FRQs: Reality

The above video is real. The majority of the mess on television today is not. That said, I think I’m going in on reality television on Monday… Until then, here are the FRQs:

1. What is your favorite reality television show since reality television came to be?

2. In that same period, what’s your favorite sitcom?

3. What are you currently reading or what have you most recently read? And by reading, I don’t mean these questions. I mean “book.”

4. What’s one place or landmark you feel you must take every visitor who comes to your city?

5. When you think of the Kennedy family, what comes to mind?


81 responses to “FRQs: Reality

  1. 1. Fav reality TV show: In general I dislike reality tv because I don’t believe that it is real. I’m going to go with American Idol.

    2. Favorite sitcom: I prefer hour long dramas of which my favorite is LOST.

    3. Currently reading: I love to read, I have read about 10 books in the past 3 weeks. The last book I read was “The Good Guy” by Dean Koontz (one of my favorite authors)

    4. Landmarks in city: Sadly there is no place or landmark in this city that I would really want to take anyone. I’m really trying to think of something and I’m coming up with nothing.

    5. Kennedy Family: Tragic success

  2. 1. Hate reality TV but I’ll say Hard Knocks or 4th and Long

    2. I cannot think of a sitcom, more of a drama girl – Does Entourage count?

    3. Read all the time, I just finished Knock Out by Catherine Coulter, an FBI Thriller

    4. Kennedy Memorial (ironically)

    5. Dynastic family of charismatic public servants with a legacy of tragedy

    • @OneChele: I like Hard Knocks. I started watching it with my husband during the season it followed the KC Chiefs. Was that the first season? Good pick!

  3. Hey, y’all.

    1. The Biggest Loser

    2. How I Met Your Mother

    3. Lush Life (Price) & Black Girl in Paris (Youngblood)

    4. Many people are interested in going to the “Shoe”when visiting, especially if there’s a game going on…

    5. They’re often described as American royalty & that’s sort of what comes to mind when I think of the Kennedys. Privileged, wealthy, well connected, influential, blessed/cursed & in my opinion, they ALL look alike.

  4. BTW…the little boy in that video is so cute!

  5. 1. I’m not gonna be self-righteous and pretend I don’t watch other reality tv, but my fav type of reality tv shows are reality competitions involving actual talent (SYTYCD, Top Chef, etc.) and informative ones (Trading Spaces, Flip THIS House, etc.)

    2. Scrubs will always make me smile no matter how hard I try not to.

    3. The Nine by Jeffrey Toobin

    4. Harpos

    5. This speech by Robert Kennedy, by far my fav Kennedy. People don’t understand the importance of what he did to console this crowd following the assassination of MLK.

  6. 1. Real Housewives of Atlanta

    2. Big Love

    3. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

    4. I’d show them around D.C. since I’m so close.

    5. Conspiracy/cursed

  7. 1. My favorite reality show would probably be Top Chef – it’s pretty fun and makes me hungry.
    2. Sitcom…I’m not sure what even qualifies for that but I’ll say Scrubs.
    3. I put a hold on “Fordlandia” by Greg Grandin – “the Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City.” Henry Ford’s a fascinating character I’d never heard of this until I saw the book. Also put a hold on “The Apostle” by Brad Thor – fantastic fiction series in the mold of a Tom Clancy.
    4. In KC, gotta go to Liberty Memorial/WWI museum.
    5. I believe the Kennedys are one of the most overrated families in American history – the death of John and Bobby has lionized them in the hearts of Americans (especially Liberals) and made people forget about their negatives. Just as the Bushes are, the Kennedys, to me, are examples of old money families that wasted their gifts. The best thing a Kennedy ever did was Jackie O saving Central Park, and she was only one by marriage. (I’m expecting strong opinions here, but hey, that can be fun. I’m just sick of the funeral coverage; it’s almost as bad as MJ’s.

    • Kyle, I hate “Scrubs.” lol.. My bf watches it and I just sit there irritated… I don’t get the humor!

