44. Future Mrs. Brown

Ed’s Note: One of Cicely and Damon’s best friends, Future Mrs. Brown, is marrying Mr. Brown, one of my fraternity brothers, on Saturday. Thus, Cicely’s penned this letter for her.

“Do you want to watch the ‘Last Dragon’?”

Dear Trina,

Eleven years after watching Bruce Leroy get the “glow” and whoop on Sho-nuff, we have maintained an untouchable bond. Who knew you could build a friendship off of the greatest movie of all time a good movie? But we have. You are truly my best friend and my sister. And now you’re getting married?!? What the hell?!?

I think I speak for all of the Divas, our circle of friends, when I say that we thought you’d be last one of us to get married. But here you are, two days away from jumping the broom. It’s all kind of surreal to see this day come, especially considering all that we’ve lived through.

Once upon a time, we were young. Now we're old and one of us (the one on the right) is getting married.

Once upon a time, we were young. Now we're old and one of us (the one on the right) is getting married.

We’ve laughed together,  cried together and we’ve partied — sometimes, a little too hard — together. You and I are still the unmatched Cranium duo. There are so many crazy, yet fond, memories running through my mind as I write this. We know each other so well, which is what makes this weekend, especially your day, that much more special.

I am so proud of you, chica. You have grown so much over our 11-year sisterhood. You have weathered unimaginable storms with grace and class, growing into a woman whom I admire.

And because of the woman you’ve become, now you’ve found him — your life partner, your husband. Hopefully, you’ve made sure that Mr. Brown knows that he gets a bevy of beautiful, pushy, opinionated women in his little Katrina package. We’re gonna be there, and he has no choice.

We’ll be there Saturday to make sure that you don’t have to go Bridezilla on a fool have the wedding of your dreams. We’ll be there when he talks you down and you’re finally ready to pop a “Bun Brown” out of the oven. We’ll be there when you two decide to take up a new residence, wherever that may be. We’ll be there.

Never forget, as I said at the shower, that he loves you, but we love you, too (and first :)). I want nothing but happiness for the both of you. Good luck!

Love always,


P.S. Jesus, Lord! You’re getting married! (Sorry. It’s still hard for me to believe.)


6 responses to “44. Future Mrs. Brown

  1. Trina,

    Sorry about the trip to Illinois. lol. You know what I’m talking about. Still love you, though. I’m really proud of you… and can’t wait to see you this weekend.


    @cicely: Nice letter… There are plenty of good memories, especially me watching VH1 and the like with the two of y’all before it went to hell.

    • future mrs. brown

      It’s all good, Damon. You are the reason Mr. Brown and I are even together. Even when you’ve done things that piss me off, don’t agree with, such as that IL trip or that relationship that caused that memorable trip. That slight response to Mr. B was life altering! To that, I thank you.

  2. future mrs. brown

    Okay, so that almost brought that tear to my eye. It’s all so surreal. I can’t believe it’s been 11 years, Cicely. You are a sister to me and I am so thrilled that you will be standing up there with me, on the most important day of my life. Wow, I was supposed to be last one of us and to Mr. Brown, never! It’s going to be a great weekend. Thank you for your friendship, support, side-eyes, drunken phone calls, thoughtful spirit. I could go on

    Love you!

  3. Yall are gonna make me cry. Little Trina all grown up. Even though 15 years ago we didn’t start off as friend (I SAID I WAS SORRY. LOL). You have become one of my very best friends………..no……my sister. You deserve the best and I know Mr Brown will be the one to give it to you (or he will have to deal with the Divas). I better stop before I get emotional. Love you girl.

  4. I went to high school with Katrina. CONGRATS!

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