FRQs: Kids

Me, my brother Ryan and our Mom

Me, my brother Ryan and our Mom

Cutting this week short because the other dude in this picture, my little brother, is getting married on Friday evening. The festivities begin this evening, though… Kinda tough because I still see my brother as he is in this picture…

And that said, the children are still on my mind. I believe they are the future, teach them well and, letthemleadtheway.

The five randoms questions:

1. How many children do you want?

2. Would you ever consider adoption? Why or why not?

3. Save your television, what’s your favorite thing you’ve purchased just to look at?

4. Do you think people should write their own vows? Why or why not?

5. What’s your grandmother’s favorite random saying? Did you know what it meant when you were little?


50 responses to “FRQs: Kids

  1. 1. The older I get, this number decreases. We’re between 1 and 2 now.

    2. Sure, kids deserve a chance.

    3. I have some original artwork that I love

    4. I think they should write their own vows when it’s well done and classy. I’ve heard some doozies

    5. Grandma Blanche used to say: If you stir up old sh!t, it just starts to stink again. I knew it was bad when I was little, now I realize how true it is.

  2. 1. as of right now, 2. One boy, one girl. preferably the boy first. so that he is older and can protect his little sister.

    2. Yes

    3. DVD’s

    4. I think that personally written vows, when done correctly come across more geuine, but some people just aren’t eloquent so in that case maybe scripted vows are acceptable.

    5.”Slow down boy. You’ve got more time then you’ve got lives.”
    “Something in the milk ain’t clean”
    “Never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”

    I understood them as a little kid, but they mean so much more to me now as a grown man

  3. 1. 2, max.

    2. Consider it? Sure. I’m not sure it’s something I really want to do, though, because of the stigma that’s there once you tell the child that they’re real parents gave him/her up. It’s just one of those things that runs through my head…

    3. My blue KC fitted. And I’m not joking, either. I look at it and wonder why I purchased it in early April believing my Royals were going to be any good. At least Greinke’s gonna win this Cy Young.

    4. I do. I think everyone should because it’s a form of expression, and I think that people should be able to put their words together for their loved one. I get that they can be bad at times, but traditional vows remind me of the pledge of allegiance at this point…

    5. Grandmother Darlene: Don’t worry. Pray… I think I understood it back then. Definitely get it now.

    Grandma Ola: Kissing is as close to effing as farting is to (pooping). Insert appropriate curse words. And yes, I heard that before I turned 16…. and yeah, there was no mistaking what this meant.

  4. 1) 1 or 2 (if the first one is a girl). I’d love to just have twins (boy and girl) the first time out then I’d be done.

    2) Absolutely

    3) I don’t buy things to just look at them, but I would like to start buying some artwork now that I have a house to display it in.

    4) I don’t think that people need to write their vows or that the ceremony means any less if they don’t. It is often cute when they do though.

    5) Sadly both of my grandmothers are no longer living and the memories I have of them are limited and don’t include any particular sayings.

  5. 1. I really don’t know. I have some real fears about myself as a parent — more to do with what I want to do (school counselor/work with at-risk teens) than any poor character traits. I’d need to have a husband who really wants kids, for sure.

    2. I definitely would. Aside from skipping that whole being fatter, uncomfortable and in pain thing, kids, especially older kids, in the foster care system need parents so much.

    3. I’m a tactile, push buttons type person. I don’t buy much to just look at, but I did get this super sweet cup at the circus this past Spring. It lights up. It doubles as my pimp cup and pen cup as well.

    4. I don’t see any reason not to if they have something special they’d like to say.

    5. I don’t really remember any sayings from my grandmother, but my grandfather used to say “I can show you better than I can tell you…” and given the nature of that statement, if you didn’t understand right away, you did eventually.

  6. Yay for my first FRQ appearance 🙂

    1. I’m undecided about children, but if I do have them I would want 2 or 3- I strongly believe that children need siblings (I was an only child for 8 years).

    2. I would consider adoption- 2 of my siblings are adopted. Damon- I don’t think there’s a “stigma”- each child takes it differently. As far as I can tell, my sis could care less who her parents are- but my bro is super curious and is bothered by it. Adoption is a private thing- people only know if you tell them.

