No Thanks

Nothing major. Just a few rambling thoughts from last night’s Grammys.

1. Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” won for song of the year. I find it odd, yet ironic, that three men wrote the song.

2. I’m not a fan. But I hope hope people will get beyond this Taylor Swift/Kanye thing. It’s long over. She’s getting the attention she’s getting because she’s actually good at what she does, not because Kanye interrupted her acceptance speech at some MTV Awards show.

3. The 3D MJ Tribute was unnecessary. Why? Most people who watch the show didn’t have the glasses, and if you didn’t have them, the television forced you to the 3D takes of the performance at about 20/200. It was that blurry and took away from the performance all for the illusion of “Usher walking toward me.” I enjoyed the performance of “Earth Song,” though.

4. Prince and Paris Jackson have grown a lot since July. It was really interesting to hear them speak again and it will be intriguing to watch them as they grow, to see how much of their father actually lives in them. There matching outfits gave off just the right touch.

5. Lady Gaga needs to stop trying to push the envelope so tough. There’s a fine line between art and strange, and she borders on strange far too often. It’s the best word I can think of to describe what she often wears. The novelty of it has to wear off at some point, you’d think. It’s sorta like watching a constant sideshow.

6. Beyonce won six Grammys (three of them for “Single Ladies”). Great for her. She’s a good businesswoman and has branded the hell outta herself. Still don’t think much of her as an artist and that she took home that many awards from that album doesn’t say much for the state of R&B. “Dangerously In Love” is three times the album her latest effort is, IMO.

7. “No thanks.” Solange’s son knew his place and provide my favorite moment of the entire evening when he said he had nothing to say.

8. Am I missing something or was there not one performance that stood out as better than the rest? In fact, all of the performances just seemed … OK. The Grammys idea of fusing together artists from different genres and eras has played itself out, I think. Few, if any, of the performances end up being memorable, and I wonder if allowing more of them to have their individual moments would help.

21 responses to “No Thanks

  1. As usual I wasn’t impressed by the Grammys and I agree with your statements because I was feeling the same way about all of them.

    Especially the Kanye West/Taylor Swift thing. Is she an excellent singer? Not really but she does write ALL her own music but she’s just a young girl. She’s still more talented than 85% of the mainstream R&B chicks out right now. Not to mention I wish people would stop with the Kanye did something for her career. She had already gone platinum way before that incident. All Kanye did was introduce her to black people and based on twitter last night, most of them hate her.

    I also determined that too many of my twitter friends need to expand their experiences and listen to something other than R&B and Rap, you really don’t know what you’re missing when you just immediately discount a genre of music because it is “white people ish”.

  2. @“Dangerously In Love” is three times the album her latest effort is, IMO.
    Yah I feel the same way. I also felt some kinda way about her saying in her 60 minutes piece how she aspired to be like Barbara Streisand yet I dont think Barbara would ever grab her self on stage like Beyonce did last night. #justsayin Plus Barbara can speak intelligently for more than 30 seconds unlike Bey. I like Beyonce but some one needs to get her into school.. ASAP.

    • @Jolie Fatale

      I’m so glad you said this. I am not a total prude by far, but Bey’s performances are very over the top with sexuality, yet she always plays that good girl role. And I have always HATED the way she speaks. During that whole 60 minutes interview I wanted to interject and tell her how to properly annunciate words and place sentences together.

  3. Everything you said I agree with, however, I can no longer watch these award shows with a clear mind anyway. Ever since I watched the breakdown of how the VMA’s were completely staged and likely an occult ceremony, it makes me look at these artists as nothing but mere puppets. But, that’s for another conversation.

    First and foremost the MJ tribute was weak on so many levels. I mean, this is the Grammy’s, the carte blanche award show for music and all they did was have a performance of Earth Song that was unnecessarily in 3D (I took my glasses off within the first minute once I realized that it was completely unnecessary). Smokey wasn’t the right person for that song, Usher tried to hit high notes, but failed, and Jennifer Hudson blew all the rest of ’em out of the water….moving on, Beyonce needs to quit poppin’ her coochie all over the stage and get a new approach. I think I’m just REALLY tired of her and her ugly azz husband. My fiance’ said that Taylor Swift is getting all this recognition because of Kanye, I somewhat agree with him, especially after her weak performance where she cracked numerous notes and was ‘off’ for a good majority when singing with Stevie Nicks….maybe she was just nervous. I’m not taking anything away from Taylor, but I definitely think that Kanye’s staged interruption of her was intended to do exactly what it did: Increase iTunes downloads by 80% and catapult her to the highest level in music (again, another conversation). But, all around, the show was weak and I wasn’t impressed.

