As y’all know, I’m not a fan of boycotting things. There hasn’t seemed to be a successful one since Montgomery in 1958.

But if there ever were a boycott I wished would work, it would be one of the BCS Championship game, which is today. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since the creation of football, you know that Division I football’s championship is determined by voting (it’s American), computers and one game, but no playoff.

Instead, we get 30-plus random bowl games that amount to nothing more than an extra regular season games.

It makes plenty of dollars, but makes little sense because year after year what-ifs abound. Boise State is undefeated, yet again. But it won’t be considered a national champion. No, Boise State is the champion of all your favorite chips, bka the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl champion.

This is dumb and presumably un-American. Seriously, I would have likely won my fantasy football league had it been determined by voters and super computers. But even fantasy football leagues have playoffs.

We like everyone — and by “everyone” we mean teams we care about — like to have a shot because we consider all things possible. And every year, Boise State has about as much of a chance of being crowned BCS champion as I have of pulling Kerry Washington.

Seriously, about each year 12 teams have that shot to play in today’s game. And although it seems like every person who pays attention to college football wants a playoff, we can’t get one… although it would make more money that the current antiquated bowl system (Apparently, they don’t want to make more money).

No one understands why they won’t change it. So everyone wants to boycott it. But no one will. Not even me.

That said, here are four things you should be doing instead of watching the BCS title game, even though you’re going to be watching it.

1. Preparing a bracket of woulda coulda shouldas that would be possible if we had a playoff system. I don’t think either Alabama or Texas wouldn’t win. Florida would.

2. Watch NBC. What? This is the night where their programming shines like none other. And there’s none of that reality television BcS.

3. Call anyone you know with a Nielsen box in their home and take them out for dinner. This is the only way the ratings for that game will ever go down and the people who run the system will ever realize that it sucks.

4. Shovel snow. There’s a lot of it out there. Seriously, cars are buried and too much of the United States looks like a scene from “The Day After Tomorrow”.

Anyway, who wins tonight’s game?


11 responses to “Playoffs?

  1. Baskeball yesterday and football today…smh.

    I don’t really care about football but I have always wondered why there were no playoffs and what was so difficult about creating playoffs. I’ve asked numerous people (men) to explain to me how the teams that play in the Championship are picked and I’ve never gotten an answer that made much sense.

    So I’ll participate in this boycott! I’ll definitely be doing something other than watching the bowl game, especially considering I didn’t even know it was coming on tonight until I read your post…..

    Oh, and I have no clue who is playing in this game I knew nothing about so I’ll pick the team with the cutest mascot to win. 😉

  2. I don’t follow college sports … at all. I didn’t care when I was in school. However, since Alabama’s a neighbor state, I go for Alabama. I just think athletes should be paid above the table for all the money they’re making for their schools.

    • Seriously though.

      The NCAA gets ALL bent out of shape when a player receives any type of monetary compensation related to the game (presumably to keep the game pure, no one player should get paid, but the coaches, staff, and everyone BUT the student gets broke off for all of the students’ hard work) but the Sugar Bowl (and every other bowl game) was an ORGY of advertising.

      Can you just IMAGINE the amount of money and advertiser would pay to be the sponsor of NCAA playoff?

  3. ROLL TIDE!!!!

  4. 1. Preparing a bracket of woulda coulda shouldas that would be possible if we had a playoff system. I don’t think either Alabama or Texas wouldn’t win. Florida would.

    I LOVE TMCY!!!
    i’m orange & blue, tried & true, so best believe i’m rootin’ for tx tonight…and i can’t stand them either! i just want some egg on saban’s face, and some players sour-puss faces on the turf as the confeti falls. i love me some NCAA sports. i’ve always been against college play-offs of any sort, but after seeing my team get compensated by a bowl game this year, i’m for it. bowl games should be the play-offs b/c unlike the NFL (who drags out and milks every season dry), our bowl games are wrapped up in 2wks. no “wild cards,” just winners. all winners advance until there’s only 2 left. i think this way even if those undefeated like boise who don’t have the competitive $ to pay for votes to go to the BCS can still get in the play-off bowl tourney and see if they really should’ve been undefeated.

  5. I personally like the BCS more than a playoff. I agree the BCS is flawed but it gives us a better “Whose the best team in America” than March Madness does. It takes a teams body of work into account, teams it played, style of victory and give us 2 teams who are undeniably supposed to contend for the Natl Championship.

    The fact that a school like George Mason can even enter March Madness & make it to the final 4 & any of you actually consider them one of the top 4 teams that year is ridiculous! They weren’t a top 4 team of the season, they just won when it mattered. Its almost like the Missouri High School Football season. You make the playoffs based off your last 3 wins. Center High School hadn’t won a game in 4 years and then won its last 3 and made the playoffs…PLAYOFFS?!

    If there was a BCS, that wouldn’t have happened.

    My only qualm w/ the BCS is that punishes late season losses too harshly. A team can lose to Scrub State & win out in its season & go to the championship game while a team that dominated the season & loses in their Conference Championship will be bounced from contention because their loss came late in the season = No bueno

    • hey don’t hate on my alma mater!

    • @Oates: i see where your idea applies to college basketball from high school football. But I know you see the difference in degree of difficulty in the NCAA tournament.

      Besides, most of those teams like GW actually earn their way into the post season….

      There isn’t a team in college football who could “sneak in” a playoff. They’d have to earn it. And yeah, there’s a good chance that no 16-seed would even win the tournament. But who knows?

      We’d never seen a six-seed win the NFL playoffs until the Steelers, I think. Anything’s possible. But with the BCS, it’s Florida, LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State or USC. And like two or three others.

      That sucks.

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