10 Phrases I Could Live Without…

… ever hearing again.

There are things that people say that annoy the hell outta you. My personal list of these things is probably longer than Paris Hilton’s Christmas wish list from 1993 (“That’s hot!” would definitely make the list). But I’m just gonna give you a few. Feel free to share the ones you could do without hearing in the comments…

1. Whatev or Whatevs. This “abbreviation” of whatever has grown in popularity over the last year as a “cool” way of saying whatever. I prefer the three-syllable version of the word.

I'm whatever to whatev.

I'm whatever to whatev.

2. Keeping it Real or Keeping it 100. In college, we wore out “keeping it real” so much that we began parodying ourselves with it (that and “clearly”). Note: I graduated from college what seems like three decades ago… Now, “real” is equivalent to 100, which is news to me because I never knew there was a number that meant “being real.” (I do know that half of 100 means pig and a person who would beef with a six-year-old girl if he deemed it necessary.) Really though, I’m waiting from someone to take the “keeping it 100” phrase to this level …

3. I’m gave it 110 percent or any other percentage greater than 100. Did you do extra credit or something? I’m confused. How do you give more than 100 percent in anything? Someone tell me now. “Keep it 110” with me, though.

4. OH EM GEE. I’m especially miffed by atheists who excuse this phrase from their mouths, and though I’m clearly no there, the non-believers who say “oh my God” during sex. Really, that’s when you’re supposed to call on God, huh? Didn’t know that one.

5. You are NOT the father. I don’t understand how or why Maury Povich is still on the air and why people take such joy in hearing this phrase, Wildcat-Squared.

6. I put that on my mother or I put that on everything. One day, someone is going to say this, and a scene that belongs in “The Final Destination” is going to happen to that person’s mom or him/her. The only thing you should put on your mother is a kiss, a hug or a nice thank you for raising you to be the kind soul that you are.

7. You just gotta take it one day (or game) at a time. It’s the ultimate sports cliche. I get the meaning behind it, but if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this phrase over the last 10 years, I could probably buy Neverland Ranch and The Beatles catalog.

8. Brett Favre. Need I say more?

8. I told you so. I almost never say this. In my book, uttering this is just about grounds for back slapping someone like they talked back to his/her Mother or pimp. It’s unnecessary because you know that I know that you were right and I was wrong. If you want to puff out your chest, get outta my face and go become a stripper or something.

9. If I had a dollar for… Yeah, I just used it. But I did so hoping that you’d see the error in my ways. Don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you (<- another one).

10. I just don’t know what to say. I have an entire rant on this that I might post next week. But, in short, if you tell me that you don’t have anything to say, shut the hell up. I don’t want to hear you think.

A few things I say that I know annoy people.

But the catch is this… When I’m trying to make a point, this is my go-to move so that I can think about what I’m trying to say. It’s my counter to President Obama’s “UHHHHHH.” I’m trying to stop, but I’ve yet to find a solution. Help, please.

Listen, listen, listen… This is me circa 2001. I don’t do this one anymore because I can hear each of my line brothers mocking me distinctly in my head every time I want to make an argument but can’t seem to make my point because someone else is dominating the discussion. *shrugs*

Anyway, what phrases annoy you?


90 responses to “10 Phrases I Could Live Without…

  1. Hey, y’all.

    @Damon: Good post. I’m lovin’ that you asked for phrase’s’…lol. 😉

    1. It is what it is – Drives me cuckoo.

    2. Yeah, yeah, yeah – I just find it rude, especially if they’re saying it to hurry someone along with their point JUST so they can get back to talking.

    3. Blah, blah, blah – same reason as #2

    4. Yadi, yada, yada – same reason as #2

    From your list, #7 & #10 get to me too. #7 because although people say this to comfort & console, they say it like we have the option to do otherwise. Similar to your #10 is “I’m speechless”…uhm, not so much because you’re speaking. I’m guilty of saying these myself & I probably grimace as I’m saying them.

    • I definitely use “it is what it is…” typically when I’m talking to someone who isn’t taking well to any other explanation I give.

      But, truth be told, I believe the statement, in a lot of ways. It’s one of the few tongue-in-cheek, seemingly pointless and useless phrases I do like.

    • I’m good for saying “it is what it is” sometimes… and blah, blah, blah when i don’t have the words. But I agree, they’re annoying. lol.

    • Shawnta:

      Thank you for your #1! I hate “it is what it is” with a passion. What the heck is it? It makes me mad when people respond to me with that.

      However I do say blah, blah, blah to save my listener from painful details…you know for sentence filler.

