XXXVI. Joe Wilson

Dear Congressman Wilson,

This might seem like a stretch. But you must remember where I’ve been. I’m the same guy who blamed the founders of Yahoo! for the epidemic misuse of the exclamation mark. Hell, I fault Joe Jackson for everything Michael Jackson ever did wrong.

So this really should come as no surprise: I blame you for the recent fits thrown by Kanye West and Serena Williams. No, that’s no lie nor is it a misprint. I’m almost as sincere serious as President Obama’s “you know you just effed up, right?” face was after you screamed “You lie!” on Wednesday night.


Kanye snatches the mic and the spotlight from Taylor Swift... and gives it to Bey.

Let me make this make sense. You, conservative Caucasian man, are supposed to set the tone for uncouth, rich and/or famous black people the free world, right? Well, your choice words for our 44th President unleashed the ignorance in epic proportions this weekend. Outrageous outbursts abound thanks to you.

Serena Williams, who has her share of moody moments, was in rare form on Saturday night. She threatened to shove tennis balls down the throat of a line judge who determined that Serena was a habitual line stepper, bka a foot faulter. Serena sounded as if she had dumped Common for the likes of Ron Artest. She lost her U.S. Open semifinal because of it.

Similar to your misguided moment, it proved to be good theater. But even she couldn’t even challenge the ring leader of real reality TV moments.

No, Kanye West’s ego, which had been subdued since South Park’s writers decided to the tell the world how much Kanye understands fish stick jokes, wouldn’t let either of you just “BE GREAT!”

Kanye, with yet another eccentric abomination upon his head, let the free world know that he doesn’t believe Taylor Swift is Beyonce’s equal… in the middle of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for an MTV video award she won over the queen of the lacefront. You’d have thought Kanye was Beyonce’s husband, not Jay.

Now, I know there will be idiots foolish enough to say: “At least Kanye didn’t say ‘Kanye deserved to win this award for Best Female Video for ‘Heartless’ because Kanye made the best video ever about a female.” And it’s true. We should be thankful he didn’t utter that because he’s more than capable, and it’d be even more evidence of his stated fishiness. This is the same self-admitted, fish stick lover (Google the lyrics to “Grammy Family”) who called OJ Simpson ‘amazing.’

Still, in that moment, he showed he has the couth of a hyena from the Lion King. In less than a minute’s time, Kanye created an epic fail that rivals the BET Awards tribute to Michael Jackson.

It was a page ripped from your two-word playbook. And it was a weekend of foolishness we could have avoided had you not set the stage last week. We live in a monkey-see, monkey-do world, Joe. And unfortunately, a few had to follow your show.

No matter, there is a little good to come of this.

You should now know that there is no current health care plan in place in America to support the issues going on inside of Kanye’s mind, which is somewhere trapped within his Goodyear Blimp-sized ego. And I doubt the UTSA’s could cover the damage Serena threatened to do to the mouth of that sideline judge with those tennis balls.

(side note: I wish Serena could have stuck those tennis balls in Kanye’s mouth before he snatched the microphone from Swift on Sunday night.)

Anyway, it’s should be obvious, now more than ever, that we need universal health care, Joe.

No lie,


P.S. Would you please give Kanye a grammar lesson or two? His ego has him capitalizing all of his words and misusing exclamation marks, again. #fail.


Kanye's "apology."

cc: Kanye West, Serena Williams and Lil Bow Wow’s twin.


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  1. He SHOULD HAVE apologized for how he did that little girl…. that is embarassing.

    Hats off to her for not acting a fool after he snatched the mike.

  2. “he showed he has the couth of a hyena from the Lion King.” – I second that!

    Between Kayne acting crazy, Lady Gaga looking crazy and Lil Mama being extra random twitter was going crazy and had me cracking up all night.

    Anyone that thinks what Kanye did is okay needs to question their sanity. It doesn’t not matter IF Beyonce’s video was better that Taylor’s (it was but I actually thought Lady Gaga should’ve won that category anyway) the point is that Kanye set a bad example. What he did was childish and showed poor sportsmanship. Not to mention, who up and made him the defender of Beyonce’s talent. He didn’t help her in anyway by doing that, not to mention, it is a VMA which is the 2nd most pointless award behind a BET award. I hope someone gets Kanye the help that he obviously is in desperate need of.

