JLBD: Lil’ Kim

ed’s note: The homey John Lennon’s Black Daughter (JLBD) has something she wants to get off her chest. Enjoy.

Dear Kimberly Jones bka Lil’ Kim,

How do I say this? Ummm…you look good now. I’m not even going to front, all those years of plastic surgeries and skin alterations have finally paid off, sort of. The recent pics I’ve seen of you flatter your figure and facial features and slowly you are starting to look more human now. But, as I’m sure you can guess I still have a bone to pick with you. There’s so much going on with you that it’s truly hard to approach, so I’ll go ahead and break it down into 3 scenarios.


Lil' Kim, at some point during her transformation.

Yeah, I know that all of us as humans are supposed to evolve and change and become different in our ways over time, but you aren’t the same chick that put out ‘Hardcore’ my sophomore year in high school. You aren’t the same chick that spit one of the sickest verses on ‘Get Money’ and ‘Stay dat Bitch.’ You are different now. And I can’t ignore it and sum it up as self-progression because it’s only displays the negative impact of being insecure.

Not that I’ve ever really cared about you that much from the get go, but you are starting to get my attention more and more with your constant metamorphosis and I can’t help but wonder how much your physical hammering may be affecting our youth’s perception of beauty. When you were on ‘Dancing with the Stars’  I realized that Kimberly Jones from Brooklyn likely wanted to be Kimmy Jeffers from The Valley. If you don’t get what I’m saying just watch yourself talk in this video. But I digressed a little so let me get back on track:

  • You are the poster child for self-hate of this generation. Sure, many people thought that MJ had this same affliction and I myself have even given him the side-eye before. But you’ve done so much to yourself. To my knowledge it has not been driven by a series of skin diseases. I will not dismiss that like MJ, you likely were affected by the abuse … of a fat nasty man. We all know that Biggie liked the light bright chicks (even if they were busted, Charlie Baltimore anyone?) and that likely had an adverse affect on how you viewed yourself. I read in an interview that every guy you ever had love for cheated on you or left you for a light-skinned chick. Newsflash Kim: that’s their problem and that should never have affected how you viewed yourself. You were never what someone may call beautiful or gorgeous, but you were cute in your own right. You had sex appeal to boot when you first came out reppin’ Brooklyn. I remember you on that Junior M.A.F.I.A. video, yeah the first one ‘Playa’s Anthem,’ when you had your natural short hair and natural colored eyes and skin. You were adorable, a bonafide cutie pie. But then it happened, you slowly began changing.
  • You look to Pamela Anderson as your Idol, yeah you seriously said this. In your first video ‘No Time’ you had blue contacts and the infamous weaving began. From there, you got your rabbit teeth sawed down. Then came the heavy makeup and skin lightening with the progressively horrible weave. Then came the nose jobs, liposuction, breast implants, blonde weave and still progressively lighter skin. Then came the video where ‘Lil’ Kim dolls’ were being made out of plastic (were you mocking yourself?). Then years later you actually made a comment that you wanted Christina Milian to play you in the movie “Notorious.” Kim, another major newsflash, you’re black and she’s Latina. You’re dark brown skinned (naturally) and she’s light complexioned. What is it that you don’t want to accept about what God naturally gave you? And in reference to the video posted above, explain to me why you are trying to sound so … “ditsy white girlie” like? Is that all an act or have you channeled Norma Jean Mortensen when she transformed into Marilyn Monroe? Seriously, I wanna know.
  • Now that you are all plasticky and nothing on you is natural, you actually seem happy. Seriously, what is up with that? I think you’ve read Janice Dickinson’s “Everything About Me is Fake…And I’m Perfect…” a few too many times. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with people using plastic surgery for minor tweaks and alterations if it makes them feel better about themselves or aides in their overall health. But to completely transform your body into something or somebody that is two steps short of a freak show is self-mutilation. As I expressed earlier, you actually look OK now. But have you taken the time to think about what message you are sending to young girls who may look up to you or what message you are sending to yourself for that matter? Or do you just not care? Kim, everyone thinks you are a hot mess. Seriously, you can’t be measured as a standard of beauty now because nothing about you is real. You have taken a nose dive into the addiction of plastic surgery and black self-hatred. And that, my dear, is disturbing.

If you don’t believe everything I wrote, that’s fine. But I can tell you that many a man lusted after your image back in the day when you looked human. Now every guy that I know thinks you look terrible. And even if you do look halfway decent they can’t get over the fact that you are fake.

