42. Alicia Keys

“Having a heated debate n the studio. Question is…N love is it better to go 4 the choice that is ‘SMART’ or the choice that has ‘SPARK’??” ~ @aliciakeys

Dear Alicia,

I’d bet you never thought the above tweet would lead to this, did you? But hey, you kind of opened yourself up for that when you open your legs for heart to another woman’s husband and began flaunting it around.

You had to know something was bound to happen sooner or later, so you shouldn’t be too surprised by what Mashonda wrote concerning you and her husband Swizz. After you finished reading Mashonda’s letter concerning you, I’m pretty sure the last thing you want to read is another tell-all rant about you and your affairs. Well, this isn’t that.

Swizz and Alicia... matching. Go figure.

Swizz and Alicia... matching. Go figure.

I don’t know much of your business. But what I do know is this: The little secret you’ve kept in your open diary is out — now more so than ever. And you, the talented songstress and pianist who has captivated many with elegant words, can now add home-wrecking jumpoff to your impressive resume.

It’s tough to see you as such considering all that you’ve accomplished and all that you do. It’s also strange considering that you could have your pick of the kennel when it comes to us guys. Yet, for some unknown reason, you choose a married man with a public image of his own. And you carry on an affair for so long that it becomes a bad joke that you both acknowledge.

Well, now the joke’s on you. It’s obvious that Mashonda’s not playing games at this point. And while it took some diligence to sift through her misplaced apostrophe-laced rant, it put you and everything you stand for on the spot. The image that you’ve built hangs in the balance because of your actions.

Mashonda’s stroke of the pen puts the focus on your credibility, which is about as shot as Michael Vick’s, circa September 2007. Unless you plan on penning your tell-all version of Usher’s “Confessions,” your self-empowering sound might lose its depth. Mashonda has a point. It’s kind of hard to sing a song about being a Superwoman when your actions allegedly mirror those of Superhead.

Alicia, the “smart” love wouldn’t put herself in this position. She wouldn’t let a misguided “spark” burn for more than a year, knowing full well the damage she’s doing in someone else’s home. Sparks, no matter how bright they burn, will go out.

And when this one does, just don’t be mad at Swizz when he tells you to freeze, and he moves on to the next one. Recognize it for the mistake of turn it is. I just hope, for your sake, the damage that you’re doing isn’t irreparable in the eyes of many of your fans.



P.S. A bit of irony: “Karma.”


35 responses to “42. Alicia Keys

  1. I heard the rumors of them too and about this twitter battle she was having with his wife but I never really cared enough to look into it. I will check out that letter you linked to though.

    I really don’t understand it…it is hard for me to believe that someone as talented and (seemingly) caring as A. Keys would stoop to the level of being “the other woman”. It’s funny what love and/or lust can make a person do.

    I don’t think all of the blame is hers though, Swizz is the one that took vows before God and therefore needs to honor those or end it completely before running around the world with someone that isn’t his wife.

    Hopefull she’ll get her mind right and end this thing before it destroys her(emotionally). I don’t think it will hurt her career that much because we all know how those boycotts go……If she puts out another good album, people will buy it.

    • “:I really don’t understand it…it is hard for me to believe that someone as talented and (seemingly) caring as A. Keys would stoop to the level of being “the other woman”. It’s funny what love and/or lust can make a person do”

      I agree Tam.. I’m hearing things and although I 90% believe them, I’m still holding out hope here.

      I never considered Alicia to do something low down and dirty is this, leave that for someone like Lil’ Kim.

  2. ‘I just hope, for your sake, the damage that you’re doing isn’t irreparable in the eyes of many of your fans.

    Well seeing that she’s human and all, people shouldn’t be quick to judge her. Sure her music is powerful and the topics that she sings about definitely contradict her alleged behavior, but this woman is nothing but a human being who is a master of her craft. Brian McKnight sang wonderful and touching songs about women but he is a known womanizer. MLK was revered as a man of strong integrity but he also was known as a womanizer. Other influential people in history who have done great works have had their dark sides that they’ve tried to keep undercover. This situation is no different. Alicia is dead wrong if this stuff is true but so is Swizz (with his gonzo lookin’ azz)… I read Mashonda’s long azz letter and all I could think to myself is that she needs to move on with dignity. She’s hurt, of course, but let Alicia and Swizz make themselves look like fools. Why waste time writing this long letter when no one seems to even be thinking about you. Mashonda needs to take the message that her husband is no longer into her and has psuedo moved on. If she takes the high road and ends all this ranting, she’ll come out looking very classy. I get the feeling that she’s subtetly trying to tarnish Alicia’s wholesome image out of spite and hurt, which is understandable, but also a waste of time.