    • @Tam

      I agree. The problem is Kanye thinks what he wants always trumps what happens. This is just like people who supported Joe Wilson… even people who said “he was wrong, but he still said the truth…” that’s garbage. He was W-R-O-N-G and qualifying both Wilson and West’s (and even Williams… wait… what’s up with the “W” folk) missteps by saying “but they had a point” gives creedence to the foolishness.

    • Seriously what was the point of Lil Mama coming on stage? I didn’t get that at all…

      • It was just a theme of the night, I guess… run on stage when nobody gives a ish about you.

      • @jlbd: I think we’re going to wondering about this one for months to come… She has to know the world is looking at her foolishly right now…

        • @Damon

          I’m not so sure. She keeps showing up to ABDC looking ca-razy town… her people must not keep her abreast of the general public’s feelings on her.

          I want to like and support Lil’ Mama, but I can’t if she keeps with the stupid.

  3. First and foremost that whole incident was nothing but a classic….***drumroll***….PUBLICITY STUNT!

    Everybody involved (Kanye, Taylor, Bey) will now be talked about over and over again at the water tank, they will be mentioned in the news, and album sales will catapult. Mark my words, none of this was an accident: from Kanye stealing the mic, all the way up to his ‘apology’. There is no such thing as bad publicity….

    • @jlbd

      Idk — after the foolishness last year, I understand people’s skepticism, but I feel like this was ALL Kanye and that in it, he truly just did it because he thought that mess was ok.

      However, you’re right, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So I don’t agre that it was orchestrated, but I do agree that everyone’s PR people will use this to the best of their ability.

    • @jlbd: I agree that this is definitely a come-up for Taylor because there are a lot of people that had no idea who she was before this incident and she will get the sympathy attention. Like someone on twitter said, what Kanye did was like stepping on a kitten.

      I find it hard to believe that Taylor or Bey had anything to do with this because Bey looked truely shocked and we ALL know she’s not that good of an actress.

      • @Tam

        ‘Bey looked truely shocked and we ALL know she’s not that good of an actress.’



      • @tam: The only people who don’t know who Taylor Swift is are black people who refuse to listen to country music. Most people know her.

        You’re spot on about Bey’s acting skills, though. Spot on.

        • Somebody I follow on Twitter expressed similar sentiments.

          I didn’t realize they were referencing how many people were saying they didn’t know who Taylor Swift was until later. Mostly because there are new “urban” acts I don’t know about, so I didn’t immediately attribute “who is Taylor Swift” with ignorance.

          I guess I’ve also grown immune to black folks who think R&B and Rap are the only good forms of music worth listening to.

        • Yall gonna get off my girl and her acting skills I know that much! LOL!!

        • @Damon: That is very true….and I saw someone (black) on Twitter make a comment about how they don’t listen to anything but R&B and Rap…smh. I actually like Taylor Swift and have both of her albums on my ipod. She’s not the greatest vocally but she’s young and writes her own music which is pretty catchy so I respect that.

    • ftr, Kanye is an idiot and I talked ish about him all night, but my fiance made a great point. He’s the one who made me see that it was likely a publicity stunt. Kanye steals the mic and tries to steal her shine by saying very ‘kanye-ish’ type stuff. Taylor Swift then goes on to perform in the subway which was really cute, then there is commercial after commercial about her album at Target, etc., then Beyonce gets up there and handles the situation with class and lets Taylor have her moment. The music industry is shady and for some reason I think a bunch of people with bright ideas thought of this mess…*shrugs shoulders*

      • @jlbd: You’re the queen of conspiracy. smh.

        I thought about that possibility before I posted this… especially considering that Beyonce vid won video of the year. But I don’t think so, and here’s why.

        Kanye’s shtick is a little old. And as you saw, he lost a lot of respect in that room. There are a lot of people upset with him right… You heard the boos. Someone, Jay-Z, would have been smart enough to tell him that would be a foolish move if it were a publicity stunt. just my thoughts.

