    2. Laptop and my wallet.

    3. Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor … if you listen to it, and can understand what dude’s talking about, you can see he’s trying to take hip hop back to a different level.

    4. Truth. Dependability. Good conversation. Shared interested. Humility. Compromise. Good advice. … that’s a good start.

    5. Because people don’t like being wrong. They think being wrong equate to failing, thus they take that vaccine Monica’s talking about called Ego … and poof, you have a fool defending one of the dumbest positions you’ve ever heard in your entire life trying to save face … when actually, he/she is losing it.

    Humility >>>>Ego.

    *steps off of my soap box*

    • Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor … I forgot about that one.. i was so disappointed with “the cool” but yeah that joint was great

      • you didn’t like “the cool?” … The Cool is damn near classic, too.

        Again, he has so many tracks that you real have to listen to to actually understand/get.

        • you didn’t like “the cool?” … The Cool is damn near classic, too.

          nah.. I mean as a spoken word joint.. maybe…but as a musical album? it didnt pass muster to me….LOL

  3. 1. Since I don’t know what a hula monster is and a wildebeest aint all that bad Im rollin with the wildebeest

    2. If my house was on fire I would grab my daughter and my purse… If I am the only one in the house I would grab my purse and my phone purse for same reasons above, phone because I can call for help,

    3. College Dropout, American Gangsta

    4. One that has been tested by adversity and grown from it, where both people know the good and the bad and accept and love anyway (don’t hold the “ands against me”)

    5. In order to be humble you have to put your pride aside, and many people are unwilling to do that, because they fear being vulnerable and see it as showing weakness…plus its hard and we are society that have lost the value of hard work

  4. 1. I guess a hula monster if I had to choose. A wildabeast seems mean.
    2. I would grab my laptop (I love it so much I nicknamed it) and my purse. I could probably count the number of times I’ve gone anywhere without a purse.
    3. I’m not a big hip-hop head (I love soul music a bit more) but I would co-sign with Damon and say Lupe’s “Food and Liquor.” I really loved “The Cool” when it first came out and played it nonstop for about eight months, but now that time has passed I’m much more likely to play “Food and Liquor” on the regular. I would also add Blu & Exile’s “Below the Heavens.” Another one I played to death, but I can see it as a classic in the future.
    4. A good friend: Someone who will just let you be you. Someone who accepts you and values your friendship. And vice versa. You can’t expect a good friend if you’re not a friend back.

    5. I think it’s harder to just naturally have humility than to try to work and develop it.

  5. 1. i’m gonna go with the hula monster. seems safe & less aggressive.

    2. iPod & a fire extinguisher (because the way i see it, as i’m running, i’ll run backwards and spray some of the items on fire and try and salvage some things lol).

    3. i’mma go with two: Blu & Exile’s ‘Below the Heavens’ & Little Brother’s ‘The Minstrel Show.’

    4. laughter, inside jokes, truth-tellin’ (even when it hurts), smiles, pain, understanding, trust, conversations about everything and nothing, longevity, and love.

    5. i think it’s because because some people can’t put their pride aside. and they also avoid bein’ humble like they avoided swine flu.

  6. 1. Wildebeast, because I don’t know what a hula monster is.

    2. My dog and my purse.

    3. Either T.I.’s King or Wayne’s Carter III.

    4. The ability for either person to completely be themselves and, right or wrong, the other is there for them.

    5. Because it always slides off the slippery slope of pride.

  7. 1. I don’t know what either of these are & I’m sort of “scared” to look them up…lol. “Mess around with”??? Uhm, I guess a wildebeast?

    2. Bible my great-grandmother gave me as a gift on my 13th birthday and our wedding album(this is assuming that my husband & our dogs are already out of the house). I was going to say our fireproof box w/the important docs (copies of SSN cards, licenses, birth certificates, marriage license, insurance policies, bank info) but that would be safe in the fire since it’s fireproof, right? LOL.

    3. Food & Liquor is a good one but since it’s been listed, I’ll say Gnarls Barkley’s St. Elsewhere. I loved Crazy & Smiley Faces. I asked my husband and he said Eminem’s Relaspe or Wayne’s The Carter.

    4. Someone who’s seen you at your complete worst & are still able to love & accept you because they STILL see the potential in you.

    5. I think people view humility as the exact opposite of what it is…they see it as a sign of weakness or something that makes them less than the next person.

  8. ooohhhhkay…can we get an explanation on that hua v. wildebeest joint or what? LoL

  9. ~ Hmm…I’ve never heard of a hula monster so the element of surprise would make me pass out…lol.

    ~ My laptop and ATM card.

    ~ Probably have to go with one of Kanye’s CDs.

    ~ A good friendship consists of honesty, trust, understanding and a pinch of a ride or die connection.

    ~ I think it’s because most people have a desire to be acknowledged in one way or another, some only know how to gain it through haughtiness.

  10. stick o dynamite

    1. hula monster, only because i don’t know what it is and i like adventures.
    2. this one took some thought, only because when it all comes down to it im really not that big on material things. so i would guess my keys and purse.
    3. damn 1o years is a long time. too much can change, but i’m gonna go with ghostface killah fishscale. he tells stories in his raps.
    4. a good friendship is when your friend helps you become the best person you can be. while simultaneously expecting the same from you
    5. no one wants to look weak, and since humility is synonymous with submission that goes right out the window nowadays

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