    • “contradict her alleged behavior.”


      idk… The world is vastly different from what it was even 15 years ago… and that’s why Mashonda’s letter is all over the place. That’s why there’s a major difference between the other stuff you mentioned.

      The difference is that Swizz and Alicia have kinda made it known… Know as random as what Mashonda wrote is, I think it puts it in a different perspective for many where you’re kinda forced to see Alicia in a different light.

      If that’s what she chooses to do, it’s probably not a waste of time to her. She’s accomplished a small something, although Alicia prolly doesn’t care that much considering how long it’s been going on…

      • ‘although Alicia prolly doesn’t care that much considering how long it’s been going on…

        Fact: Alicia never cared in the first place.

        I’m sorry but I have gone through so much drama in my life that I feel like people do EXACTLY what they want to do and me writing a letter, tweeting, or throwing a tantrum for all to see is pointless and a flat out waste of energy. At the end of the day gonzo wants to be with A. Keys and NOT Mashonda. I understand she has a child with this man and she will have to deal with Alicia in the long term if her and gonzo stay together. However, it is something that can be done with class, silently. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold….

        • “I feel like people do EXACTLY what they want to do and me writing a letter, tweeting, or throwing a tantrum for all to see is pointless and a flat out waste of energy.”


          Sometimes, we really be >here< on stuff… (the poor grammar was necessary to make a point; why is there no literary term for that, a la hyperbole?)

          • @ASmith

            I agree, we definitely ‘get’ each other… I’ve had people surprise me with their antics for so many years that this stuff just doesn’t SURPRISE me anymore. Do I think it sucks? Absolutely. But people will be people and we all falter at some point in our lives…

  3. I hadn’t heard by that but I’m shocked! As D said, she could choose any dude of her picking but she picks Swizz Beats??? Swizz Beats??? In the words of Chris Rock: “That’s like finding out they was giving out free Bentleys yesterday but you didn’t even know. You think to yourself ‘Damn, I actually had a shot to get that huh?'”

  4. I think Mashonda’s letter was cool but I dont think it should have been made public. He should have emailed her or mailed it to her or something. I think Mashonda and Swizz have acknowledged their parts in the dissolving of their marriage. Mashonda just wants Alicia to claim her part. Also, Mashonda is trying to get to a place where her and Alicia can at least be cordial. They may have to deal with each other for years to come.

    • @peyso: i get where you’re coming from… and don’t necessarily think it should have been made public. But I’m not shocked that it has gone public… and some of what she says does tarnish some of what Alicia stands for, which may have been a goal of hers…

      • ‘and some of what she says does tarnish some of what Alicia stands for’

        My point is, how the h3ll do we know what Alicia stands for in the relationship department? Because she sings a few songs about being a Superwoman and having an Unbreakable relationship? Because she sings about falling in and out of love with someone and how karma will come for you? Because she has a diary about secrets? Her music doesn’t necessarily reflect who she is…it’s just music, it’s her art that she has perfected and that fans seem to love but it doesn’t necessarily have to have ANYTHING to do with who this woman is behind the scenes….

        • And that’s the point… she’s put up a facade for everyone in a sense. Read what she writes. She writes what she sings. Maybe you don’t know all of her music that well. That is what attracts people to her. Not her voice. It’s good but not great.

          People look at what she sings and also what she does and the way she’s carried herself since she first hit the scene. And this is the last thing they’d expect considering it all… and yeah, she’s telling a different story now than she has previously.

          That’s tough for some people.

          • @Damon

            Trust me, I own every Alicia Keys album ever put out, and I am a fan and listen to her words. But just because she TELLS you that she writes about how she feels and puts it to music doesn’ t mean that is FACTUALLY how she IS. I say this at least once a week on this blog, this entertainment industry is smoke and mirrors…it’s all for us to consume and spend our money on. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have some integrity but people’s ignorant and sideways actions DON’T surprise me one bit and her philandering with a married man doesn’t make me blink and eye in surprise…..