        Kanye’s just an idiot savant who likes Hen.

        • Yes, I’m the queen of conspiracy because I truly believe they exist even though you won’t acknowledge them. Stuff is just toooooo coincidental sometimes, that sets off red flags in my head. And, when has Kanye ever cared about being booed? And, who made Jay-Z the king of advice and who said Kanye would listen to him? lol, go on youtube and look up the Jay-Z Deception…I know, off topic and another conspiracy; don’t you just love me! 🙂

          • smh at you and all this conspiracy ish … Kanye gets the “Oh he’s just Kanye being Kanye” treatment all of the time. People give him passes.

            But I doubt he gets one for what he did. It was foolish. Period.

        • I would agree with you if Kanye wasnt gonna bounce back. CB fittin to bounce back after beatin a woman up. R. Kelly bounce back after pi$$in on a jawn, of course Kanye gonna bounce back

    • Co-sign!

      First of all, this happened at the VMA’s. The VMA’s have a track record of people successfully crashing the show. You would think that after 26 years they would have figured out a way to keep people from getting on stage that are not supposed to be up there. On top of that, MTV just came off of an awards show that saw a very pause-tastic “beef” between Eminem and the Bruno character that was later revealed to be orchestrated by the network. MTV has a track record of crazy and unpredictable things that happen on their award shows. Is Vince McMahon executive producing for them now? lol

      Second, this stunt was pulled straight from the “Ol’ Dirty Bastard playbook.” I exepcted Kanye to say “Beyonce is for the Chirren!”

      Third, after working with 50 to orchestrate their “beef” situation, he seems to be adopting the “Do something to get people to hate you for a little while, but bounce back because most people are fickle” technique for PR. People hate 50 and his record sales aren’t as good now as they were, but his sales for Curtis were still no slouch. Once again, as peoople say “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

      Was what Kayne did wrong? Absolutely. Did I literally roll on the floor laughing? Abolutely. The fact is, as long as gossip blogs get as many hits as news sites, entertainers will continue to do dumb stuff for publicity. Instead of getting mad, I choose to laugh at them.

      P.S. Kanye couldn’t have possibly believed that Beyonce’s video was the greatest of all time. No way…could he?

      • I was discussing that w/ some people this morning. Beyonce’s video was good for 2 things only: T&A. Other than that, I believe that the video was not that good….

      • @RVS

        ‘P.S. Kanye couldn’t have possibly believed that Beyonce’s video was the greatest of all time. No way…could he?’


        I thought the same thing! My fiance and I both were like ‘errr???’ That video was boring as all get-out on a creative level. But if you want to watch half naked gyrating all over the screen the go for it!

      • No question that Kanye’s outburst was uncalled for. Hilarious but uncalled for.

        I thought he said it was one of the greatests which is different than being The Greatest. I think Beyonce bought the video and dancing back this year. There is no denying that. The simplicity is what made the video great. Look how many copycats she had after that(Ciara, anyone?) Plus Beyonce has no Ts to speak of(@ Oates-LOL.)

        As far as Serena goes sometimes people lose their cool. Her outburst was no worse than the hundreds of horrible Mcenroe tantrums. I think there is a double standard in her case.

  4. As I said on Twitter:

    He embarrassed that girl on stage, he should’ve apologized on stage.

    Kanye West needs to be banned from awards shows. He keeps doing this because nobody calls him on the carpet. If the Grammy’s can ban Janet Jackson because of a Superbowl performance, they can surely ban Kanye’s ra-tarded (movie reference) self. I can’t with him anymore… his last album wasn’t that good, ftr, and I don’t say that just to throw another insult his way.

    Meanwhile, I was very proud of Beyonce for what she did. I’m glad she had class about the situation; I was very concerned she’d act like it didn’t happen… kudos to her.

    • @ASmith: I think Bey handled it well and definitely came out of the situation looking like the good person. What is a VMA to Beyonce? Letting Taylor have her moment did way more for Beyonce then for her to give the same old thank you speech that she’s been giving at all the awards shows.

