FRQs: Good Music, Bad Sleep


This doesn't look like good sleep, either.

No, that title has nothing to do with Kanye. Next week, we’re delving into some good music — specifically, a few of our favorite songs. We spend a lot of time clowning bad music. So we’ve gotta make sense of the other side as well.

On another note, a TMCY lurker and one of my KC peeps brought up something interesting yesterday via Twitter: Doesn’t it bother you when you dream about something that you’ve been freeing yourself of in your conscious life? Isn’t that one of the worst feelings ever? What do you think that means? I guess that’s question No. 1. Here’s a good song about dreaming, anyway: Jason Mraz’s “Sleeping To Dream.”

The five random questions:

1. What do you think it means when you dream about something you’re consciously trying to avoid in real life?

2. Since Kanye West has decided that he’s the NEW King of Pop, I’ve decided I’m the NEW Walter Cronkite. Who are you?

3. What would be the perfect new job for the wondrously talented Sarah Palin?

4. What’s the best line you’ve heard from a panhandler? Did you give him/her money?

5. If somehow a wax figurine were constructed of you, where would you want it to be permanently displayed for the world to see?

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51 responses to “FRQs: Good Music, Bad Sleep

  1. 1. Hmmm that’s a hard one…you need to face it, handle it and move on.
    3. Beauty pageant coach
    4. I need a down payment on a cheeseburger! I did. Ima sucker for helping folks.
    5. Milan…with everyone that lives and breathes fashion

    • RE: your response to #1. Kinadoll, you are so cut throat…yes!

      And you would make a lovely Dorothy Dandridge 🙂

      • Thank you darling! Me being blunt is one of my new changes. I’m tired of holding my tongue.

        • I’ve never had a problem with being blunt, LOL! But I have learned to exercise my right to maintain military silence with the common folk…

  2. 1. I think it means they’re not out of your conscious, and if you wake up and smh, that might not be a good thing…. I had this happen like a week ago.

    2. I already told you, I’m the NEW Walter Cronkite. But if I had to make a second choice, I’d be the NEW Marc Lamont Hill so I could clown Bill O’Reilly on his own show.

    3. Professional Gamer.

    4. “Excuse me, but I could I pardon you for a down payment on a cheeseburger?” … Hell no. But I get a good laugh outta him every time. lol.

    5. Somewhere near the equator in the Sahara Desert so that mess hopefully melts.

  3. 1. I’m really big on dreams and the meanings behind them..I could have a whole long conversation about it. I think that when you are purposely trying to avoid something you just end up pushing it to the back of your mind and it has no choice but to express itself in your dreams.

    2. Kanye is ridiculous. I’ll be the new Zig Ziglar.

    3. She could be a life coach, ha.

    4. “Why Lie, I need a beer”…No, almost never give money to beggars but I have on occasion bought them food.

    5. First of all, I think that wax figurings are extremely creepy and they scare me. Have you seen House of Wax? If I had to have a wax figuring created of me then they could just put it in the Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York.

    • @tam: the entire reason I asked this question is because a panhandler really came at me with the “I’m not gonna front, I need money so I can get a beer” line … and I obliged him last Sat. before Jamie Foxx … I proceeded to buy $70 tickets for $45 … Good deeds … lol.

  4. 1. I think it means you are not truly over whatever it is. Whenever you are “letting something go” you are forcing yourself to be rid of something frustrating, painful or disappointing. In such cases, you really hoped deep down inside that the situation would have worked in your favor…but, such is life. In your sleep, there’s no where to hide. No music. No friends. No TV. No gym. No alcohol. Just you and your sub-conscious thoughts…bugging the hell outta you…

    2. I would like to be the NEW editor-in-chief of Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly (save the multiple divorces…)

    3. Kenai Fjords Park Ranger

    4. I have to ditto Damon on this one…the Plaza Hamburgler’s line is classic…by now, he could own the McDonald’s he’s been sitting in front of for the past 15 years…

    5. First and foremost, Mr. Jenkins, I do not appreciate the back-handed slap to my illustrious org…paper people do stuff like that. Anyway, I would like my statue next to the roller coaster in Neverland Ranch.

  5. 1. If I reverse engineer your question and judge what I’m trying to avoid based on what I dream, I must be constantly trying to avoid getting eaten by a giant Lobster who has Wolverine claws and a flamethrower attached to his back. (Pro-tip: Hey kids, don’t drink Southern Comfort then go to bed.)

    2. I’d love to be the NEW Guy Who Was Just Gifted $1 Million Dollars for No Reason. If that failed, then I’d like to be the NEW Tony Soprano but, without that all that murder stuff.

