FRQs: 9.11

Bush gets some nation-altering news on Sept. 11, 2001.

Bush gets some nation-altering news on Sept. 11, 2001.

Remember this picture? In light of recent events, there’s a little irony present considering President Bush’s whereabouts when this shot was snapped. He was reading to school children. Few people right-wingers had a problem with a president talking to students then, huh?

We spend a lot of time arguing over frivolous things in this country. But when something tragic happens like 9/11, we tend to rally around each other and our President.

When nearly 3,000 people lose their lives on this day in 2001, we all rushed to rally behind W. But when we lose I-don’t-know-how-many lives throughout a year because American people don’t have health care, we refuse to come together to care for our own?

I’m not saying President Obama’s health care plan will work. But we need to agree that we must do something. We cannot idle our great nation’s engine and yell manure-like mess like “You lie!” at the Commander-in-Chief. That gets us nowhere.

If you haven’t figure it out over the last eight years, America’s biggest problem isn’t Al Qaeda or the Taliban. America’s greatest enemy is America.

Anyway, if you believe in a higher power, pray for the 9/11 victims, the survivors and their families.

The Five Random Questions:

1. Where were you at the morning of 9/11? What were you doing?

2. How do you think history will remember 9/11?

3. Jay-Z dropped the Blueprint III this week. What is your favorite Jay song of all time?

4. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for Congressman Joe Wilson’s recent outburst?

5. No homer-type stuff here, OK? Who wins the SuperBowl?

And beware if you’re planning on asking a man this question: “Why aren’t we married yet?”

Have a good weekend, y’all.


51 responses to “FRQs: 9.11

  1. 1. Seriously, the most disturbing day of my life. I cannot stand to hear the NBC Breaking News Music (the orchestra one) to this day. I get chills because it takes me back to that day. I was in American Gov’t in my Junior year of HS @ Paseo. We watched GMA that morning and saw the 2nd plane hit live.

    2. History will remember 9/11 as the most tragic event in American History (to date). And unfortunately, the beginning of a dark chapter in American politics and the Constitution.

    3. I really enjoyed anything off of “Unplugged”, I love live music and that was the end all for me.

    4. Censure from his party/caucus. Freedom of Speech is important and although he could and probably should have been excused from the chambers, nothing more should be done. His constituents could not re-elect him but seeing as its SC, I doubt it.

    5. Chicago v Steelers…Going w/ Steelers.

  2. The Five Random Questions:

    1. I was a sophomore in college in African American Lit class. The professor came in and announced that a plane hit the World Trade Center and she dismissed class. My classmate was in a panic because her father was on a flight that morning. Thankfully he was alright.

    2. I think that history will continue to remember 9-11 in the same way it has been, as a horrible tragedy. However, over time I think that the sense of togetherness it brought to his country has faded and will continue to fade.

    3. Favorite Jay song……. I would say as a whole the Black Album

    4. Joe Wilson should be made to volunteer in a free clinic for a month to see just how much we need healthcare!

    5. I really don’t follow football so IDK 🙂

  3. The Five Random Questions:

    1. Sitting in Civics class watching the news. (We would watch the news to begin every class.) It felt like a movie. It was so surreal.

    2. I think the the loss of life during 9/11 will be remembered the way our grand parents and maybe parents (depending on age) remember Pearl Harbor. But all of the conspiracy theory behind it makes it hard for people to just accept it as an act of terrorism.

    3.This is a tough one. Girls Girls Girls Remix is a personal fave. And one of his best verses ever is from Hovi Baby (so far ahead of my time, I’m about to start another life…). But i’d have to say Can’t Knock the Hustle. It was probably the first Jay song I can remember, the one that turned me into a fan. Jay in his infancy, Mary in hers. It was so classic. But I’m definitely a fan of all his current “grown man” music.

    4. He should be forced to resign. Since that seems to be the way the two parties deal with each other when someone steps out of line. Remember all the people that stepped down during the campaigns after stepping out of line.

    5. Chargers or Patriots. I don’t see Pittsburgh repeating. And although Patriots have lost a bit defensively, they’ve been able to rebound before after giving up a pro bowler (remember Lawyer Milloy). Chargers are always a dangerous team, and I just think that eventually they have to get one.

  4. 1. I was on campus walking to class when I saw an unusually high amount of people standing around the TVs in the food court area. I walked in and saw what was going on and then I went back to my apartment so I could be with my roommates and call my parents.

    2. 9-11 will be remembered as a tragedy, but because of all the controversy surrounding it I don’t think it will be remembered the same as Pearl Harbor or Hiroshima.

