Michael’s Muses

We all know MJ’s catalog is as endless as it is timeless. In this musical treasure trove are  songs to/about a few muses, and in this songs Mike told tales that still ring true today. I’ve ordered Mike’s most notable muses from worst to best.

Lyric: “I’ve been here times before. But I was too blind to see that you seduce every man. This time you won’t seduce me.”

6. Dirty Diana. She’s the worst of the listed muses. Why? She knew of Michael’s previous troubles with Billie Jean, and didn’t care. Diana just wanted to get on, no different from the girls The Game and & Kanye talk about in “Wouldn’t Get Far.” She’d break up a happy home with ease. Diana even went so far as to tell Michael’s woman at home that he was sleeping with her that night. For real, Diana was nothing more than a Smooth Criminal of the heart. Maybe that’s why he was asking “Ani (Diana), are you OK?” Who knows?

Lyric: “She told my baby we’d danced ’til three. Then she looked at me. Then showed a photo my baby cried: His eyes looked like mine.”

5. Billie Jean. This is what happens when fame comes, and you start mingling with girls. Mike told her that he wanted to rock with her on the dance floor and suddenly he “impregnated” her. Now, Mike has to head to Maury Povich because his real girlfriend thinks the baby has his  hat eyes. Really, Billie Jean just wants to capitalize and catch MJ up in some drama. Many a celeb can attest to a Billie Jean-like story, and Mike was just trying to warn them all to stay off “the dance floor.” If you know Thriller, the album, Mike quickly reminds you that cause for Billie Jean’s transgressions is just “Human Nature.”

Lyric: “More precious than any pearl. Your love so complete.”

4. Liberian Girl. A muse who caused MJ few problems. He genuinely loved her. She love him. And even more, Mike’s friends loved her. Click the link and check out the video’s star power. Hell, even Weird Al came out for a cameo.

Lyric: “Where did you come from, ooh, and won’t you take me there?”

The cover for the PYT single ...

The cover for the PYT single ...

3. P.Y.T. When Michael came to understand Billie Jean’s Human Nature, he could move on and spit his game proper. He found a new woman let her know that he loved the way she looked, giving her an acronym to fit. He made it obvious that he wanted her upfront by saying that he wanted her to make his “nature rise.” But yeah, that’s how Mike supposedly got in trouble with Diana and Billie, right? Maybe Diana and Billie are pretty young thangs, too? Too bad those heffas couldn’t show him the Good Life. *shrugs* Then again, maybe she’s the one?

Lyric: “You’re every wonder in this world to me, a treasure time won’t steal away.”

2. Lady in My Life. L.M.L. is what happened when the P.Y.T. proves her worth, trust and love to Michael over time. It’s a ballad that will stand the test of time. It’s the final track of Thriller, and it helps put in perspective just why the album is so great. It tells a story familiar to many of us.

Lyric: “You’re always running here and there. You feel you’re not wanted anywhere.”

1. Ben. What? This isn’t a joke. Yes, been was a rat. But he was the inspiration for Michael’s first chart-topping solo single. It’s no surprise that Mike was singing to rat. He was a certifiable genius, and maybe this is the moment Mike came to realize that his crazy would be a part of his genius. Seriously, Mike won a Golden Globe for the song and was nominated for an Academy Award as well. Ben is undeniable.

A few of my fav muse songs from other artists: “Mandy” by Barry Manilow, “Sara” by Jefferson Starship, “Charlene” by Anthony Hamilton, “Maxine” by John Legend, “Victoria” by John Mayer, “Marilie” by Brian McKnight.

What’s your favorite muse song and why?


60 responses to “Michael’s Muses

  1. Since I’m not familiar with any songs with my name in them other than “Da Butt” which proclaims that Tammy has a big ol’ butt; I like “Oh Sheila” because that’s my mom’s name and it is about a man begging a woman to make him her only one. Usually it is the other way around…..

    I’ll also say Bill from the song “Don’t Mess with Bill” by the Marvelettes. This was one of the original don’t mess with my man songs.

  2. Hands down…’Tyrone’ by Erykah Badu…This is one of the realest muses from a woman who is fed up with the worthless man she’s been keeping for far too long….

  3. Oh I love “Sadie” and “Gloria”. They take me back to childhood when I didn’t have a care in the world, and make me think of the OUTSTANDING women that I looked up to.

  4. “Beautiful” by Snoop and “That Girl” by Pharrell.

    I do love the feel good songs. lol

  5. Darling Nikki, Prince.

  6. Since “Beautiful” was taken, I’ll go with “Beauty” by Dru Hill and “Sarah” by Hall & Oates (don’t front like you all don’t listen to the blue-eyed bandits).

