JLBD: Conspiracy Theories

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Ed’s Note: JLBD has something she wants to share.

Dear people who don’t understand the parallels of our lives depicted in the movie ‘The Matrix’:

Conspiracy Theory. A phrase that sounds mysterious and dooming, yet, to many it is shaken off as a fluke. I don’t like the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ because it alludes to the fact that the subject matter at hand is a joke, a bunch of tall tales, and bedtime stories. A better phrase would be ‘What’s Really Going On’. I don’t fall victim to every single story cooked up by someone who has nothing but space and opportunity to divulge useless information. But, I will sit back and take out the time to LISTEN to a series of FACTUAL events and information that make sense.

The All-Seeing Eye and Pyramid on The Great Seal...

I began to look at our world differently of course after the infamous 11th day of September, 2001 when things began to CHANGE. I watched Michael Moore’s famous movie ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ and like other people, were taken aback by the information he provided. Even more recently, I treated my mother to an afternoon at the theatre to catch his latest flick ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ and somewhere in between I caught the movie ‘Sicko’.

Although disturbing on so many levels, Michael Moore’s movies only scratch the surface of ‘what’s really going on’. I remember when Obama got elected and people racists started flipping out (even though every president since the beginning has been nothing but a mere puppet), and then people started finding random mixed tapes of old Jay-Z songs that seemed to say demonic things once played backwards (Jay-Z dismisses this as someone else mixing it wrong), and then I kept hearing all this stuff about a New World Order (which I think is unlikely to happen if people wake up and realize that THEY are the government). All of this stuff was weird, but it didn’t really give me what I needed to fully think that our society was corrupt.

See, I’m a spiritual person and my faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ is stronger than ever. I’m not going to get religious or start thumping my Bible. But others that have a strong faith will understand my views a lot better than the average non-believer, I think. See, sometimes I think that people are expecting the book of Revelation to be played out literally like it is metaphorically outlined in the Bible. I think they are expecting a pale horse, and a black horse, and a three headed monster, and a seductress to somehow appear in the sky before they will believe that Jesus is coming back. I think they believe that Revelation is referencing the End of the World and that the numbers (3 six) will be blatant and in front of our faces to easily reject. Well, I actually look at things slightly differently.

To discuss every single conspiracy theory and what facts and supporting information drive it will likely take up thousands of pages more, so I’m not going to go into that. But I will say that I believe the evil one has been roaming this planet since the beginning of time and has influenced everything from our government, to entertainment, to our consumer buying habits, etc. etc. They say the biggest trick that the evil one has played is to make people think that his existence is unreal, or that in order for him to be real he will have to appear in red skin with horns and a pointy tale with a pitch fork to add to fashion. It has become natural for humans to say that someone is crazy or a ‘conspiracy theorist’ when they are aware of the evil one finding his way into our minds, our music, our food, our health, etc.

It’s hard for people to realize that many things that are the fiber of our very beginning as a world and nation have been heavily influenced by demonic signs and symbols. Simple research would do the trick, but people are scared and they don’t want to believe that they’ve been duped for most of their natural lives. In my opinion, the book of Revelation symbolizes what will eventually be REVEALED about everything we know, love, and trust; but it won’t be a big deal because those that believed, had faith and followed the teachings would be adequately prepared for it all. Going any further will require me to write 1,000 research papers, so I will happily digress…




21 responses to “JLBD: Conspiracy Theories

  1. I’m glad you got the chance to write and post this letter. You already know through previous comments that I have similar feelings regarding conspiracies. Like you, I don’t believe every theory of world domination but I also feel we’d be foolish to believe that there isn’t more going on in the world than what we see on the surface.

    “But others that have a strong faith will understand my views a lot better than the average non-believer, I think.”

    -When I first read this statement I didn’t agree, because I’m definitely not a strongly religious person. I didn’t grow up in the church and I don’t currently attend church. Then I thought a little deeper about the statement….while I may not be “religious” I have do have a strong faith. I believe in a higher power and that there are both good and evil forces at work in the world.

    The world seems to be going to hell in a handbasket and I just don’t believe that it is just “happening”. I think there is a largely unseen structure to this distruction and that continuing to ignore that as a reality will just keep us on the same path.

