A Few Things I’m Scared of Doing

Everyone has a few things that they’re never gonna do. At this stage of my life, I’m fairly set on my list of things. To preface a future letter I’m mulling, I figured I’d share a few of the things that petrify me.


You wouldn't catch me doing this... ever.

4. Riding a motorcycle. A few of my boys have been trying to get me on this tip for a few years. But I’m a fan of doors, four tires, seat belts and steering wheels. And before I turned 12, I saw a guy get thrown from a motorcycle in Kansas City’s Swope Park. He lived, but my desire to ride a bike died that day. Kellen Winslow’s antics a few years ago didn’t help the situation, either. Besides, I think I’m clumsy enough to do what he Winslow did.

3. Jumping out of an airplane that’s airborne. Yeah, it seems like it be a freeing experience. But I’m petrified that that parachute will malfunction and that my life will end like the dude who hijacked the president’s plane in “Air Force One.” When I “get off the plane,” I want to be able to take steps.

2. Eating peanut butter. This is the one thing I hate more than mayo and its cousins. I know, George Washington Carver would be extremely disappointed in me. I haven’t successfully swallowed peanut butter since I was five. And that was because a nursery school worker forced it on me. About 15 minutes later, I awoke from my naptime slumber, and promptly threw it up. The smell of peanut butter to this day disgusts me.

1. Tatting it up. My mom put the fear of God in me concerning tats and piercings when I was young. She told me that I’d keloid from either, and pointed it just what that meant one day. That was enough when I was 10. As I grew older, I realized that I couldn’t think of anything permanent I’d want on my person. And as this link will tell you, putting my name on myself is out of the question. More than half of my friends have one, and I have no problem with them. But I think I’d have to be passed-out drunk in a tattoo parlor before I got one. And that’s not happening anytime soon.

What’s something you won’t do?


34 responses to “A Few Things I’m Scared of Doing

  1. Interesting list. I’ve ridden a motorcycle although I won’t do it again. I’d love to jump out of a plane. Peanut butter tastes great although I prefer Almond butter and I have two tattoos(neither is a name or a mural of someone’s face)

    Even though I would consider sky diving, I won’t go bungee jumping. Ever since Hilary’s fiance died on that bungee jumping trip on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I’ve been terrified of the thought.

    Also, I won’t ever eat live bugs. Unless I was stranded in the jungle and then I’d use the skills I learned on Man vs Wild to help me survive.

    (sidenote: I watch too much TV)

    Other than that I’m pretty adventureous and would try just about anything once.

    • Man vs Wild is that show!!! I like it better than the other show of the same theme that they show on the channel. The dude on that show always acting like the nasty sh!t he’s eating tastes good. GTFOHWTBS

      • @Peyso: That show has me convinced that I could make it through the jungle or mountains alive as long as I had some flint with me so I could start a fire. In reality I’d probably be a goner in a few hours.

    • “Also, I won’t ever eat live bugs.”

      I could never understand why people did this mess on Fear Factor… they really wanted that money. I’d walk away with dignity and a stomach that agreed with me.

  2. 1. Be in the vicinity of a spider, KNOWINGLY.

    2. Give birth Naturally.

    3. Wear blond hair. (I hate to see it on the sistas.)

  3. I really want to go both skydiving and bungee jumping…

    This one has me thinking pretty hard, but I think I’m like Tam… I’d try almost anything once. I have a list of things I’ve done and would never do again but I’m not scared of them.

    • @asmith: I probably should have said “wouldn’t do” instead of “scared of” especially after I wrote the list. … *shrugs* …

      I’m not scared of getting at tat. I just have no desire. But I’ll admit that I’m scared of riding of motorcycle… that’s just a little much for me.

      • I thought this might be the case, but I didn’t want to be presumptious.

        Having this addendum, I’d like to add:

        Enjoying clubbing — This is not to be confused with “clubbing” because I do it under certain situations of duress.

        Run in a marathon — We all need exercise, but I’ve always been of the variety who likes the non-running types.

        • @ASmith: I ran my first marathon last November and even though my body hated me through the training and during the race, crossing that finish line was one of the greatest feelings of accomplishments I have ever felt.

          • My cousin did a half marathon a few years ago and she said similar things; she’s also said she’d never do it again.

            It’s a beautiful feeling to push yourself hard enough to do something and then actually do it. I climbed 14,280 ft in the Rocky Mountains to Avalanche Peak. I’d NEVER do that again, but it always brings a smile to my face when I think about that accomplishment.