  5. Kanye’s ridiculous shenanigans didn’t really surprise me. And I probably would have chocked it up to Kanye being Kanye if Taylor hadn’t looked completely heart-broken when he was done. It’s one thing to be an asshole; it’s a completely other thing to truly hurt someone’s feelings in a public format. And his half-assed apology is no better.

    Serena’s situation, on the other hand, was unfortunate, but it’s not really different from anything John McEnroe did in the ’80s. And now I hear talk that she’ll be thrown out of the tour? WTF!! I call BS.

    • Serena deserves to be thrown out of the tour. Yeah, John McEnroe did it in the 80’s but because it was mishandled then should we allow everyone to pull this bushleague, pop warner BS?

      • No, we shouldn’t. But thrown out for how long? A $10,000 fine isn’t enough? I will slap the race card on the table like it’s the big joker if they pull that kind of fracken-ackle bull.

        • That man/woman that is a commentator really pissed me off. You know the one that wore a scarf as a tie with her daddys old oxford shirt. Ugh! They were waiting on one of the sisters to act up. They got it.

      • @peyso: But you’re fine with football players taunting the hell outta each other? idk… lol

        Seriously, I don’t think Serena should be thrown off tour, but I’m not sure the fine she got was steep enough for telling someone on national television that you’ll kill him/her.

        • @ Damon, exactly, football players should taunt other football players. They are both being paid to entertain. Ref’s and judges arent paid to entertain. This isnt WWE where you can body slam refs.

          And when I say thrown off the tour, i mean for the rest of the year. She can come back next year

    • @AYE, I actually went to a taping of the McEnroe Show some years ago and he talked about how he had too much of a mouthy temper back in his play days and wished he would have simmered down a bit…maybe he needs to call Serena and do lunch…

  6. Trust me, y’all. If you didn’t see what Serena did, watch the video. It all reality it is probably 20 times worse than what Kanye did.

    She really threatened that poor woman’s life with tennis balls.

  7. I support Kanye for one reason. Because it made the VMAs watchable. Combine the VMAs and Twitter and it was hilarious b/c of what Kanye did. They are entertainers and he entertained me.

    T. Swift (who IMHO didnt deserve the award) is a superstar pop star who performs in front of millions, she’ll be ok. She looks like she bounced back pretty well. She got money. It will heal before she gets married.

    Serena was a bit out of line. You dont holler at refs, point blank

  8. Like I said before, Kanye just said what we were all thinking. He needs to learn to shut his hole. He shoulda sat there and whispered that mess to Amber instead of being full of Henn and getting up on stage and ruining that childs moment. I don’t care for Taylor Swift and I listen to all kinds of music. Do I think she shoulda won? No. But hell all awards shows are stupid. Beyonce wins vid of the year so she should’ve won everything else she was up for. It’s stupid. Kanye needs to learn to shut up. It’s not always about him and what he thinks the results should be.

    As far as Serena, I died when she scared that poor woman. She was frustrated and pissed off at the wrong call. What she said wasn’t right but it bothers me that people seem to forget about John McEnroe who didn’t even comment on Serena’s outburst.

    Everyone just needs to get it together.

    • yep, j.mcenroe who’s a reg’la commentator for tennis matches just haaaapens to be M.I.A. during this time.

      • I just think that he would have agreed with Serena but couldn’t say it. LOL!!! I just hate that she will be remembered for that now and not about how great she is in the game. When you are a black person in a white dominated sport or field, you have got to be EXTRA careful of the things you do. People need to think before they speak.

    • Idk if we were ALL thinking that she didn’t deserve that award… Taylor may not have deserved the award, but neither did Beyonce.

      Quite frankly, we all need to get a grip if we think the people who win these awards are going to be the people who deserve them. Or, rather, the people who deserve them because they were good in that category.

      Awards shows, especially ones pushed by such teen-driven companies as MTV, will always give the awards to the popular ones, while trying to “trick” us.

      I just really feel like it sort of makes what Kanye did “ok” because some people agreed with him. It doesn’t, because it’s not about what he said it’s about what he did.

      • Actually by winning video of the year overall, she did deserve it. Was what Kanye did right? Of course not!

