48. People Who Abuse “I’m Just Sayin”

To The People Who Don’t Know When Not To Say “I’m Just Sayin”:

Would you please take a few seconds out of your busy schedule and do me a huge favor? Tell us clueless people exactly what in the world it is that you’re trying to say. What is your point? No seriously, I’m confused and I know I can’t be the only one.

You’ve been uttering this popular, yet overused phrase — “I’m just sayin” — at the end of statements and out of context for several months now, and I’m not sure I understand why.

No, there’s no real hate here. For years, it’s been a phrase that people have used in a humorous context, one that actually elicits a chuckle or maybe even the rare situation where someone actually laughs out loud. I’m sure I’ve used it a time or two. But in recent months, the meaning has been blurred to the point where “I’m just sayin” has become the new “swag,” i.e. the word/phrase I despise more than any other.

I really don't get it.

This troubles me because when used correctly, “I’m just sayin” can be the great jab that taps the intended target down after a jarring left hook. But instead of using the phrase the way it was meant — to diffuse the humorous slight you’ve just dished out — most of you are just saying “I’m just sayin” just to be saying something. That means you are, in fact, telling us nothing. You’re wasting words and time.

I get that it’s supposed to be like a #kanyeshrug of sorts. But you use it so often that it makes it seem as though you’re trying to Diddy-bop your way through life. In case you missed the 1990s, that’s not a good look.

Here’s my case in point from a random tweet I found after searching the hashtag #imjustsayin on Twitter:

“a fake orgasm is betta than no orgasm.. #imjustsayiin!!<<< Dat hurts a [ignorant man’s] pride, dnt do dat #imjustsayin”

Not much in those two tweets makes sense (grammar and all), especially the use of the hashtagged phrase. And I just wasted my time finding that to prove a point to you. No matter, though. You’re likely rolling on your floor laughing because you just read “#imjustsayin” twice within a few words.

I bet that if someone typed that phrase at the end of every sentence for no good reason, you’d find it funny. I’m just sayin. You obviously have nothing better to do with yourself except laugh when someone throws up a cue card in front of you like you’re sitting in Maury Povich’s audience. I’m just sayin. The card wouldn’t say “LAUGH.” No, it’d say “I’m just sayin” and you’d laugh. I’m just sayin. But I wish you would get a clue. I’m just sayin. A phrase like this loses all value when it’s overbaked. I’m just sayin.

See my point? Saying “I’m just sayin” won’t make you Dave Chappelle overnight. Hell, it won’t even make you Lil Duval (Well, maybe it would. He only has one basic joke anyway).  You might as well go back to the good ole days of “Deez Nuts.”

Seriously, if you don’t get a grip, some nobody rapper is going get the bright idea to make a hook out of the phrase, wrap three senseless 16s around it and turn it into yet another ridiculous chart-topping, one-hit wonder that leads our nation’s misguided youth — you — further down an already bleak and confusing path.

Hell, you’re probably downloading it from MySpace right now, aren’t you?

I’m just sayin,


P.S. But for real, what in the hell are you saying?


17 responses to “48. People Who Abuse “I’m Just Sayin”

  1. Hahahaha, I have a twitter friend that grossly overuses #imjustsayin. I hate when people mis/overuse any saying. Another one is the whole “no [insert name of famous person]” movement.

    The only time I’ve actually used “I’m just saying” in a conversation is when I’ve said something mildly controversial and the person looks at me like I said something crazy. And even then I don’t just leave it at those 3 words, I generally follow them with a reason as to why I’m just saying.

    • I definitely use it just like you do, Tam. It’s like a combo of “allow me to explain” and “you know I’m right” and I head right into explaining it, finishing it off with a “quit looking at me like that” face. It’s a whole thing when I use the phrase.

    • @tam: And that’s when you’re supposed to use it. I’m just sayin doesn’t make an argument for you. lol.

  2. I was done when you said “Diddy-bop your way through life…” I need a moment…

    K, I’m back.

    Someone WILL make a song called “I’m Just Sayin'” and Damon, I suggest you make a copyright infringement claim or something.

    I don’t know a lot of people who overuse that, but I can see how it’s becoming yet another placeholder in conversation, a la “you know what I mean” or “uhhh.” Always a good indicator that not only are you not talking about anything, but you know that you’re not.

    Good one (per the usual), Damon.

    • “you know what I mean”

      @asmith: When you get a chance, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmLE2bliXCI

      • “As if I’m saying ‘don’t think I’m a nerd just cause I’ve like noticed this, ok. I have nothing personally invested in my opinions, I’m just like inviting you to join me on the bandwagon of my own uncertainty.'”

        The BEST line in it — unfortunate that the entire point is sorta lost when written down.

        I got a couple of gems out of that one. Now that dude… he was #justsaying

  3. Ok, real talk, I’ve been saying this phrase frequently since I was like 6 years old, no joke. Your focus on the use of it lately is unfamiliar to me because I haven’t been hearing it more than normal and that could be attributed to the fact that it’s been a phrase in my common verbiage for over 20 years now. Honestly, is it really that overused now?????

  4. D,

    Don’t you go attacking the “Deez Nuts” delegation. We have done nothing to deserve such misguided attacks! You’ve been warned! We can & will use excess force.

    Anyway, people are using “I’m just saying” like they did with “Clearly” or “LOL” or any other catch phrase. I guess its supposed to legitimize the preceeding statement. Sometimes it works but sometimes, like you said, you have to ask “No, what is it that you are saying”

    P.S. – Did what’s his name call you?

    • @oates: I love a good, well-timed Deez Nuts joke. My boys from high school and I used to tell them all of the time…in high school. lol.

      Now, I get it’s use. And saying it’s like clearly is a great example. But you can’t tell me you weren’t annoyed by the word clearly by your second month on Mizzou’s campus.

      P.S. Go run you Deez Nuts joke by Whitener on Twitter or something. lol.

      • Don’t sleep. We brought the “Deez Nuts” joke back to Mizzou a couple years ago. It’s funny because I’m pretty sure that the freshman that thought it was so cool never heard “The Chronic.”


  5. Deez nuts = BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I’m just sayin’.

  6. “I’m just sayin'” is the stupidest phrase because uhm when you speak, aren’t you just saying some stuff?

    It’s up there with, “not to get in your business but..”. All pointless prefaces. If you’re just saying, just say it already.

    Please do not equate i’m just sayin with deez nuts. because I love the saying deez nuts. it catches people off guard. i love it. don’t judge me.

    i’m just saying.

  7. Um…I’m not aware of overuse of it…but then again I rarely talk to people outside the work place anyway, so maybe I’m out of the loop. I use it as kind of a “hey, don’t kill the messenger.”

  8. @damon…I have pretty much laughed to myself all day because of Deez Nuts. Thanks.

  9. hey hey hey, i used the “no [insert famous person name here]” thing the other day. but it was mildly funny at least to me anyways. i was telling someone about a book club my friends started (for us post academics and moms who want to stay mentally stimulated) and i say no oprah. at least I thought it was funny.

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