            • “she TELLS you that she writes about how she feels and puts it to music doesn’ t mean that is FACTUALLY how she IS.”

              I clearly get this… but like I said: That’s tough for some people, especially when it comes to someone they rarely see falter… *shrugs*

              All I’m saying is that there will be plenty of people who won’t look at her work the same. Just like there are plenty of people who refuse to listen to R. Kelly or any of his gospel work…

              Same difference.

              • Off topic but this isn’t the same difference:

                R.Kelly was on tape obviously pissing on a girl…

                Alicia has not been taped smashing Toucan Sam, she’s just been seen out with dude and accused by the ex-wife of being a man stealer…

                And for the record, anyone who formulates a judgement on an artist based on their faults as a human needs to look in the mirror. I know it sounds crazy but if R. Kelly puts out some fire music in the near future I will be purchasing. Everyone has skeletons, it’s just too bad dude displayed his for the world to see….

                • @jlbd: I see you’re having a “sky ain’t blue” type day… smh/lol.

                  • Nope, just being real. If all my business was put out in the streets and people were able to see every mistake and mistep I made since birth, there would likely be an abundance of stuff that I be embarassed by and likely judged for…I just feel like every breathing human being has SKELETONS, celebrities are no different…

          • “People look at what she sings and also what she does and the way she’s carried herself since she first hit the scene. And this is the last thing they’d expect considering it all…”

            The exact same thing was said about Whitney Houston when she first got with Bobby Brown. I think the lesson for the public here is that you must not put more stock into an entertainer than you would a peer because you will be, more often than not, disappointed.

            • Agreed… just don’t know if that’s gonna happen considering the pedestal Alicia’s been on for nine years or so…

              But most people won’t see it like that. Thus, the disappointment ensues. And the situation gains traction when you hear things from Mashonda’s side…

              • ‘And the situation gains traction when you hear things from Mashonda’s side…’

                Only for people that actually give two sh!ts……

            • @RVS


        • The truth of the matter is, like others have said before – we don’t know ANYTHING about these people (celebs) besides what they sing, what they wear and what their publicist wants us to know. Not going in on AK but for all we know she could be a scandalous tramp with a history of jumpoff behavior. OR she could be a woman who fell for the wrong guy at the wrong time and got real stupid by announcing it via social media. Who knows?

          What I will say is that Mashonda and Swizz took VOWS. Mashonda’s letter and her beef needs to be directed at the guy who swore to honor and keep her. And it needs to be done in private. Basically, everybody needs to STFU for the sake of the child and their collective dignity.

          • THANK YOU! I’m so tired of hearing about “homewreckers.” Nah the homewrecker is the person that broke their vows. In this case if it hadn’t been AK then it would have been somebody else. Swizz owes Mashonda, not Alicia.
            At the end of the day, how is the image that AK puts out tarnished by her alleged actions? She sings about being a “super woman” and “love unbreakable”, she’s talking about HER not everyone else. Clearly she’s been a superwoman for Swizz and Mashonda’s letters/hurt aren’t breaking their love sooo..which part of her words are faulty?

  5. I agree with your post.

    I never even batted an eyelash at this entire incident until I read Mashonda’s letter. Then I understood how real the situation is. I sometimes treat celebrity as though it was a television show set forth for my amusement but that letter made me identify with her as though she was my friend.

    AK is portraying contradicting messages (actions v words) but I will say that she is human and no one is 100% good or bad and she is therefore inclined to have faults including loving someone elses man. Having those feelings and acting on them are two different paths. I do view her in a different light now and that’s sad because I used to have the utmost respect for her.

  6. I’m a bit disappointed in Alicia Keys. I say “a bit” because celebrity always confuses matters. We always expect more from celebrities we don’t actually know than from our best friend.

    If my BFF was sleeping with a married woman, in a similar situation, I’d be a bit disappointed in him, probably because he’d be able to make me see it from his side. I’d be a bit disappointed because I’d know I should be disapopinted some; so I’ll only hold A.Keys to the same standard.

