We Are What’s Wrong

I watched “We Are The World 25” one time and it was a waste of eight minutes of my life. I’ll never watch it again. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that it’s not “We Are The World” or anything close to it, which makes it horrific.

Lil Wayne and T-Pain blazing “We Are The World” with autotune laced tracks makes me believe that Michael Jackson would have burst into fits of spelling out L-O-V-E every minute he was in the studio with the people included in the remake.

And the actual rap addition including Kanye was laughable. Whoever thought it was a good idea should be banned from recording, writing and even thinking about music for the rest of his life. And if that’s Quincy Jones, it’s OK. He’s made enough great music to last a lifetime.

But again it makes me wonder, when do you actually try to raise the bar and do something better or better yet, something that hasn’t been done before? Instead of just striving for something, why not strive for greatness?

Idk. There are some people who don’t quite get it, those who believe that this is OK, if not on par with the actual recording. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but if you think this is acceptable, you’ve let your standards for good music go over the course of the last 25 years. They could have done better. They failed.

Anyway, here are three things in entertainment I’d love to see redone because I believe they could be enhanced.

Hav Plenty. I really wish this film would be re-made because there’s a powerful message that’s lost because of just how horrific the acting is in many moments. If it could actually be re-written in places and given an actual budget, I think it could fall in line with some of the other classic black romantic comedies.

Mario’s “Let Me Love You.” One of my favorite contemporary  R&B songs of the 00s. But Mario’s voice doesn’t quite do the song justice. My favorite remake of the 90s is Mary J. Blige’s take on “Sweet Thing.” I feel as though there’s some artist who has the voice to make this well-penned song (Ne-Yo wrote it) come to life again at some point this decade.

When Harry Met Sally. I know, it’s already a classic. But this film is sorta like the Superman of romantic comedies. The themes that are explored in the film are timeless. And I’d be curious to see what contemporary Harry and Sally would be like. Would they spend the majority of their time texting each other instead of watching the same old western together over the phone? Idk. But it would be interesting.

Anyway, what’s something you would like to see remade?

14 responses to “We Are What’s Wrong

  1. I also gave that “We are the World 2010” two thumbs down. I don’t care if it was for charity, they probably could have just re-released the original and got the same amount of donations without causing such outrage. I just felt they were trying to be too commercial/hip and I don’t believe that’s what the original song stood for.

    I don’t really want to see anything remade because based on the majority of the remakes I’ve seen they never quite live up to the original. What I want is for them to stop making ridiculous remakes and try to be a little more creative.

    For example: They are remaking Karate Kid and having Will Smith’s son as the main character. WTF!!! That trailer sent me into full on rant. I’m getting angry all over again just thinking about it. Why would you ruin a perfectly great movie by making a subpar newer version?

    I’m sure there have been and will be some good remakes but until I see them I’m anti-remake.

  2. Tam,

    I’m with you on the remakes. 90% of them, musically, movie-wise, tv wise are $h%tty! Heck, we find out a lot of the movies that they are making now are just remakes of foreign films. When they Americanize it, it takes something away.

    Best remake of a song I’ve heard in the last 5 years. “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by the Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP), originally done by Paul Simon. The latin fusion just made that song!

  3. In general, I hate remakes. Unimaginative. My hyprocrisy is exposed when it comes to the new Batman films though.

    I’m with kos on the remaking of foreign films. “The Orphanage” is being redone. The Orphanage is perfect the way it is. But they’ll dumb it done for American audiences.

    Growing up with the original Star Wars movies I will say it wouldn’t bother me too much if they remade the deplorable prequel trilogy.

  4. I like the We Are the World remake jawn. I think they made it so that 15 and 16 year olds can listen to it too. And I guess there were rappers who felt that they needed to help out too. Can’t really knock it.

    Maybe not in this case, but many people mistake different for better or for worse. When they are just different.

    The best remake ever? 12 Angry Men. Originally came out in the 40’s, i think they updated it and re did it, adding a bit more relevant themes, in the 90s.

    There really isnt anything that I know i’d like to see updated, suprise me.

    • “Maybe not in this case, but many people mistake different for better or for worse. When they are just different. ”

      @Peyso: I have no problem with things being different but if that is the case then make sure it is DIFFERENT. Had they made a new “We Are the World” type song then that would have probably been okay (minus the autotune). But no, they took basically the exact same song and made it sound terrible.

      With all the talent in the music industry they could have come up with a completely new “unity” song that would have entertained their target audience and not offended a lot of other people who cherished the original.

    • @Peyso: 12 Angry Men is a great remake. I actually watched the one with Tony Danza first and then the original. Both are good.

  5. I was pretty upset when I found out that the movie Departed was a re-make of a foreign film Trilogy called Infernal Affairs. No originality at all. I pray that the re-make of Clash of the Titans is at least good. I am becoming very disappointed in american films and music.

  6. Hey, y’all! Happy Mardi Gras!

    @damon: I still haven’t listened to or watched the remake of We Are the World. I’m sure I will one of these days but I haven’t yet.

    That would be great if When Harry Met Sally & Hav Plenty were remade. I’d definitely watch both.

    I’m not sure what I’d like to see remade…can’t think of anything good right now…maybe My Cousin Vinny or Roger & Me (but using modern companies that have shut down and left cities like ghost towns).

    See y’all after Easter. I’m giving up social media (Facebook, Twitter, IM & blogs) for Lent. 😉

  7. “When Harry Met Sally”
    except this time around, Harry ain’t trying to hit.

    Can we remake “Breakin’ 2″…? This time, we inlcuded the Jabbawockies and Lil Mama.

  8. I did not like the remake of ‘We Are the World 25″ either…it was disappointing and came off as forced. Between Wyclef yodeling like a sick goat and the unnecessary rap/auto tune section my ears were hurting shortly before it was over.

    I cannot think of anything I’d like to see remade. I feel like every time I turn around they are re-doing something. I just found out today they are doing a movie on The A-Team…spare me. But, like Ernesto, I too am looking forward to The Clash of the Titans remake, that was a great classic…

  9. after thinking about it i realized the reason i cannot think of a good remake is ’cause nowadays everything is already being reused or recycled. originality is becoming extinct. if it isn’t bitin’ an old beat, hook, or entire song, creativity is very rare. seems like ppl would prefer to be boxed & prepackaged. you just add a lil water (or some rapper on the chorus, some autotune parts, and a lil jig dance to go along wit it) and stirr.

  10. The problem with the situation is the inclusion of individuals who are part of the problem and not the solution. There are many young men and women who are idolizing rappers instead of their parents or teacher (well the ones not having sex with the students). Young people are under the impression that if they become a rapper, they will automatically get rich and live the gangster life. Its discouraging to see these youngster wearing the baggy clothes standing on the street corner rapping when they should be sitting in someone class learning. I just needed to let that rant out because I’ve been wanting to address this issue for the longest.

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