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore

If you feel good about yourself that’s all that matters. But guess what? You will forever be mocked and looked at as a full supporter of the epidemic of dark women that don’t love their beautiful dark skin. I mean, I honestly think Naomi Campbell (sans her attitude) and Kenya Moore (former Miss USA) are two of the most beautiful women on this planet. If I woke up one day and looked like either of them, dark skin and all, I would be ecstatic.

Understand that with this letter, I’m not speaking for my issues with skin tone or image. Trust me, I’ve never had an affliction with this from external sources. Maybe it’s because I fall somewhere between café au le and poop brown so people likely never paid much attention to my shade. But I know that there are plenty of girls and some women out there that have had an issue with being ‘too dark’ and/or ‘too black.’ You’ve aided in their potentially continued low self-esteem by sending another message that light and white is better. You have proven that no woman is safe from getting brainwashed into the European standards of beauty and image, even those that once staunchly represented one of the blackest sectors of our culture, Hip-Hop. Smh. I won’t say “I’ll holla” or ‘Peace, I’m out.”

Tootles! (that’s the language you speak now, I know),



26 responses to “JLBD: Lil’ Kim

  1. People need to “run what you brung” especially in regards to ones face. If she’s not careful she might start looking like that “cat lady” from New York.

  2. I just hate that her rapping skills followed the path of her looks….they got worse and worse. Maybe Biggie really did write her rhymes (or at least review them) because she was never as good as she was when he was alive.

    Speaking of which, where have all the female rappers gone?

  3. Morning, y’all!

    @jlbd: Aww…Lil Kim. I liked her music in the beginning & thought she was cute during her Hardcore & Junior M.A.F.I.A. days but man, how she has changed. Change is inevitable, natural, necessary & even good but her physical changes have been a bit much.

    Too much of anything can be bad. I think celebrities who go overboard with plastic surgery, botox/collogen injections & other physical changes are either slightly addicted to it or just bored & dissatisfied in their quest to keep reinventing themselves. Maybe they try to ‘reinvent’ themselves so that others (the industry, media & fans) don’t become bored w/them. Instead of reinventing themselves w/new or improved talent(s), they do it physically.

    It seems like once they start tweaking this or that, they almost HAVE to keep going because one change affects everything else & makes other things look disproportionate. It seems like they’re seeking what they perceive as perfection or their best selves. They think that every procedure brings improvement, when really, some things should just be left alone.

    • @Shawnta’

      I agree, but I was truly disturbed when I watched that video of her. It was so Hollyweird and it caused me to have flashbacks of my high school days when the guys lusted after her natural looks and the girls liked her ridiculous flow…all that is gone now…smh

  4. I’m speechless….I didn’t think you’d do it….

  5. I can kind of understand changing her looks. But it appears that she changed her whole person. WTF is she doing?

  6. ” café au le and poop brown ”

    Did you say this???? LMBO.

    My best memory of Kim was the Playa’s Anthem video.. she was so cute and something about her little self, just made me want to hug her.

    Her songs as of late seem to focus on being grimey sexy rather than her lyrics.

    • @Nicki

      Yeah, I wanted to emphasize how ‘in-between’ my shade is. People tend to really comment on those that are very light or very dark…I’m that shade of brown that no one pays attention to…lol

      • WE’re so diverse… it’s still a beautiful shade, even if your description used POO… (why does it make me think of Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo on Southpark? Clearly I am thinking too far. ) lol

  7. i tread lightly when diagnosing anyone with ‘self hate’ but i do think lil kimmy is guilty of looking and searching in everything external for her own personal identity. we all want to come into the knowledge of the essence of who we are. but she fell for the ultimate distraction of consuming everything else, thinking external things will help her feel internally fulfilled. sad part is along this process it’s cost her her physical identity, increasing the problem of now looking into the mirror and probably not being able to even recognize her own soul. it’s crazy what some folks do to themselves.

  8. …..and i second the kenya moore compliment. it baffles me that folks still don’t know how breath-takingly gorgous she is.

  9. In a lot of ways, I feel bad for Kim. That’s gotta suck to look in the mirror everyday and hate what you see so much that you want to be the exact opposite.

  10. *Standing Ovation*

    Lil’ Kim needs to read this, like, yesterday.

    She was such a cute woman and yeah the “ditsy white girl” thing she’s doing I NOT cute. I used to love her “hard” voice…it was tough yet still feminine, she doesn’t have to become yet another 2-dimensional Paris Hilton bubble-gum woman. SMH, indeed…

  11. I seriously did not recognize that woman in that video. If it wasn’t for JLBD saying it was Lil’ Kim beforehand and the transitions between topics I would have never known. I am glad she is no longer wearing that circus makeup she used to wear around stage 2 of her transformation (early 2000’s). Her whole transformation is a sad situation indeed.

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