    • Kennedys have a long history of fighting for those in the minority whether that is through race, poverty, physically handicapped, etc…not sure how you come to the conclusion that their people did nothing when they are probably one of the most philanthropic political families…if you don’t like some of their attributes then thats fine but you shouldn’t misrepresent situations, that’s considered “grandstanding”

      • Fair enough – I just feel like John was a decent President but is remembered as greater than that because he was assassinated. And Ted, well he should have been in jail for much of the 80’s, though he did become a good Senator after his tragic mistake that being a Kennedy helped him escape from.

    • @Kyle: I still haven’t dropped in the WWI museum. *hangs head in shame*

      I’ve been all around the Memorial, though. Just haven’t dropped into the museum yet. I need to do that soon.

      BTW, the quotes at the bottom of the Liberty Memorial hill on Pershing Road in front of Union Station are some really, really good ones.

      They’re from General Pershing & Woodrow Wilson if I’m not mistaken.

      • You really do need to. My dad was a high school history teacher for 32 years and is a WWI buff – he’s been through it twice now with me and says the video presentations are the best explanation of the war he’s ever seen and the museum itself is one of the best he’s ever been to as well. It’s really spectacular and you’d need to go for two days to really see everything.

  8. I love that little boy. He was so serious…. and he was into it even when everyone was laughing at him.

    1. Keeping up with the Kardashians.

    2. The Office

    3. I should be reading books for my 2 criminal justice classes and my history class but as usual. I procrastinate. I will start next week.

    4. to Cheddars restaurant. The. Best. Food.

    5. Prestige.

  9. 1. Yeah, not a supporter.

    2. The Office.

    3. Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape

    4. Maracas Beach for shark and bake.

    5. Seinfeld episode where Elaine goes out of her way to meet a Kennedy.

    **can you tell I’m not American? 🙂

  10. 1. What is your favorite reality television show since reality television came to be?

    The Real Housewives of Atlanta

    2. In that same period, what’s your favorite sitcom?

    Girlfriends…cancelled I know….they didn’t even get a final episode (wipes tear)

    3. What are you currently reading or what have you most recently read? And by reading, I don’t mean these questions. I mean “book.”

    Sistah Souljah’s ‘Midnight’….I don’t recommend it

    4. What’s one place or landmark you feel you must take every visitor who comes to your city?

    The U-City Loop

    5. When you think of the Kennedy family, what comes to mind?

    Not much because much of their legacy is before my time. I truly thought John F. Kennedy Jr. was beautiful and his death was tragic as were his father and uncle Bobby’s. To some degree they are overrated ‘Camelot’ but I can understand prior generations holding them so dear because they did fight hard for the underprivileged which means those with melanin in their skin or those with not so much money.

    • @jlbd: Girlfriends was the best! I miss that show. Sigh…

    • I was SO disappointed in “Midnight.”

      She should’ve marketed this as a PREQUEL to The Coldest Winter Ever. I don’t know that the book was marketed as a sequel, rather than a follow-up, but whatever it was, it had me expecting to see some Winter Santiago and all I got was (prepare yourself for ignorance…) Midnight and some lame-o girl who can’t speak English

      • @ASmith

        Girl, you don’t understand. I went out and bought the hardcover because I was sooooo excited. Midnight was so subtetly glamorized in ‘The Coldest Winter Ever’ and I was yearning to learn more about this quiet dark character. **silence** after putting that book down. If I have the chance to meet Sistah Souljah I will give her a piece of my mind. This book not only was boring with wack scenarios, but it degraded black americans unnecessarily. If that’s how folks from African countries view us then that’s just too bad. I mean, it’s not like we came over here with free will and asked for our ghettos to have crack pumped in and be poverty stricken. And, do they not realize that many of us aren’t brought up in that environment at all???? Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox, but I was truly saddened by this book….smh

        • Didn’t you feel like the Midnight in this book and the Midnight we met were two different people? Obviously with the stuff we’re to assume he went through (and some we know) being different can be expected, but like you said there were wack scenarios that had me going… who IS this guy??

