8 Things I’ve Learned Between 28 and 29

Today is an important day of sorts. It’s my day of birth (Aug. 18th). Last year, I did this “15 Things I’m Glad I Learned Before 28” as a note on Facebook. It went over well.

They say you learn something new every day. So here is this year’s version. It’s not quite 365 things, but here are “8 Things I’ve Learned Between 28 and 29.”

1. No “You’re Almost 30” joke is funny, Ryan, Monica or Alexandra. I’ve been hearing them since I turned 27, and sure, I fake laugh at them all. I want you to think you’re funny. But you’re not, especially my loving younger brother who looks like he could be his son’s grandfather (Sorry Ryan, I had to).

I wonder if Charlie ever learned to stop worrying so much...

I wonder if Charlie ever learned to stop worrying so much...

2. I abhor texting. This sorta kinda made the list last year. Yet, I somehow have received around 50 text messages that have made me blow an effing gasket or two in the last 365 days from people who know how I feel about this form of communication. It makes me hate it more. And I’ve seriously considered disabling the function. But that would be too easy of a joke for Ryan, Monica and/or Alex.

3. I have great friends. I knew this around this time last year and the year before that, and the year before that and so on. I’ve had the same close circle of friends for the better part of 10 years, or since about my sophomore year of college. There have been ups and downs with everyone. And I’ve done more than my share of dumb stuff, but no one’s really disowned me. Best yet, each of my good friends gives me something different and helps me be to be a better person. They keep me sane and I’m grateful for their presence in my life.

4. You’re your own best X-Ray machine. Anyone can point fingers at others and their problems. Can you do it to yourself, though? Introspection works. The more honesty you filter into your self-diagnosis, the better off you’ll be. It’s tough to do all the time. But the more you can do it, the easier it will be to find the proper remedy.

5. Arguing in circles gets you nowhere. This is a tragic flaw of mine, one that I’m conquering because I’ve likely wasted a full month of my 29 years arguing with people who won’t budge, even if they know they’re in the wrong. And at this stage in life, post quarter-life crisis,  I’m about making the most of my time or at least trying to do so.

6. Good music isn’t dead. This time last year, I was certain that it was dying a slow death. What’s dying are people who care to hear good music. Seriously, Big Luther rolls over in his grave every time Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On” is broadcast over the airwaves. That means Big Luther is currently spinning like a hamster wheel.

7. Prayers get answered. I was reminded of this in January. I’m gonna print this one out and stick it on my bathroom mirror because I need to remind myself of it every day.

8. Writing open letters is cathartic. I’ve penned a lot of stuff that I’ll never show anyone, unsent lengthy e-mails, horrific poems and whatnot. Writing my thoughts in an open letter format for others read, even if the intended target never sees it, is an amazing release. I never realized how much easier it would be to let some things go on a personal level. I mean, I can actually look at a misused exclamation mark without wanting to choke someone. And I’m glad you all are along for the ride.

What’s one thing you’ve learned since your last birthday?


45 responses to “8 Things I’ve Learned Between 28 and 29

  1. thecomebackgirl

    “What’s one thing you’ve learned since your last birthday?”

    My a!ss is getting old..

    Happy BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D money.

  2. 1) Live doesn’t end post-30. It actually doesn’t end until it ends. Every day breathing is an opportunity to do something exceptional, even it’s only exceptional to you

    2) Life is too short to sweat stupid ish. Seriously, that which you cannot change is that which you should not worry about

    3) Patience can be faked, tolerance can not.

    Oh, you only asked for one thing… I got on a roll. Happy Birthday to ya.

    • @onechele: I like your list, and it’s fine that you went over. The homey Shawnta is good for a plus-one around these parts. lol.

      Thanks for the birthdays wishes again, and good chat today as well…

  3. Hey, y’all.

    @damon: Great post. Happy birthday! I know it’s early by 30 minutes…well an hour & a half since I’m on EST.

    From your list I love & agree with #3, #4, #6 & #7.

    Hmm…I still have a few more months to learn more things but so far one thing I’ve learned since my last birthday is not to take myself too seriously. I think I’ve always known this but it’s been reinforced in the last 9 or 10 months. I’m glad that I can laugh at myself and admit that I make mistakes, I don’t know everything, I’m not always right & my opinion isn’t the only opinion…these things are all a part of not taking myself too seriously.

    • @shawnta: Being early never hurt anyone except the guy who came home and saw his wife with another man. I ain’t married… so thank you. lol.

      Your graph of things learned is some stuff I have to apply as well. I don’t think I take myself that seriously, and sometimes I’m not serious enough. Gotta find that balance.

    • “I’m glad that I can laugh at myself and admit that I make mistakes, I don’t know everything”

      I agree!

  4. Since my last bday I have learned that if I don’t think something is funny, I shouln’t laugh…that way, the person will stop telling the jokes. *jerk…rolls eyes*

    Have a happy, blessed one-year-away birthday 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday!

    My last birthday was just 2 months ago but in that short time I’ve learned that people will often underestimate you based on your appearance and their prejudices but in the end it doesn’t really matter and makes it just a little more sweet when you prove them wrong.

    I also learned that you can meet people over the internet and feel like you are friends in real life. Friends that never see each other but still….LOL

    • “I also learned that you can meet people over the internet and feel like you are friends in real life. Friends that never see each other but still….LOL”

      @Tam: Good point. I agree with this. I would have never thought this a year ago but now I do.

