…And I Feel Fine

So I caught 2012, Hollywood’s latest “End of the World” flick, this weekend. I felt obligated for some reason. Not watching the latest way that Hollywood decides that the world is going to end is like saying you don’t care about humanity.

I guess that’s why theaters were packed this weekend and the film debuted at No. 1 despite horrific reviews. No surprise, I didn’t think it was a good film. It full of unrealistic scenarios that the filmmakers want you to see as realistic, which sucks. I knew there was little chance I was going to think it was a film, yet somehow I went. Like I said I felt obligated.

I knew I was going to see the film when I first heard the title 2012 because of what it represents.

See, I’m fascinated by the idea of the world ending in film. Independence Day. Deep Impact. Armageddon. War of Worlds. The Day After Tomorrow. Children of Men. 2012. Good and bad, I’ve seen quite a few of them over the last decade plus. There’s something attractive about most of these films, no matter how poorly written or corny they may be.

I suppose it has a lot to do with watching how people act and react when they know the world is in chaos and is unstable, watching how people act and react when there’s a lack of institutional control. The juxtaposition of those who have already accepted their fates and just find their ways to their knees to pray — or face a tidal wave of certain death instead of running to savor your last breath — is interesting as well. I’m always left wondering if this is how it will really be if something catastrophic happens in my lifetime.

The “let me get close to that son I never really knew” bit can be compelling as well, if played right. It can also be quite terrible. Even watching landmarks fall, like watching the White House get blown up in ID4, on the big screen is interesting.

Those are the things that pull me toward this specific kind of film. I’m wondering, though, why others are so attracted to them, because it’s become apparent that if Hollywood says the world is going to end in this film, there’s a good chance it’s going to be a chart topper… even if the most recent episode of SpongeBob SquarePants is more plausible.

Why do you think this is?


33 responses to “…And I Feel Fine

  1. Morning, y’all.

    I’m not sure why I’m so attracted to end of the world movies but I do enjoy them. I think part of the reason I don’t mind watching them is because I firmly believe that no person knows the day that it will all end. So, in watching these films, I don’t see it as something that will happen (at least not when ‘they’ say it will). Two of my favorites are Armageddon & The Day After Tomorrow. I plan to see 2012 as well. I like John Cusack; how did he do?

  2. Your fascination with these types of movies actually comes as a surprise to me. I mean, you shun me everytime I try to inform you about how the powers that be are controlling everything we see, hear, like, dislike, are influenced by, spend out money on, etc. I would actually be less surprised that you like these kinds of movies if you could actually mentally wrap yourself around the underlying message. Techtonic plates, tsunamis, earthquakes and aliens are all something that are very familiar to the people controlling the tangled web, do your research…(oooops, I forgot! You like not knowing…) 😉

    On topic though, I heard this movie wasn’t all that good, so I think I’ll wait for the dvd. My girlfriend told me that she didn’t even really know what it was about after sitting in the theatre for almost 3 hours…lmao!

    • I’m ignoring you today. Thought I’d let you know. lol.

    • Conspiracy Theorist no?

      I’m sorry but the idea that people are controlling techtonic plates, tsunamis, earthquakes or any other natural disaster is tad bit…far-fetched…scientifically impossible? I can understand a cover up of aliens or even someone saying 9/11 or JFK or MLK was an inside job but natural disasters??? Really? I mean I pulled stuff as a kid on Sim City 2000 but I dunno about that one ma’am. I’m very interested to hear the who/what/when/where and esp the how this stuff gets pulled off?

      • @Oates

        I don’t know if people control that stuff or not, but I do know that people on this planet are being fooled…one can draw their own conclusion about what is really going down if they actually take out the time to look into the strong supporting information that makes you scratch your chin and say ‘hmmmm….’. I was a skeptic at one time myself, ’till I started actually opening up my third eye. You can’t believe EVERYTHING that is suspected, but you can definitely not fall for the o-kie-doke every single time… I’m really just teasing around with Damon, because it seems like he won’t even LISTEN or ATTEMPT to hear anything about our country’s agenda since 1776. George Bush Sr. is actually on video talking about the NWO and how they will not fail at pushing its agenda. Michael Jackson is ON FILM telling a large rally of people about this stuff. Those are the simple things, but some people won’t even WATCH this stuff to even START to get their brain spinning in another direction…THAT’S what kills me…

    • @jlbd I love it! I bet we could spend hours talking about conspiracy theories. Not many of my friends will entertain my thoughts on world domination and the people working towards it.

      • @Tam

        I’ve learned that the problem is how deep it really really is. Many things that are discussed casually are just barely scratching the surface of the agenda, so people are programmed to shake it off as the person discussing it being crazy or being a conspiracy theorist. The things that shake me up are the things that have hardcore evidence to support it. It’s right in front of people’s faces and they choose to believe what the media or people on teLIEvision tell them. I would love to talk with you about some things, I know you likely know information that I haven’t had the chance to learn yet and vice versa…

        • Maybe you need to write an open letter to all of us “sheeple” and make your case!