          I found myself skipping hella pages to just to find SOMETHING to pique my interest. I haven’t met a person who liked that book. Damn shame.

          • @ASmith

            Yes, everyone that I’ve spoken to about this book has had horrible opinions of it. One lady said she returned it at the bookstore and wanted her money back…lol. And yes, this Midnight was a completely different person. Like you said, from the first book we know he went through some things that made him how he turned out, but it still didn’t register with me that it was the same person. I wanted the book to also have some interactions with Santiaga where we see the transformation beginning…*sigh*

    • @jlbd: Why the Loop? I’m curious as to if there’s something significant or do you think it’s just a good hangout area…

      • @Damon

        It’s a very relaxed hangout area where you can eat, shop or just people watch (which is the best part) because that’s where all the Wash U. & SLU students hang out as well as the interesting eccentric people of STL. People can go to museums and stuff all day but the loop is a cool laid back spot for the evening life…

        • Let me also “shamelessly” add that it was nominated, and won one of the best streets in America a year or so ago. You can get almost any type of food that you want on that strip including Obama’s favorite STL pizza place. There are clubs, there’s a bowling alley, there is space for outdoor concerts. You can even purchase a Nathan’s hog dog with melted cheese and grilled onions at 2 in the morning after you leave one of the bars.

  11. 1. The old Real World
    2. Scrubs/Seinfeld/Curb Your Enthusiasm/Does Family Guy count?
    3. Just finished Tipping Point and Rousseau’s Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Men
    4. La Churascuria Plataforma, Cheap Shots, 125th St, Fulton St
    5. They seem to not be able to catch a break

  12. 1. I might go for the original Real World. But today, it’s Dancing with the Stars.

    2. Martin

    3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and What is the What

    4. People who haven’t been here: King center; people who have been here: Gladys Knight’s Chicken & Waffles

    5. Very rich, very powerful political family who mostly used that power to help others.

    • What is “What is the What?”

      • It’s a semi-biography about this guy who was a child soldier (i can’t remember the country, but it was in Africa). Anyway, it’s set in present-day Atlanta and he lives here with his roommate (also a child soldier). Some people break into his apartment and tie him up and keep him there. The whole time he’s tied up, he’s remembering his past as a child soldier. It’s interesting, but a little hard to read.

  13. 1. Big Brother, but this season has me totally underwhelmed. I also have to shout out Real World because it was the first and I loved it when it was good.

    2. Agh! I won’t lie… I loved me some Moesha

    3. “Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper” No real reason, I just saw it on a co-worker’s desk and swiped it to read a few pages while killing time and the next thing I knew, I was knee-deep in it.

    4. I ALWAYS wanna take people up on one of the mountains. If you can get up to the top of Lookout Mountain, you can see 7 states. Unfortunately, most people are too scared, so that usually fails, unless I lie and take them up there anyway. If I can’t get you on a mountain, then we have to go down to the River/Riverwalk.

    5. Tragedy, first and foremost. Though I know the historic things they did/were a part of, my age sort of limits my direct understanding to the tragedy that the media so often wants to remind you of. There is so much about Ted Kennedy I’m just now learning since his death that I’d never known, about his politics and the things he championed. It’s unfortunate. After that, though, I do think about how they are (or is it now, were) one of the few wealthy/American royalty families to always try to help the little guy… we don’t have families like that anymore.

    • ooOooOOO ASmith, what did u think of chima’s absolute tom-foolery? honestly i cannot believe blk folks still cut up like kids like that!!

      • GIRL!

        Chima disappointed me so much. I want a black woman to win a season so badly. Danielle, I guess, is as close as we’ll come.

        I was through with Chima long before her tomfoolery. She was letting emotions get in too much. She DEFINITELY could’ve rode on someone’s coattails, a la Natalie and Jordyn to the end, but instead she just HAD to assert her position as “that bitch” and it led to her own demise.

