RE: Brett Favre

Favre, the quarterback I love to hate. But he's great.

“You’re not George Foreman. You’re not going to win the Super Bowl with one haymaker-like Hail Mary TD pass akin to the one that floored Michael Moorer.” ~ From my open letter to Brett Favre.

Dear Brett,

At my worst, I can be fairly stubborn. Like most people, I don’t like having to admit when I’m wrong. But I don’t have much of a problem doing it. I just don’t like it.

But here goes nothing. I was wrong when I wrote this and this. More so, I was wrong specifically about your ability as a 40-year-old man (I should have spent more time listening to Mike Gundy).

You proved me and so many others wrong this season with your play. I said there was no way that you’d have the season you had considering how much you wavered just on your decision to come back and because you only wanted to play to stick it to Green Bay.

Yet, there you were Sunday evening, playing for the NFC Championship, coming within a few miscues — that last interception was classic Favre — of winning it and playing in another Super Bowl. As much as I wanted to see you fail this season it was amazing to see you succeed as much as you did.

It’s almost impossible to root against you. You are one of the game’s greats, and it’s unreal to imagine you doing what you did this season at your age and with the wear you showed at the end of last season. I didn’t think it was possible. I thought you were arrogant to believe you could come into an NFL locker room midway through training camp and lead a team deep into the playoffs. But you did.

And to think, I, along with many others, said “stay retired.” You gave it a great run. Good job. But I’m going to be real, too. I’m glad you lost. I don’t think I could have handled you winning the Super Bowl. I hate being proven completely wrong. It would have been too much.

So would you wavering — until mid August — about whether or not to play another season. Don’t play games with us again. I refuse to watch. Make a decision and stick with it. If you’re gonna jump the Viking ship, jump ship and stay in the water. If you’re going to play, make the decision before you retire and have to unretire.

No one likes Drama Queen Favre. So if you repeat what you’ve done the last two off-seasons, I’ll saddle you with more disdain next season. But it will be silent disdain because I respect your play. You’ve earned that much.

Again, I offer an apology. And rest up. You took a beating yesterday.



P.S. Cicely says she’s sorry, too.


8 responses to “RE: Brett Favre

  1. Eff Brett Farve, just because your great doesn’t mean you can be all wishy-washy in the off season. talkin bout i don’t know if i can last a full season. it’s clear you can play, stop BS’n and just tell everyone your too old to be doing all that pre-season nonsense and that you just want to start come week one. at this point you won’t have any detractors.

    And that last pick was classic Farve, thats why i love to hate you, you rarely dissapoint

  2. Yeah, he done good but so what. He needs to saddown before he ruines our memories of him as a great QB. Great leaders know when to step aside. The end.

    And yes, that game was great and secretly I kinda wanted him to win (only kinda) but ultimately I too am glad he lost. I REALLY hope he takes his sign.

  3. Can’t hate Brett Favre. The Sports Fan in me & more importantly, the competitor in me just won’t allow it. The guy is an absolute warrior out there. He suits up every week for the last 15+ years & takes punishment for the love of the game & nothing else. His passion & tenacity is his greatest strength out there (and sometimes the source of his biggest failures). I can respect that & I would always want someone on my squad who has the love of the game above all else.

    (That interception was classic Favre though. live by the sword, die by the sword.)

  4. “I’m glad you lost. I don’t think I could have handled you winning the Super Bowl. I hate being proven completely wrong. It would have been too much.”

    My sentiments can be summed up perfectly in these four sentences. I really didn’t want to have to eat that much crow. But, he did prove us wrong. I’ll admit that he annoyed me to no end with his back and forth. But he played an excellent game after taking a true beating last night.

    P.S. As I said on Facebook/Twitter, that interception was a thing of beauty.

  5. I’m glad the Vikes lost also. If they would have won then Brett would be still be trying to play when he was 60. I still think he needs to retire.

  6. I too offer my apology to Brett. He has had an amazing season… It would have been a good story. It was a great story. I found myself rooting for him throughout the game because I too was wrong. But I didn’t want Brett to be the Viking’s Jesus. He’s just a man.

    Let’s go Saints!

  7. Interestingly enough it seems the refs couldnt stomach him winning either. 😦

  8. Damon, Damon, Damon….

    I’m not the “I told you so,” type. But I am glad you wrote this piece. Yes the old man had one of his best season’s ever. I just hate that it ended the way it did.

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