      • @Coco: Hey! Haven’t seen you in awhile; how have you been?

        Yeah, #1 is very popular so, of course I hear it all the time and each time it drives me a bit more cuckoo.

        I understand using it as a sentence filler. While it still annoys me, 😉 using it that way (to spare details) doesn’t bother me as much…it’s when someone says it WHILE someone else is talking as if to hurry their story along just so they can get back to talking themselves.

        • @shawnta: hey girlie! i’m good. busy with work. i found myself commenting on blogs WAY too much on the job. i have an addictive personality…so you know how that goes (<– another overused phrase).

          so often times, i lurk but don't comment…but i don't have much today so i'm here all day. 🙂

  2. 1. “Seriously?” <— that's the phrase I wear out and when I hear others say it, I roll my eyes

    2. "Hotness" or "that's hot"… it's probably not all that

    3. "You do you" or "I'm doing me"… Liked it when it was empowering, not so much when people starting using the phrase for excuses to act any old kinda way

    • @OneChele: You are so right about #3! Good one.

    • Goodness… “I’m doing me…” or “let me do me” all those “allow me to separate myself, uselessly, from the crowd” statements drive me batshit. I always want to respond, “honestly, you separate yourself from nada by saying it,” and ask, “do you even know what it means?”

    • “Do you” … the ultimate sign of indifference. lol. That’s a good one, onechele… lol

      • Excellent notation.

        Now that I think about it…

        Every time I’ve ever said “do you…” it’s been because I didn’t care and wanted to move it along (but sensed the other person needed some validation or other acknowledgement…)

  3. High on my list are “my bad”, “I threw up a little in my mouth” and “what had happened was”….ugh!

  4. Hmm…

    I actually hate it when people say “whatever” in response to someone and/or what they’ve said. I think it’s so dismissive and it’s a quick way to piss me off.

    “Only God can judge me” mostly because people usually say it right after they’ve done something effed up. Truth be told, you probably are gonna want me to judge you rather than God. I got a feeling what He got for you ain’t nothing to play with (or look forward to, if you truly deserve a harsh judgement).

    That’s all I got for right now, but I’m sure I’ll think up a few more.

    • @asmith: My mom actually hates “whatever” as well. Says it was one of my pops choice phrases back in the day … lol.

      And the “only God can judge me” is a great one… lol… and that’s why people are judging the people who use it. lol.

    • “only God can judge me” I think that’s the silliest phrase. I remember when Master P was on dancing with the stars…he was TERRIBLE and the judges tore him to pieces with their criticism. When asked what he thought of their comments he said “Well, I don’t care. God is my judge.” Um…I don’t think God is rating your dance dude…that’s silly and irrelevant!

      Furthermore, if only God is your judge, shouldn’t you fear Him more than man? All around stupid.

      • “Furthermore, if only God is your judge, shouldn’t you fear Him more than man? All around stupid.”

        That’s exactly what I’m saying. People are so ridiculous sometimes.

  5. Besides my response to Mel, I don’t know if there’s a phrase that really grates at me, besides “Brett Favre is coming out of retirement … again.”

    I’ve been told that I say “the hell?” or “what the hell?” a lot. I haven’t noticed. I do say “f*** that [s***]” a lot, but sometimes the situation warrants it. (I like to use colorful language 🙂 )

  6. This is going off of #10, but I want to smack people who say “it goes without saying” or “needless to say” and then continue to explain the entire situation/conversation/what-have-you.
    Whenever I hear this I want to get up and leave, mid-sentence.

    • @stacy: You’re so right about this… every time I type one of those two phrases now I go back and immediately delete them… Spot on.

    • Ohmigoodness…

      I have a friend who says “needless to say” before EVERYTHING. What gets me, though, is that what she’s saying is NOT “needless to say…” I need to hear the rest of it in order to understand so yes, it is necessary! Good, goodness that drives me batshit.

  7. I have just started using #1, and had never heard it before.. hell, I thought I’d invented something new. (womp womp wahhhhh)

    1. “It is what it is”: It’s so dismissive…

    2. “My thing is”: What thing? Your opinion? Your issue?

    3. “I’mma keep it all the way real/ gangsta.” If you were, you wouldn’t have to tell me.

  8. Well, this one is sports related but I hate when a football player gets tackled near the first down line and the announcer says “It depends on the spot” well of course it depends on the spot! You’re at the game, why don’t you tell me if you think the player made it or not.