        The worst of all of that, though, was the way Natalie wanted to act like it was ANYBODY’s fault, but Chima’s. UGH.

        Not to mention, her passive-aggressive rebellion was so… UGH. I no longer even am rooting for anyone. I wouldn’t be mad if Jeff won and I’d be pissed as hell if Natalie wins.

        • chima really let me down. diva is an understatement. she just needs a deep slice of humble pie. the producers g’d her up tho ’cause once she finally took her 5yr. old tail to the diary room she thought she was going to sit down and the didn’t even let her touch the couch, LOL!

          then u have the trio cryin’ & wailin’ over jesse leaving?!?! SERIOUSLY??? i thought surely these grown women realize how they look right now, but nope! so so sad. it’s just funny how the table’s turned and jeff & jordan have weathered the storm. i think they are absolutely adorable together!!

          • Good goodness the crying trio ’bout made me throw up. I was watching that episode On Demand and thank God because I NEEDED to be able to ffw through that ultimate foolishness.

            This was a game full of emotional idiots and that may entertain the masses, but I watch BB because I want to see some daggone strategy. Not crying fools.

    • @ASmith: I watched the season of Big Brother with Marvin. Did you watch that season? He cracked me up. I loved when he was talking about one of the challenges & said “A drunk monkey could do it.” or something like that.

    • @asmith: I tried to get back into Big Brother like three years ago… #fail. I only watched the first two seasons of it.

      • Kudos for the hashtag use.

        I was really into BB beginning with the 2nd season and I was into thru season 7, the all-star season . I was in and out until last season.

        I want BB to stop trying to out-do itself and just let the players play the game. America’s Vote should be regulated to the types of prizes they get and not to things that directly effect the game (mostly because I think “America’s Vote” is a ploy for the producers to control the game).

        • @asmith:

          Hash Tag use is essential these days, even when it doesn’t compute.

          I think I stopped when I realized they were gonna keep making people eat PB&J. I hate Peanut Butter w/ a passion…

          • Have we discussed your hatred of PB? Is there a letter coming? That is so sad… I don’t love PB, but you know, sometimes it’s just what you need.

            And of course we know I use hashtags in ALL the wrong settings, but like you said, it’s essential even when it doesn’t compute.

  14. 1. fav reality tv show?
    top chef/project runway

    2. fav sitcom?
    living single

    3. currently reading?
    i’m actually not reading anything…do online blogs count? i consider those short stories 🙂

    4. city landmark?
    brooklyn bridge, cakeman raven (if they have a sweet tooth), or china town

    5. Kennedy fam?
    silver spoons

    • @NN: Now I’m curious, what blogs do you read?

      • blacknbougie
        gentleman’s standard
        the view from here (5andapossible)
        average bro
        the retort
        the root
        the field negro
        uppity negro
        the critical cleric
        stuff fly ppl like

        • …..oh, an this may concern you 😀

          • silly. lol.

            No, I think there are only two on that list I don’t really know about at all… the critical cleric and loudmouthprotestant.

            The others all have good content on them. Huge fan of RavingBlackLunatic and thefieldnegro…

            • loudmouthprotestant is my girl’s so actually knowing the author personally makes me an ever bigger fan. i’d love to blog but for now i’ll just stick to facebook notes. i consider my notebook my bootleg blog.

  15. 1. Favorite reality show – The Contender. I’m a huge boxing fan and the show’s theme song makes me wanna get up and do pushups or beat someone up!

    2. Fav Sitcom – The Fresh Prince and if cartoons count South Park.

    3. Book Currently Reading – None right now. I just got done reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” about Americans and the ridiculous fad diets, “The Blue Death” about the past present and future of water quality in America and “Eye of God”, a book that addresses the conflict scientist (me) go through balancing their religious beliefs and their scientific beliefs.

    4. Negro League Baseball Musuem or Kauffman Stadium (ranked #1 as best value in baseball)

    5. Kennedy Family – Means well, tragically flawed/cursed.

    • @Oates: I’ve always found it interesting to see how the Contender contestants assimilate back into the boxing world… Interesting show.