    • @Tam

      I’m glad you picked up what I was trying to convey. I believe that ‘religion’ itself is a part of the plan to control people, so that’s why I didn’t want to touch on the religious tip but instead delve into the spiritual aspect of it all. They are two VERY different things… 😉

  2. Morning, y’all.

    I believe in some conspiracy theories but I rarely discuss them because it usually starts an argument or the “you’re crazy” accusations. I think my belief in some CTs stems from hearing them discussed as a child by my grandma. She used to say all the time “We only know what ‘they’ want us to know.” “We’ll never know the complete truth about everything for fear it will cause a governmental breakdown & complete chaos.” LOL…yes, she would tell us (my siblings, cousins & I) this as children. So, naturally, the older I became, I was curious enough to research and learn more for myself about the things she was talking about.

  3. *giving you a cyber high-5!*

    i, too, believe the general public is fed whatever the goverment/entertainment puppeteers pick-n-choose to tell us. i look at everything with a critical eye. politically there are plenty of false prophets (ex: glen beck) that easily convince their following of complete fabrications. perfect example of this was the republicans who wanted to gain some shine accusing prez obama of indoctrinating school children.
    and after i read and researched how lucifer was the angel in charge of music before the fall, that’s all i needed to know. the scary part is folks are used without even knowing it because the spiritual realm is so much greater and too complex for our finite minds to comprehend.

    oh, and if ANYBODY can tell me where this mysterious ‘dr. conrad murray’ is located, maybe we’ll get some answers about MJ’s “homicide.”….i mean the news knows it was a homocide of one of the greatest entertainers of all time, but nobody can find the doctor?? only his ridiculous head shot with that funny grin?? as far as i’m concerned the media should’ve said o.bin laden did it ’cause they can’t find him either!! just makes me want to say hmmmmmmmmmm….

    • @nn: I didn’t know that Lucifer was in charge of music before the fall….interesting…makes sense though because Gucci Mane is definitely a product of the devil.

      • chpt. 28 of the book of Ezekiel addresses one of the kings. many times it’s debated that this passage is merely discussing the king, but the Word speaks literally, metaphorically and symbolically. the king wasn’t in Eden from the beginning.

    • @NN

      Dr. Murray is alive and well, and is a real person. He released a video message on youtube to his “supporters” this summer. Last week he was in court in Vegas regarding $13,000 in back child support he owes to one of his baby mamas. He was recently spotted sneaking into LA, dressed casually while meeting with one of his lawyers. And oh yeah, he is threatening to sue AEG for non-payment of his doctor services to MJ…

  4. @nn and Tam

    I also heard that Lucifer was in charge of music before the fall, that’s why it’s so easy for him to subliminally get in our music and get right to the soul. I watched a documentary on tv recently that discussed how various rock songs had demonic messages and praised satan when played backwards…

    • not to mention there’s a reason why when we hear a song, the beat is so easily stuck in our heads for days, but it is harder for us to remember the words. that’s why it is not healthy for kids to listen to lil wayne and the like. the beats will be ingrained in them. perfect example is the nursery rhymes we all remember. we might not be able to recall the exact words, but we most definitely can hum the tune to ourselves.

      • lol, I’ll never forget years ago I had a little cousin who started singing ‘Nuttin but a ‘G’ Thang’ in the middle of a church sermon. He got in big trouble and he was no longer allowed to watch videos or listen to the radio for a long time…

  5. This post reminds me of Constantine. The two leads were in a diner and the cop said “I don’t believe in the devil” and Constantine said “Well, he believes in you.” That has always stuck with me.

    • ChiChi, you just gave me chills. Now I have to go rent Constantine. It’s funny that you can always find truth in movies like that, hmmm.

  6. Ok,

    Do I believe in Conspiracies yes. Do I think they are prevelant in today’s societies, yes. Do I think most cover-ups are minor, yes.