    Phrases I say that tick people off:

    “Not even that” or “Not just that but…”: Some people are annoyed if I add an extra fact onto an opinion they already made. I’m not regurgitating their point just added some support but some take it as I’m suggesting their argument isn’t strong enough *shrugs*

  9. Back in the 90’s this phrase was hot: ‘playa hata’, then it got abbreviated to ‘hata’ or ‘hater’…now everyone still uses that godawful word to justify any and everything f’d up about them. I actually have a cousin who has 3 kids by 3 different men, lives off government assistance and can’t keep a man and/or afford to take care of herself say that someone was ‘hating’ on her and her swagger… ?????????????????????????????????????

    Someone please revive me….

  10. @Damon

    Back in undergrad you used the phrase ‘in all honesty’ a wee bit too much ***pinches fingers***

  11. 1. “It’s all good”…maybe it’s just the way the goat ropers around here say it. I dunno.

    2. “On the flipside”. Ugh.

    3. Sentences started with “Actually…” I will choke you out.

    • @travis: Im loving all of this choking and slapping that’s going on in these comments… lol.

      And yeah, I think I let actually slip out from time to time. Not that often, though. lol.

  12. What annoys me more than overused phrases is when people misquote sayings.

    1. “I could care less” – Don’t you mean you couldn’t care less? If you COULD care less then that means you at least care a little bit.

    2. “He/she did a complete 360” – what? Unless you really mean that they did a complete circle and are now back where they started then what are you talking about?

    3. “Where they do dat at?” – I think this comes from some rap song that I haven’t had the misfortune of hearing. It is a saying that is fairly new to me. Not only is it just a horrible sentence it is also annoying.

    • @Tam: I’m so with you on #1…I also think it should be “I COULDN’T care less.”

    • @tam: You know, I’d never thought about No. 1. I never say that… but that makes a lot of sense. lol.

    • @Tam…YES at your #1. It is “I COULDN’T care less. I was just explaining this to a friend the other day.

      lol@ #2…360…that cracks me up! Try 180.

    • “1. “I could care less” – Don’t you mean you couldn’t care less? If you COULD care less then that means you at least care a little bit.”

      LOL…I knew this would be on here. It’s such a funny phrase because when someone says it, I’m like, “Could you?”.

      I think it’s because of how it rolls off the tongue. It’s a smoother phrase, but few people notice how nonsensical it is.

    • Tam, we have established we can be BFF, right? You got me D-YING.

      I hate when people misuse phrases all the time, especially when I correct them.

      Your 2nd one is at the top of my list. Ohmigoodness, please learn your math. PLEASE.

  13. Oh I also hate when people say “It could be worse” when you complain about something.

    Yes, it could be, but that really doesn’t make me feel better about my current situation so shut up.

  14. @Damon

    In terms of the phrase ‘clearly’ that was over used to the max in college, at first I thought that was something exclusive to MU but during a summer job my junior year a girl overheard me using that word and started laughing hysterically. She was like ‘you guys use that word too!?’ She attended Xavier University down in Louisiana…how ironic…

  15. I LOVE THIS D!!! I say Whatev too much. And the new one is “Who gonna check me boo?!” courtesy of Sheree from the Real Housewives of ATL! LOL!!!

    • @Kina: “Who gonna check me boo?!” is hilarious & I have been hearing & reading it a lot lately. I didn’t know it was from Sheree though. I immediately thought it was from Angela in Why Did I Get Married (although I don’t remember her saying it in the movie). 😉

  16. lol @ #6. i LOVE saying that (moreso “i put it on everything i love”) especially when telling a story. you have to make it seem more truthful, especially when people don’t believe you lol. it’s even more effective when you do it with hand gestures, i.e. pounding your hands together. i didn’t know people outside of chicago said that, tho.

    anything that is similar to “hip hop is dead” / “nah, that’s not real hip hop” / “conscious hip hop” etc. i don’t even wanna be your friend if you bring that up in a musical discussion.

    oh, and the word “dope” is being highly overused these days. i was listening to a podcast and dude said “dope” to describe everything. i had to turn it off. pick up a thesaurus, man!

  17. i just hate “no homo”….oversused and makes no sense.

  18. I think most of the annoying phrases have been hit. But one I hear a lot is “Awesome.”

    – This taco is awesome!
    – My car looks awesome now that I just washed it!
    -You’re awesome!
    – God is awesome!
    -Awesome, awesome, awesome!


    It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to be full of awe at all of those things. Overused word. lol.

    • This blog is awesome.

    • @coco: I think I went through an awesome phase, too. *hangs head in shame* … I might use it from time to time still. But whatever I’m calling awesome has to really be awesome. lol.

      @travis: thanks. lol.

    • @damon: mind you…I do use awesome more than I need to.

      Oh yes, another word I use that is kind if like “awesome” is AMAZING.

