Precious Points

Precious, Mary and Mongo (no, really, that's the baby's name).

Precious, Mary and Mongo (no, really, that's the baby's name).

Ed’s Note: Cicely is one of like five people in America who has seen ‘Precious.’ So she’s gonna give y’all a feel for what to expect… without giving too much away.

For a lot of you, “Precious” will be coming to your local theaters this weekend. Mark this as a good thing. You need to see this movie for two reasons: (1) Black films that don’t include your “favorite” gun-toting granny also need to make money, and (2) you’ve never seen a movie like this before.

There are, however, a few things that you should know before going in:

1. The lines will look something like Memorial Day at Six Flags. I’ve never seen anything like it for an independent movie with no box office stars. You remember those crazies who were camped outside your local AMC/Regal/Cinemark for all of the “Star Wars” movies? They hung around out for “Precious,” too—and they smell.

2. People took the “Produced by Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey” tagline too seriously. Usually a TP-produced film is great family fare. Uh-uh. Not this one. There is serious rape and abuse going on this movie. It’s not for the faint of heart, which leads me to …

3. Bring tissues—lots of them. I am not a crier. I’ve said this repeatedly in my comments on this blog. I understand why others do it, but it’s just not for me. That said, I got a little misty at several points during the movie. I didn’t let one slip, but it was awful close. This movie is a truly emotional journey. And if you’re like me and also not a crier, believe me, the person next to you likely is one.

4. Watch out for the stars. Unlike TP’s completely unnecessary cameo in “Star Trek” this year, the A-listers who show up in “Precious” are a welcome surprise, not a WTF moment. Mariah is nearly unrecognizable. Lenny Kravitz is, as always, dreamy.

5. Mo’Nique will change any opinion you’ve ever had of her. Whatever you thought of this Queen of Comedy, good or bad, you will walk away with a new-found respect for her skills. I’m not going to say much more than watch out for her at the end of the movie.

I didn’t want to write a review of the movie, because, you’ve either read lots of them already or know where to find the good ones. What I will say is that this movie was truly outstanding. All the players brought their A-games to the screen. I will call BS if there aren’t at least five Oscar nominations for this film.

Enjoy the movie (and don’t forget the Kleenex)!



P.S. If you all are looking for good reviews or commentary about the movie, I suggest the following (some of them contain spoilers).

Roger Ebert

Cindy Rodriquez (Huffington Post)

Lou Leminick (New York Post)


12 responses to “Precious Points

  1. Thanks for this. I totally want to see this movie. I’ve been so busy lately, I rarely have time for movies anymore. I don’t want this one to fall through the cracks too.

  2. Can.not.wait

    Can ya’ll believe I actually AM going to wait? It opens here this weekend, but I got a bunch of friends coming in the next weekend so we’re going to see it that weekend.

    Well, at least that’s what I’m telling them… No, no, no… I can make it…

  3. I’m still upset that it didn’t open anywhere near me… and now the hype machine has me, as you said, (im)patiently waiting…

    Anyway, I’ve noticed a trend with some of these comedians being able to flip the script and jump into these serious dramatic roles at different points in their careers…. why do you think that is?


    • I’ve always thought comedians were some of the smartest people out there. They pay attention to detail in order to find the funny. And in stark situations, that can be damn difficult. Look at Robin Williams: He is a great actor and constantly funny (which I think might have to do with the drugs). Jamie Foxx is another great example. These are people who have had to learn timing, which is key in both comedic and dramatic roles. I think really good comics will always be able to play dramatic roles. Anyone can be serious, but not everyone is funny.

      • This is very true, Jim Carrey has been able to get serious and Marlon Wayans just got the role to play Richard Pryor. I truly think that there is a hidden skill to be ‘not funny’ when you are gifted at being funny.

        • @jlbd: What movie is this for? It will be interesting. I think Marlon has been alright it some things but others it has been o_O.

          • @Tam

            I don’t know what the name of the movie is but it’s a biopic about Richard Pryor. Apparently Marlon Wayans blew the audition out the water and critics are saying that this could be his ‘Ray’.

  4. I can’t wait to see this movie! It doesn’t come out here until the 20th. (WTF). I am a crier, I tear up on the AT&T commercial where the guy finds the little girl’s lost dog so I will be bringing a whole box of tissues.

    I have heard both positive and negatives about the movie but I will have to save my comments until after I see it for myself.

  5. i have to drive 30 minutes to see precious. i call shenanigans

  6. Saw it yesterday. It was fantastic.

  7. Michelle P. Rushing

    Hey Ces, see at work and finally reading your Precious insight. And might I add, its much better to read it for myself than you reading it to me via long distance call, lol!

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