        • And I will take back the “what we were ALL thinking” and go with “what SOME of us where thinking” And like I mentioned above, I am one that listens and love all kinds of music and know who Taylor Swift is so I am not one of those black folks that only listens to hip hop & r&b.

        • LOL… I don’t think she deserved that award either.

          Completely unrelated to how I feel about Beyonce as an artist (ftr: I think she’s an amazing performer), her videos this go-round were uninspiring, period. They, in my skeptical-of-all-award-shows-because-they’re-a-waste-of-life-when-determining-true-talent opinion, gave it to her because she’s on top right now and that’s their highest honor.

          The fact that it took Missy forever and a day to win a VMA proves that it’s not about whose video is good.

          They gave Taylor her award because she needed some shine because the little teeny boppers love her to death.

          And don’t worry, I didn’t think for one second that you didn’t understand the joy of all kinds of music. 🙂

  9. good post D, and these comments have my brain juices flowing.
    kanye = selfish uncompassionate inconsiderate douche. i KNOW his momma had to have taught him better.
    serena = moody misdirected talent. cost her the title and fine she now has to pay.
    joe wilsom = complete narrow-minded disrespectful moron.

    the saddest part about kanye tho is no matter if it was a publicity stunt or not, he had to agree to go thru with it. being recklessly outta pocket is never cute. his compliance shows of how short-sided his vision is to be unable to see what/how it might feel to be to be on the receiving end of his actions.
    absolutely absent-minded, self-absorbed, and i must say i understand why his former fiance got out when she did. i couldn’t put up with such mess either.

    • “being recklessly outta pocket is never cute. his compliance shows of how short-sided his vision is to be unable to see what/how it might feel to be to be on the receiving end of his actions.”

      @nn: This is spot on… There’s something wrong in his head. I think the weird part is that i think he actually understood what was going on back in late 2003, early 04 when his stuff first dropped.

      Yeah, he was full of himself. But there was an air of humility about him and his story. Now, not so much.

      • ‘Yeah, he was full of himself. But there was an air of humility about him and his story. Now, not so much.’


        This is truth. When ‘College Dropout’ came out he was alot more humble. I truly loved that album mostly because of his story and his appreciation for the ability to live out his art. Now he’s just an arse…

  10. Everyone keep saying b/c John McEnroe got away with it, Serena should get away with it. That just doesnt make sense. He played 20 years ago. Lets apply that logic everywhere. Lets play football with the rules of the 1980’s. Everyone would be coked up, steroid using, club to face, leading with head, spearing, tripping and all other types of non sense.

    Serena was wrong

    • No one said she should get away with it. I am just saying that they act like they have never seen anything like it before. That was my point. Serena was wrong…therefore she should pay. Her rep is now tarnished and it’s her fault and she has to live with it. Just asking people to not act like she is the 1st to act a fool on a tennis court.

      • “I am just saying that they act like they have never seen anything like it before.”

        Kina, that’s my main point. Didn’t Johnny Mac throw rackets at people? Threats of violence and actually carrying them out are both wrong, but let’s not act like all the players are new to the party.

  11. Off topic: was it me or was Beyonce’s performance extra slutty. Don’t get me wrong I love the song and the video but all that crotch opening and gyrating was just a liiiitttle much *pinches fingers*

  12. Kanye is a douche…
    Joe Wilson is a douche…
    Serena is a douchette…

    The only thing I hate about this outside of the obvious stealing of the spotlight from someone who earned it is this: I heard many people complaining about Joe Wilson and saying it was disrespectful and he’s racist and blah blah but when someone does something that sticks up for The Big Homie’s Woman then its “I mean he was telling the truth” which is eerily similar to what all the conservatives said about Wilson’s comments. Consistency is key and some should practice it.

    Serena on the other hand apparently threatened the life of the line judge (they say the mics didn’t pick it up). It was extremely out of line and she probably should have gotten ejected from the game. She got fined, might be suspended a tourney or 2 and then get back on and return to regular life. There is definitely no need to kick her off the tour for the year (unless it ends next week, I don’t keep up w/ tennis schedule’s like that).

    • “Kanye is a douche…
      Joe Wilson is a douche…
      Serena is a douchette…Kanye is a douche…”

      Agreed, agreed and agreed.