    3. I love art and have purchased several prints from independent artists.

    4. Eh- writing vows is kinda cheesy IMO. I’ll just stick with the originals- they say what’s important.

    5. I don’t have a grandmother saying, but my grandpa used to say: “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”- I use/think of this often.

    • I agree with you on children needing siblings. I am an only child, and I’ve always said if I have one, I have to have another.

    • Look at who came out of her shell… Good to see you in the comments… lol.

      “I strongly believe that children need siblings.”

      I strongly agree with this (I know that sounds like some sort of bubble survey response, but it’s the truth).

  7. 1. How many children do you want?

    Ironically I’d still like three children. The first two close in age and the third one born after the second one is like 10. But then I’d likely being having kids well into my 40s (given that I’m almost 30 and haven’t even started) so I’ll probably only have 2.

    2. Would you ever consider adoption? Why or why not?

    Only if I could not have children naturally, and even then I may just be childless for the rest of my life. I’m not big on adoption (for myself) and I don’t completely know why…

    3. Save your television, what’s your favorite thing you’ve purchased just to look at?

    My cat

    4. Do you think people should write their own vows? Why or why not?

    Yes, I think it’s cute, but I’ll be going the ol’ traditional route. Let’s get this thing over with! You already know how I feel about yo’ azz….!

    5. What’s your grandmother’s favorite random saying? Did you know what it meant when you were little?

    My grandma on my mom’s side always calls people a ‘simple minded bastard…’ when she gets angry at them…as a kid, I always wondered how humans can be ‘simple’…lmao; my grandma on my dad’s side, when she would check someone or get them straight about something she would always say ‘I nailed them to the cross!’. This grandma is an evangelist so everything about her life is religious, but I always was curious as to what ‘nailing someone to the cross’ entailed…

  8. Hey, y’all.

    @damon: Have a great time at the wedding & all of the festivities. October weddings are nice. Are you the best man and/or making a toast? I’m sure your words to the happy couple will be spot on and priceless.

    1. One (but would of course welcome & love two if we end up with twins)

    2. Yes. To give an unwanted child a family, love and a place to call home.

    3. Family portrait.

    4. Traditional or personal…I think either set of vows is nice as long as it clearly and completely expresses how you feel and what you want to say. I think that it’s all in the delivery and the sincerity when spoken. I also don’t mind a few quirks in the vows as long as the quirks are either private jokes between the bride & groom or at least funny to both the bride & groom.

    5. My Grandma Ruby had many but one of her favorites is “The place you’re most likely to find a helping hand is at the end of your arm.” This isn’t original but she says it’s one of her favorites.

    Have a good weekend, y’all…Happy (cold) October. 😉

  9. 1. Somewhere between 2-5. I will look at my children as investments in my future and it has been duly noted that typically the little brother is always better athletically then the older brother (from having to play against people older than him all the time, i.e. Peyton, Eli, MJ, etc.)

    2. If I couldn’t have kids naturally yes or if I found it in my heart (and budget) to afford a kid who could use that. I think I’m more apt to the mentor role but if the situation called for it, I would not have a problem bringing a mentee in to become my daughter/son.

    3. I guess the physical college diploma. I have no use for the piece of paper that adorns my bookshelf but it is great to look at sometimes when I’m sitting in my room. It can be motivating to look at and think “I have been here before” when facing problems.

    4. Well, I’m on the fence on this once. I have heard some people write very deep, poetic, well-thought out vowels not because they love that person more but because they are very eloquent w/ their words. Then there are guys like me who aren’t the most eloquent speakers nor am I very emotional so it would be an absolute chore writing vows.

    5. My Grandma’s solution to all life’s problems is “Drink some water!”. So “Grandma, my stomach hurts”…”Drink some water!”; “Grandma, I scraped my knee”…”Drink some water”; “Grandma, this bully is picking on me”…”DRINK SOME WATER!”

  10. 1. We have 2. We’re done…I just haven’t gone in for the ole snip snip yet.