    3. My fav Jay song is “Always Be My Sunshine” which drives on of my friends crazy because he is a Jay stan and he thinks it is one of his worst songs.

    4. I would hope that they have a set of rules for Congress and that he will be punished accordingly.

    5.Superbowl? Hopefully someone with cute players….

  5. Hey, y’all.

    1. I was in my apartment getting ready for class. I had the TV getting dressed and saw the first plane hit. I thought it was an awful accident until I saw the second plane hit. I’ll never forget that day & how I felt.

    2. I think history will remember 9/11 as a national & global tragedy that could have been avoided. I think people will remember it as a reminder that America is just as vulnerable as any other country and is not untouchable & invincible.

    3. “Song Cry” & “Lost One”

    4. I think an appropriate punishment would be for him to lose the next election.

    5. Minnesota & New England w/ NE winning…I asked my husband because I have no idea.

  6. BTW…#3 was hard to answer. I really like a lot of his stuff depending on my mood…especially the pre-Beyonce albums.

  7. 1. In my bed in Dallas…in utter shock. My mom called me after the first plane hit. Then, of course, i watched the second one. I drove to the Morning News newsroom panicking because there were planes still flying overhead into DFW and Dallas Love.

    2. I think history will remember 9/11 as the day we realized that America is vulnerable. We’ve been relatively safe from outside attack since the 19th Century (save Pearl Harbor). But we learned that day that we’re vulnerable.

    3. Can I Live I…. Moment of Clarity and Girls, Girls, Girls aren’t that far behind.

    4. I really just want him to have to say “YOU CHEAT!” to Mark Sanford on camera.

    5. Steelers.

  8. 1. coincidentally taking an exam in US history class, sophomore year in high school. spent the rest of the day in that classroom glued to CNN.

    2. as a sad day filled rooted in centuries of division, disillusion, moral struggle between the US and the rest of the world. one day that sent hundreds of thousands of servicemen/women to the Middle East for nearly a decade.

    3. this is hard. um, i walked thru the streets of Paris with “Allure” on repeat, so i’ll go with that. I was plenty high off the life.

    4. A month living w/ pre-“BET’s Frankie & Neffe” Frankie & Neffe. Nuff said.

    5. Steelers, all day.

  9. 1. When news of the first plane hit, I was driving to school with my friend. The radio said a plane flew into one of the towers, but that’s all the info they had and we (including the dj’s) were laughing thinking “how can you fly a plane into a building?” It wasn’t until after my second class we all found out how serious it really was. TV was on in every single class after that.

    On a different note, my dad worked in D.C. for the government near the Pentagon. I remember not bein able to reach him all day.

    2. I agree with Oates in that it will be the event that started a dark time in our history when everything changed from traveling, to human rights, to using fear as a political tactic.

    3. Pray

    4. He should have been censured. Obama and Pelosi need to send a message that that kind of behavior is unacceptable. But the people of S.C. can send him a message by not re-electing him.

    5. So what do I do when my favorite team IS the favorite to win? I could say Steelers, but I would be lying.

  10. 1. I was in college and was walking in the male dormitory and was expecting everyone to be watching BET as usual. To my surprise.

    2. I really don’t know how America will remember it. Probably a whole bunch of specials for years to come on CNN, MSNBC, and etc entitled “Life After The Fall Of The Towers”

    3. Excuse Me Miss

    4. Nothing because that is probably what will happen. Or some half-hearted apology, either way nothing.

    5. Going on a limb and say Saints. Although I am a Rams fan.

  11. 1. Where were you at the morning of 9/11? What were you doing?

    This was my junior year in college, I was unaware of anything because I had an early 8 o’clock accounting class. When I arrived to work at the black culture center people were gathered around the big screen. I was unaware still, of what was going on. I chuckled ‘what’s everyone watching’ and my director goes, ‘you haven’t heard about the events in New York and D.C.?’, I was like, ‘uh, no’….he said, ‘you need to go watch tv…’ Needless to say I was highly disturbed.

    2. How do you think history will remember 9/11?

    Not sure, I have a hunch that it was planned anyway by corrupt people who shall remain nameless, but hopefully all the facts can come out soon to determine what REALLY went down…

    3. Jay-Z dropped the Blueprint III this week. What is your favorite Jay song of all time?

    I have many favorites, so one is hard to pin down. But, I’m loving ‘Run This Town’ off the Blueprint 3.

    4. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for Congressman Joe Wilson’s recent outburst?

    He’ll hang himself. He does have freedom of speech so a ‘punishment’ is not really warranted, but he’ll likely lose alot of support from his state and eventually fade to black.