    • The only thing I hate about this outside of the obvious stealing of the spotlight from someone who earned it is this: I heard many people complaining about Joe Wilson and saying it was disrespectful and he’s racist and blah blah but when someone does something that sticks up for The Big Homie’s Woman then its “I mean he was telling the truth” which is eerily similar to what all the conservatives said about Wilson’s comments. Consistency is key and some should practice it.

      This is what I’m saying…

      Thank you.

      • You just compared the VMAs to the US Congress, you need more people

        • No, I’m comparing one disrespectful act to another.

          You disrespect me inside my house, outside my house, it’s still disrespect.

          The who and the where, RARELY are consequential in matters of disrespect.

          Individuals who shout out “you lie” (or it’s variants) to the President on the street are disrespectful, just like Joe Wilson was.

          If Kanye had run up to Taylor Swift on the street and said “you didn’t deserve that award” it would’ve been disrespectful as well.

          • VMAs = equal place of coonery. Ppl run on stage and bleed all over the place and where thongs on their faces and swing from wires and climb on sets and do all types of shammockery. US Congress = place where arguably the most important decisions of the free world are made,

            just doesnt balance out to me

            I just cant hear the argument abt Kanye’s lack of decorum when everyone is running around naked and wearing nest on their faces and bleeding and talking about folks baby mamas

            • I guess we just have a fundamental difference of opinion on what qualifies as disrespectful.

              I don’t understand why an individual’s act of disrespect is discounted because some people agree with what is said and/or because there are others around who are acting less than stellar.

              IMO, what the individual did is disrespectful and still wrong.

              To me, it’s like saying a jailhouse murder isn’t wrong because it happened in a jail amongst a bunch of criminals… a death is a death; disrespect is disrespect (at least in ASmith’s world… I could be alone)

              • I’m not saying that normally Kanye’s actions are cool but when you consider the sh!t that is MTV it becomes cool. Punching ppl in the face is cool in boxing not in the streets though.

  13. I’m in the “the Kanye-Taylor Swift thing was a stunt” camp. It would be one thing if he was sitting near the front and randomly jumped out of his seat onto the stage. But no; somehow in the time it takes her to walk on stage and is talking (let’s say about 30 seconds), he manages to get toward the back of the stage, walk ALL the way down the runway/stage to where she is without anyone stopping him???

    Furthermore, as he’s walking unaccosted down the stage, the camera is magically panning shots of the audience and then conveniently goes back to the stage where suddenly Kanye is waiting with Taylor. THEN he grabs the mic.

    Maybe it wasn’t orchestrated by the higher ups at MTV but SOMEONE helped him.

    Remember a few years when some nut climbed onto the set during a performance at the VMAs? Maybe Rage against the Machine or something. Now that was something that CLEARLY wasn’t staged.

    If MTV releases footage from other cameras that show some kind of surprise or something as Kanye’s walking down the stage, then I’ll be happy to think it wasn’t a stunt.

    • @dmilz: idk… the idea for a setup is there. But Kanye would have to be one of the dumbest human beings on earth to go thru with it, everything considered.

  14. Ppl really need to stop comparing Kanye to Joe Wilson. What happens at the MTV VMAs is in no relation to what happens at US Congress. So to all those who said ppl need to be “consistent” and blah blah blah, I think they need to get a grip.

    • Eh, I disagree.

      There’s no way you can think that yelling out “You lie” (both because it’s disrespectful and a lie itself) is wrong, but think running on stage during someone’s acceptance speech to basically say “you don’t deserve this” is ok. That doesn’t compute.

      The reality is, Wilson is a Republican, and people dont’ like Repubs, but Kanye West is a rapper with real fans.

      Wilson’s fans/people who just dislike Obama stuck up for him, just like West’s fans/people who just dislike all things not Beyonce/hip-hop/R&B are sticking up for what he did.

    • Yeah, two different settings, two different situations…

      But, I think Damon is actually making a mockery of the folks who are standing behind Joe’s remarks, because likely they are the same people that would think Kanye was wrong for what he did last night….*shrugs shoulders*

    • @peyso: They’re both public outbursts of an uncouth nature. They should be grouped together. Sure, the VMAs aren’t exactly the Congress floor.