    2. We did consider it. It took us about 4 years to get pregnant with the 1st. Another 3 for a miscarriage and an additional 3 for the latest. My wife would like to have a son. I can imagine that adoption will come up again. Especially since my sister and her family adopted a girl from Ethiopia.

    3. I used to collect Star Wars action figures and Lego (NERD!!!). Don’t do that anymore though.

    4. We didn’t write our own. But I think it is neat. ‘Course I’ve heard some homegrown vows that were kinda lame….

    5. My dad’s stepmom always said “Anyways….” My mom’s dad had little catch phrases that he’d like to say….”All aboard that’s going aboard. If you can’t get a board, get a plank.” “Fair to meddlin’ as ole grandad used to say.”

    • “I just haven’t gone in for the ole snip snip yet.”

      The idea of this scares me. You? It has to…

      I had mad Legos when I was a kid. Have no clue as to where they are now,though. lol.

      • Nah, scared not so much as I don’t like the idea of a complete stranger touching my business. I remember when my Dad had this done 20 some years ago and he was laid out on the couch with his legs as far apart as comfortable. “They” say it’s not so bad nowadays…

  11. seems 2009 was the year of weddings for real! i just finished my nuptial roster this past weekend so i’m uber happy it’s smooth (cash-free) sailing from now ’til next spring. congrats 2 your lil bro. and don’t be one of those groomsmen gawking at the bride’s homegirls. it’s not cute.

    1. # of churrin?
    6… if life were perfect, the breakdown would be one set of triplets/twins (i believe in the ‘two-for-one’ option), i’d adopt 2 kids, and whatever # remains would be the remnant

    2. considering adoption?
    i want to adopt and can’t really see myself marrying a man who isn’t even open to the idea.
    in elementary there was a girl in my class who was an orphan and i’ll never forget her confiding in me saying how blessed i am to have both parents who love me. at the time my fam was the only 2 parent black fam household at a predominantly white catholic school so needless to say, we stuck out at open house. ever since then i know what i had is truly a gift so why not try to extend the blessing to someone who is not as fortunate.

    3. fav thing you’ve purchased just to look at?
    my 1st pair of oscar de la renta heels. it was the hardest purchase to stomach, but at any point in my evening u can catch me wearing them as i wander about in my apt.

    4. personal vows?
    the bride & groom @ the wedding this past sunday i went to wrote their own and it was beyond poetic. they still incorporated the backbone of the traditional vows, adding their own message to each other.

    5. g’mas fav random saying?
    g’ma was overseas and past away when i was small, but by way of my dad she constantly said ‘those who fail to prepare are prepared to fail.’

    • I’ve got back to back wedding weekends. Both for good causes/people I support, which makes it even better…

      “my 1st pair of oscar de la renta heels.”

      I just want to know how much they set you back. lol. I’d probably be staring at them, too, because of the cost.

      • oscar was ’bout as much as a highway speeding ticket, and as painful as receiving another 3pts on my license. not quite as much as a car pymt tho. that’s how i rationlized the purchase, lol.

  12. 1. I used to want 5…now I’m lucky if 2 ever make it into the world.
    2. I would consider adoption, my family thinks I’m crazy but I would love to adopt an older child at some point. Why? Because they are harder to place and most people want to raise children from infants.
    3. My right hand ring.
    4. I think so. I just believe it’s more heartfelt because you took the time to craft them.
    5. from my MawMaw (RIP)~ “It’s more than a notion”/ from myDear “I’m too old of a cat to be called a kitten”.

  13. 1. One or two.. but I have a good chance of getting twins.

    2. I would… children should be loved.

    3. Hmmmm. If I was Sheree, I’d say a life size portrait of myself, but since I’m Nicki Sunshine???? Dang. I can’t think of anything. lol. I got nothin’ just to look at- everything has a purpose.

