FRQs: Run It

There are plenty of people who wanted CB's bowtie to run itself away from his neck on Wednesday night.

There are plenty of people who wanted CB's bow tie to run itself away from his neck on Wednesday night.

I’ll be serious for two seconds. Chris Brown’s mother should fire his PR people. He shouldn’t have gone on Larry King Live. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that he wants to be a better person. And I understand wanting to keep things private to some degree, although the majority of the details are outlined in a police report and evidence mugshots.

Still, the things Brown did say didn’t quite convey contrition. In fact, it made me think that he might not understand the magnitude of what he did. His youthfulness immaturity jumped off of the television screen and I wish his people wouldn’t have put him in that position. Still, I hope that’s not that case and I hope he’s seeking help to get his life in order. But it’s gonna be a long road…

Anyway, the FRQs:

1. If you sat down for an interview with Larry King, what would you wear?

2. What makes you feel like someone is truly remorseful for what they’ve done?

3. What television character most reminds you of yourself?

4. Do you think universal healthcare will work?

5. It is a three-day weekend… any good plans?

Have a good Laborless, three-day weekend. Be safe. We’re talking football next week…


31 responses to “FRQs: Run It

  1. 1. A deep purple sheath dress with some cute pearls.

    2. I think it is often difficult to tell if someone is truly remorseful but one potential way is if they try to actually make amends by doing something to fix what they did wrong instead of just apologizing with words.

    3. The first person that came to mind was Christina from Grey’s Anatomy. I can be mean and sarcastic but when it comes down to it I am always there for my friends.

    4. Universal health care COULD work but it will depend on how it is structured. It is clear that we need something better than we have but I don’t think that health care should just be handed out either. I don’t agree that health care is something that should be freely provided to everyone. Research and development to create new medicines costs money, doctors/nurses deserve to get paid, etc. People are going to have to pay something for healthcare, period. The biggest thing that needs to be fixed is the health insurance system because the people in charge of those organizations are getting paid.

    5. My plans are to relax and do some home improvement activities around the house.

    (expect several comments about men in tight sexy pants if football is the topic next week…)

  2. I was about to actually watch the interview to be able to have some background knowledge on what you were writing about… but I couldn’t even make it through the opening credits. *sigh* I’m kinda over Chris Brown and his whole ordeal with Rihanna. So, to answer your questions:

    1. No way would it include a sweater or a bowtie. lol I’d choose a classic black DVF wrap dress and stilettos.

    2. I think that you can tell someone is remorseful when they move on with their life and you can see the change in them. It’s easy to apologize but making personal growth is better for me.

    3. Television character? Mmm…. I don’t know! I don’t think there’s anyone out there that I can see myself in.

    4. Universal Healthcare. Wow. That’d be nice. Will it work, who knows.

    5. I’ll be relaxing and trying to eat up as much free food and drink as possible 🙂

  3. 1. If you sat down for an interview with Larry King, what would you wear?

    A black halter dress with a peep at my cleavage. Hey, you only see the top of the person on Larry King and wearing black will keep the attention off my attire and more on what I am saying; the cleavage is just for fun 😉

    2. What make you feel as though someone is truly remorseful for what they’ve done?

    Observing them living their life better. ‘I’m Sorry’ can only be said so many times, I need to visually see that you are a changed person

    3. What television character most reminds you of yourself?

    A good positive mix of Joan and Toni from ‘Girlfriends’

    4. Do you think universal health care will work?

    Not in a capitalistic society, h3ll no…

    5. It is a three-day weekend… any good plans?

    Just rest and maybe some fun at the park with the beau!

  4. 1. Purple power suit, diamond earrings, sexy slingbacks and my winning smile

    2. I’ll see it in actions, not in words. To me the less you say about the ish you did, the better. If you are sorry… just do BETTER!

    3. Khadijah (Queen La’s character) from Living Single

    4. Healthcare? I know it can’t hurt to try.

    5. Family coming, I’m on the grill. Fantasy football draft. A little shopping.

  5. 1. I’d probably wear a conservative, vintage black dress with pearls and a sleek pulled-back hair style with smokey eye shadow in natural hues.