            Running and I, though, we’ve never been friends. Even when I was into sports… I ran for training and I always hated it. On VERY rare occasion I’d swap out extra lunges, wall sits and footwork (I was a fencer) with my coach to skip the running. That’s how much I hated it.

  4. Bungee jump.

  5. Morning, y’all.

    1) BASE Jumping, 2) unnecessary cosmetic surgery, 3) post nude photos/s3x tapes online & 4) smoke cigarettes or do ‘recreational’ drugs.

    Like a couple of the other commenters noted, I’m also pretty adventurous & will try just about anything once but I have my limits. There’s probably more that I wouldn’t do but these came to mind first.

    • @shawnta: I just think all jumping is too much… lol. Hell, i know grown people who broken legs accidentally jumping off of trampolines… I’m not saying I wouldn’t do that, but I ain’t base jumping, either …

  6. your list is hilarious. it’s so funny to me how grown men are but yalls’ list of no-no’s are too funny (ex: peanut butter). thanks for the chuckle.
    gimme a min to think of my list. i am going shark swimming next year so i’m trying to think of things nuttier than that.

    • @nn: you like Peanut Butter? smh. I think it might be the nastiest creation on earth…

      And one of my good friends wants to go shark swimming, too. I think it’s absolutely nutty, even if you’re in a cage while the sharks are swimming around. I’m just glad you know it’s nutty.

      • I sit up and watch tv sometimes with a jar of peanut butter and spoon. I sit and eat that delicious stuff spoon by spoon savoring the tastiness of each mouthful. It is delicious and I don’t know how you can survive in life without Reese’s candy or PBJ sandwiches. Yum!

  7. Wow. Lol! Your list is quite interesting.

    I love motorcycles. Love, love, love them. Might get one some day.

    I went bungee jumping but not yet sky dived. And I would love to do that at some point.

    No PB? I thought PB&J was like a staple of the Standard American Diet? We use peanut butter a little bit differently where I’m from, so maybe you should try that to ease into the PB conversion?

    I don’t have any tats but I can’t say I’ll never get one. You never know.

    As some commenters have said, I tend to be on the adventurous side so I think I’ll usually try something before discounting it altogether… but being the claustrophobic cat I am, anything where I might have to be buried alive/put in a box/or anything where I can feel entrapped will get a No Go from me.

  8. Does snorkeling with “fixed” sharks and sting rays count? If so, I’ve done that and would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Has anyone seen the movie or read Everest? There is absolutely no way I would do something like that! Sheer craziness.

    However, really want to ride a motorcycle. I don’t have to own it or even drive, I just want to ride. I also think it would be neat to go sky diving, although I’d have to do it more that once. I think I would be so freaked out the first time that I would not savor the experience.

  9. I would never join the armed forces. I know people who do it, I respect them. But I don’t need to serve my country in that matter.

    I would never purchase a mini-van. They come equipped with Keds, pleated khaki’s, and non-layered hair. I don’t care if I had 20 kids. I’d drive a bus before I purchased a mini-van.

    I co-sign with all those who have previously stated that wrapping a rope around you with the intention of jumping is not a good idea.

    • We’re all friends, here, right?

      Ok, confession…

      When I was 14 (and therefore heavily anticipating 15 for my drivers permit and then 16 for my license) I wanted one of 2 cars:

      Dodge Ram Quad Cab or….
      A minivan.

      No, I’m not sure I can offer further explanation except that I was thinking about hauling all my friends around; nevermind the fact that I was the youngest of all my friends and therefore they’d be hauling ME around… eh… what can I say? I’m a team player.

    • @indy500: That joining the armed forces thing is one that a lot of us wouldn’t do unless it was forced upon us. Just had a good convo about that this weekend… crazy stuff.

  10. I’m with you on the motorcycle and sky diving. Actually, I won’t do any type of outdoor or indoor diving…unless it’s in the bedroom.lol.

    I love me some peanut butter though. It’s actually one of my favorite toppings for sundaes, etc.

    I actually hate roller coasters too, but I’ll go on one if coaxed and if the rewards for such are great. I’ll see if I can think up anything else reckless.

  11. OneChele can’t get down with the death-defying leisure activities. Base-jumping, sky-diving, none of it. I’m trying to be that one dying in bed at 95 with the great grandkids sitting around.

    I don’t swim in the ocean. I need my swimming water chemically treated and I need to see the bottom of the pool. It’s a thing.

    Knowingly eat tofu again. Tried it once. Me no like. Never again.

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