    4. I think it’s up to the person.. it’s a cool idea, but I prolly won’t do it. I stress out.

    5. I don’t do that anymore (drink)… I’m saved now. LOL. That’s a recent one.

  14. Prayers and blessings upon your family Dame!

    1.One is enough
    3.Yes, gotta be from the Heart. Lord let us be classy!
    4. Books, books and books.
    5. BOY! You don’t think fat meat is greasy!? (Question asked before the thrashing)

  15. 1. Zero

    2. I’ve actually thought this through. I wouldn’t mind adopting a child, more than I actually want to get pregnant. But I have no real desire to have kids.

    3. my books

    4. it’s a personal choice. some people aren’t wordsmiths like you, d.scott.

    5. Gram is far from PC, but she doesn’t mean any harm. Please don’t judge her by the following saying: “He’s happier than a sissy at a YMCA.” Yeah, I knew what it meant, but it still sounds funny coming out of her 79 year old mouth.

  16. 1. How many children do you want?
    As many as I can afford and be a productive parent to. But its ultimately up to the wife (when I get one).

    2. Would you ever consider adoption? Why or why not?
    Yes, but not no babies. I would adopt the kids that the system forget about 12-16yos. They need love too.

    3. Save your television, what’s your favorite thing you’ve purchased just to look at?
    My blackberry, book collection, diploma, frat/college/football para

    4. Do you think people should write their own vows? Why or why not?
    Yes, make them personable and in your own words

    5. What’s your grandmother’s favorite random saying? Did you know what it meant when you were little?
    “If you can huh, you can hear” – It meant to say excuse me instead of huh.
    “It’ll hear before you get married” = It aint that bad.

    • O one more for my gma – “He’s happier than a fruit in boystown”

    • 1) “If you can huh, you can hear”

      2) “Yes, but not no babies. I would adopt the kids that the system forget about 12-16yos. They need love too.”

      @Peyso: 1) I like this & may start using it. 2) I agree.

    • Yes, but not no babies. I would adopt the kids that the system forget about 12-16yos. They need love too.

      That’s what I’m talmbout!

      Not only do they need love too, but in some ways they need it more.

    • I use “If you can huh, you can hear” all the time now. I got that from one of my friends who had just had a baby.

  17. 1. 3 or 4. Four is a lot, but may be necessary to avoid middle child syndrome.

    2. I made the conscious choice to adopt when I was in high school. It’s the only thing that’s a real deal breaker as far as my future husband is concerned. I would be up to having kids the natural way, but I am adopting older kids. No doubt about that.

    3. I don’t like knick knacks or things that don’t have a function, so I don’t know what I bought that I just look at. Maybe a Cinderella snow globe? I think that may have been a gift actually…idk.

    4. Do I think they SHOULD as in the only option? No, it’s a personal choice. I personally don’t want to. I think there’s something wonderful about saying the words people have said for centuries. I will get my personal sentiments across in my speech at the reception.

    5. My Nana usually told it to us pretty straight. I don’t remember a lot of sayings she used.

  18. 1. How many children do you want? I have 2 and I don’t want any more.

    2. Would you ever consider adoption? Why or why not? Nope, because I don’t want anymore kids.

    3. Save your television, what’s your favorite thing you’ve purchased just to look at? A rug and picture frames (along with the photos), they really enhance the room.

    4. Do you think people should write their own vows? Why or why not? Depends on the couple, either way there is no right or wrong decision.

    5. What’s your grandmother’s favorite random saying? Did you know what it meant when you were little? My grandmother would tell us she was 29 whenever we asked her how old she was. I believe her for about 13 years in a row, I learned to keep em guessing on your age and that little kids will believe anything.

  19. 1. As many as god is willing to give me. no lie.

    2. of course! one of my biggest fears is that i won’t be able to have children naturally. so the next step will be adoption. plus its not fair that children should languish in foster care. plus i may even pull an jolie-pitt move and adopt some to add to my clan.

    3. i haven’t purchased anything big except my car. and i don’t look at it like that…

    4. its their prerogative. especially since its THE DAY for the bride. hell if they wanna do jumping jacks and scream their vows from top of their lungs. its their day, and they choose to allow us to witness it so whatev they want is what they should get.

    5. I didn’t have a grandma growing up, but I have a favorite aunt with random sayings and my favorite one has to be “a stiff d*ck don’t have a conscious and neither does a wet p*ssy” Yes, she’s been saying this since I was 8, and yes I knew what it meant.

