43. Huey Freeman

Dear Huey,

I’m a huge fan. You’re animated proof that the never-ending revolution can be televised.

In some ways, I see myself like you (although I’d never go on a hunger strike to save BET). You have this sincere hope that you can make the world a better place. You get that it starts with espousing a realistic message of that hope with a hint of dry wit and a dash of sarcasm. I know that makes little sense to some, but I get it. That is what’s important.

But that’s not the only reason I’m writing you. I’m writing you because of your little brother Riley. You know, the ruthless one who once vowed that Santa Claus “was gonna pay what he owe(d),” and proceeded to empty his BB gun’s cartridges into Santa’s suit. Yeah, that brother.

A worn Huey Freeman.

A worn Huey Freeman.

Younger brothers can be ruthless. Trust me, I know. I have two of them, and they menaced me until I left for college. I was punished many a time for things one of my brothers did because I didn’t prevent them. When my father asked me why I didn’t prevent the inevitable, I often had tried. But to no avail. Still, I had to take my licks.

I love them to death, and would do whatever I could for either of them. But in my 26-plus years of being a brother, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. You can’t prevent people from doing what they want to do. If Riley grows up to be a ruthless hardcore closeted gay gangsta rapper, there’s little you can do to stop him. If he wants to try to kidnap Oprah or Bill Cosby again, that’s on him. It’s his life’s lot. Not yours.

You can drop whatever advice you want, but often times you’ll be wasting that time. A person will do what he or she desires. That’s one thing I’ve learned from the flaws and actions of many. So chose your battles wisely.

The world isn’t always perking up an ear for a better chance to take in your message. So, though you need to continuing your high-def pulpiting, you must do so with the understanding that your youthful wisdom may go unheard and, at times, under-appreciated.

That doesn’t take away from your validity, whether you’re dropping knowledge to your brother or the masses. But it instead reassures you of your beliefs, knowing that someone, possibly your brother, could be listening. Let that be your life’s lot, even if people don’t choose to stand there with you.

When it comes time for you to show your face again on our tubes, continue being “the stone that the building refused” or as your Granddad would say, “be deep.”



P.S. You need to give Jazmine DuBois a shot.


10 responses to “43. Huey Freeman

  1. The Boondocks is great, although I think that a lot of people don’t get it which is why it offends them. Or perhaps they see a little too much of themselves in the characters that are poking fun at stereotypes and the stupid things that we do.

    I don’t have any younger siblings but based on my life experiences I agree, you can share your knowledge with someone but when it comes down to it they will be who they are going to be. As the saying goes “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”.

    P.S. Jazmine is too young for Huey…

  2. Damon, you know I love me some Boondocks, and Huey is definitely a young man blessed with knowledge. Riley is a necessary foil for him on this show. Without Riley it would be harder for Huey to make his points about ‘us’. It amazes me how many people (our people) take offense to the ideologies and points that this show tries to encompass. Sure, they use the N word alot and glorify stereotypes that our race would rather not see on tv, but the bottom line is made through these very stereotypes and behaviors that makes some of us cringe. It’s kind of like a subtle version of the short-lived BET show ‘We Need to do Better’ hosted by Charlie Murphy. I love this show and hope that the next season gets even better…

  3. Good advice. This is especially pertinent for me today b/c I got into a heated argument with my little sister last night. We almost came to blows after I told her she is a lying bum. I definitely made the problem worse and not better. Sometimes trying to love and help someone through certain situations is only enabling their toxic behavior. So my attitude today is to just let her be her.

  4. I miss the Boondocks as a strip. Great stuff.

  5. I have a little brother who has a serious issue w/ authority and thinks everyone is attacking him. We have come to blows but our fights always end up with us laughing it off.

    I realize that I was always jealous of the attention he got and he was always envious of my success and living in my shadow (no cockiness).

    Most younger siblings tend to be the type of ppl who you can tell not to touch the stove b/c the stove is hot and they’ll still touch it b/c they gotta see for themselves

  6. One of the best sermons I heard was on the Boondocks(MLK),”Would you ignorant ninjas Pleeeeease shut the h+ll up!” Whoa, I just caught the Spirit!

  7. I think this show is great. Definitely not for the kids, but for us grown folk it’s no worse than watching In Living Color, Martin, House of Payne, and Tyler Perry production for that matter, or College Hill (because we all know black college kids party, sex and fight all day long…smh).

    I applaud Boondocks and their funny spin on current events and people. At least they had enough foresight to make one of the characters, Huey, have a moral compass to guide the viewer into a message.

  8. i dont think he needs to gives jazmine a shot. actually i think jazmine falls into the same category as riley, except that she is on the opposite side of the spectrum, willfully ignorant (see same santa ep) and self hating, (see comic strip arc re:her hair). if huey gave her a shot he’d fall off. hard.

  9. “If Riley grows up to be a ruthless hardcore closeted gay gangsta rapper, there’s little you can do to stop him” – LOL!!

    Riley is my fave!! I love him, and he has some sense…remember the R. Kelly trial? “I see pee I move, she saw pee she stayed.” Makes sense to me…and all that other stuff is just him being the rebellious youngster that we all once were.

    I’m going to have to dig out my season 1 and season 2 and get a marathon going while I’m packing up my life.

    Thanks for the letter to my favorite animated brothers.

  10. He should stay away from Jazmine. Those two would not make a good couple.

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