    5. No homer-type stuff here, OK? Who wins the SuperBowl?

    *shrugs shoulders*

  12. 1. I was in my freshman year at KU and my other three roommates all had early classes so by the time. I was in the shower and had the radio on and heard something about Bush being guarded by Secret Service. Stepped into the living room and turned the TV on, just in time to see the second plane hit the tower and I remember a feeling of disbelief. I ran down to the common area of the dorm to see if anyone else was around – not sure why, maybe I just needed confirmation that it actually was happening. No one was around and so I called my dad, who was calm as he always is. He softly said, “this will be your Kennedy memory,” meaning I’d remember where I was forever, just like his generation remembers 11/22/63. KU didn’t cancel classes that day, shockingly, so I remember going to my 10:30 Anthropology class, with campus abuzz and in a daze at the same time. We talked about the attacks throughout class, then a guy in the back of this 150 person class raised his hand and talked about his sister, who lives in New York. He kept talking and everyone was sort of wondering, where’s he going with this, and then he said, “She’s a translator for German businesspeople at the Towers; she was on the 94th floor this morning.” He then burst into tears and 150 people fell silent, no one moving or making a sound for probably two minutes. A shocking day, at times it feels like more than 8 years ago and other times feels like yesterday.

    2. History will remember it as a major trigger in a long war against religious extremism and the moment America woke up. Things have not gone perfectly since, but no more attacks have occurred, so that’s something to hold on to I guess.

    3. Sunshine

    4. None – the guy apologized and even Pelosi accepted and said it’s time to move on. The fact that Obama was directly contradicting the bill that’s been written by Congress at the time makes me more apt to forgive him.

    5. I’m going with Bill Simmons – the Packers!

  13. 1. Working at Gear in Lenexa. Had to leave the breakroom when the tower started to fall as I didn’t want anyone to see the tears that were starting.

    2. We’ll always remember the exact of people that died that day, but we’ll forget the number of dead since that day.

    3. Jay was after my time.

    4. I think American politics needs a jolt of energy. If you ever watch the Brits in session it looks like they are having a grand old time baggin’ on each other.

    5. I’m going to be a homer and say Da Bears.

  14. 1. I was in bed sleeping before class.
    2. The most tragic event in American history.
    3. “Song Cry”. I could listen to that song on repeat for days.
    4. Watching BET.
    5. The Chiefs! LMAO! But seriously, the Giants

  15. 1. In my CoMo apartment brushing my teeth and checking the news for the weather.

    2. A tragic day that Americans realized there are people who really, really hate us.

    3. Izzo (hate if you want to, but this pop-like track has some truly fantastic lyrics)

    4. None. Public humiliation is punishment enough.

    5. Eagles (go, Donovan!!!)

    • “A tragic day that Americans realized there are people who really, really hate us.”

      This one is extremely true as well… That’s about when i started to realize this. We really didn’t have much of a choice. And over the last eight years, it’s become more and more obvious.

  16. The Five Random Questions:

    1. I was in Coach Green’s geometry class. Our dean of boarding came in and whispered something in his ear. I sat near the front and so I overheard something about going to the chapel for a special assembly. The week before we’d been summoned for a special assembly to discuss poor student behavior, so I assumed that’s what it was about; however, on the walk to the chapel, I ran into people who had seen the news reports and already were aware of what had occurred. It was all surreal and very easy to feel like it had to be some crazy joke. It was hours later before I saw any of the footage and it hit me what had happened.

    2. You know, we don’t talk much about or remember the Oklahoma City Bombings. Innocent children were killed 14 years ago because of a deranged and crazy man. I do hope that we don’t forget about 9/11 like we forgot about OK City. I doubt that it will. As long as we’re fighting in Afghanistan, they’re building the memorial(s), the yearly commemorations and talks and rememberance will continue. I wonder what will happen in another 6 – 7 years when many of these things will be over.

    3. I’m one of the few people who thinks Jay-Z is overrated. He’s good, but he isn’t what I thinka lot of people make him out to be. Having said that, my favorite Jay song is “Dirt Off Your Shoulders.” Classic lines, and it reminds me of good times.

    4. Having to go give a speech to some kids in Ancostia (almost all-black part of DC).

    5. Come on Damon… Titans got it this year… watch. 🙂 I don’t know, truly. I need to see some more games. I was a little shocked at how close the Titans/Steelers game was last night… I like to see teams play before I make a call, they have a bad habit of not living up to or exceeding preseason expectations.

    • ASmith

      I’m with you on the Jay-Z bit. I do think he is very overrated. I was telling the beau last night (who is an avid Jay-Z fan) that Jay is an awesome MC. He has good skills to make his words dance over the tracks but his lyrical content has become rather boring. I was a major fan before the Black Album. After the Black Album all he did was brag. He redeemed himself with ‘American Gangster’ but that album was inspired by the movie so it kind of sits in a different category.