  4. The most disappointing part of the show?

    Bon Jovi didnt perform the whole Living on a Prayer.

  5. Here I disagree, D.Scott. I actually liked Lady Gaga’s performance. She is a performance artist. I’m sure the novelty will wear off and she’ll pull a Madonna and reinvent herself (whatever that means; usually just get a new wardrobe).

    Taylor Swift is a talented songwriter, but her vocal skills leave a lot to be desired. And performing with Stevie Nicks just made her sound even worse.

    As always, big ups to Mary and Andrea Bocelli. That was a beautiful version of Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Phenomenal.

    I thought Pink’s performance was amazing. Seriously, who does truly acrobatic stunts while performing and being dunked in water? And she her voice was still 10x better than T.Swift’s.

    And don’t get me started on the 35 percent of Forever that I heard. That was just BS.

    @Peyso: Cutting off Living on a Prayer was just cruel.

  6. GaGa gave me life (she’s slowly converting me — I mean, normally people want to give us flash to cover up lack of talent, but girlfriend is TALENTED), but overall, I was disappointed in the Grammy’s.

    I love Pink’s acrobatics, so I won’t criticize her song choice.

    Beyonce underwhelmed me. ::sigh:: You can’t set the bar high for yourself and then gimme that.

    The MJ tribute was subpar. MJ was the greatest entertainer and they keep with the non-entertaining tributes. ::eye roll::

    I think what bugged me the most, though, were the ridiculous anti-non hip-hop/rap songs on Twitter. I mean, we do all know that there’s music, good music, no less, besides hip-hop and rap, right?

    The Zac Brown Band is a country jam band. They aren’t into hitting notes, they’re into making music.

    Lady Antebellum is a good group too — people miss out on good music getting hung up frivolous stuff.

    I told a friend that my theory is, current hip-hop/rap has duped us into believing it’s not a show unless there’s flashing lights, lots of cursing and booties shaking. If we don’t get that, we think it’s crap and that’s just not true.

    • I got on my soapbox on being open to music and forgot to add…

      Damon, you’re spot on about Dangerously in Love being her best album. I’m so pissed she broke Lauryn Hill’s record of 5 Grammy’s in one night with this b.s. It’s an insult to all that “Miseducation…” is and I take it personally. Sure do.

      Just shows — we don’t award talent anymore.

    • You’re right about Pink… I forgot about here performance. That was the one thing that did catch my attention and hold it…

      • I have to say, Pink’s performance is what the Grammy’s SHOULD be all about. She held her strong powerful voice throughout that entire act. That girl is sooooo underrated…

  7. blackgirlinmaine

    I agree with what you said as well as what other commenters said about not appreciating other genres of music. I don’t know the name of the country band but I thought they sounded pretty good. I was surprised by the number of folks who completely dissed anything that was not R&B or Hip Hop and I am not a spring chicken. So I expect folks that are my peers to have some idea of music.

    Anyway only reason I watched was I wanted to see the MJ tribute which was lacking.

  8. the MJ tribute was disgraceful. whoever thought of the 3D idea should be fired.

    how has jaime foxx fallen off the classy meter? why did his performance look like a ‘where’s waldo’ puzzle that’s come to life? and who was the thick black chic on his side, gyrating/seizuring, who barely got 60sec of TV time?

    i went 2 bed and sadly missed maxwell & roberta flak. please let me know how that was.

    • Why does everything have to be “classy”? Ppl cant have fun anymore?

      That women was Jamie Foxx’s sister who has down syndrome

      • i never said classy & fun are mutually exclusive. both can occur simultaneously without the effect being folks shaking their heads.
        and if that was foxx’s sis, my bad.

  9. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Green Day’s performance as well, but I’ve been a fan of theirs since the 8th grade…

  10. Oh and one more thing and I promise I’m done…Bey should NEVER ever EVA EVA EVA try to do Alanis Morisette’s classic ‘You Oughta Know’….that song should just not be messed with and Bey was the WRONG one to mess with it…smh…

    I guess it’s a good thing she did it though, because I downloaded it on iTunes and sang the TRUE version of it like it was the last time I would hear it….

    • @jlbd: when you’re right, you’re right 😀

      • @aye

        I do too, that’s why I don’t understand what everyone is speaking about with these twitter rants and such. I actually do not even listen to rap much at all anymore, and when I do it’s throwback. R&B is too sexed up these days so I prefer soul/jazz artists. I like to have an ear for ALL kinds of music…

  11. I said that Lady Gaga should attend a COGIC Women’s Convention. She woul fit right in with the assortment of hats that event draws.

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