  20. 1. Three and a possible.

    2. Sure, I’d adopt…with some restrictions of course. I am looking forward to adopting little Ming Lee from Asia if I hit 35 and nothing’s brewing…

    3. Is there something else besides a TV you would purchase to only look at and not touch?

    4. IF you understand the English language, and have a good idea of subject/noun/verb agreement, sure, go for it. If not, do the traditional call and response. I personally am looking forward (ha, ha) to saying the traditionals…

    5. My grandmother (on my mom’s side) said a lot of random stuff…but one that stands out is “there’s a lot of truth told in a joke.” When I was little, I used to watch comedy specials and Def Com Jam looking for some truth in the jokes. Now I realize she meant that people tell you who they are all the time and you should learn to know that what seems like a joke may be that person tride and true.

  21. 1. How many children do you want?
    — Two at the most. One at best. Not now, though. Hell naw, not now.

    2. Would you ever consider adoption? Why or why not?
    — I would actually. I’d probably only seriously consider it if I’m having trouble conceiving kids. But, it would take a lot of thought. It’s not a light decision by any means.

    3. Save your television, what’s your favorite thing you’ve purchased just to look at?
    — Probably the artwork on my wall. lol

    4. Do you think people should write their own vows? Why or why not?
    — Not “should”, but it’s definitely appreciated. Gives an extra special quality to the vows, IMO. Regardless, even if they’re just basic vows, what truly matters is that they mean the words they’re saying.

    5. What’s your grandmother’s favorite random saying? Did you know what it meant when you were little?
    — I ALWAYS crack up at this (and I’m giggling as I type now), but I remember as a kid I said something like, “Well so and so must not so and so” (I forget the exact thing), but her reply was, “Must be don’t”. LMFAO. Grammar FAIL. It was a running joke amongst our family for as long as she has lived. I miss her and her quirky ways so much. 😦

  22. 1. How many children do you want?

    I am thinking 2 (1 boy and 1 girl) . On the other hand I have 3 siblings(and a bunch of wanna-be siblings) so I kinda want a larger family too. There is nothing like it.

    2. Would you ever consider adoption? Why or why not?

    If I had a little more dough and stablility I would consider adopting. If you are blessed and you have something to teach someone why not pass it on? My parents didn’t adopt, but they allowed a few of our friends to stay with us when they needed to(with their parents permission of course).

    3. Save your television, what’s your favorite thing you’ve purchased just to look at?

    I can’t think of single thing. I didn’t even purchase my TV. It was given to me.

    4. Do you think people should write their own vows? Why or why not?
    Yes if they are personal, sinc
    ere, and well-written. They have to be vows not just compliments/commentary on the relationship. Vows are supposed to be a promise/covenant to do or be something.

    My father is a pastor and he usually personalizes the vows and includes the traditional parts as well. He writes vows better than anyone I have ever heard. So if he is doing your wedding then let him write the vows. He had me crying at a couple weddings(and I don’t cry EVER).

    5. What’s your grandmother’s favorite random saying? Did you know what it meant when you were little?

    When we did bad stuff to each other she would tell us to beg the other’s pardon. I didn’t know what that meant until I was like 10. I would just say I beg your pardon. She was also a nurse so I knew what phrases like bowl movement meant when I was like 3 years old. Awwwww the memories…I miss her.

  23. That photo is adorable!

    1. The answer to this question is a function of how old I am when I meet my mate. I have one- he’s the love of my life. But he could quite possibly be the Alpha and the Omega of my birthing experience. See if he is a teenager when I get married, there will be no turning back.

    2. Also a function of when I get married. If my child is a teenager when this occurs, I would consider adopting a walking, talking, potty trained, school aged kid.

    3. I spent $100 on a really nice mirror. I love that thing…

    4. Sure…show that you are serious about your committment.

    5. “The day you spend your last, they will sell St.Louis for a dollar.” For some reason I always thought STL would go on sale. I tried to keep a dollar so I could buy it…

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