    I do feel bad for Mashonda. Not so much because there’s a woman trying to steal her husband, but because it’s happening publicly. I do wonder about her decision to make this letter public, though. In fact, I had a great deal of respect for her going into this. When everyone’s suspicion of this affair were confirmed, I was waiting on Mashonda to go in (c’mon, someone named Mashonda goes in… right?) and she didn’t. Amen for the scorned wife who knows she has a child and thus a relationship to care for and salvage as best as possible. And now, here we are. Everybody’s got blood on the dance floor their hands.

    Even still, I respect the letter; just wonder how effective an open letter of this seriousness is.

  7. To swizz beats: You are a g-d winner. You’ve pretty much got everything you wanted, and bagged a chick out of your league in the process. All while getting off scott-free. However, this situation is all your fault, and karma will be back around.

    To Mashonda: Going after Keys isn’t the best course of action. Especially publicly. Should have checked Swizz if anything. Mashonda seems strong though to keep a head about this.

    To AK-47: While not innocent, Keys isn’t bound by marriage to anyone. However, how you get someone is usually how you lose them. Karma sandwiches will be eaten. When AK is ready, I am here, as it seems her standards are kind of lax lol.

  8. And for the record, I’m not condoning what Alicia is ALLEGEDLY doing…if she is smashing Toucan Sam then she’s a home-wrecking whore who will get that ish back for sure…I just feel like situations like this are better handled privately and that no person should ever be placed on a pedestal to be revered without fault…

  9. We do realize that the marriage that Meshonda thought was perfect was over nearly a year before he “got with” Alicia, right?
    All that I have ever heard is Meshonda’s version of events and in her initial interview, she never said anything about them being together during her marriage to Swizz. It seems to that she started going extra heart at Alicia AFTER the blogsphere decided that A. Keys was to blame for the dissolution of their marriage.

    All that to say, I think that we’re getting ahead of ourselves in calling Alicia a homewrecker, tramp, etc.

  10. First – Prayers uplifted for everyone involved in this “situation”. God wants peace for all and hopefully with clear minds it will be apart of everyone’s life.

    Second – This “open letter” was not over a little “twitter post”, I’m sorry. This was spawned from pain/anger/frustration/etc. on Mashonda’s behalf, which is natural & okay BUT it just means that the “good place she says she at” isn’t soo good and more healing is needed. I read the twit and in no way shape or form did it sound attacking or selfish. It was a basic personal statement viewed by people who follow her on twitter NOT a magazine article…

    Third – In no way is cheating/affairs RIGHT, it’s a heartbreaking and emotional ordeal BUT recognize that there are TWO people involved in the attack of one’s feelings. “You know the role you played…” yes she does but does that lessen your husbands role? It takes TWO to tango and I know that peace was said to have been made BUT if that’s the case then why this? Why an “open letter” to Alicia Keys because she hasn’t responded back to you? Be 100 with yourself will that make you feel any better or make the closure more effective when you feel this type of way over a “twitter posting”?

    We’re quick to be surprised by “celebrities” actions forgetting that they are just like you & I – they are human. Do these actions take away from Swizz extraordinary talent to produce hits? Does this take away from A. Key’s amazing vocals? Does this take away from Mashonda’s beautiful style? NO! They make mistakes just like everyone else and if someone as great as GOD can forgive those who come to HIM and call HIM by his name why cant we?

    I love Mashonda’s work, her style and just her whole being as a great woman… I also understand being hurt by someone you love and by situations that one devotes their all to just to see it crumble… BUT it’s a must for self to recognize what’s real and what’s best for self regardless of the situation… Peace comes from healing and walking into the truth surrounding you & the truth within you… Positive comes to positive concepts, as someone stated before I don’t see the “good/positive” light in her “open letter”…. Maybe a blog posting or using this hurt in a song… But not this…

  11. This is merely a cover for Keys’ lesbianism. The girl is dykier than Amsterdam.

  12. Alicia Keys is a person with soul, intelligence, kind; and she is just so attractive and sexy. She should have a rating of 10 stars plus

  13. Alicia Keys wedding photo is MAGNIFICENT!!! Great couple, Breath taking view. I wish you all the best there is in this world.

  14. It is good to read in an article that Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz were seen on a romantic dinner date on one of their favorite place in Manhattan. They really had fun with each other and there seems to be no moment of silence.

  15. Alicia Keys’s music fills our hearts with happiness. A new instrument to give voice to her music can only be welcomed by all that love Alicia’s amazing talent.

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