  7. Jill Scott – He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)

  8. just a couple:
    Bonita Applebum by ATCQ.
    Victoria by John Mayer.
    Oh Girl by Raphael Saadiq.
    Brown Skinned Lady by BlackStar.

  9. Around the Way girl – LL Cool J
    Me and My B*tch – Big
    Renee- Lost Boyz

  10. Tupac – Me and My Girlfriend

    (I know he’s singing to a gun, but still)…lol 🙂

  11. I’ll cosign most of the submissions above, and add in BlackStreet’s “Joy”, which Chauncey singing about his daughter.

  12. Dear Mama – Tupac
    Thinking of You – Lenny Kravitz

    I love my mama. 🙂

  13. Ooohhh


    Jenny – Left Eye

  14. natural nubian

    Cameo’s ‘CANDY’
    M.Jackson’s ‘candy girl’
    Soul4Real: ‘candy rain’

    (i do have a bad sweet tooth yall)

  15. Morning, y’all.

    Y’all are listing good ones. I’ll have to think about it…give me a ‘minute’.

  16. Hmmm…two of my all time faves were listed with LML and DD…

    So I am going to go with:

    Isn’t She Lovely-Stevie Wonder

    Never Give You Up-Raphael Saadiq

    You/Woman-Raheem DeVaughn

    ok…so far that sums it up for me.

  17. Okay, a few muse songs I like:

    “Zion” – Lauryn Hill

    “Brown Sugar” – D’Angelo… LOL!

    “Love” – Musiq Soulchild

    “Black Brother” – Angie Stone

    As always, there are SO MANY more but I’ll go with these for now.

  18. I have to throw in Aaron Hall’s “I Miss You.” Although the song was about his girl leaving him, the video was about his wife dying while pregnant with his child. I remember the day after they debuted the video, everyone at school was asking, “did you see that Aaron Hall video?”, walking around depressed like we knew the woman and she died in real life. The video started off good and took a disturbing turn for the worse half way through.

  19. I have two songs that bring out two very different emotions out of me but always bring me back to the same spot: “Gravity” by John Mayer (which I think is a cover but of I don’t know who), and “Anna’s Song” by Marvin Gaye…

    Gravity just makes me yearn for stability and quietness… the song is so troubled and so me sometimes that whenever I hear it, I have a gut wrenching feeling.

    Anna’s song on the other hand transports me to my happy place: sunny sunday afternoon with sunlight streaming through barely opened windows, a comfortable couch, an excellent book, a glass of fresh orange juice…. kids laughter and birds singing outside… I just get transported to that place everytime I hear it…. Although Anna’s song was actually written in a sad state of mind, I think the composition is beautifully light and sunny…

    So here are my song muses and I do talk a lot

  20. good lord that Aaron Hall video frustrated me into sadness lol.

    some more Musiq joints: Her & Ms.Philadelphia

  21. AHHHHH … i don’t know how I forgot this one, but Raphael Saadiq’s Ray Ray album is laced with muse songs …

    This One & Detroit Girl … dope, dope songs …

  22. Common – I Used to Love H.E.R.

  23. Hmm…

    What about classics like “Unforgettable”…

    that had to have had a muse…

    Ohhh “My Girl” by the Temptations…

    Money…(That’s What I Want)

  24. @jlbd: props on the Common joint. too classic.

    yo, would Poison qualify? lol.

    • natural nubian

      i can’t lie, i was sooooooo thinking ‘poison’ but was thinking it was borderline cheesy r.kelly*ish with that song from last summer ft. usher “girl is mine, she got a twin, same girl” something or another.


    Why is “Human Nature” not on the list?

    That’s a hell of muse song…

  26. Nina Simone’s Sinner Man maybe cause it went so well with the Thomas Crown Affair movie

  27. Layla the unplugged version by Eric Clapton which was a song he wrote about his close friend, George Harrison’s wife. and the follow up
    Wonderful tonight…

    and I remember you and Anyway..hell really the whole I remember you Cd by brian mcknight

  28. -he can only hold her – amy winehouse. or really any song my amy.
    -for real by amel laurieux
    -the truth – india arie.
    -ms jackson – outkast
    -selah – lauryn hill
    -southern girl – maze
    -you dont know my name – alicia keys.

  29. thecomebackgirl

    “1. Ben. What? This isn’t a joke. Yes, been was a rat. But he was the inspiration for Michael’s first chart-topping solo single. ”


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