      But they’re of the same ilk, and it all says something about the lack of respect we have for each other as people nowadays.

      What follows is maybe the best thing I saw all day yesterday, and it puts it in perspective. It’s Bob Schieffer’s Face the Nation monologue:;contentBody

    • No matter what, no one can’t defend any of it. It’s all ignorance.

      And being foolish enough to defend Kanye because you like hip hop, is as foolish as some right-winger defending Joe Wilson because they dislike Obama.

  15. I just want to give Kanye a huge and tell him it’s ok to be quiet.

  16. I don’t think what Kanye did was a stunt, or planned. I think what Kanye did was just plain old unadulterated coonery. He has been loosing his mind for a while now and outbursts of this nature are not rare for West. He thinks his opinion is THE opinion and should at all times be voiced. Fail.

    I’m over his rude behind. How dare you walk your insane self on stage, snatch the mic and proceed to make an unsolicited, untrue PSA?

    I’m at least glad that Bey’s PR agent texted her in the middle of the show and said, “if you win the last award, give Taylor your time on stage.” (Y’all know she didn’t think of that gesture herself, I love Bey, but she ain’t that bright.)

    When it’s said and done, Kanye needs to stop embarrasing us in front of these white folks…like Dave said, “shoulda never gave you n*ggas money.”

  17. For everyone defending this event as ‘not’ a publicity stunt. That was all a part of the plan as well! They want people to believe that this event really happened unscripted to add to the ‘shock value’ and ‘OMGs’ of the evening. This in turn will cause you to tune in more and blog about it and talk about it and have news coverage about it…It keeps the convo going of ‘was it, or wasn’t it?’ …..Sorry, I just ALWAYS look at the big picture of this stuff…

  18. I would offer my opinion on the Kanye West/Serena Williams/ Joe Wilson outbursts but I think all that needs to be said about it has been said and I would just be belaboring the point.

    I just want to make that point that I disagree with Kanye’s assertion that Beyonce’s video was one of the greatest of all time. I personally didn’t think she deserved Best Female Video, or Video of the Year.

    The video is so unoriginal. She has played out the same concept for at least 3 other songs. (Beyonce, featuring only 2 other women , scantily clad, dancing, with no reference to the actual lyrical content of the song.) Oh and maybe a dose of black and white film footage to boot. (for reference check out the video to Single Ladies, Ego, Diva, and Green Light)

    Now, I do agree that Beyonce is talented, and one of, if not the best, performers from this current generation of artists, but her videos, while catchy, aren’t altogether awe-inspiring.

    They are nice, but they won’t change your life.

  19. I spent the summer hosting a karaoke show. I wish he had smacked her, too.

  20. I can’t stop laughing at this pic of Lil Mama:

    Twitter is on a roll today.

  21. Another reason why this was a publicity stunt. Kanye didn’t win any awards last night, nor did he perform…but who the h3ll are we all talking about today?????!!!!!!

  22. There appears to be a dwindling (slaughtering) of common courtesy in this country that is ticking me off! Whatever happened to “speaking when spoken to”? “If you can’t say anything nice…” Seems like general polite rules of conduct are fading faster than Lil Mama’s 15 minutes of fame.

    I don’t care whether Kanye’s nonsense was a stunt, whether Serena was wronged by the judge or Joe Wilson has drunk the Kool-aid… why can’t people JUST. DO. BETTER! Le Sigh.

  23. Another VMA topic – I didn’t watch most of it but apparently Jack Black was praying to Satan? WTH? And youtube has removed ALL of the videos. And no one is talking about it on any blogs that I’ve seen…

    • @D-milz

      I saw this too and like I mentioned earlier about other topics, this didn’t surprise me. The music industry has many evil components in it and many of these musicians worship the devil or other pagan beings. Go to Youtube and watch the entire series of the Jay-Z deception. It will scare you. There were some parts of it that were ‘reaching’ a little, but overall it makes you truly think…

      • @jlbd: For real, if you don’t stop trying to get people on to these damned conspiracy theories. smh… You and all these damned fear tactics. I’m gonna start calling you GWBLD…