      • @jlbd

        Agreed with all that. His content has fallen off so seriously and once he said he was retiring (before he came back) I was over him. I immediately figured it was probably a publicity stunt.

        Now he’s going on and on about how he doesn’t get the respect he deserves. I need him to sit down. Just sit down.

        • It was all a publicity stunt and he knew what he was doing. Talking about how he was going to retire and let Beanie Seagle and Memphis Bleak, etc. take over where he left off. He knew them two fools didn’t have the tenacity to bring major dollars into Rock-A-Fella. Then when they fell off he felt ‘compelled’ to come back into the game. He was feeding off the fact that people would ‘miss’ him and he would come back stronger than ever each time. Well duh, if you’ve got ‘near garbage’ artists with issues trying to take your place what the hewl do you expect from the fans! smh, I’m over it…lol

    • I definitely need to add “Regrets” I do love that song..

      • “Regrets” is no further back than fifth on my list… It’s like “Fallen” 12 years earlier, and that he was able to put that to wax then was unreal.

        Extremely introspective. But then, that entire Reasonable Doubt album is like that.

  17. 1. I was at work, at a previous job. It was a call center and we were calling people shortly after the first plane was hitting the WTC. I first heard about what was happening from one of my customers. Scary, scary ish.

    2. As a tragedy…kind of how we still remember Dec. 7th 1941.

    3. It’s a toss up between “Allure”/”This Can’t Be Life”/”Guess Who’s Back?” (which I know is really Scarface’s song…lol

    4. I think he should be kicked in the face repeatedly with a steel toed boot by Rahm Emanuel.

    5. My Steelers. Again…baby!!!!!

  18. 1. I had a second shift job.. I was asleep and woke up (still half sleep) so I saw a second plane hit in my dreams (even though I wasn’t sure I’d actually seen the first)

    2. Something that shook us all and tempoarily united everyone across racial lines.

    3. Politics as Usual.

    4. Fire his arse…. I don’t care how much you disagree with something, u just don’t go blurting it out. Can we do that in our meetings at work??? Go yelling stuff out at the boss? uh no.

    5. Ummm- the ones with the blue uniforms? lol

  19. 1.I was in the Navy. I was home on leave, and my step-father woke me up and told me to get ready to go back to base.

    2.The day america was caught with its pants down. “At times of peace, you should always be prepared for war.”

    3.Song cry or encore w/linkin park

    4. Politics and b.s.

    5. Who cares. Yes, I am one of the few who does like sports.

  20. 1. I was in my dorm room getting ready for a nine o’clock class. My boyfriend had just left. He called me and told me to turn the tv on. I said “what channel?” He replied “it doesn’t matter…” My stomach sank… I don’t know why I spent the rest of the day watching the horror of the planes hitting those buildings over and over and over.

    2. We will definitely share the story with generations to come. Ground Zero will be a go-see in NY.

    3. I absolutely love “Poppin Tags” Love it…love it!!!!

    4. Tar and feathered…or a public whipping.

    5. Aww dang… I don’t know. As long as its not one of the Peytons, or Brett Favre. It would be nice to see the Rams (LOL), or even the Chiefs (LMBO). And I’m only saying Chiefs bc of the Lovely White Boot Princess cheering on the sidelines. I’m more looking forward to Super Bowl parties. Mmm wings and melted cheese!

  21. 1. freshman year of high school in 2nd period computer class. there was a rumor going around all morning that there was some kind of attack, so all of us in the class quickly logged on to the internet and saw the pictures of the first plane colliding with the Towers. one of my friends actually exclaimed “is this world war 3?!” the whole day is something i’ll never forget.

    2. a tragedy that we’ll never forget.

    3. tie between Public Service Announcement (Just Blaze & Hov is always a good combo, lawd Jeezus), Soon You’ll Understand & This Can’t Be Life (what a combo with that joint — Scarface, Beans & Hov all came tooooo correct).
    [sidenote: Jay failed me with that weak intro for BP3. as the homie Pusha-T says, “eeeeeeyuuuuuggghck”]

    4. a good flogging.

    5. The Bears. i have a feeling. or maybe i’m just entirely too optimistic.

  22. Great post. Concise and to the point.

    I was in my dorm room. We had homecoming that week and I was in charge of the International Student booth. I was getting ready and I turned the TV to watch the news as I do every morning.