    • Thank you, Tam … I agree with your last bit. The funny thing is, I still wouldn’t date anyone that I met via the Internet… that mess still scares me for some reason.

  6. “That means Big Luther is currently spinning like a hamster wheel.”

    Do NOT KILL ME this early in the morning Damon.

    Happy Burfday.

    I’ve learned that my me time is valuable. A lot of people don’t appreciate the time they spend with their own person…. Some days I’d much rather role solo than have a crew.

  7. Happy Birthday Big Bro. Hopefully you continue to bless me w/ some of that old wisdom as we grow older. I look to you and others to help w/ this transition to adulthood (this is a foreign concept to me)

  8. Happy Birthday D, I was going to call you at midnight last night but didn’t want to accidentally wake you, thus I will call you later today and I promise not to send a text message. One major thing I’ve learned between 27 and 28 is that Facebook isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. You remember trying to get me to join it since around ’04 and I blatantly refused every time emphasizing that I could care less about keeping in touch with people via internet and that my true friends still pick up the phone to call and that was all I needed. Well, I’ve finally jumped on the band wagon and I actually have fun with it because I can keep in touch with relatives I hardly ever see anymore….but, I’m still not joining Twitter 😉

    • “but, I’m still not joining Twitter”

      @jlbd: Famous last words? See you there in a few years. LOL! Just kidding…I know your stance regarding Twitter.

    • @jlbd: Thx. You coulda called. I got two songs within two minutes at midnight… I was wide awake, and laughing at an Elvis-like rendition of Happy Birthday… lol.

      But I’m glad you learned that Facebook isn’t that bad. I’m still not happy that my mom learned what you have. … And it’s OK, Twitter might be too much for your old self. lol.

  9. Happy B Day. What’s up with some beverages of the adult nature tonight????

    • @dash: thx, again … I just got back at you via text. I’m gonna do Jazz Poetry Jams at 7 pm at the Blue Room. We can do that. Just get back …

  10. Well, since my birthday was only a few months ago, I think I’ve learned that no matter how stagnant your situation is, you can always change it. Time and opportunity are always there, you just have to make use of them.

    Happy Birthday, No. 1 homie, D.Scott!! Expect a phone call later 🙂

  11. very merry happy day of birth damon. i, too, am an august baby (this sunday to be exact) and it’s a milestone for me also so i feel u on the lessons learned.

    the one thing that’s really stuck out to me this past year is perspective is everything. it not only prevents me from arguing with ppl who have skewed POVs, but also helps me see why they may say the things they do. i think once more folks start trying to see things from others’ perspective things might become a lil more peaceful.

    close 2nd runner up lesson learned is the definition of value: what i’m willing to pay the price for….if i’m not willing to pay the price for it, then it is just a preference and not a conviction.

    • @NN: Thanks for the birthday wishes… Perspective is the best way to understand someone else’s POV. You stand in someone else’s shoes and though they rarely fit, you get a feel for what they’re up against… and you can see where you potentially went wrong in that person’s eyes. It’s tough to do. I fail at it still.

  12. Happy Birthday D. When you hit 30, its all down hill…..NOT! Lol

  13. Happy Birthday! I think its great that you can look back and see lessons that you’ve learned from your past.

    One thing I learned since my last birthday is that thinking happy thoughts really works! Can’t explain it except to say that the universe works out the details and gets it done and I ain’t mad at her for it.

  14. Happy B-Day!

    I’ve learned that that answering a question the same time 10 times doesn’t change the answer nor the question.

  15. Happy BornDay!

  16. I have learned:

    1. There’s just me. One is the magic number.(Thank you Jill Scott!) My best friend should be myself.

    2. Sometimes being a loyal, good friend to someone can hurt or criple them. Don’t be an enabler!

  17. Happy Birthday Damon. You’re a Leo; I knew there was something I liked about you other then your awesome writing. Have a good one man.

    BTW: Favre is back. Can you say party time?!!

  18. And what I’ve learned since my last birthday, is very similar to your 5. Some people are not worth arguing with, because they will never see themselves as being wrong.

    Happy Birthday Damon…may you continue to bless the world with your wit and humor!

  19. happy birthday damon!

    i agree with your #6 a lot.
    a couple of things i’ve learned since my last birthday (i’m gonna do 21-22) are that:
    –my parents are much more down to earth than i once thought;
    –as patient as i am, my tolerance for BS (especially my friends’ BS) is so low. i have no time for that mess anymore;
    –i’m becoming more and more independent. nothin’ like a little growth.

  20. Again, Happy Birthday.

    Four valuable lessons I have learned over my 30 years and crediting those who taught me.

    1. At least my problems don’t include being literally nailed to a cross for sins I didn’t commit.- Jesus Christ
    2. You always have a choice. Even if you choose not to choose, you have made a choice.- My mama
    3. The power of “NO.”- J. Singleton
    4. Too often I “cry over spilled champagne.” Max Lucado

  21. Anger Management

    Happy Birthday! Not sure if this was said because I haven’t read all the comments yet, but the one thing that I’ve learned since my last birthday is to be thankful for not only the people who are in your life, but also the people who are no longer in your life. At the time, I was sad when a lot of my friendships ended but I’m so happy that a lot of them aren’t even around anymore. Made my life less complex.

  22. Damon, I LOVE the grandpa comment on #1! That was a good one! Once again, hope you had a good birthday and come see us before we leave!

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