    2. When some time has passed and they haven’t repeated the offense.

    3. Hmmm, that’s a hard one…maybe Tim Gunn. He’s witty, charming and saving the world, one fashion victim at a time.

    4. Not with our current network system constructed by insurance companies. Even if you do offer “universal” coverage, the best of the best physicians will somehow exercise their loophole right to refuse acceptance of said policy.

    5. Kevin Hart tonight! Saturday, NFM Labor Day 30-mo no financing sale! Sunday and Monday I’m cleaning out my closet (literally, not Eminem style).

  6. P.S. Chris Brown looks like a new-age bojangler in that Easter-blue sweater and bow tie…apparently his stylist is on an early Labor Day weekend vaca.

  7. Damon, A-FREAKIN-MEN on his PR people needing to be fired. I’ve been saying that since we first saw those pics of Rihanna… they SUCK.

    1. Hmm… I don’t know. I hate dressing up. However, I’d probably copy OneChele a bit. Purple is my favorite color and makes me happy. So it’d be a purple ensemble of some sort (classy, not tacky flashy). FTR: I loved CB’s bowtie…

    2. I have a whole thing on apologies. I feel like “I’m sorry” are just words and nothing more. However, a person who does more than apologies, but tries to show they won’t do it again/try to rectify the wrong can convince me they’re truly remorseful.

    3. My friends called me Daria all through high school. She’s not far off as far as the sarcasm goes, but I’m not all doom and gloom.

    4. In this country? No. It’s a good idea, but we have too many people hell-bent on keeping our capitalistic society. I can’t say I’m too upset with that; there are pros and cons to every type of society and since a utopia is impossible, I’d rather be realistic about changes to our society than have my heads up in the clouds.

    5. Going to NYC… I’m being “forced”… I’m not as unhappy about it today as I was this time last week, but I’m still not thrilled. Everyone says I’ll have a great time; I hope they’re right.

  8. 1. A fashionable black dress.

    2. I believe you can tell in the delivery for their feelings will come across in words.

    3. Dang, this is hard. I literally sat her for 15 minutes thinking and couldn’t. lol. I think I can find a little of me in just about anything.

    4. Work??? I dunno, but I am willing to try. Too many people go without treatment because they do not have healthcare/ cannot afford it.

    5. I think me and my beau will be having a barbeque with my girl and her husband.. their child was sick so I dunno… but of all else, at least he’ll be here.

    • “I literally sat her for 15 minutes thinking and couldn’t. lol. I think I can find a little of me in just about anything.”

      It’s tough to fit a personality, I think. But there’s gotta be a few characters who reflect something you’re about…

      Glad you get to see your guy…have fun…

  9. 1. I would have to go with a nice suit but since its after hours I’ll forgo the tie.

    2. For someone to believe someone is contrite, they would have to believe that the person is capable of such feelings…

    3. Many of my friends call me Hank, from King of the Hill so Hank it is…

    4. Although I feel that everyone should have access to healthcare, I don’t feel that the proposed universal health care is the answer. Too much money, does nothing to address costs and we’d end up in a society where people go to the doctor for every little thing because they don’t pay for it anyway. Perhaps co-ops are the answer or even regulating insurance like they do utilities where they can’t go and make enormous profits off people but everytime the Gov’t touches something it goes bankrupt (SS, Medicare/Medicaid, post office, etc…)

    When I was in Canada this spring, they had a large student protest against Universal Health Care. I found it strange…

    5. Mizzou v Illinois. Quite frankly, that’s all that matters.

  10. 1. Black v-neck dress, cute necklace ,and earrings (since that’s all you’ll be able to see anyway lol)

    2. Their actions after said incident

    3. Dang…I was really thinking on this and I’ve got nothing…lol

    4. I do.

    5. None as of yet…except a party at an art musuem tonight and UT football tomorrow.

  11. two things i gotta point out:
    ladies, we are so colorful with what we’d wear. fellas (the one so far), kept it simple. too funny.

    damon, along w/FB, please talk some NCAA sports. i’d appreciate it. *drops white TMCY slip into suggestion box*

    • You know, you’re right. There’s something about men being understated in those environments… something that I don’t think Chris Brown didn’t quite get. idk.