      And your No. 4 is a close second for me… There is a ton of history between the Negro Leagues and Jazz museums that a lot of people never get to see.

  16. . What is your favorite reality television show since reality television came to be?

    So you think you can dance

    2. In that same period, what’s your favorite sitcom?

    3. What are you currently reading or what have you most recently read? And by reading, I don’t mean these questions. I mean “book.”
    The last book I read was the “Kite Runner”

    4. What’s one place or landmark you feel you must take every visitor who comes to your city?
    I dont have one.

    5. When you think of the Kennedy family, what comes to mind?

    Honestly, I do not know enough about them the say, My Nana thought JFK was a good man so I will go with that.

    Categories: FRQs

  17. 1. Big Brother, but only the first two seasons. After that, nothing. I did enjoy the last two episode of the first season of Gotti’s Way. It was intriguing to see how his sons handled his separation/divorce. He’s messed up, though.

    2. In that period, prolly Girlfriends. Mara Brock Akil is an amazing writer. Maybe one of the best at what she does.

    3. The Soul of Baseball by Joe Posnanski. Should have read it a while back. I’m just now catching up on it.

    4. In KC, it has to be some BBQ place. Be it, Gates, Arthur Bryant’s, Jack Stack or Oklahoma Joe’s.

    5. Hope. No matter what that family has gone through, it has always remained hopeful. But I think you could always here a message of a better tomorrow in each of the brothers who served in public office… and it’s something that I think has been missing in our nation’s politics for quite some time… until now.

  18. Oh the little boy…Too cute. He is so serious and in the zone about “beat it”. Love it.

  19. 1. OG Real World, now Project Runway, Top Chef, Real Housewives series, America’s Next Top Model, The First 48, shows on TLC…

    2. just as many as reality tv: The Wire, L&O SVU, Heroes, Lost, The Closer, more but can’t think right now..

    3. Just finished Judgement in Death- JD Robb, now rereading Pleasure by Eric Jerome Dickey, about to buy and read The Shack by William Young

    4. can’t think of any honestly, would probably involve food though.

    5. tragic deaths

  20. 1. Hell’s Kitchen/America’s Next Top Model
    2. Law & Order SVU, Cold Case, House, 30 Rock, and The Office
    3. My Spanish text for my class…no bueno!!!
    4. 6th street
    5. tragedy

    Loved the MJ kid…too cute

  21. 1. The OG Real World. Now it’s What Not to Wear.

    2. Boy Meets World / The Office / 30 Rock / Living Single.

    3. I’ve been reading Toure’s “Never Drank the Kool-Aid” since June. I’m not a slow reader by any means, and the book is mad interesting. I just can’t find time anymore to finish it off.

    4. Ugh, I’m always obligated to take people to the Sears Tower (I refuse to call it by any other name). But Navy Pier is soo much more entertaining, imo. Or just downtown Chicago at night, especially. I took my cousin who’s visiting from France around downtown at around midnight on Wednesday night after the De La Soul concert. She loved it.

    5. Legacy.

  22. 1. My favorite reality show would have to be between Project Runway and Top Chef (Love me some Bravo).

    2. I’m not really a huge sitcom person. The predictable awkwardness usually annoys me, but I did adore Freaks & Geeks.

    3. I’m reading Ballad of the Whiskey Robber by Julian Rubenstein.

    4. Washington Square Park

    5. I feel a deep sympathy when I think of the Kennedys. They may not have been perfect but they have felt immense pain as a family and they are iconic in American history, both social and political.

  23. 1. What is your favorite reality television show since reality television came to be?
    — The Real World.

    2. In that same period, what’s your favorite sitcom?
    — Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I can watch eps of that show over and over and never tired of them.