    3. I’m not going to put my idea out there for the world to read. Not while I’m still employed.

    4. “You don’t by chance need a gold watch?” No. “Can I get a dollar anyway?” Um, sure, why not. Wait, I could’ve gotten a gold watch for a dollar? What the hell kind of watch is it? “[Shrugs] Ain’t got no watches.”

    Needless to say, dollar retracted.

    5. Too easy. The lobby of the Motel 6 just outside of the city limits of Schenectady, N.Y.

  6. I wish I was a cheetah

    1. I think it means you need to consciously try harder to avoid whatever you’re avoiding. Actually, for a person who has the most random of dreams, I’m not a very talented dream analyzer.

    2. Gotta love Kanye. I’ll be the New Virgin Mary

    3. A Broker, she can work her wonders in Wallstreet, very close to where all her BFFs reside

    4. “My husband just beat me. I’m on my way to tell the police, but I don’t have money to get there.” *she showed me scars, but until today I don’t know if I believe her story. I gave her money though, the scars seemed legit.

    5. On top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  7. 1. good question. maybe you need to face it, since it’s following you into dreamworld.
    whenever i lose something, i tend to have dreams that i’ve found said object. it sucks when you wake up, look at the place where you found it in your dream, and it’s not there haha.

    2. the new head of BET. take it back to how it used to be pre-“Cita’s World.”

    3. she’d make a nice assistant to an amateur magician. especially on his first day of throwing daggers.

    4. best one was “i’m not gonna lie, it’s for sex.”
    another story — i was walking to Dunkin’ Donuts downtown and a hobo asked me to buy him a cup of coffee. it was cold, so i obliged (i felt sorry for the man). when we walked out, he thanked me…and then invited me to “shake at a strip club where i could make good money…” *dead*

    5. The White House for Obama’s entire term.

  8. 1. I don’t know what my recurring chase scene dream is about nor who is chasing me, so I just try to go through life not pissing anyone off (too much)
    2. The New Terry McMillan, less pissed off and less married to gay guys (NTTAWWT)
    3. Greeter at DisneyLand
    4. “Don’t run from me sista, I’m just trying to hustle a taco” I did buy him a taco
    5. Can we place the wax figurine of me making a hand gesture right in front of GWB’s Presidential Library?

  9. 1. That it’s still in the ba ck of your mind and you need to face it or let it go.

    2. I’m still the new black Marilyn Monroe.

    3. She should call ole Hugh up.

    4. I haven’t heard any lines…. I give them money if I have it.

    5. In South Beach, Miami (of course!)

  10. 1. What do you think it means when you dream about something you’re consciously trying to avoid in real life?

    I’m not sure what this means, but I know I’ve dreamt numerous times that I got what has been owed to me for about 5 years now (you know what I’m talking about Damon) and everything was done away with. I want to know what those types of dreams mean…something that you so desperately want in your waking life, actually happening in your dreams.

    2. Since Kanye West has decided that he’s the NEW King of Pop, I’ve decided I’m the NEW Walter Cronkite. Who are you?

    Well shoot…since we’re reaching, I’ll be the next Oprah

    3. What would be the perfect new job for the wondrously talented Sarah Palin?

    Seriously, quietly living her life in Wasilla and staying away from the poor innocent Caribou…

    4. What’s the best line you’ve heard from a panhandler? Did you give him/her money?

    The best line I’ve heard is a caucasian man approaching me saying ‘Hey sister, can you spare a few dollars?’….funny…prior to that day I had never heard the word ‘sister’ in reference to me from such said man. And yes, I did give him a couple of dollars…

    5. If somehow a wax figurine were constructed of you, where would you want it to be permanently displayed for the world to see?

    Ha! I know what you are referring to with this one…but let’s see, I think I’d only want it displayed somewhere in my home for only me and my husband to see….I’m truly not that vain, so the world doesn’t need to see it unless I’m someone overly famous…

    • you must pick again … The rules are simple, if someone else picks a person, you must choose again.

      Cicely picked Oprah on Wednesday via Facebook … Therefore, I nominate you as the NEW Tyra Banks. lol.

      • Can I be Naomi Campbell please? I think her beauty is far more natural and she is a stunning goddess….of course I’ll be Naomi sans the stank attitude and violent nature… 🙂

        • @jlbd: You can only get violent like Naomi in your Naomi dreams….

          • I promise to never be that violent and ill tempered…and it’s not that Tyra isn’t great because we have similar body types and attitudes, but her face looks too much like a tranny and that just ain’t cool…. lol

  11. 1. That avoiding your problem isn’t going to make it go away.