      Ex. These cherries are AMAZING…and I really excentuate the “mazing” … lol. Oh well…

      But I tend to be very extreme in the language I use.

    • LOL. I know. Habitual use of extreme adjectives like “awesome” sorta devalues the word. Not everything can be awesome. lol

      I think a lot of people are guilty of that when they say, “This is the best [insert cool thing here] ever”. Like Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons. It’s rarely a literal phrase but people (including me) use it alot to describe something they love like a movie scene or something.

    • Ok, I overuse it, but..

      A good way to know if I either a)don’t care or b)don’t know what else to say is when I say “that’s awesome…” *wondering if I’ve said it on here somewhere…*

      • If I don’t know what to say or in cases where I disagree but don’t want to voice it, I’ll say “Interesting…”. My BFF knows what I mean when I say that so I have to be careful. lol.

  19. and the use of “bro.” not sure why “brother” needs to be abreviated, but using the shortened version only accentuates how lame you are.

  20. “3. I’m gave it 110 percent or any other percentage greater than 100. Did you do extra credit or something? I’m confused. How do you give more than 100 percent in anything? Someone tell me now. “Keep it 110″ with me, though.”

    There’s a variation of this that gets on my nerves. When watching Maury (I know, bad decision right there…lol), those women who are always a “thousand percent sure” that the guy is the daddy. And they’ve increased over the years to a million and whatnot. Just say you’re positive and STFU.

    The phrases I hate:

    “Stop hating”. It’s the default response to EVERY negative opinion of someone. NO, maybe — just maybe — your criticism is a valid one. Besides, this phrase can’t be applied to everyone. In order for there to be hating, there has to be something to hate ON.

    “I tell it like it is” and/or “I’m just speaking my mind”. I hate when folks use this as justification to say some asinine hot mess. They always go on about, “Ya’ll just mad because I actually speak my mind you don’t”. Um, no, I’m mad because you’re a tactless donkey. To tongue-in-cheekily paraphrase the quote from the illustrious New York (of Flava of Love), “We ALL speak our minds, where do you think our statements comes from, our as*es?”

    • Oh, I forgot “you know what I’m sayin'”

      Only because those who use it, are using it EXCESSIVELY. It’s so distracting when folks use it in places like an interview or something serious like that.

      • LOL! i use that one from time to time.

        but sometimes when someone uses it, i do respond with “no, i don’t know what you’re saying.” or ” you know what I mean?” I know I say that a lot…especially if i’m getting a blank stare. Nod or something!

      • @Cheekie: My husband says “you know what I’m saying” entirely too much. It has gotten to the point where I now say “yes” everytime he says it so that he is concious of how often he is saying it. I’m am desperately trying to figure out how to break him from this habit.

      • Sweet goodness that drives me batshit.

        How can I know what you’re saying when EVERY OTHER PHRASE is “You know what I’m sayin?”

        One of my friends cuts herself off mid-sentence to say that and NEVER finishes the sentence. I’ve quit trying to get her to explain it anymore. Hell, if you can’t express yourself better than that, and you’re over the age of 16, I don’t know what you want.

  21. I hate seeieng LOL, cause i wonder are they really laughing out loud , or how people use it as a buffer to hide around the text

  22. I have a few…

    “Irregardless” – nuff said

    “Pacifically” – instead of specifically

    “Act your age” – I’ve never understood this one. What is my age supposed to act like? Who decides what you are supposed to do at what age? Is there some sort of template that says, “At x years old, your behavior should be as follows…?”

    • Yeah when people say “Pacifically”, I try my hardest not to correct them. We had a vendor who kept saying that, “Bidness” and “We do-do a lot of stuff”

      You know our theory on age and maturity…highly overrated.

      • @Oates: I really am LOL at “Bidness” because I have a coworker that says it and it makes me angry everytime I hear him say it because he is supposed to be a professional and that is not how that word is pronounced.

  23. Outside the Box

    That phrase is in the box, you bastards.

    • @bigman: this is the best comment today, not even because of the phrase, but because of how you turned it around… *slow claps*

    • LOLOL @ Big Man!!!

      I know I’m late, but not one said, “for real…for real.”


      So you mean to tell me (which could be another one) that you’re entirely more trustworthy because you used those words twice. As if once wasn’t bad enough?

  24. “I’m feeling’/not feelin’ ______” – can you be less articulate? This makes you feel ____ .This has bugged the crap out of me for at least 10 yrs.

    1 & 2 – must die

    I have a bad case of the “Actually” and the “You know” (If know I you know, I should probably don’t need to tell you)

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