    3. What are you currently reading or what have you most recently read? And by reading, I don’t mean these questions. I mean “book.”
    — I finally read The Bluest Eye. I was like the last person on earth that hadn’t read it. lol

    4. What’s one place or landmark you feel you must take every visitor who comes to your city?
    — Sears Tower…and NO, I will never call it The Willis Tower (for those out of the loop [no pun intended…the Chi folks will get that one. lol] in Chicago news, the Sears Tower was bought by the Willis fam some time ago and they officially changed it especially since Sears hasn’t inhabited the tower in years…anywhow, it’s a staple of this city and please believe we won’t change the name for no one. Tourists still come here and refer to it as the OG name. And what! lol

    5. When you think of the Kennedy family, what comes to mind?
    –the infamous pic of John-John saluting his father’s grave. It’s so poignant. *tear*

  24. 1. What is your favorite reality television show since reality television came to be?

    The Ultimate Fighter. I started watching it during the first season not knowing how much MMA was going to take off in the years to come. A close 2nd would be WWE’s Tough Enough.

    2. In that same period, what’s your favorite sitcom?

    “My Wife and Kids.” **mean mugs ABC for ending the series with a cliffhanger**

    3. What are you currently reading or what have you most recently read? And by reading, I don’t mean these questions. I mean “book.”

    “The Future of Music” which talks about how technology will shake the foundation of the music industry and will eventually take music from being created and sold as products to being, as they say, “as ubiquitous as water.”

    4. What’s one place or landmark you feel you must take every visitor who comes to your city?

    Busch Stadium for a Cardinals game.

    5. When you think of the Kennedy family, what comes to mind?

    Money. Power. Respect. (“It’s the key of life”)

  25. 1. When did it officially start? I would have to go with the 1st 2 seasons of The Real World. Now Project Runway.

    2. Girlfriends

    3. Sadly I haven’t read a book in a really long time. I used to read every night before bed. I really don’t know what happened to that. The last book I read was “Smart Women Finish Rich” and that was last year sometime.

    4. Mount Trashmore. Everyone thinks I am making this place up or I am really ignorant. It is a really nice park that was originally a city dump(No, it doesn’t smell like trash)

    5. The blessing and the curse.

  26. 1. I will go Shawnta on you and give you 2 answers. Lol! Project Runway and the Amazing Race.

    2. Another tie between How I met Your Mother? and My Boys.

    3. I am knee deep in school books now so no time for true “leisure” reading. But I am reading The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars (by Joel Glenn Brenner)

    4. Interesting question. I would say NASA, but I haven’t actually taken anyone down there. So I’ll just say the Galleria shopping center/entertainment area.

    5. Dynasty… as in the series. I keed, I keed. I honestly keep thinking of John John’s tragic death. I am still mourning that one.

  27. blackgirlinmaine

    1. What is your favorite reality television show since reality television came to be?

    I used to watch Real World but really since I am knocking on 40’s door, I am too old to watch it anymore. At this point I think reality tv needs to go bye bye.

    2. In that same period, what’s your favorite sitcom?

    Best show I have watched in years is Big Love..excellent show.

    3. What are you currently reading or what have you most recently read? And by reading, I don’t mean these questions. I mean “book.”

    I am always reading 2-3 books, generally a piece of fiction and 1 non-fiction. Right now the best one I am reading is “Jesus Didn’t Go to Church”

    4. What’s one place or landmark you feel you must take every visitor who comes to your city?

    My hometown is Chicago so if I were there I would take someone to Wicker Park/Bucktown because it’s sorta off the beaten path…granted they have gentrified my old hood. I live in Maine, now so everyone always wants to see the ocean and eat lobster.

    5. When you think of the Kennedy family, what comes to mind?

    Deeply flawed folks who have had a tragic life yet unlike most folks they actually did something good for others.

  28. 1. Biggest loser and I’ll start watching the UFC show since Kimbo is on there.

    2. They still make sitcoms? Boondocks or Fox News are the best if they count.

    3. Can’t say I’m reading anything right now to be honest.

    4. Downtown at night to see Cowtown at its best.

    5. A mixed bag. Seemed like ok people who had the evil strains of politics and snobs mixed in.

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