      • men don’t really casually open up anyway, so yall are expected to be short-winded, especially when it comes to fashion stuff. women are usually muted during sports conversations, so it all gets balanced out somewhere.

  12. ok, so now for my answers:

    1. Larry King git-up?
    anything with my fav stilettos will do.

    2. truly remorseful apology?
    actions speak louder than words. remorse is only feeling bad once you get caught and see how others react to what you did. repentance is deciding to make changes because your internal conscious was affected, regardless if others see a problem with it or not.

    3. my tv character?
    melanie from ‘the game’

    4. universal healthcare?
    sure, once americans begin to see past their own noses (

    5. my trey-day wknd plans?
    DC, uber-hopeful to catch the obamas (specifically shelly & the girls…hell, throw in g’ma robinson as my cherry on top), and soak up some last min good new england weather.

  13. 1. If you sat down for an interview with Larry King, what would you wear?
    — Little black dress. Never fails. Always fashionable. lol NOT a bowtie.

    2. What makes you feel like someone is truly remorseful for what they’ve done?
    — I’m not sure there’s a specific event or action that makes me believe they are remoresful…I think it’s more of a gut feeling you can’t describe or put your feeling on. And it depends on what type of person they are.

    3. What television character most reminds you of yourself?
    — Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek

    4. Do you think universal healthcare will work?
    — I truly think so…in my heart.

    5. It is a three-day weekend… any good plans?
    — BBQ, baby!!

  14. 1. A gray or black suit with a solid white or blue button down. No jewelry. And depending on the reasoning that I’m there, a simple necktie with a double Windsor knot.

    2. Their consistent actions over time. I want to believe what I hear but I’m very skeptical at this stage concerning apologies… I do believe in second chances, though.

    3. Um, William Dent, I suppose.

    4. Yes, but it’s going to take time to iron out the kinks, as with anything else.

    5. started last night w dinner with a friend, one of my best friends is in town from Jersey so I’m gonna hang with her tonight and flip between First Fridays and a few other spots, a Fantasy Draft with the fellas tomorrow AND probably Kevin Hart, and I’m probably gonna go check out the Kansas City Urban Film Festival on Sunday… I think. Monday? Write.

  15. 1. A fabulous Black Halo dress and some Giuseppe stilettos.
    2. An apology that fits their actions after the fact. People can say sorry and then not be sorry at all.
    3. Toni Childs from Girlfriends.
    4. It sounds fab but will it work, I don’t know. I sure hope so.
    5. Sitting at home with my leg propped up from surgery…but tomorrow I will get out and check out Ty’s football game.

  16. Sorry I’m so late today! I spent all day shaking these Illini fans at work! I accidently wore my Mizzou shirt to work…I wasn’t trying to make a point 😉

    1. Hmmm I think my outfit would depend on the reason I was on Larry King. But it would probably be a gray dress. I like gray.

    2. I don’t really care for apologies. I appreciate change.
    3. Well, I don’t watch a lot of television, so this is rather challenging. I can relate to Elmo. He’s likeable, enjoys a good sing-along, and he has issues making a decision without obtaining input from others. He’s also very curious.

    4. Its Friday…I don’t want to talk about healthcare…

    5. This weekend mommy is kid(adult)napping me to go on a roadtrip with her. I’m sure I’ll get some good eats out of this deal…

  17. 1. A nice black dress with a not too low cut v neck. And my grandmama’s pearls.

    2. When they ackowledge their behavior before getting caught. Otherwise we’ll never know if they’re sorry or sorry they got caught. (Lookin at you mike vick)

    3. Sinclair maybe cuz of my optimism? Im not quite as dopey, but I have my moments lol.

    4. I want it but the U.S has too much red tape other countries don’t have to make it run efficiently. But I do like the basics of obama’s plan. As Tim Gunn says, make it work!

    5. I got a wedding. I love the people to death but a wedding on the first weekend of college fb? Poor planning is what that is.

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