    Like they say, it will all depend on who stays to write that history. As history is often written by the “winner”…

    Not the biggest Jay-Z fan.. Actually I just realized I am not a fan at all. I like some tracks and that’s about. Am I even able to pick a “favorite”? I guess I kinda like “Big Pimpin'” because it’s tied to some fun memories…

    Punishing him would be stooping to his level. He should just enjoy being the punch line of late night TV… He’s as dumb as it gets.

    The Texans baby *in my very delusional voice*… gotta root for the home team!

  23. “Few people right-wingers had a problem with a president talking to students then, huh?”

    This has been said by you, me, and Dupree, and but it needs to be repeated some mo’. Tell it again! It’s so blatant, it’s blinding… some folks’ agendas…I tell ya.

    On to the FRQs:

    The Five Random Questions:

    1. Where were you at the morning of 9/11? What were you doing?
    — I was in the car with my Mama going to LifeTouch Studios to get my senior high school pics done. We heard it on the radio. FLOORED.

    2. How do you think history will remember 9/11?
    — As a great national tragedy. It catapulted a war, so it will definitely get a lot of attention in history books.

    3. Jay-Z dropped the Blueprint III this week. What is your favorite Jay song of all time?
    — Big Pimpin’. I love that beat. lol

    4. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for Congressman Joe Wilson’s recent outburst?
    — Sitting the hell down, permanently.

    5. No homer-type stuff here, OK? Who wins the SuperBowl?
    — Only super bowl I care about at the moment is this bowl of rice Imma ’bout to get from Wao Bao in a minute…I’m hungry. Ok, for serious. Da Bears. Stop laughing…

  24. ‘you ain’t gotta be rich but f that, how you ‘gon get around on yo’ bus pass fo’ I put this (feline) on your mustache….’

    Sorry, I just had a flashback of senior year in hs when that Jigga song was hot!!!

  25. 1. In my apartment at college looking at the tv like “what movie is this” . . . oh ish, this is real! God help us.

    2. America = Very Angrily! The rest of th World = Cows coming back to pasture.

    3. Lucifer!

    4. He should have to host all his town hall meetings in over crowded community rooms in projects and lower income housing all over the country.

    5. Pittsburgh.

  26. 1. I was in Billie Cunningham’s Accountancy 37 class at Mizzou preparing for a nap when a guy ran into the door of the auditorium and screamed “we’re under attack!!”

    2. As the day we got, got.

    3. “Give It To Me”….I’m a hustla baby!

    4. I like the House’s proposed idea of admonishment, save the fake apology though. There’s just no respect for Mr. Obama.

    5. The Chiefs!! (clearly I’m delusional)

  27. (week late, but still wanted to comment)

    The Five Random Questions:

    1. Where were you at the morning of 9/11? What were you doing? The first thing I heard was a radio morning show announcement that something was happening in NYC – a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers, initially they were saying it was a small plane. I had just dropped my husband (boyfriend at the time) off at his work. We had been in NYC 2 weeks before 9/11, he has family in NYC and a lot of friends that live right in the city. He said he would check it out on the internet but that he had to go (at the time neither of us realized the scope of what was really happening). By the time I got to work there was a definite ‘buzz’ in the air about something happening in NYC. A little while after I arrived at work a co-worker was saying another plane had hit the other tower and other planes were hi-jacked. I assumed she was being overly dramatic but then we received an email asking us to quickly evacuate our building as a precaution (we’re right near the airport and the Mall of America – two potential targets). Before we were evacuating we tried to get some info off the internet but the system was overloaded and we couldn’t pull up any websites. I drove home and frantically tried to call my sister but couldn’t get a hold of her (she was a student at the University of Minnesota – another potential target). Eventually I made it home and was glued to the television for the next 24 hours. I was frantic about my father and step-mother because they were vacationing in Nova Scotia and had passed through Boston’s Logan airport on 9/10/09. I couldn’t reach them (they didn’t have cell phones yet, eventually they called but it was nerve racking waiting for that call).

    2. How do you think history will remember 9/11? I think 9/11 will be remembered as a time when Americans lost some of our naive innocence about terrorism, we came together and put aside our political agendas. We concentrated on supporting each other and getting through the difficult days following 9/11. I fear 9/11 will be remembered as the starting point for unnecessary US military involvement in Iraq.

    3. Jay-Z dropped the Blueprint III this week.
    Uh…honestly, I couldn’t name even one of his songs or recognize him if he walked up and introduced himself to me.

    4. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for Congressman Joe Wilson’s recent outburst? I think Joe Wilson should read the guidelines of how a congressional member should behave.

    5. No homer-type stuff here, OK? Who wins the SuperBowl? Super Bowl…uh…is that the one with a puck or is it a ball? Oh yeah wait, that is when all the good commercials air…I love that!

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