    The problem w/ most people w/ conspiracies is that they let their mind/imagination run free and disregard all fact in favor of circular reasoning (i.e. “They can’t prove it wrong, so that means He’s right’). That simply doesn’t fly in science/factual reasoning. The only way you are right, in science, is if you could reproduce the same results given the same procedure every time. That’s how we find out why it is not feasible for 9/11 to have been a false-flag operation or that there were no extra shooters on the grassy knoll.

    The problem w/ conspiracy theories is that the more elaborate they are, the more people that have to be involved, the more likely the cover would be blown off the subject. For 9/11 to have been an conspiracy, over 10,000 people would have to have been directly involved (according to Popular Mechanics/Nat Geo) and that doesn’t even include people who found out through expressions of guilt, pillow talk or etc.

    Most people get caught up in Conspiracy Theories because they fear the unknown. When people don’t know something they immediately seek whatever can comfort them at the given moment (see Ft. Hood, the World is Flat, Bubonic Plague, 9/11, JFK, etc, etc, etc).

    Michael Moore writes some wonderful, thought-provoking documentaries but just like Glen Beck, you should only take what they say at face value, a moment to provoke thought. Just because you agree w/ them doesn’t make them right. “Capitalism” was a good piece but was extremely overly simplistic. It made it seem as if “Hey, if we didn’t have Capitalism, the world would be so much better. Lets change tomorrow”. That movie SHOULD have made you ask “Why do I agree w/ Capitalism” or “Would another thing suit us better” or “Could we still maintain a quality of life, given our world standing, in another system” but definitely not “That is the gospel truth he is spitting up there”. Moore speaks on the same hearsay as Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, Olbermann, Maddow & so on. An intelligent person would investigate for themselves not starting from “9/11 was a conspiracy” & working backwards but starting from “19 pissed off people got the idea to strike America”. Then your answer will be a tad more reasonable.

    A healthy skepticism is ok and encouraged. You should not believe anything you hear and half of what you see. But when you begin to reject reality in favor of your own reality, then you are, in fact, delusional & crazy.

    Just my thoughts on those conspiracy theoriest…

    • @Oates

      I actually agree with you but here’s the final tee-hee-hee: I think that people in general take life too seriously. I can’t get caught up in whether or not capitalism is the way to go or not because in the end who really cares about ANY of that. People live as though everything we see and do right now is IT. Like there isn’t something bigger and more important to be focused on. I’m not giving Michael Moore any pats on the back, neither am I shunning him. I just used him for an example because people tend to watch his movies and it gets their brain juices flowing. What I’m trying to emphasize is how unimportant ALL of this stuff is when we are all dead, gone and eventually judged. Sure, it’s great to enjoy life while we are here, but to get so programmed and caught up in the bull we are constantly sold and fed is the distraction. There’s a book by Rick Warren that I love, it’s called ‘The Purpose Driven Life’. It really highlights about how unimportant the stuff we deal with here on earth is and how it is vital to seek out a higher and stronger power to guide us. Not trying to write a book, but sometimes I think people get too dependent and trustworthy of a ‘system’ and not as dependent on themselves as individuals…

      • I’ve read some of that book and I agree a very good read. I agree with what you just said too and if thats what you were converying in the post up top, then I apologize.

        • @Oates

          Oh it’s cool, I’m not offended at all. The main post was really to get the juices flowing on how complex the web can be woven when it comes to an evil agenda being put into motion. IMHO, all conspiracy theories are driven by facts…they can either go left, or they can go RIGHT from there… The time it takes to cover all the intricate details, though, is truly overwhelming, that’s why I encourage people to at least consider hearing out the information…from there it’s all up to you…

  7. Sorry for the essay, Guys.


    **my poor kids are going to be so miserable**


  9. @ Oates…I was fascinated by the JFK assassination in HS and read a few books for and against the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. The one thing that stood out to me is that Oswald’s military record shows that is was impossible for him to have placed those shots on a moving target from the distance he was at with a sub-par weapon with no magazine (meaning he would have had to have loaded each round by hand). Also the Magic Bullet theory is complete and utter BS if one understands even the slightest bit of physics and the properties of lead bullets.

    Anyhoo…there is definitely stuff being orchestrated for the bad and the good behind closed doors that most of us will never be able to fully grasp.

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