        • @Damon

          I’m not trying to get anybody to do anything, honestly. Fear tactics? I’m not afraid of any of this stuff, it would be like me going to the library and renting a book on the Tuskegee Experiment. I would be informing myself of something and we all know that was planned and well thought out. Why does my spreading of information always get you all heated? I see it as nothing more than your twitter post of Lil’ Mama, people can take it as a grain of salt or take it as information to store in the mental roladex. What did you think about the devil worshipping scene with Jack Black? You thought it was just something silly to show on tv? You seem to think that everything that happens is actually what’s given at face value. That’s fine, I’ll refrain from using your public forum as a source of additional information. BTW, what does GWBLD stand for?

          • Dude, calm down… i’m just joshing w/ you. I know you spearheaded the Warren Commission. OK?

            Seriously, I typed it wrong. it’s GWBBD. You gotta figure it out, though. lol.

            • No, it would be more like BHOBD. But then, I’d have to refrain myself because incest ain’t cool….figure it out!

            • The reason why Dubya instilled fear tactics in the nation is because he was a part of the agenda…his daddy even spoke about the New World Order in 1991. Look this stuff up! I’m smart and all but I’m not that cunning to just start making this stuff up stuff!

      • @jlbd – yeah I heard some stuff about Jay a few years ago throughthe series “the truth about hip-hop.” I thought some of it was a little overblown until I heard some three-6 mafia song about lucifer and then Jay’s lucifer – don of the morning song.

        I’m sure someone somewhere has some jusitification for the songs being witty, artistic metaphors that don’t really mean to worship the devil, or that Jack Black was spoofing heavy metal people but still, for me its a bit shocking and uncomfortable.

        • Yeah, that ‘truth about hip-hop’ stuff is questionable because the preacher that goes after these artists seems a little ‘off’ to me. But outside of the stuff he talks about there are some other documentaries made about Jay’s relationship with the freemasons and him incorporating this dark stuff with his music, clothing, and videos. It’s an interesting watch if nothing more….

  24. I also thought Madonna broke it down perfectly with the Michael introduction. She spoke the truth about how everyone felt in general about Michael Jackson; I almost teared up when she said ‘we all abandoned him, and allowed this witch hunt to distract us’…

    • @jlbd…that’s what has upset me most about the whole Kanye thing. Madonna made some good points about MJ (that have been overlooked in the Kanye aftermath), like chasing the childhood he lost at 6, quite like Madonna chased the mother she lost at 6 too. The image of a child losing a mother at a young age is heart-wrenching and one can imagine how that might lead a person to make questionable choices as they grow up, trying to fill that void. Now replace the loss of a mother with the void from losing a childhood…exhibit A – Michael Jackson.

      Furthermore, what’s really sad is that, looking back, he really went off the rails in the late 70’s and was actually very open to reporters about it – not having friends, talking to mannequins and his animals out of loneliness. When reporters followed up with Quincy Jones and his family, they were basically like, “well, he could be on drugs. There’s a lot worse in the music biz.”

  25. ‘Ye was wrong for what he did, no doubt about it. and i can’t lie, the way he shrugged afterwards? had me rollin’. still doesn’t make it right.

    but as i told my brothers & said on facebook, knowing ‘Ye’s track record, Taylor Swift should’ve just RAN WITH THE MICROPHONE when she saw him coming up the stairs lol.

    i WISH he did that to me. i’m receiving my first VMA and i’m just gonna give you my microphone while i’m making my speech? FALL BACK, homie.

  26. It’s in caps cause well.. HIS CAPS IS LOUD.

    //end ‘Ye moment.

  27. I still think the Kanye thing was a stunt, hell Ye and Taylor has the same agent.

    I don’t know about the Jay-Z deception thing, but I know the man has had the uncanny ability to ride the next “trending” rapper. He was one of the few east rappers working with southern rappers ( No Limit, Cash Money, Scarface, & UGK) . He hooked up the with the hottest crew of the day ( Bad Boy, Ruff Ryders, Cash Money No Limit). Worked with pretty much every big name over the last decade in rap besides Nelly

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