    2. The NEW Oprah and Reggie Bush’s NEW girl.

    3. Stay-at-home mom.

    4. (written on a cardboard sign); no, i didn’t give. (I think Chris Rock said it best that if you have time to be funny, you ain’t that needy).

    5. The hell?!?!? Madame Toussaud’s, I guess. Weird question.

  12. 1. In order to avoid something you have to think about it both consciously and subconsciously. This is just the subconscious representation.

    2. I’m the new guy every wants to be like.

    3. I could see her doing porn. And I would buy it.

    4. “Hi, my name is Homeless Ed, you can call me Homeless for short. I’m trying to raise money for 2 cheeseburgers, maybe some fries and definitely some deoderant.”

    5. My mommy’s house

  13. 1. You need to confront that issue.

    2. The NEW me. I just wanna be me.

    3. Ball gag tester.

    4. Don’t remember any witty lines. Straight up honesty works better for me. I’ve been known to hand out a few bucks from time to time, but not regularly.

    5. Under a lean to by a nice quiet white sand, blue water beach.

  14. I spoke this mess into existence … I had one of these dreams last night and two of my friends got shot in front of my face.


  15. 1. I think it happens since you are paying attention to avoiding it while you are awake, so it is always on the outskirts of your mind. When you fall asleep all the day-to-day thoughts clear out so it can move from the periphery to canter stage, even if you wish it wouldn’t.

    2. As long as we are reaching for the stars, I’d love to be the NEW Mae West…keep dreamin’ self.

    3. She should work at the Alaska Visitors Center.

    4. I had a panhandler come up to me while I was waiting in line at 5am and sing a Bob Marley montage. After making that ungodly hour tolerable, I couldn’t not give him money.

    5. In the elevator at The Plaza hotel in NY, where my budget ensures I will never have to look at it.

    • There will be a lot of rich people wondering who in the world you are when they see your statue, though …

      and Palin would be a great greeter at the Alaska Visitor’s Center … even better at Wal-Mart …

  16. natural nubian

    1. (sub)conscious dreaming?
    this just happened to me last night as a matter of fact. i believe they’re things we need to definitely get to the root of. not so much what we deny ourselves in the concious state, but moreso what our souls are secretly harboring.

    2. I’m the NEW woman I’m striving to become.

    3. Sarah Palin’ perfect new job?
    disappearing magician (that was the best i got)

    4. best line from the homeless?
    ‘all yall n- are going to hell. yea i said it!’…one of my 1st encounters on the NYC subway *sigh*

    5. my personal wax figurine?
    i’d need $900k to make it and then be sure to have it posted in nation’s capital for all to see and admire =D

    • @NN: I’m trying to figure out how you get cash by telling people they’re going to hell … that only works from the … *closes mouth* lol

      • I’ll be like Bernie Mac and say some sh!t that folks is scared to say…It only comes from the CHURCH PULPIT! … yeah I said it!

      • natural nubian

        he didn’t get a dime, poor thing. i was trying so hard to not laugh i had tears welling up in my eyes and occasional snot from my nose. everybody was trying to hold in the laughter. but the hard part was as funny as it was the man smelled HORRID. i mean clearly he hadn’t been above ground for a gooooood min so as much as folks wanted to stay for laughs, they couldn’t stand the smell. i stayed for the laughes tho. free stand-up like that is rare as far as i’m concerned.

  17. 1. Hey a dream is a dream… its the brain’s opportunity to get out a play. It means your subconscious is fiddling with your conscious. What you decide to do with it, is up to you!

    2. I wouldn’t mind being the new PRINCE…. “purple rain, purple rain”

    3. She should be a tour guide on the Alaskan cruise ships. “And to your left, you’ll see Russia…”

    4. One time a woman asked me which way I was going and if I could give her a ride. I was like Hello NO! I gave her $3 for the bus. She kind of had a tude about it, so I guess she really wanted the ride, but it wasn’t my problem.

    5. Forget a wax figurine! I want a statue…and I want that bad boy placed right next to the entrance of the Statue of Liberty.

  18. 1. I think it means you have unfinished business in whatever you were trying to free yourself from.

    2. I’m the new Cheekie, version 2.0. For real, since turning 25, I feel all shiny and refreshed. Ready to do ish I’ve never done.

    3. Tina Fey Impersonator.

    4. I got asked to dinner by a homeless dude, once. Took everything inside me not to ask him, “And um, how you gon’ do that, sweetie?”, but I just smiled because it was a good day. Anyway, I love the “I’m just hungry” type signs. Cut to the chase.

    5. At the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. I have no idea why. lol

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