          • nope, that’s not really necessary considering I don’t know it all myself. I’m seriously just teasing around with Damon because he won’t even hear anything contrary to what he already thinks is going on, he won’t even consider that there may be mass corruption. I look at things with an open mind, that’s all. Maybe I can think of a way to get THAT point across….

            • “he won’t even consider that there may be mass corruption.”

              It’s not that I don’t think there’s a possibility of mass corruption in certain arenas. It’s just that I don’ think that it is everywhere you look…and I’m not willing to devote much of my life to worrying about conspiracy theories and whatnot.

              • I never said it was everywhere you looked, if that’s the case the very keyboard I’m typing on and monitor I’m looking at should be burned. And, unless you are an actual conspiracy theorist, you won’t devote any of your life worrying about anything…as stated before, if you took out time to learn a bit of hidden history, you will look at the world out of a new set of eyes. Your happiness won’t change, your contentment won’t change, your day to day activities won’t change, but your perception of this ‘trustworthy’ society that we put so much stock in will definitely change. It’s really not that serious to where you will be consumed with it. People who have already taken out the time to learn about this stuff aren’t tripping or losing sleep from it, it’s those that keep deflecting it and calling it crazy as though it’s some type of fairy tale who stay ‘worrying’…*shrugs shoulders*

              • btw, the boys father who extorted MJ committed suicide earlier this month….it was confirmed today…

                • Yes I saw that…a guilty conscience will kill ya!

                  But, I think an open letter talking about your theories would be great. All us posters read your comments that allude to these mysterious happenings, so further detail would be interesting. Whoever wants to look into it further, could.

  3. 3 hours=FAIL.

    I have a 90 minute movie limit. If it’s over 90 minutes I refuse to watch it. Seriously you DO NOT need 3 hours to get your point across, sometimes I feel like directors are having a giant pissing contest to see who can make the longest movie.

    This means I have not seen many movies over the last 4 years.

    • that the film was 3 hours was beyond annoying… I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the time that many times in a film hoping that it was going to get closer to the ending…

  4. i did that during Iron Man it was a good movie. give it a C+ the length took it from a solid B. That totally turned me off even though the writing was good, as well as the acting (for an action movie). Seriously, if you start the movie Media Res DO NOT go back and tell the backstory 5 minutes later. Just start at the beginning. enc 1101 anybody

    Sometimes it truly feels as if they are just adding stuff to movies. “O this sounds like it works. add it johnson”

    • I still haven’t seen Iron Man…I don’t know why. Bu it’s probably going to be a while now before I see it because there’s nothing worse than watching a three-hour movie at home. I’m too restless for that…

      • I saw it (on DVD) and wasn’t impressed. I think I may have fallen asleep. But I’m not a big fan of superheroes outside Batman or X-men…

  5. I think we are fascinated with our own demise. Plus we like crappy movies. Except for Children of Men all of the movies on your list are poop.

    If the movie is good/great it better be longer than 90 minutes. If it sucks it better be 90 or less.

    • Children of Men is by far the best film on this list… I like The Day After Tomorrow as well, but because I believe that action and CGI proved to be a worthwhile and because of the smart aleck black kid….

      If you give me a sarcastic, smart aleck black kid to entertain me on film, I’ll likely like the film. lol.

    • although the sentiment that if something is good you are supposed to feel like it was too short in duration is very valid, I’m sorry after 90 minutes, MAYBE even 100 if it is a damn good story, you have portrayed everything that needs to happen. If the director (writer) cannot do that, that means s/he is a poor storyteller. Nothing worst than something that drags out forever

      • Thing is, if it is a good movie it won’t feel like it is dragging on forever. At least IMHO.

        • nah, sometimes even the best go too far. like the “new” batman with the joker. EXCELLENT movie i give it B+ would have been an A but it dragged on for soooo long. they put everything but the kitchen sink in that movie. when i purchase that movie, i know there are definitely going to be ff’ing through a lot of scenes

  6. I wonder why some “end of the world” movies has it happening on the watch of a black president?

  7. I like “end of the world” movies because its a situation that has never happened, or even come close here in America. If you talk to someone from France or Afghanistan, being occupied sounds very much like the end of the world. Since we’ve never experienced anything that has come close to it, its interesting to see how people will act in those circumstances.
    Like, “what do you leave, what do you take? Who do you check with to make sure they are/will be safe? What do you do for food? How do you defend yourself against scary aliens? How do you decide and find a safe place to hide?” The list goes on.

    I really, really liked Independence Day and the original War of the Worlds (radio version).

  8. I love end of the world movies. They are frightening and at the same time thought provoking. Because we all know that we will die at some point it isn’t a stretch to believe that one day the Earth could “die”. The unknown is how and when. Humans love to explore the unknown and these movies are a way to do that.

  9. Everyone knows we Americans love our special effects and end of the world movies have basically become a battle to see who can have the best effects. Independence Day was awe inspiring when it came out, but compare that to Knowing? Not even close.

    Btw, most EOTWM sacrifice good acting and story telling for effects. Deep Impact I feel is one that did not. For my money it is one of the better disaster movies. Great story, acting, effects, etc. Loved it.

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